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EHS Instruction SNME-EHSI-02


As per AREVA T&D Instruction and local regulations, every employee, upon joining and prior to commencement of any work, should attend the EHS Induction Training. The topics to be covered in EHS Induction Training are -

For all new office personnel

Description of the AREVA T&D Service activity AREVA EHS policy. Emergency Response procedure Use of Fire extinguishers Smoking is restricted to the smoking areas provided Site PPE requirement (visit to site without safety shoe and helmet is prohibited)

Note: EHS awareness presentation for white collars must be used. Access the presentation by using the link below.

For all new site personnel (AREVA employee, subcontractor, agency staff, etc.)

Brief description of the project/AREVA T&D Service activity Regulations Medical facilities available at site Action to be taken in case of any medical emergency Smoking is restricted to the smoking areas provided Handling of Chemicals, Dangerous Goods and SF6 Safe system of working Emergency Response procedure Accident reporting procedure Use of Personal Protective Equipment Use of Fire extinguishers
Work at height Electrical Risk Prevention and LOTO Manual Handling

Instructions for - Not operating crane/forklift or any other machine if not authorized and trained. Risk Assessment Scaffolding Safe usages of Scaffolding, not to erect, assemble or dismantle scaffold if you are not competent and trained.

Note : AREVA T&D Service NME Safety Handbook must be used for the induction. It is mandatory for all AREVA site personnel to be trained on all AREVA T&D Operational Instructions (OIs) and must be certified to Electric Risk Prevention (ERP).

SNME EHSI- 02. Rev.0

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16 April 2009

EHS Induction training must be given to all new or transferred staff, including those on temporary contracts and agency staff, and where staff move due to physical relocation of their workplace. A member of the AREVA T&D Service EHS Team / Direct Manager shall provide induction training to AREVA T&D Service employees. Providing training to agency staff or sub-contractor is the responsibility of site supervisor. No personnel shall be allowed to work on site without attending EHS Induction.

Time of Training EHS Induction Training should be provided to AREVA employee at the time of joining AREVA T&D Service and for agency staff or sub-contractor it should be provided at the time of joining AREVA T&D project site.

Record Keeping For AREVA personnel record of EHS induction shall be kept permanently with EHS department. For all agency staff / sub-contractor record of EHS Induction shall be kept with AREVA supervisor at site till end of the project. Induction training record shall be maintained in induction training record format (SNME EHSF - 02) appended to the procedure.

Records No. SNME EHSF 02 Title Environment, Health & Safety Induction Training Record Location Site / Office Responsibility Site Supervisor / EHS Champion

Rev.0: Original Issue, dt. 16/04/2009

SNME EHSI- 02. Rev.0

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16 April 2009