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A Project Report On marketing strategies of hindustan unilever limited To be submitted for the partial fulfillment of the Requirement for

the degree of B.B.A. from Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University, Agra

Submitted to
Mr. Rahul Sharma H.O.D. (Management Faculty)

Submitted by
Tripthi Parashar B.B.A 6th Sem Roll No.:92726

A research project report is the very important part of any management programme. It is a Launch Pad for introducing students to a real-life scenario, which cannot be simulated in the classroom. It not only enables the student to apply the theoretical knowledge in a practical scenario but also enables them to learn things beyond books. This is a period where the students add value to them self and learn management skills as well as the corporate culture.

Only academic knowledge is not enough for the students, it is also necessary for them to have a slice of the practical corporate world wherein they can apply their knowledge and put their skills to a test. This is a first step towards corporate world.

A research project report provides an opportunity for students, to satisfy their inquisitiveness to know more details, exposes them to technical skills, and helps them to acquire social skills by drawing them into communication with outside professionals for continuous interaction.


It is essential to acknowledge the help received from the people of various quarters. I find myself at a loss as to how to thank them. These words are not a formality but a sincere voice of my heart & I owe gratitude to all of them. At the onset I would like to thank Mr. Rahul Sharma (H.O.D. (Management Faculty) for providing me a wonderful opportunity to work on this project. Their valuable time and guidance went a long way in helping to make a

quality work out of this project. I also owe my regards to my Faculty Members, who has helped me in every possible way to make this project a success.

Last but not the least, I would like to thank all the Faculty members and Staff members who all helped me in completing my Project successfully.

Tripti Parashar B.B.A 6th Sem Roll No.: 92726

I, Tripti Parashar student of BB.A 6th Sem. From R.B. (P.G.) College, Agra, hereby declare that this project work on Marketing Strategies of
Hindustan Unilever Limited is my work, carried out under the guidance of

my company guide. This report, neither in full nor in part, has ever

been submitted for award of any other degree of either this university or any other university.

Tripti Parashar B.B.A 6th Sem Roll No.:92726