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Video Processor Selection Guide

RGBlink Marketing Department As to this proposition, I have yet introduced a set of video processor selection instructions respectively from four directions as industrial applications, input signal interface and its standard, multi-image display and terminal display resolution three years ago. However, the rapid update of video technology and products has revealed a lag behind of that stereotyped selection instructions. Hereby, I appreciate the chance to take RGBlink processors for instance and share with you my latest ideas on video processor selection methods, hoping to keep the previous selection guide up with the advanced pace of this industry.


Based on industrial application selection

At the moment, the industrial application of LED full color display has been further subdivided into four directions as below: 1. Advertising and Information Display,from the moment when brand effect and distribution began, simple brightening effect has turned its track to information dissemination, which at the same time pushes forward the promotion of customers need on Real-time video display, remote information dissemination, networking control miniaturization and simplified processing. RGBlink has ever recommended a scheme of a dedicated digital signage player plus video processors, which directed the emergence of an integrated processor as VSP 112W. RGBlink developed VSP 112W for supporting controllers to fully control the issue of remote image, video and text and control the real-time video input signals switching via managing the control software, as long as there is network available for connecting. 2. Rental and Stage Performance.Mostly based on diversification and seamless switching of video display, auto show and TV station application rank this direction as a high-end application. RGBlink VSP 3600 (4K 2K seamless sync mapping video processor) helped achieve a brilliant show for Guangzhou Auto Show Volkswagen night 2012, Jetta car launch event 2013, Beijing TV series 2013 and so on, which greatly presented VSP 3600s leading position in this field. Together with seamless switchers (represented by VSP 516S), rack mount monitor (represented by RMS 5533S), rack mounting box for multi sending cards (represented by DV4) and desktop console (represented by CP 2048), they form a full set of performance solutions.

Picture One

Jetta car launch event 2013

3. Sports and Racing. From bucket-type screen of the basketball court, to common football field fence screen, to F1 race terrain, the comprehensive applications of video processors in this occasions further on express sponsors thoughtful branding strategy over their products. RGBlink VSP 729, DXP D0108, MSP 214, Driver and Signal Distributor have showed the talent and charm in these occasions. 4. Hotel Culture and conferences.Architectures beauteousness is now not only for its external construction style but also for its internal facilities establishment, which turns out to be a kind of rational investment, promoting the hotel culture. A mixed application of various flat display technologies for Audio-video display sees its importance in the internal facilities establishment, and RGBlink seamless switcher VSP 5162S (with preview function) gains its fame in the occasions.


Based on input signals and standard selection

Video organizations VESA & SMPTE are no longer satisfied with 1080P definition, they have come to another height as 3G and 4K 2K. Thus SDI is promoted to 3G SDI, and displayport (DP) comes to its era. RGBlink spares no effort to keep up with the trend and invest the best of our R&D energy and technology with a timely overall upgrade on our video processors, once again, we opportunely meet the new standard. 1. Based on input output resolution pixel-to-pixel processing ability. 1) 3G level (1920 1080): VSP 1314,VSP 5162S,VSP 729,VSP 737,VSP 739 2) 2K 1K level: VSP 112W, VSP 168S, VSP 516S, VSP 628S, MVP 8043 3) 4K 2K level: VSP 3600 4) 4K 2K above level: MVP 320 2. Based on SG SDI. VSP 168S, VSP 516S, VSP 5162S, VSP 628S and MVP 8043 all

greatly show the strength to meet the standard during the practice. 3. Based on Displayport (DP). VSP 516 has begun its new feature for this standard.


Based on multi-picture selection

Along with the emergence of bucket-type screen, leasing performance screen, monitor screen, giant screen and so on, multi-picture display video processor comes along. RGBlink video processor contains application on single picture processing to eight or more pictures processing.


Based on terminal display resolution selection

Full-color display has sparked inspiration all the way. From single pixel space display to a mixture of muti pixel space display, to a mixture of multi displays technology, RGBlink is together on the way. Desktop console as CP 2048, mosaic and Edge Blending as VSP 3600, dynamic multi-picture display as VSP 737, compact router as AVDXP series and rack mount monitor as RMS 5533S, together form an integrated solution for this application.

Picture Three Integrated Control Video industry is bound to rise to new heights such as 3D show, dynamic storage, and other higher integrated applications. This article is also for expressing our respects to persons who working on promoting new solutions and technologies!