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Youth Devotional

Creation to Christ- Week 2,

©Tad Wychopen 2009

Day 1
Daily Reading: Genesis 4:1-16 ; Psalm 36

Adam and Eve were punished; they were forced to leave the Garden. Do you think Adam and Eve would
teach their children about God? Would they teach their children about sin? Of course! However, there
children did not obey the Word of the Lord.

1.) What were the names of the sons of Adam and Eve? (Genesis 4:1-2)

2.) Did this happen outside of the Garden of Eden?

3.) What were the jobs of Cain and Able?

4.) What offering did Cain bring to the Lord? What about Able?

5.) Which offering did God Accept?

6.) Did God give Cain a second chance to do what was right? (4:6-7)

Explanation: Adam and Eve probably told Cain and Able about the need for an animal sacrifice. They
learned this when God provide clothes out of animal skins. Even if Cain and Able were not informed about
the need for an animal sacrifice, Cain would have realized this after his conversation with God in verses 6-7.
Cain was not a victim of God’s cruelness; actually, Cain received mercy from God since God gave him a
second chance to obey!

7.) What did Cain do after God talked to him? (4:8)

8.) What was Cain’s punishment?

9.) Cain is a warning to all people outside of the Garden of Eden (that’s you and I). Do you think people
learned form the mistakes and sins of Cain?

Explanation: God punished Cain by making him a wanderer and vagabond. This is separation from God
and all other humanity. The result would eventually be physical and spiritual death.

Application: God is perfectly just in His dealing with sin. We must realize the importance of obeying God!
Sin has horrible consequences; don’t play with sin! It will kill you!

Day 2
Daily Reading: Genesis 4:25-5:5, 6:1-22 ; Ecclesiastes 5

Cain was punished and sent away as a Vagabond and Wanderer after he killed Able. Adam and Eve
continued to have children. They must have taught their children about God and about Cain killing Able.
However, the descendants of Adam and Eve started to turn from and fulfill their own desires.

1.) What was the name of Adam and Eve’s next son? (4:25)

2.) Did Adam and Eve have more children than Seth? (5:1-5)

3.) How old was Adam when he died? (5:5)

4.) According to Genesis 6:5, what was the condition of people’s thoughts?

Explanation: Between Genesis 5:1-6:1, there were many generations. It’s probably that there were about
1500 years between Adam and Eve and the building of the Ark.

5.) According to Genesis 6:11-12, what were men like at this time?

6.) Could God tolerate the sin of man? (6:6-7)

7.) What one man found favor in God’s eyes? (6:8-10) Describe his character.

8.) What did God tell Noah he would do because of the wickedness of man? (6:13, 17)

9.) What job did God give to Noah? (6:13, 19-21)

10.)Did God promise to provide and protect Noah and his family? (6:18)

11.)How did Noah respond? (6:22)

Explanation: God commanded Noah to build a huge ark. All the animals, all the food, and all the people
could easily fit on the ark. It had the same cargo capacity as 522 railroad boxcars. God made perfect
provisions for His servant Noah. Noah completely obeyed. God had to punish sin, but he was also very
merciful by giving people 120 years to repent of their sins! (Genesis 6:3)

Application: God asks us to trust and obey. When we see the commands of His Word, we should obey
immediately! God tells us to trust him and He will be merciful to us. Jesus Christ can save you from sin.
Will you obey the Word of God and trust on His name?

Day 3
Daily Reading: Genesis 7:1-24; Psalm 37

God game specific commands to Noah; Noah obeyed God and was a testimony of obedience and
righteousness. Noah had 120 years to build the Ark; during that time, he preached about righteousness to the
people around him. (2 Peter 2:5; 1 Peter 3:20) God was merciful to allow such a long time for preaching and
repentance. Unfortunately, only Noah’s family obeyed God’s warning. There was a lot of room on the ark;
more people could have been saved, but they rejected God’s Word and His plan.

1.) Who was taken onto the ark? (7:1,7)

2.) Why did God allow Noah and his family onto the Ark? (7:1)

3.) What did God do to ensure that the earth would be repopulated with animals?

4.) In Genesis 7:10-12, it describes what happened after God’s 120 years of grace was ended. How did
the water start to cover the earth?

Explanation: In Genesis 2:5, you can see that it had never rained on the earth! Rain was a complete surprise
and shock to the people, even though Noah had probably been preaching that it would come. God was now
allowing it to rain and flood the earth!

5.) Who made all the animals go into the ark? Who made the ark door close? (7:15-16)

6.) How long did it rain?

7.) According to verses 17-20, how much of the earth was covered in water?

8.) Did anyone outside of the ark remain alive? (7:21-22)

9.) Who were the people that survived the flood? (7:23)

Explanation: The whole earth was covered by at least seven meters of water! Neither human nor animal
survived outside of the ark! God’s punishment for sin is death. He is loving and merciful, and he always
provides a way of salvation. However, those that reject His Word and reject His plan for salvation must be
punished for their sin.

Application: God loves us and has a plan for salvation: will you obey it? Do you see the importance of
completely obeying God? Sin is terrible; sinners need a Savior! Christ is our only hope of eternal life!

Day 4
Daily Reading: Genesis 8:1-22; Ecclesiastes 6

The flood was very destructive. The whole world was under water for 150 days. (Gen 7:24) No one could
survive unless they were inside the ark. God was very good and merciful to those that obeyed His command,
but to those that disobeyed, eternal destruction was their punishment.

1.) After 150 days, what happened to the water from the earth and the rain from the sky? ( 7:24-8:3)

2.) Where did the ark come to rest?

Explanation: These Mountains are in the Eastern part of Turkey, along the border with Armenia and

3.) Explain the process of what Noah did to check on the dry land. (Look at Genesis 8:6-12.)

Explanation: Genesis 8:13-14 explain when the water from the flood finally receded enough so that Noah
could get out of the ark. From the time that the rain started to when Noah’s family got off the ark, one whole
year had passed! They were on the ark for 378 days!

4.) How did Noah know when to get off the ark? (8:15-19)

5.) When Noah got off the ark, would there have been any human survivors outside of the ark?

6.) What did Noah do right after he got out of the ark? (8:20)

7.) Did the Lord accept Noah’s offering?

8.) What did God promise in Genesis 8:21-22?

Explanation: Noah obeyed God and God blessed him. God kept his promise to save Noah and his family.
God always keep’s His word! He never lies. He keeps his promises to man.

Application: Noah learned that obeying God’s word is best. Noah had faith in God’s Words. Do you believe
the word of God? Are you willing to obey God and keep His commandments? Take some time today to
reflect on your own life. In what areas you have trouble obeying God? – Obeying and respecting your
parents and authorities? Loving God more than the world’s pleasures? -- Think about your attitude and
actions towards God and commit yourself to obeying and trusting Him.

Day 5
Daily Reading: Genesis 9:1-19; Psalm 38
After the flood, Noah worshipped God and made sacrifices to God. God did not abandon Noah, but instead
game him great promises. He also gave him some commands that would help Noah’s life. God hates sin and
will always punish it, but as much as God hates sin, He loves man even more! God wants man to have a
relationship with Him!

1.) What was the command that God gave to Noah in Genesis 9:1?

2.) Did God tell Noah to stay in one place or to go throughout the earth?

3.) In verses 2-3, what is the relationship between man and animals? Can people eat animals? Are
animals afraid of man?
4.) In Genesis 9:4-5, what did God command Noah not to eat?

Explanation: God changed many things after the flood. He told Noah not to eat the blood of animals, but
the flesh of animals was all right for food. Contrary to some people’s opinions, animals are not the ruler over
man; man is the ruler over the animals. God asks man to manage His creation. God provided man with
substance to eat.

5.) What command or ordinance was introduced in Genesis 9:5-6?

6.) According to verse 6, why must a person die if they kill another person?

7.) What promise did God make in verses 8-11?

8.) What sign did God give to remind people of that promise? (12-17)

9.) Who were the sons of Noah that started to repopulate the earth? (18-19)

Explanation: God is so good! His promise never to destroy the world by a flood can still be seen today. A
rainbow is an awesome promise of God’s amazing provision! God keeps His promises, but men often fail to
keep God’s commands. In a few lessons, you will see if man actually obeyed the command to fill the earth.

Application: What are your thoughts when you see a beautiful rainbow? Next time you see a rainbow, it
should make you should remember God’s promise to Noah. God is always faithful and true to His word!
Trust in Him!

Day 6
Daily Reading: Acts 3-4; Ecclesiastes 7

Read Acts 3-4. These two chapters talk about Peter and some of the events that happened right after
Pentecost. Use at least three sentences to explain and summarize these chapters. Pay special attention to the
sermons of Peter.

Day 7
Daily Reading: Ecclesiastes 8; Psalm 39
Please read Psalm 39. From Psalm 39, write down some of the statements that make you realize how terrible
sin is and how man must be forgiven before God.

Please read Ecclesiastes 8. Take notice of the complete vanity of pleasures upon the earth. Write down any
verses that talk about the importance of fearing God.