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Aung Kyaw Moe / Task 7 Warehouse and Inventory

Memo To: From: Date: RE: Francois Damba Aung Kyaw Moe
29 May 2013


Maintenance of Chagong Warehouse A warehouse system involved building, storage space, machinery and equipment. Warehouse maintenance is necessary to prevent accidents and mechanical breakdown. In order to do includes inspection, servicing, performance monitoring. Most of the maintenance schedule for the warehouse take into account the health and safety factors as important things. That also involved examination of men, machinery method, material used and the environmental aspects. To keep warehouse operation running on, we need a good planning for maintenance to develop a maintenance schedule for Chagong warehouse. The purpose of this planning is to avoid untimely break-down and to learn to know the failure trend. It must include inspection, lubrication of machinery and some minor adjustment, planned repair and overhauling. We need a system to be developed at the warehouse for recording all expenses rendered for maintenance. In order to calculate the cost of maintenance and repair, we should keep a maintenance records for monitoring all cost and quality of each work. For each and every equipment, we need a maintenance schedule, a time frame for doing various level of maintenance and we need to monitor tightly this schedule is followed or not. Maintenance of Equipment We have only one forklift, a number of hand pallet trucks and block stacking in our Chagong warehouse. We need to develop a maintenance schedule for each item we have based on previous record of repair or maintenance. To do this job, there are obviously three parts to do, actually three levels of maintenance: (1) Inspection We need to check the condition of all these equipments at regular intervals and create a maintenance plan to define which component parts to be inspected. (2) Servicing After inspection is done, we can identify the routine activity of servicing such as oil changes, lubrication and filter change in machinery and equipment. (3) Repair

Servicing is doing in order to maintain the equipment in good working condition but when they are about to break down or really break down, we need repair. There are two modes of repairs (a) Planned repair that is before the break down happens and (b) Breakdown repairs that is after the actual breakdown. We have to choose between our own repair and a contract system to implement the repairs. It is recommendable to have a contractor for mechanical repairs for the heavy duty equipment. We are going to use the basic spreadsheet document to keep record for all these level of maintenance. We can find readymade software available that can help in keeping maintenance records. In this maintenance record, we will record the name and serial number of the equipment, date of last maintenance or repair, nature of error and fault, details of repair/maintenance (job to be done), the signature of mechanic and the estimated date when next repair/maintenance should be carried out. At least once a month, we should inspect all equipment we have and building in Chagong. The Warehouse Manager should instruct all staff to inform him about any damage, dysfunctions and leakage of building and equipment. Without any delay, we should take action to correct the problem as soon as possible in order to avoid the unnecessary loss and damage. We have to plan and forecast for the maintenance cost of all vehicles, equipment and machinery. We shall make a complete list of spare parts and lubrication to purchase ahead. Some are possible to buy locally, but some important parts have to be purchased from the overseas market, so we need to be very careful about the estimated time of shipment. We will develop a separate inventory of spare parts and request replenishments in advance. Maintenance of Building Our Chagong warehouse has an area of 500 m2. Since it is just transit warehouse for food items which makes it necessary that we need to do the regular maintenance is carried out to protect the food from deterioration in storage time. We have to fumigate the building at regular intervals to ensure to protect from insects that can destroy food. A professional team should be employed to do the job properly. The following aspect of the building should be regularly inspected and monitored for any damage and leakage: Floor conditions Walls and painting Electricity and power supply (Generators) Wire system Doors and windows Locks and bolts Ventilators and Air outlets Light/ Bulbs Fire Extinguishers and smoke alarms (to check expiry date) Water supply system and water storage Fuel Storage Area

Maintenance Records It is recommended to keep a maintenance diary by the warehouse manager for the day to day condition of premises and equipment. We have to make an order of tasks in priority and a schedule for tasks to be done (inspection/ servicing/repair) and at the same time to evaluate the quality and cost (of labor, material, and equipment) of works done.
Best Regards,

Aung Kyaw Moe Logistics Officer Sub-Office (SCILaid Betaland)