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T. D.

Lingo's Home Page

(1925 - 1993) Teacher of Natural Consciousness Expansion, Philosopher, Explorer, Psychonaut, Genius, Scalawag

An Introduction
T. D. Lingo was an incredible teacher, philosopher, humanist, explorer of states of consciousness, entertainer, and philosopher. We were his students during the years 1970 through 1993, and are Board members of Lingo's nonprofit educational organization Frontal Lobes Research and Development Laboratories, Inc. We have decided to bring the best of Lingo's textbooks and training programs to the Web for free distribution to you, hoping that you will use them and benefit from them. Lingo died before the Internet and Web became widely available, and he never used a computer. In fact, the only electricity he used was for a radio and an old printing press, and this came from a wind generator high up on his mountain retreat in the Rocky Mountains. He would have endorsed this method of distribution of his work, however. He believed (as we do) that his methodology has the capacity to help you clean out your old programmed patterns of neurotic behaviors, bring you new awareness of yourself and the world, and expand your ability to solve your own personal life problems, and the problems you see around you. If widely distributed and utilized, his methodology could help solve the major problems facing our culture: greed, fear, unconscious behaviors, the degradation of the environment, and war. He wanted to publish his books more widely, but his hard-hitting and outrageous writing style was not acceptable to major publishers. We experienced the value of this training directly, and want to share it with you now. If you wish to buy printed copies of these workbooks, send a request by email to: . We'll

send you a list of available publications with prices and ordering information. Our on-line order form is still under construction.

How To Use These Books

These are workbooks. They are meant to be used in a course of self-study, but they will do nothing for you if you merely read them. To make them useful in your life, you must use them, work with them, answer the questions in writing. The mental sphere is tricky -- we can convince ourselves that we are making progress when we are really only entertaining ourselves. If you do not do the hard work of writing down the answers to the questions Lingo asks of you, don't bother reading the book. It will do you no good, and could easily cause confusion, anger, or resentment. This is a serious course in self-change. If you are not interested in changing yourself for the better, don't bother going forward. Although it is possible to skip around and get value from the work, it is much better to start at the beginning, read each chapter carefully (preferably more than once), and answer the questions in order. Each chapter builds on the previous one. As students, he would sometimes feed us one mimeographed chapter at a time, only after we had completed the last set and he was satisfied that we had "done our homework." The reason for this is simple: The Mind does not want to change. It will find every possible excuse for avoiding this work. "I don't need to think about that.... I already know that.... Gee, that's stupid.... I'll do that one tomorrow, or when I have more time.... Oh, that's easy... I don't need to write it down...." These are strategies of the Mind (the programming in the brain) to avoid the difficult work of changing from old patterns that don't work (but are comfortable) to new patterns which require attention, thought, and behavior change. This is tough work. Don't let your Mind fool you. Do it one step at a time. If you find yourself stuck, or resisting, or finding an excuse, use it as an opportunity to look within and discover what it is inside you that does NOT want to change, does NOT want to open that particular door to self-discovery. Make a friendly inquiry. Dig up your unconscious needs, fears, pains and desires. When you've discovered it, sit back down and write out the answer to that question, and move on to the next one. If you do the work, you will get the reward. Money back guarantee.

How To Get Help Along The Way

We were each assisted in our studies through our direct interaction with Lingo. Because we got so much value, we are willing to give back to the next incoming students -- including you -- hoping that in time, you will also give back to those who follow you up this trail. After you complete a chapter, you may submit it for review by our team of student/teachers. Do not expect a response, however. We are all busy with our own lives, and are doing this on an unpaid, volunteer basis. We will not be correcting your papers or telling you whether you are right or wrong about yourself. Remember that this course is about YOU. If we do respond, we will merely be asking you to expand on your answers here or there, or giving you a few words of encouragement along the way, or suggesting you probe in a particular area of your own psyche. We are not trained therapists, and do not do therapy. We are merely friends along the path. To submit your answers for review, send your writings by email to [The best format we've found is to attach a Word for Windows file to your email.] It is possible that you will receive a response much later, or no response at all. We may respond to only one, or to many of your submissions. Each submission WILL be read by one of us (until the number of responses is simply beyond our ability to keep up). If you find that you need a different kind of assistance, such as psychotherapy or psychological or spiritual counseling, please go find professional help. This is called SELF-THERAPY because you are responsible for doing it yourself. That is where the real reward is. We are here to support you on your path, but cannot do your walking for you.

Who We Are
The following individuals, all former students of T.D. Lingo, are the creators of this web site: Lion Goodman is the President of an executive search firm, The Goodman Group, in Marin County, California. He is a father of a teenager, a writer and poet, and an explorer of consciousness and spirit. He teaches a class entitled "Big Questions -- An Introduction to Philosophy, The Art of Wondering" in a private middle-school. He is successful, prosperous, happy, and has a wonderful community of friends surrounding him.

Ron McComb is a professional teacher in the public school system in Colorado. He is the father of three children, a loving husband, and a dynamic influence on countless children. He teaches mathematics and computer science, bringing a wider perspective to his students than any other teacher can. He has brought T. D. Lingo's methods into his classes, improving student's test scores and awakening them to possibilities far beyond their previous beliefs. Lacretia Crowe is a successful C.P.A. and financial consultant in the Denver Area. She brings to her clients a unique perspective, seeing their lives as meaning more than just money and success, and encouraging them to live their lives fully, freely, and powerfully. Neil Slade is a professional musician and teacher in Denver. He has produced numerous albums and CDs, including one based on T.D. Lingo's work. More information about Lingo and Neil's music can be found on his home page.

Why Transcend?

Because you want to feel happiness. Because confusion/pain/depression/meaninglessness thus areclicked quickly into ultimate Life meaning. Because your 90% dormant brain is encoded genetically to do so. Simply learn how your 10% malfunctioning skull motor works.

Simply click your brain's master click-switch, the amygdala organ, forward. This systematically grows you toward/into 100% powered central nervous system creative intelligence, natural DNA self-curing, 10 to 100 max peak continuous orgazooms, ethical Lifeforce rightness, logical money/material prosperity, environ-mental leadership and holy love. In short, "Me fulfillment." You prove this by measuring and quantifying your own PIES self-completion: physically, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually. You prove this by feeling the best emotion: happiness. Perfection. Simply start by learning the exercises which click your amygdala frontward (anterior). These exercises shunt electro-magnetic consciousness (E=MC2) into the 1/3rd bulk of the dormant frontal lobes-- your entire eyebrows-raised, wrinkled, skeptical forehead. And that mechanically causes the historically ancient, culturally universal, religiously accidental but individually hungered for "nirvana, satori, samadhl, moksha, kensho, tao flow, infinity flow, eternity knowing, kairos, exstasis, theos, valhalla, medicine vision, shaman vision, beatific vision, awakening, en-light-enment, illumination, radiance, halo, re-

birth, Adamic Child, epiphany, heaven, I see God face-to-face" transcendence implosion. IQ increases automatically 10 to 40 points on the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Test. Innovative invention rises reflexively 500% to 1400% on the GetzelsJackson Creativity Test. Most importantly, a new order of species telepathy to consensus action emerges. Compulsively. This is the biological basis of warless Earth. Of crimeless/divorceless, rapturously cooperative community. This is how your consciousness electromagnetically draws in your soulmates to form true love family. In short, releasing your 90% dys-functioning brain is thee way to supreme spiritual satisfaction in this one chance of total Life wheee. That much has been discovered via a scientific experiment performed from 1957 to present with 309 test subjects at this facility. The method to so flick your amygdala anterior is the following 10 Lessons. Do them as child playsie funsie gamsie. Your Life depends upon it.

Loving Legal Disclaimer

Dear, Dear Friend: If you cannot do the exercises in this Playbook, please go to a psychiatrist. Do not blame me. If you cannot accept responsibility for your own self-cure of your own Self dis-ease, go to someone who will -- for $$$$. Do not claim that it is my responsibility to accept your responsibility. If you, Trustworthy Companion Within Life, feel too emotionally overwhelmed by honestly looking into your own mirror, do not counter-attack those of us who revel in such self-growth. Do not sue us -thereby betraying your im-maturity and refusal to grow up into full brain beatitude. Remember: Only one person can accept the responsibility of your growth out of 10% neuronal dysfunction progressively toward/into 100% skull engine wheee: You. Soh, Sweetheart, do not contemplate lawyer attack or court suit if you choose to not do your own work of nerval maturation. For this Playbook is not teaching malpractice. It is not wrongful action. Or misstatement. Or omission. Or breach of duty. Or personal injury. Or dishonesty of intent. Rather, this Playbook is simple, democratic invitation to each reader to choose to grow-or to not grow-into his/her natural level of supreme intelligence. No outside person -- orPlaybook -- "causes" non-transcendence or transcendence. Only one person does: You. Relax and grow, Soulmate. Huggg.


LESSON 1: Quick/Easy Neurology

Your brain is like a 10-cylindered car motor firing only one piston. So how do you expect to drive that grey meat engine over the Rocky Mountains of cultural Life lies and personal puky neurosis?

Merely understand the ridiculously simple facts of how the human brain works. With that comprehension, you will start playing with yourself. (Not that way. Rather, the way of democratic brain self-control.) This frolick immediately, involuntarily, connects a few more wires from your genetic distributor cap to your neuronal sparkplugs. And that allows more cosmic consciousness energy from Big Battery In The Sky (She's nice. And black.) to flow into your spontaneous drivings of genius.

The human brain is a 3-in-1 brain. A tri-une brain. It is like an evolutionshaped peach composed of stone, flesh and skin. Feel your skull. It contains a reptile brain surrounded by your mammal brain, both of which are enveloped within your primate brain. Your reptile brain evolved out of the spinal cord of worms 350 million years ago. Then, 225 million years back, that reptilian core bubbled up to evolve into the mammal brain. Finally, the mammal brain blossomed into your primate brain 70 million years ago. The frontal lobes bulged out practically yesterday -- 700,000 years back. Only now are scientists and theologians discovering why. You shall discover why by the end of properly completed Lesson 10.


Your mammal brain contains your amygdala. There is one on each side, in each brain hemisphere, half way between eyes and ears. Place thumbs in ears. Place second fingers in eye corners. Droop first fingers onto skull. There, one inch into the hamburger, are your magic gadgets. Since they work in tandem

like siamese-twins tap-dancing atop hot stove, neurologists sometimes use the singular word to mean both.

Memorize their positions.

Then notice. In morning preconscious reverie, just before you waken fully, notice how your amygdalas clickety click click click backward and forward. Rapidly. Like a machine gun. It feels like a rapid-fire shivver in the meat. That is your central brain organ trying to snap fully forward -- again, as it was at birth -- into permanent frontal lobes transmutation rapture. But it is being jerked back into childhood neurosis and cultural conformity psychosis (war). You now are learning how to self-control that wild fibrillation so as to guide it into increasingly anterior amygdaloid ecstacy.

Entropy is negative energy. Vacuum. Suck-in. Black hole. Death.

Entropy is caused by your bound energy of neurosis. Neurosis binds up the free flowing energy of the cosmic Lifeforce. This free Lifeforce energy flows through sperm, into ovum to create your infant's infinite growth to eternal Universe wisdom. Neurosis is simply repressed child trauma memories.

Trauma occurred when a brain-ignorant parent blocked you and prevented you from growing naturally. Natural growth is your genetically-driven instinct to accept the free gift of 100% perfect brain-body intelligence, communication and expansion into completing the circle with the cosmic Lifeforce throughout Universe.

Trauma creates entropy. Entropy causes the amygdala to click posterior. Backward thumped amygdala causes consciousness to bounce backward like handball against wall, back into lowest reptilian brain.

And reptile brain computes only self-defense and counter-attack behaviors. The reptilian humanoid has an egotistical, self-centered personality and character. That is polar opposite from frontal lobes transcendence, love-giving personality and teaching-giving character.

Frontal lobes transcendence is caused merely by removing the entropy from your amygdala so that genetic intelligence drive can reclick it forward -returning to where it was at birth before parents/kultur screwed up the mechanism. The entropy is removed by dissolving your BEON bound energy of neurosis into free energy. The FE free energy then is guided properly into the AA anterior amygdala. This energization changes the amygdaloid cell wall ion charges from - to +. And that, automatically, "clicks" the entire organ frontward. The forward click is like opening the flood-gate of a dam. Consciousness floods through the amygdala, into the frontal lobes and there causes the nirvana transcendence business.

What is "consciousness"?

Consciousness is spread throughout Universe like air is spread throughout a balloon.

Consciousness is universal Teaching/learning/healing/growing energy: CSTEM.

Consciousness creates space, time, other forms of mechanical/electrical/radiant/Life energies and matter (quarks, muons, protons, electrons, atoms, molecules, cells, tissues, organs, organisms, rockrollers). Cosmic consciousness enters the human triune brain through the consciousness click-switch. That flick-switch is located at the back base of your skull, within the reticular activating formation, which is part of the reptile brain. It turns off during sleep, coma and anesthesia.

Cosmic consciousness is neutral valenced. It is neither good nor bad. It does not care what you do with it. Use it to go either way, as originator chuckles: "Grow Or Die."

Survival of the fittest.

After cosmic consciousness enters the reptile brain, it is re-computed into 100% competitive consciousness and 0% cooperative consciousness. That competitive consciousness then is generated into standard rattlesnake values, attitudes and behaviors. Into reptilian EGGS: ego, greed, grab, suck. (Reptiles -- with the exception of crocodiles -- lay their eggs, then abandon their young: "Yer on yer own kids. Eat or be eaten.")

Consciousness next moves into the mammal brain where it is recomputed into 50% competitive consciousness and 50% cooperative consciousness. (Mammals defend territory against outsiders while simultaneously nurturing young and forming cooperative family.)

Consciousness finally moves into the primate brain where it is recomputed into 20% competitive consciousness (divorce, crime, violence, war) and 80% cooperative consciousness (institutions: economic, political, educational, religious, media). But there, since the Pleistocene era 3 million years ago, brain-ignorant cultural conformity has been blocking further forward completion. This parental/cultural blockage causes the "90% dormant inhumane brain."

Once in the dormant frontal lobes, consciousness is re-computed into 0% competitive consciousness and 100% cooperative consciousness. The basic personality structure (how you treat your Self) becomes totally conversant with genetic intelligence. Genetic intelligence tells your personal intelligence

how to accept sensors 6 through 10. These last 5 of our 10 sensors are located in the "silent areas" of the posterior cortex: telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, telekinesis and astral travel. The basic character structure (how you treat others) becomes totally true, beautiful and good. (Can you name one politician today who is thus?)

The final step is consciousness leaving the frontal lobes and completing the circuit/circle with cosmos. Zero time visual thought zooms out to Sunday picnic visit with pen pals on other civilized planets -- and planets of the apes (like guess who now?) -- whirling the 100,000,000,000 sunstars of this, our home, Milky Way Galaxy. Throughout the 100,000,000,000 Galaxies. To factory CEO. "Hi, Boss. Sorry I'm late. Got held up by diapers and reaganomics and kuwait. What's fer lunch?"


1. Describe your triune brain.

2 Describe the location and function of your amygdalas.

3. Describe the location and function of your frontal lobes.

4. Describe consciousness and its circuit through your triune brain.

5. Describe your level of enthusiasm and anticipation of greatness caused by beginning to learn this basic neurology and consciousness physics.

LESSON 2: Preparation for Free Nirvana

Most folks refuse to accept the free gift of natural self-transcendence because they pour over their noodles that popular eyetalian FOGU sauce: fear of growing up. Each of your parents, consciously or unconsciously, dominated and controlled you with her/his fear: "You cannot grow beyond my neurotic limits." Now, by an act of willpower, you shall dominate and control that lethal brainwash: "I Can! I SHALL grow into my full potential!!"

Understanding is therapy.
Merely understand the basic no-nos which block you from natural, automatic, genetically driven self-completion. By so comprehending the ridiculously trivial blockages which forbid you from accepting the free gift of your organic transpotentiation, you will discover the motivation which drives you to do the exercises in Lessons 3 to 10. Just face fully and funnily the STUC subthreshold un-conscious inner voice(s) of Mother or/and Father forbidding you from getting your full brain-body transmutation and your innate DNA wisdom. You now shall give those spooky voices the jackass laff. Your cosmically created DNA deoxyribonucleic acid smarts now shall start to liberate your AAC anterior amygdala click into DFLT dormant frontal lobes transcendence.

1. Describe your intuition/instinct understanding of how this mechanism works: "My inner voices from Mother/Father still control my inner child, thereby blocking growth of my repressed adolescent into full zooming adult genius." 2. Describe the fluttering line which separates your conscious awareness of clear memories from your STUC sub-threshold un-conscious awareness of barely repressed -- barely ex-pressed -- dim memories. This exercise will begin to help you to open your memory library fully toward free flowing release of repressed memories so that you can discharge their entropy in Lesson 8: "Self Trauma Drama." 3. Itemize your conscious memories of people/things/events which try to persuade you not to grow up. Just scribble them down messy as they pour out after all these years of damn damming. Eventually, after raw gush, separate

these episodes into PIES categories of effects upon you: physically, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually. Use a separate sheet for each. Add traumata during unexpected moments as they popp into your awareness like ocean-bottom icebergs rising. Create your Brain Journal: loose leaf notebook with side-tab dividers for evolving sections. 4. Dominate and control each fear which prevents you from accepting your natural growth. Do so by inventing child playsie funsie gamsie gimmicks. Design these gimmicks to increase your interest and motivation in doing the lessons and exercises of this Playbook. For as you continue doing the exercises, they systematically will dissolve permanently more and more of your FOGU fears of growing up. The exercises release more and more BEON bound energy of neurosis into free energy. And each cumulating bit of that FE free energy clicks your amygdala forward a teensy weensie bit more, thereby titillating your frontals more and more. As those cosmic gooses get more intense, they will motivate you to do more and more of the exercises -- until you know WHAT! 5. Describe the emotions you feel -- fear, guilt, shame, anger, relief, enthusiasm, rapture, love -- now that you are beginning to confront directly the inhibitors which say: "You cannot grow beyond your neurotic limits!"

LESSON 3: Quick-Fix Nirvana

There are three methods to click the amygdala forward into frontal lobes transcendence. Two of the procedures are temporary, the third is permanent. This lesson introduces you to the first two. All following lessons guide you toward/into permanent frontals super-being via that third technique.

Self-Guided Imaging
Start with the quickest and easiest way: self-guided imaging. This method uses consciousness already in your skull to open your amygdalae. That opening causes more cosmic consciousness to flood into the back part of your head, through the amygdalas and into your frontal lobes. Imaging is imagination. Imagination is making-up ideas or visions of things that really are not so. Right now, imagine a purple bear on roller skates schussing down a mountain. Imaging is one of the most important powers of the human brain. Later, after you transcend, you will discover that imagination is the way used by genetic

intelligence and cosmic intelligence to signal your personal intelligence: "Hey, sleeper! Here's a next true fact within your lower reality!! Here's a teaser glimpse into our higher reality!!!" For now, merely accept the fact that you can self-control the consciousness within your head via imagination. You now shall use imagination to control your consciousness so that it clicks your amygdala forward. The method is this: 1. Sit comfortably in a chair or lay out on bed. Close eyes. Relax. Say to your Self: "I believe in me." Repeat until you truly believe it. (This dominates any dis-belief in your Self implanted by Mother/Father.) 2. Create an image of your skull being full of consciousness. Visualize it into a shape, color, smell, texture, sound, taste. 3. Create an image of all the consciousness coagulating/puddling in the front of your head. Condense the puddle of consciousness down to the size of a bowl of jello; down to the size of a gumball. Center the puddled/condensed hot jello gumball of consciousness inside your headbone between your two eyes. Make it glow and vibrate with the energy it is. 4. Split the small ball of consciousness energy in two. Knead each half into a sausage; into a silver thread. Simultaneously guide the right half thread of energy into the front (not the back) of your right-hemisphere amygdala while guiding the left half thread of energy into the front (not back) of your lefthemisphere amygdala. 5. Observe your amygdaloid cell wall ions changing their charges from - to +. Observe your amygdalae clicking forward. Observe this forward clicking opening the dam flood gates. Feel the flood gates opening fully. Observe the flow of infinite cosmic consciousness flooding down from Universe, into your consciousness click-switch (located in the back base of your brain), through your reptile and mammal brains, through the amygdalae, fully into your primate brain. Once there, it shall explode into your DFL dormant frontal lobes. The transcendence event usually lasts from a few seconds to a minute or two. As you progressively master the technique, in your Brain Journal, report your progressive experiences. "First it felt like a little tickle inside behind my eyebrows. Like a fly in there. The next time it felt like a little jerk in the meat. The next time it felt like a big jerk. A real big jerk. Just like empty boxcars on a stopped train suddenly starting. But the next time, WOW! " Silly Sonny

Closed Focused Meditation

Emotions and thoughts constantly are whirlpooling inside your brain. When you notice them and concentrate on trying to guide them, this is contemplation. Contemplation is different from meditation. Meditation is nothing more than slowing down that swirling chaos of emotions and thoughts until 5 thoughts work themselves out and slow down to 4. Then to 3, 2, 1. Then, to no thought. To no thing. Nothing. Meditation temporarily stops the STUC sub-threshold un-conscious pain of repressed child trauma memories churning around your skull. (Remember. It is this neurosis which is the entropy which saturates your amygdala, thereby keeping it whacked posterior into reptilian self-defense and counter-attack personality/character pain.) Such stoppage of pukie neurotic memories feels goooooooooddd. Temporarily. (Only permanent release and discharge -- via the self trauma drama method of Lesson 8 -- causes permanent transcendence and permanent happiness.) There are two forms of meditation: open receptive and closed focused. Open receptive meditation is passive. It merely slows down no-thought to nothingness so as to allow cosmic consciousness to flow into the brain through the third eye. (The third eye is located between your two bugeyes.) This in-flooding back-flushes the head toilet of surface poo poo and gives temporary cleanliness so that your next emotions and thoughts can be computed more cleanly. But, eventually, from memory sea floor, deeper neurosis rises like iceberg to dominate and control and freeze your triune computer into greater frozen retardation. Closed focused meditation is active. After starting the meditation process by means of the open receptive drill, you actively control it to perform specific new brain functions. Do this: 1. Sit comfortably in chair or lay on bed. Close eyes. Relax. Say to your Self: "I believe in me." Repeat until you believe it, truly believe it. Silently chant the mantra: "MeMeeMeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..." 2. Start open receptive meditation. Allow 5 thoughts to circle around into 4, 3, 2, 1 -- into no thought. The ocean of cosmic consciousness now is gushing down into the passive funnel stuck between your two eyes-into your third eye. The ocean is back-flushing your entire triune brain. It is sluicing away your surface wastes (surface tensions, stresses) out through your reticular activating

formation and out through your consciousness click-switch and out to composting Universe.

Insert sketch: COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS ENTERING THIRD EYE, BACK * FLUSHING AND EXITING THROUGH CONSCIOUSNESS CLICK * SWITCH IN RETICULAR ACTIVATING FORMATION TO UNIVERSE. 3. Once cleansed, start closed focused meditation. Actively, via imagination, reach out with rubber arms. Hand-shape the ocean of cosmic consciousness down to the size of a roaring river. Hand-shape the river down to a gentler stream; to a smoothe creek. Down to a loving rivulet. To a thin golden laser needle.


4. Enter the laser needle of cosmic consciousness into your third eye. 5. Split the magic needle in two. Simultaneously guide each needle, one up to the front (again, not back! ) of the right amygdala, the other needle up to the front (!) of the left-hemisphere amygdala. 6. Simultaneously insert both needles. 7. The third eye is a faucet. It allows less or more cosmic consciousness to enter the brain this way. Create an image of your hand slowly turning the faucet on. Slowly allow more and more cosmic consciousness energy to enter your brain, to flow along the split needle circuits and into each amygdala. Slowly increase the voltage. Click! "What does nirvana feel like? Can you imagine an earthquake between your ears? Can you feel a thundering jet taking off behind your eyes? Can you see your frontal lobes exploding up and out forever? The noise and pressure are an ecstasy beyond description. The light show is like nothing ever seen on this planet." Kitty

8. The temporary transcendence will last for about a few minutes up to an hour. During that time, totally TRUST your Self to be experiencing total reality: total nirvana. Not total insanity. Do not allow your residual "rational neurosis" thought (from Ma/Pa) to prick your magnificent bubble with their prickie trick: "I am going nuts!" Totally believe you have the genetically innate capacity to so live Life permanently within cosmic intelligence euphoria. 9. Once the opening shock of gorgeous ultimate knowing Knowing KNOWING begins to gurgle smoooooooooothly -- like niagara falls going over rock neurosis in your head -- write. Capture on paper these harmoniously integrated emotions and thoughts. They will astonish you after you come back down and land that thundering jet on the lower reality of Earth. Put into scribbled words your now permanent bridging between past, present and future. With now ruthless honesty, these words will guide your creation of expanding motivation strategies and deeper loving tactics for all your future growths. 10. When kozmick rape is inevitable, lay back and enjoy it. Lay back and luxuriate in the realization that you now have broken through the mental barrier blocking 99.9999% of the humanoid population -- enslaving them within perpetual confusions, pains, fears, boredoms, lonelinesses, lovelessnesses, depressions, meaninglessnesses, hopelessnesses, terrors. Suicide. (Just one per customer.) Your writings will inspire new-found motivations. From that, plan your strategy and tactics to complete Lessons 4 to 10 into permanent nirvana yummm.

LESSON 4: Release Not-So-Repressed Adult Trauma Memories

Negative trauma memories cause negative energy -- entropy. And it is only entropy which keeps your amygdala clicked backward into reptile brained self-defense and counter-attack stress and meaninglessness. Simply by releasing and discharging this entropy, your amygdala clicks forward into FLT frontal lobes transcendence. The process to release and discharge your most basic entropy is to release and discharge your most basic neurosis: your repressed child trauma memories.

The method to do so is self trauma drama as described in Lesson 8. But in doing deepest self trauma drama, your inner child must re-live the traumatic remembrance so as to dominate and control it -- so as to out-grow it. And that SCARES THE PISS OUT OF YOUR KID! The fear of re-confronting one's long-suppressed childhood traumata causes almost all adults to refuse to re-feel the pain of each prior negative experience. Hence, they do not excrete each acid memory. Hence, they do not guide this free energy into their anterior amygdalae. Hence, they do not feel forward amygdalic click. Hence, they do not experience electro-consciousness energy rushing into the dormant frontal lobes. Hence, they do not transcend. Hence, their brains remain 90% dormant --10% mal-functioning globs of suffering. Soh! Let us now avoid your FOGU fear of growing up. Let us now NOT confront your child trauma memories at this too soon moment. Rather, let us now start by confronting only your adult trauma memories. In this sneakie way, we shall ooze slowly backward down the ladder of your self-confidence into the pit of your total memories. Thus shall we slowly build that self-confidence. For once you begin feeling that the self trauma drama method works simply and easily in releasing and discharging your most obvious adult trauma memories, you then more toughly shall go on to solve your repressed adolescent trauma memories. From that, finally, you shall have full confidence to release and discharge your repressed child trauma memories. And from that, terminal frontal lobes transmagnificence shall happen. Trust your skull motor to operate thusly. DNA sez: "It's SO!" 1. Create a section within your Brain Journal: "My Adult Trauma Problems." In random free-flow, scribble down all the things blocking your adult happiness. Eventually, re-arrange them in order of priority. 2. Select a least-important problem to be solved. On a separate sheet of paper, itemize all the facts, circumstances and emotions which caused that other person or persons to cause this situation to become a negative problem to you. On another separate sheet of paper, itemize all the facts, circumstances and emotions which caused you to cause the other person/persons to cause this situation to become a negative problem to you. (In Lesson 8, "Self Trauma Drama," this itemization is called "Act I: Reliving The Trauma.") 3. With ruthless honesty, analyze the facts on each page and separate into two columns: "Right" and "Wrong." Admit the Right and damn the Wrong. (In Lesson 8, "Self Trauma Drama," this damnation is called "Act II: Revenge.") Ruthlessly criticize the wrongdoer(s) -- both that other person/persons and your Self. This shits out your repressed mammal emotions, thereby allowing

your cold, emotionless reptilian computer to start generating. Your reptile core will then compute, automatically, 100% logical self-defense and counterattack strategies and tactics. These will solve your problem. 4. Generate your comprehensive reptilian strategy and tactics. Solve the problem. 5. In Lesson 8, "Self Trauma Drama," Act III is "Forgiveness." Forgive the evil-doer who caused the problem. This prevents you from becoming a permanent rattlesnake. This re-clicks your amygdala from posterior reptilian de-volution back into mammalian e-volution. The BEON bound energy of neurosis which was frozen into that problem now is released into FE free energy. The FE energy now is guided -- via imaging -- into the mammal brain's anterior amygdala. That energy insertion changes some of the cell wall ions from - to +. And that causes a mini click. You feel a slight flush forward of consciousness into your DFL dormant frontal lobes. You feel a little tickle inside your forehead. Like a fly in the meat? Repeat this introduction to simplified Self Trauma Drama by solving another (then another) of your non-repressed adult trauma memories. The repetition will build your confidence. With chain-reacting confidence, you will next go deeper down the ladder into the pit of your truly repressed adolescent trauma memories. And with that toughening, you, eventually, laughingly, shall jump off the sissy ladder fully into the pit bottom to solve those last entropies: those suppressed kid suffering remembrances. And from that, you know WHAT! Still want it?

LESSON 5: Release Repressed Adolescent Trauma Memories

The first test of your true motivation to grow up into your 100% brain power is discovering your self-confidence to do so. By re-confronting a long-repressed pain so as to discharge it into forgetfullness, your self-confidence of self-curing grows. Robotically. By now so confronting your suppressed adolescent traumata you shall build your selfconfidence within the mechanism of your brain's genetically hard-wired-in power of self-therapy. And from that first skill of self-cure, you routinely shall not get trapped, like most other guys and gals, in the dormant fear: "I can not self-therapize my own basic repressed child trauma memories." You blithely shall release and discharge those childhood and infanthood traumata into free energy for final transcendence. RATM repressed adolescent trauma memories are not as painful! to release and discharge because by the teen years one is at the age of selfdetermination. The adolescent can think critically and make rational decisions as to what is right and what is wrong. Adolescent fights back. A child cannot. That is why crux child self-therapy is so frightening: Your kid knows s/he must re-live the pain-causing experience with a child's limited intelligence and decision-making skill -- and no fight-back. Confronting, releasing and discharging RATM repressed adolescent trauma memories is a more tolerable exercise because your teenager now can argue rationally and counter-attack fully as each neurotic rape is re-revealed. From that, you re-program the video tape in memory from - to +. And from that, you build your positive confidence more fully prior to releasing and discharging your RCTM repressed child trauma memories into FLT frontal lobes transcendence. Start self-therapy via self-diagnosis. Sur-prize your Self by learning precisely how much (finite) neurosis you have to clean out. Do this by first measuring your entropy. You can measure directly how much neurosis entropy you carry around as rotting garbage in your smelly brain. You can measure precisely how much entropy your neurosis is festering to keep your amygdala clicked posterior. The measurement is via:

Emotion Curve
You cannot lie to your emotions. Emotions are your brain's way of measuring & signalling precisely how your cells, tissues and organs are, or are not, interacting properly. If they are functioning properly, you are growing. If not, dying. In order to communicate with your Self and others with quantified precision, you must measure your daily intuitive feelings. Graph your rises, falls and plateaus of your emotions on graph paper weekly; monthly. Chart the days on the horizontal zero line, the abscissa axis. (Memory device: It's the one that crawls horizontally, ssss-hissing like a snake.) Chart your O to -10 and O to +10 on the vertical line, the ordinate axis. (It's the one that stands up straight, like a soldier, an orderly.) Modify the words on the scale below to fit your unique personality. Give first priority to the daily creation of this graph. Your Life depends upon it.

+10 Nirvana +9 Frontal lobes pre-popps approaching breakthrough; wild creativity +8 Voluptuous ecstasy; mindboggling intelligence burbling powerfully +7 Routine genius; theatrical efficiency; doing everything right +6 Happiness; secure toughness solving all necessary problems; passion +5 Flowing love goodness of Life; automatic spiritual satisfaction +4 Efficiency of survival; doing work, but not exuberantly; tough MEEee +3 Getting my ass in gear doing what has to be done for survival; drag +2 Grinding, plodding, joyless struggle; mindless robot; hate mornings +1 Barely functional; fragile, MUST re-start automatic self-healing 0 Blaugh. Brain circuits collapse. Nothingness. Grow or die. -1Boredom/

-2 Loneliness -3 Lovelessness -4 Anxiety -5 Depression -6 Meaninglessness -7 Panic -8 Hopelessness -9 Fear/Terror -10 Poof

Do-It-Yourself Exercise
1. In a separate section of your Brain Journal, itemize all your unrepressed adolescent trauma memories. You will discharge the entropy from each. By so melting off the tip of a gross memory iceberg and pouring it out onto paper, the next truly repressed tip will rise from STUC sub-threshold un-conscious memory into threshold conscious remembering. Arrange them in order of importance priority. 2. Select a least important negative experience. As you will do more fully in Lesson 8, now start doing "Act 1: Re-Live The Trauma." Via imagination, go back to that age when the hurt happened. Re-be your Self at that age. Re-play the video tape of the event as it fully occurred. Speak the words which were spoken then. Speak your own words and the other person's words. Say them out loud or silently in your haircut auditorium. As you choose, be fully angry or compassionate. The purpose of Act I is to re-feel the full emotions of the trauma down to their deepest roots so that you can pull out this weed, roots and all, once and for all. The method of pull-out is Act II. 3. Act II: Revenge. Repeat the adolescent pain episode from beginning to end. But this time add your now adult intelligence. Add your adult lawyer to help your teenager being punished by this injustice. Together, fight back. Together, criticize, dominate, control, judge and damn the evil-doer. Again, do this either angrily or compassionately. Finally, after all these years of repressed entropy poisoning your personality and character, this revenge is sweet. It shits out your cumulated frustration, guilt and anger. And that releases your BEON bound energy of neurosis into free energy.

4. But ex-pressing your re-pressed entropy only removes the poison pus from the wound. The would is still open and raw. It is not yet healed over with protective scab. With wisdom scar tissue. That healing-over occurs in Act III: Forgiveness. Criticizing, judging and damning your enemy is reptilian selfdefense and counter-attack. You are an efficient cobra. But such violent combat does not cause you to transcend. Such bitter battle guides your FE free energy into your PA posterior amygdala. And that does not guide your FE free energy into your AA anterior amygdala. Only forgiveness does. "I forgive you for causing me to suffer all this anguish all these years." Repeat Act III: Forgiveness, until your emotions feel it truly. 5. Repeat Acts I, II & III over and over until you feel zero negative emotion and +10 forgiveness during each act. That is true cleansing. Then repeat this process of self-therapy with the next --and the next -- RATM repressed adolescent trauma memory. Repeat until the iceberg is all melted. Then go on to the final childhood blocks. But caution! Remember: Throughout this entire self-therapy process, only one person is responsible for keeping you on track as sane self-therapist: YOU! ! Do not go insane via too much emotion or via too much infantile narcissistic suck belief that Big Mommie or Big Daddie is gunna do your work for you. If that, go to a Big Mom/Dad psychiatrist --who will be glad to do your work for you. For $$$. Soh. Stay within your emotional limits. Are you man enough, woman enough, to do that? If "Yes," ("HELL YESSS!!"), then welcome to the club: Nifty Nirvana Nippers.

LESSON 6: Release Repressed Child Trauma Memories

This is the most important reading you ever will do in your Life. Releasing your repressed child trauma memories is the way you remove the entropy blocking your amygdala from clicking forward into frontal lobes transfiguration and super intelligence geenyuss. Skim through this lesson just to get the feel of it, but do not do the end exercise until you have read and mastered Lessons 7 and 8. Do not do your first releasing of a suppressed child trauma remembrance until you are skilled in quickly discharging the confused pain it will regenerate. The discharging is via Act II: Revenge and Act III: Forgiveness. The pain which you feel is a joyous agony. It is the joy of relieving constipation. It is the pleasure of shitting your brick -- sideways -- after too many years of being forced, by stoopid others, to hold it in. The pleasure which you feel is an overwhelming realization that your brainbody is encoded by genetic intelligence to teach your personal intelligence the astonishingly simple step-by-step therapy with which you can self-circuit progressively toward/into your own 100% neuron powered creative wisdom, natural immune system perfect health, double Lifespan, ethical leadership smarts to save soosiding Ertball, automatic telepathy to consensus action with other such singingly moral leaders, spiritual love with friskie soulmates and simple serenity tranquility with Universe -- daily flowing within primal nature via games played cavorting Aristophanes Bear, Plato Lion and Elsie Elk. In short, happiness. Absolute perpetual peace-of-mind perfection in harmony with the Lifeforce. You will get more and more of this reflective chirpy radiance as you liberate and discharge more and more of your RCTM repressed child trauma memories and RITM repressed infant trauma memories. The getting starts with your ocean of memories. Child memories -- positive and negative -- are stored in the temporal lobes at your temples. Infant memories -- positive and negative -- are stored in each hippocampus located right next to each amygdala. Repressed trauma memories are negative icebergs frozen to the bottom floor of your inner ocean of personal/genetic/cosmic intelligence. If you were to release all of those traumatic memories simultaneously to popp into surface awareness at the same time, the emotional shock would be so cataclysmic that you would overwhelm your computational brain circuits and blow fuses. You would go insane. Skitzie. So genetic intelligence has created a logical mechanism

whereby only one iceberg at a time releases and popps up. And that frozen remembrance is the least threatening one at the bottom of your oceanic memory library. This is to give you the courtesy of developing your selftherapy skill slowly and carefully first on the least painful part of your icesheet neurosis. But as your personal intelligence signals your genetic intelligence that you are developing that skill properly, your DNA smarts select a second repressed child trauma memory iceberg and tootle it up to surface conscious awareness. After you process that correctly via Act I, Act II and Act III, your inner boss wiggles up the third, fourth and fifth -- last. The icesheet is melted.


With emancipation of that BEON bound energy of neurosis into free energy -with the guiding of that FE free energy into your AA anterior amygdala -- you know that what you finally accept into your DFL dormant frontal lobes, don't you? (Hint: Not Sanny Claus. But mebbeso yesss.) The way to start your repressed child and infant trauma remembrances to begin freeing themselves from the ocean floor of memories is via essaying. In your Brain Journal, merely start writing out your unrepressed child trauma memories. Just scribble out the top waves of your memory ocean onto paper. Write down one episode which you clearly retain of an injustice being done to your pisspants cherub. This scribbling will be your script to perform Act I. Act out the event in its full emotional confusion and pain. Act out the event by saying your words and the evil-doer's words -- out loud or in head. But remember. Do this within your self-controlled limits of sanity. Then do Act II and Act III as described in Lesson 8. Repeat until forgiveness is +10. Repeat this self trauma drama precision technique for another (and another) un-repressed childhood hurt remembrance. As you document (for your heirs) your early Life history/herstory, genetic intelligence will judge: "This bloke is reelee serious bout that growing up stuff! I'll test him/her by sending up a teensy tiny iceberg of truly repressed -- but mild -- trauma memory. If he/she continues to show seriousness, I will send up the next, and the next -- getting

stronger and stronger -- repressed pain truth. Eventually, all." And from that, skull jack-in-the-box jackpot. Do-It-Yourself Exercises 1. Age regression. Re-play your Life video backward. Describe the essence of each age from pre-adolescence curlyhairs back to childhood wild yelling running giggle play funnn. Write about each age. Scribe down all you can remember about each era on a separate sheet of paper in your Journal. Use PIES as a guide. Re-member your physical condition, intellectual discoveries, emotional growths and blind spiritual gropings toward un-known and unsuspected -- but intuitively felt -- infinities of cosmic powers. 2. Write a self trauma drama script for an easily remembered, mildly hurting injustice performed by an adult (usually Ma or Pa) upon your kid's integrity and dignity. Write out what you were doing before intrusion by the evil-doer. Write out what that person did to you to cause the evil. Write out your reaction. Write our her/his re-action to your reaction. Write out what you said and what he/she said. Write out how and why you were forced to repress this trauma in your memory library. Write out how and why this repression -- at STUC sub-threshold unconscious rat-gnawing -- has affected your personality/character up to this day. 3. Do Act I, Act II, Act III. 4. Write in the "Self Trauma Drama" section of your Brain Journal your new, automatically wise insights for improving your personality and character due to this excretion of that, and each following, entropy. 5. Repeat with other un-repressed information storage until truly amnestic child and infant trauma memory icebergs start to rise up for melting down. Melt them. One by one. Until that last icesheet is awww gone! And once your inner Ice Age is all melted to Great Lakes reservoir of growth nutrient, what shall be your new name?

LESSON 7: Self Trauma Drama, Scientific Foundation

This is the true, no-nonsense way to defecate the entropy of neurosis blocking your anterior amygdala from clicking forward -- thereby allowing electroconsciousness energy from Universe to complete its circuit through your triune brain's frontal lobes and back out to cosmos. That completion was performed accidentally by Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad and 5000 other messiahs documented by anthropologists within all cultures throughout history. You are now doing their same frontal lobes transcendence, but scientifically. They did it accidentally, taking years and years. Your are doing it precisely, taking a few months. The key to the brain lock is self trauma drama. This crux technique started with the Catholic Church confessional. By confessing surface "sins," the individual releases and discharges some of his/her repressed adult and adolescent trauma memories -- but not those vital childhood and infanthood key traumata. Jacob Moreno outgrew the Pope. He improved upon that Catholic excretion process by inventing "psychodrama." His invention of this therapy technique went as far as Act I. But mortified mortal morass Moreno did not understand how to proceed through Act II and Act III. Psychodrama re-lives the episode but does not know how to get revenge or how to give forgiveness. Arthur Janov knew how to get and give. Sorta. He improved upon Moreno's psychodrama procedure by going deeper into "Act II: Revenge." Into fighting back. He called his therapy "primal scream." That is what happens when the therapist's probings release the deepest icebergs of repressed child and infant and birth and gestation trauma memories within the therapee. But Janov did not understand the importance of Act III, Forgiveness. Nor did he want to teach the patient to do self-therapy. For if the therapee is taught by the therapist to do self-therapy whenever and however s/he democratically wants, who needs to pay a therapist? These two methodologies of psychodrama and primal scream were clarified, simplified and extended into "self trauma drama" from 1957 to 1987. That was during the experiments performed with 309 test subjects at this Dormant Brain Research and Development Laboratory. Acts I, II and III were evolved and perfected. In addition, the self trauma drama method was harmonized with the basic facts of neurology as then being discovered by researchers around the world. The key fact uncovered was that the amygdala is a click switch. This was

revealed via experiments performed up the phylogenetic tree from rats and cats through baboons and chimps to man. Olds was the first to find that implanting electrodes into the center of the brain caused rats to stimulate themselves electrically -- pleasurably -- to starvation. He called that area "the pleasure center." Goddard improved upon the Olds finding by identifying the specific organ within the general pleasure center which was the crucial locus for electroprobe stimulation: the amygdala. Such electrical juicing caused "rearing, pawing and falling." Rodent nirvana. He called it "kindling." After that, the race was on. Arnold reported that rats kindled sooner if they were handled physically with tender loving care before implanting and energizing amygdaloid electroprobes. This suggests, homologously, that humans will kindle sooner if they are physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually caressed while being taught to click their own amygdalae forward into frontal lobes transcendence. Tanaka tells us that when the anterior amygdala of the rabbit is stimulated, the brain waves surge into the rudimentary frontal lobes. This reassures us that homology is waiting until humans learn the subtle technique of stimulating their own anterior amygdalae into the next evolutionary step of selfcompleting the central nervous system. Ademec states that the predatory rat killing behavior in the cat is extinguished permanently after kindling the anterior amygdala. Nirvana = Love Thy Enemy. This gives Homo Sap the relief of speculating that we too probably are encoded genetically to outgrow and turn off our own predatory kill characters. Wada says that as the empirical trials progressed to kindling baboons and chimpanzee, the intensity of the spasm lessens. Heath's electrical arousal of the anterior amygdala in a human did not cause the patient to rear up from the operating table, paw the cute neurosurgeon and fall over in a swoon of climactic divinity. The awake and aware person merely announced "a pleasant tingling sensation." The patient was a schizophrenic -already reporting "I see God face-to-face." For such forbidden transmutation "disease," his brain was being scalpeled. Into passive obedience to cultural conformity.

From this series of experiments, the overall revelation is that the kindling reaction diminishes as one goes up the line from rats, rabbits and cats through baboons and chimps to humans. Genetic intelligence obviously does not intend that wo/man merely press head and insert quarter into the corner electrode plate box in order to get a quick fix kozmick orgazoom. The procedure to complete one's vastly inactive brain is a bit more complex that that. The more complicated method to self-circuit forward is the progression from Catholic confession, to psychodrama, through primal scream into self trauma drama. Luria proved that the frontal lobes are dormant. Ablation experiments were performed on patients. Injured, tumored and abscessed parts and wholes of the frontal lobes were cut out. Measurements with physiological and psychological tests were made before and after. The changes were tiny. Only crankiness: "Hey, Comrade Doc! My hat don't fit no more!!" Livanov and Walter identified that the person's ability to plan ahead is impaired, but his/her IQ score and memory remain unchanged. From this scientific foundation of experimentally replicated facts, your understanding of your own brain's ability to cure itself of neurosis now can be absolute. Your confidence in your own brain's potential to transcend reflexively into frontal lobes nirvana genius now can be infinite. Following are the technical references giving the professional research reports which form the foundation of this new science of neural cybernetics. These research reports can be obtained in any university or medical library. By reading them, one becomes grounded absolutely upon irrefutable facts which now are extrapolating Homo Novus and Homa Nova -- Homum Kiddicus -into 21st century supernormality. Shall you so read? References Ademec, R. Behavioral and epileptic determinants of predatory attack behavior in the cat. In: J.A. Wada (Ed.), Kindling, New York: Raven Press, 1976, 135-154. Bucke, R. M. Cosmic Consciousness. Secaucus, N.J.: Citadel Press, 1973. Eccles, J. C. Lecture: "The Dormant Human Brain." University of Colorado, University Memorial Center, Boulder, July 31, 1974.

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Tanaka, A. Progressive changes of behavioral and electroencephalographic responses to daily amygdaloid stimulation in rabbits. Fukuoka Acts Medica, 1972, 63: 152-164. Wada, J. A. The clinical relevance of kindling: species, brain sites and seizure susceptibility. In: K. E. Livingston and O. Hornykiewicz (Eds.), Limbic Mechanisms: The Continuing Evolution of the Limbic System Concept. New York: Plenum Press, 1976. Walter, W. G. Human frontal lobes function in sensory-motor association. In: K. H. Pribram and A. R. Luria (Eds.), Psychophysiology of the Frontal Lobes. New York and London: Academic Press, 1973. Advancing Seminar 1. There are two ways "to know." The scientific method of inquiry proves a fact. The philosophic method of inquiry persuades a value. The sun setting at a certain time at a precise latitude is a fact. The sunset being beautiful is a value. Itemize some of the major scientific facts and philosophic values of your Life. 2. The scientific method of inquiry is: OH IM QER CoP. Observation. Hypothesis. Instrumentation. Measurement. Quantification. Experimentation. Replication. Control. Prediction. A hypothesis is a flat yes-or-no statement which then can be tested experimentally to prove that it is true or false: "I shall do all the exercises of self trauma drama until I click my amygdala into frontal lobes transcendence." Right or wrong? Design a series of hypotheses which you then can test experimentally to discover the truth/falsity of each. How do you measure and quantify? 3. Intuitions are STUC sub-threshold un-conscious instincts of cosmicallygiven, genetically-driven abilities. These are the brain-body abilities which your personal intelligence feels to be true -- feels to be available if you but go after them. Allow your intuitions to flow freely. Which PIES physical, intellectual, emotional or/and spiritual abilities do you feel rising within your Self like icebergs? Which of these potentialities do you feel soon shall equal those of Buddha/Jesus/ Mohammed? 4. In the dictionary and in appropriate science books, look up the word "homology." Why do you trust that experiments of Olds, Goddard, Arnold, Tanaka, Ademec, Wada and Heath are homologous with your now on-going experiments of amygdala-clicking? Why do you trust Luria's discovery of frontal lobes dormancy to be the key explanation of the locus of transcendence?

5. Shall you become a 21st century neural cyberneticist? Why? How?

LESSON 8: Self Trauma Drama, Method

This is it. Your final mountaintop. Thereafter, soaring to the stars. Relax. Now write a simple outline script of what actually happened during a childhood trauma. This brings the repressed parts of that iceberg up to full awareness. No more denial. No more pretending that it did not happen to your kid. Write down the key events. Write down the key spoken statements and emotional feelings which your child experienced. Write down the crux traumatizing behavior performed, knowingly or unknowingly, by the evil-doer (usually Mother or Father). Now do self trauma drama. Act I: TRAUMA. Act-out the event as it factually happened, plus your sub-threshold unconscious intuitions of those extra nuances which you feel made the episode particularly damaging. Act-out the happening in totally defenseless, vulnerable child confusion, pain and fear. Act-out the trauma in full screaming, spotting, theatric drama. Either speak the words out loud or speak them inside your head. Be each actor. Be your Mother. Be your Father. Do split acting. Be each person totally and simultaneously. Be your crying child simultaneously while being your parent speaking wrong re-action words, gestures and emotions against your biological, emotional and spiritual needs. Allow your now adult defenses against such play-acting to collapse totally. Allow your child defenses to collapse totally. Suffer total defeat, injustice and destruction of your spiritual need to understand and live Life harmoniously. But do this all sanely. Final remembrance: The full responsibility of remaining sane during self trauma drama is yours and yours alone. This Act I progressively gets you into the full pain of the trauma by repeating it, thereby increasing the distress step-by-step. Repeat Act I as your cramping throes increase more and more. But, slyly, keep testing your Self: "How much pain am I feeling now? About 80%. Can I raise that to 90%? To 95%? To 100%?" Do not go into Act II until you feel the maximum amount of pain you intuitively know you can bear: 80%, 90%, 95% or 100%. Repeat Act I as many times as necessary until you reach your limit of fully bearable pain. As

soon as you feel that maximum pain, stay with it for a few minutes. Really torture your Self to pull this unbroken worm of memory out of its rotten hole. Really cramp your Self to imprint the full conscious realization of how much true cruelty you un-consciously have been repressing within your Self all these years to poison your growth. Now! FLUSH THE TOILET!! Go directly into Act II!!! Act II: REVENGE. Act-out Act I again, playing both your child and your parent. But this time add a third person: You as your now adult. Your adult is your child's lawyer before this bar of justice. Add your full now adult legal intelligence and full now adult moral power to your child's intelligence and voice. Protect your child. Allow your child to dominate your parent. Allow your child to do the forbidden: Criticize the food-giver and love-giver. Judge and damn your parent in your child's voice. Your child now does what s/he never could do before: dominate, control, criticize, judge and damn that parent for this injustice done. Your child is now totally self-confident and totally wise with your adult's guidance. Your child now assumes the role of being your parent's parent. Your child tells your parent what is right and what is wrong in living Life. Your child tells your Mother what her Mother and Father did wrong to her to make her grow up wrongly so that she would inflict the same wrong upon you. Your child tells your Father what his Father and Mother did wrong to him to make him grow up wrongly and inject the same wrong into you. But the damage has been done. Your child was crippled. The law was broken. Your parent broke the natural law of genetic child development into cosmic love. Social justice must be done. Your child takes your parent to evolutionary court. Your child, speaking with your adult's intelligence, is either killerape prosecutor, snarling jury and prejudiced judge, or compassionate prosecutor, understanding jury and teaching judge. The trial is ruthlessly honest -- in your favor. The direct examination and cross examination are ruthlessly therapeutic. The verdict is given. (Since the whole courtroom game is rigged, guess who loses to that packed jury and paid-off judge?) The judgment is given. The punishment is indicted: "You, parent, must suffer the spasms of

eternal damnation. Dying Mother, dying Father, you must endure the retribution of non-growth. You, poor Ma, poor Pa, must live out your Life without once even experiencing -- or even hearing about -- transcendence. You must suffer defenselessly as genetic intelligence -- which you never will hear about-rots your emotion curve -- also which you never will hear about -inexorably to -1, -3, -5, -7, -9.0. -9.1, -9.3, -9. 5, -9.7, -9.90, - 9.91, -9.99...." Child punishes parents, with anger or compassion. Revengeful compassion. But revenge. For justice must be done. And justice is rendered. A soul for a soul. Child punishes parents in the most shocking and grotesque way imaginable: Child out-grows the need for Mother's love, Father's love. Indeed, justice is rendered: Catharsis. Child catharsis is achieved. The brick is shat. Child transcends the trauma. Child is free of parent. (For sale: One chopped umbilicus.) During the court trial, when anger and revenge and compassion are in turmoil, use a full laundry sack. As parent. Punch it and swear at it -- if that is your need; if that is your way. Otherwise, stroke and caress the offender. This saves $50 an hour on the lumpy couch with analyst. (Plus $25 extra for screaming in his/her quiet office building. Plus $50 extra for punching him/her. Total tab: $125, plus tax.) Revenge, yes, is sweet. But revenge is not love. And although revenge releases your bound energy of neurosis into free energy, the free energy shunts not into the anterior amygdala and frontal lobes but into the posterior amygdala. The amygdala clicks backward. The free energy spurtles backward. Revenge only re-balances your mammal brain with your reptile brain: with your deepest animal self-defense and counterattack circuits. Revenge ultimately is not satisfying because it is not forward growth. Revenge does not genetically switch the free energy into the anterior amygdala and into the dormant frontal lobes. This is why conventional couch therapies -- controlled by dominating Big-Daddie-Substitute therapists -- do not transcend. Repeat Act II over and over until you feel zero emotion. Your trauma is not cleansed until you feel zero emotion. Once you feel absolutely neutral and indifferent about the episode, do it one more time. Only when you feel negatively bored with the event can you be sure that your endlessly clever defense mechanism has not been lying. You cannot lie to your emotions. Now, only cold logic remains. The event happened and it injured you. But you are over it, grimly, and ready to go on to Act III. The memory cells in your temporal lobes (and later your hippocampi) are beginning to be washed clean and properly re-linked (as they were at birth) backward into your reptile brain and forward into your primate brain.

Act III: FOREGIVENESS. This is the secret of transcendence. This is thee ultimate key to the brain lock: "Forgive her/him, for s/he knew not what s/he did to screw up my precious Life." (Apology to original crossed author for plagiarizing & modernizing.) Redemption. Self-redemption. Transfiguration. Self-transfiguration. Your child forgives your parents. By an act of genetic/cosmic grace, your child transcends each parent's ignorance, understands his/her stupidities and forgives him/her. Lovingly, your child explains to Mother/Father, with divine wisdom, what s/he did so unknowingly and insensitively and foolishly to the point of almost wrecking your magnificent existence. "But, magnanimously, I forgive you. Really and truly forgive you." Forgive and forget that Mother/Father really were pretty damn assholish in the way they jeopardized your genetic growth into this wondrous magic of being. ("Wow! LIFE!!") Transcend Mother/Father. Look down on them as smiling angel upon puppies. Redeem them with your righteous relish. Bless them with your now sacred power of bestowing salvation upon others. Act III poops out the negative E=MC2 electro-magnetic-consciousness charge in each cell within your temporal lobes (later, hippocampi), purifies the wound with pious comprehension, cauterizes the raw gash with holy love and prepares the way for adding a positive electro-magnetic-consciousness charge in Act IV. (Oh? Didn't we mention before that there also is an Act IV? Tsk tsk.) Act III intensifies the triune linkage started in Act II. The broken circuits within your temporal lobes are repaired, properly linked backward into your reptile brain and forward into your primate brain. You now are ready to proceed to the most astounding good of all. Act IV: RE-WRITE THE SCRIPT. RE-SHOOT THE TAPE. Shortly after recuperating from Act II and going through Act III, act-out the traumatic event one more time. But this inning, act-out the adventure as it should have happened, with understanding, compassion, love and teaching from parent to child. Fantasize the most perfect and wise and mature way that Mother/Father should have treated you during the moment the trauma was exploding. Persuade Mother/Father to be all-knowing and all-powerfull -omniscient and omnipotent -- for your perfect growth. Image and speak Mother/Father as being all-knowing, all-powerfull and all-loving. Image and revel in Mother/Father seeing and understanding your child need with total

wisdom, patience, love, teaching and wit. Image Mother/Father guiding you out of that pain and into your full genetic flow toward whole brain power happiness and cosmic fullfillment. Image the most wondrous and luxurious and beautiful resolution of that most grim and crucifying trauma. The neural dynamic of what happens in your head is as follows: The human personality is that configuration of neurons which generates values, attitudes and behaviors that cause the individual to treat himself/herself good or bad. (Character is how you treat other people.) Most of the personality is controlled by genetic intelligence. Most of your day-to-day actions from wake-up to sleep-down are caused not by your personal intelligence willpower, but by the superior moxie of DNA -- modified (warped) through the prism of cultural values, demands and limitations and through your neurotic re-action to these two dominant polar forces. You are like confused jackass half way between the two nutritious hay piles who starves to Death. Thus, if you are going to change a bad behavior on your memory tape to a good behavior, you must truly break the "normal" (trained; robotized) response pattern you always display to routine stimuli. If you "always" kiss Mother goodnight or goodbye, break the "normal" response pattern. Shake her hand. Bounce her on your knee to burp her neurotic stomach gass before parting. The point is, you must begin to break your old habits not only in re-acting to old stimuli, but in imagining new stimulus/response configurations. You must dream up stupendously new ways to re-write the script of your Life and to re-shoot the movie tape of your trauma drama. You must become "creative" in the wildest, most child playsie funsie gamsie, most cosmic sense of the word. You must invent a new way -- inside out, upside down, front to back -- to respond to conventional reality and to fling your Self into higher reality. In Act IV, image a solution to your trauma re-write & re-shoot never before conceived. Don't be satisfied with just the usual, conformist huggie-kissie one for your castrated kid. For once you imprint this new, creative stimulus/response behavior onto the altered memory tape, it will be stored in your memory library as if you were this mutant from that early age onward. All subsequent adult values, attitudes and behaviors will extrapolate naturally from that premise. You were educated (enculturated) in the nursery, on the street and in school to have a certain "acceptable" (conformist) "child cognitive fix." This is the way your child was "allowed" to cognate: to perceive and know lower conformist reality. Now that you have gone through all the work of retrieving, reviewing and therapizing the old garbage out of this one old tape, are you going to rewrite it and re-shoot it by merely adding a slightly different brand of new garbage? You have the chance to be a genius: to change your child from neurotic to mutotic (mutating). Seize the moment.

Once this single unit of your child cognitive fix is altered consciously from genetically retrogressive to garbagelessly progressive, your future adult behaviors casually will refer back to this mutated child cue to receive their new direction of growth. You will grow rapidly and fullfillingly into this new creative spiral worming through your 90% dormant brain, up your inner mountaintop to crest breakout and to go beyond stars. When doing Act IV, merely choose the best possible creative alternative to each bad behavior being re-scripted on each memory tape. Change it to all you dare to be. From then on, consciously and repeatedly practice the good and gleefully innovative new behavior until it becomes an automated response replacing the bad and depressing old behavior. Create a spontaneously reflexive play game of it. Reinforce your Self positively with the fun of behaving more positively in this newly ingenious way. Reinforce your selfesteem and environmental adaption by therapeutically gambolling outrageously with this inspired new de-conditioning & re-conditioning of your memory organ; with this operatically inventive de-programming and reprogramming of your temporal lobes. If you do so, you will see and get the profit of a colossal personality and character beyond all Earthly expectations. The cellular tape then will do the rest. While you relax, it will integrate optimally with your genetic ovam/sperm programming and cause your psychological Death and spiritual Re-Birth. You will get optimum genetic and neurologic transubstantiation. OK? "Self Trauma Drama, Method" "When I first learned about the self trauma drama gimmick I said, 'Sure, Sure. I'll do it. What have I got to lose?' But I didn't believe it. That's not the real world of financial work and big money and nice car and eating out. But after I did my first few plugged up adolescent maul memory traces, I was confused. But then when I unplugged and discharged my first sublimated child rupture recall, it scared the guts out of me. I shocked myself. I was blubbering like a brat. It all came back to me. It was when Mummsie took me into her fancy 4poster bed with the purple lace and strong perfume. She lays me on top of her naked tan. She teaches me to....Oh GOD!! I barely could get through Act-I. But when I got to Act-II I didn't just flush the toilet. I dynamited Wall Street. I dumped it all on HER!! I screamed hate!!! 'You BITCH! Why are you fucking your own SON! Is it because your husband is disgusted with you and is a workaholic so he can stay at the office until late at night so he can avoid you?' Eventually, forgiveness. It's good to get rid of this putrid cancer that was driving yuppie me to be the exact -- the EXACT! -- same kind of corporate slave as Pater. Now I have my freedom. My pure soul essence freedom. I have

rededicated my life. I'm a forest ranger. I'm now dedicated to biocentric reality. I'm now helping to heal the organic habitat from the destruction caused by Big Business."

Formerly, "Snobby" Now, Praying Eagle

LESSON 9: Societal Intelligence

Intelligence is the first/top/supreme behavior generated out of the human triune brain. Your ancestors were intelligent enough to survive, to evolve and to breed you so that you now can continue the process to complete Lifeforce perfection. There are four forms of intelligence: 4I, I4. Cosmic intelligence, CI, is the ultimate creator of Universe, of STEM: space, time, energy, matter. Genetic intelligence, GI, is the creator of Lifeforce, of one-celled amoeba, of flowers/forests, of ovum/sperm/you. Personal intelligence, PI, is your Self creator. Your Self tester. It tests you to see if you are too soft -- thus dying pre-maturely so as not to be ancestor to any heirs -- or to see if you are SOTF: survival of the fittest. Societal intelligence, SI, is your Self tester within your personal intelligence. Societal intelligence tests your personal intelligence to see if you measure up to the standard of evolution perfection dictated by CI & GI. Cosmic intelligence and genetic intelligence test you via societal intelligence, thereby proving that you are either too soft to continue wasting their time or are truly SOTF survival of the fittest -- thus worthy of receiving their next BIG gifts of growth.

Social intelligence is proof that the individual is working primarily to survive, to evolve and to perfect the society which now threatens to sterilize this planet of all DNA Lifeforce. Social intelligence is demonstration to genetic intelligence that your personal intelligence understands its small place within the larger mechanism of this planetary DNA evolution. That evolution is into Universe communication with all other planetary civilizations and with Big Boss controlling all these whirling galactic yo yos. Social intelligence is tough leader leading all other blind pre-mutants to understand the intelligence of deoxyribo-nucleic acid so as to flow with it into mutation of New Wo/Man. Into perfect children. Social intelligence is the final neuronal link in the brain chain which invites you to complete the circle from cosmic intelligence, through genetic intelligence, through your personal intelligence and permanently back out to cosmic intelligence: CI-GI-PI-SI-CI. If this vital link is not understood, accepted and obeyed, the evolution drive of DNA genetic intelligence -- chaining toward cosmic perfection -- is broken. If you so break, you are not true carrier/linker of evolutionary wisdom. Your titillating first gift from genetic intelligence of frontal lobes transcendence is withdrawn. For you have signalled genetic intelligence that during your nirvana insight you did not see the big picture of your true genius work: Helping to save our sick Mother, Earth. So your temporary super-smarts cleverly are rotted into a more dramatic -- higher -- form of insanity & suicide. Jim Jones. Negative environ-mental collapsing of the biosphere. The point is simple: The cosmic dictum driving DNA is, "Perfect yourself by using as many billions of evolutionary humanoids as necessary. But do eventually kilter up those pre-mutants who can duplicate and supersede my first demonstration Three Stooges: Bud, Jes & Mo." After your frontal lobes transcendence, if you relax into playing phoney messiah, you will get slapped down. If you see your transcendent messiahhood just to suck in the dominating power and the money and the pious screwing of blind slobs, your PI personal intelligence will signal your GI genetic intelligence: "I reelee aint survival of the fittest. I reelee am soft." Bam! Pituitary gland starts drip Dripp DRIPPPING DEOCO hormone: decreased oxygen consumption amino acid. Brain-body cells strangle. And the last act of suffocating personal intelligence is to do something spectacularly stupid.

Dramatically insane. Creative higher reality suicide. Like inviting your entire cult to cocktail party of purple Kool Aid flavored with cyanide. Soh. Get smart. Complete the CI-GI-PI -CI circle with SI. Start by dedicating your Life to the absolute enchantment of communicating directly with your genetic intelligence and with your constantly incoming cosmic intelligence. Do this skull radio tuning simply by tithing part of each day's hillarious work to societal intelligence. Start now, before frontal lobes transcendence. It will accelerate the popping of those inner balloons. Such now-starting of your creative responsibility to helping guarantee society's evolution of DNA perfection will signal your inner boss: "I'm dead serious about this growing up stuff." Boss, in turn, will reward you with a raise: "Hey, Hunnie. That's nice. For that, I'll give you quicker, easier, more permanent frontal lobes transcendence. I'll give you deeper, clearer, reciprocal communication with me and with my Boss, cosmic intelligence-during your morning pre-conscious reverie. I'll make you a smarter, more creative leader of blind, searching followers. In short, I'll give you more volupchuss +10, +20, +50, +100 emotions: Ultimate Life meaning. Supreme spiritual satisfaction." All just for helping to persuade philosophically and to stop scientifically the killer apes now murdering our one-and-only home planet. Idealistic Apprenticeship for Mutation 1. Do you choose to make the commitment -- to dedicate your Life -- toward a permanent work (for buck$ income too) helping to save the Lifeforce on Mother Gala? 2. Why is it logical that genetic intelligence demands societal intelligence as part of the contract for you to get and keep your frontal lobes transcendence? What happens to your emotion curve if you do not?


3. In wise therapeutic anticipating, describe how your 49% reptilian ego might try to sabotage your 51% transcendence by generating sophist ideas -- antisociety, "meeee only" behaviors -- which guide your free energy into your posterior amygdala (thereby enriching subtly your greed suck personality and character). How can you now -- by a primate personal intelligence act of willpower -- start to dominate and control that fatal retro-gression? 4. Each one teach one. Describe how you plan to persuade friends, workmates and neighbors to join with you in creating a social intelligence family -thereby accelerating their frontal lobes transcendences while simultaneously improving your neighborhood, community, city, state, nation, terra. 5. What question should you ask your Self now so as to make the Anal decision of whether or not you truly want to grow up into your fully idealistic genetic/cosmic potentials?

Lesson 10: The Brain Revolution

Earth is dying. Homo Sap is functioning at only 10% brain efficiency. This inefficiency is what causes all -- All, ALL -- personal and societal diseases: cancer, heart attack, stroke, neurosis, psychosis, child rape, divorce, crime, violence, economic collapse, war, ecosphere collapse. Is it not time simply to teach all Earthlings how the human brain works and how to do democratic brain selfcontrol so as to get the first click into dormant frontal lobes transcendence? The method of so teaching is simple: via the mass media. From that, the next easy step is into 100% brained powered creative intelligence for all. Warless Earth. The Great Brain Learning & Loving & Laughing Society. Merely teach all people -- from Aborigine to Zulu -- the plain, homely exercises which click the amygdala anterior into frontal lobes transenergization. Those exercises now can be harmonized gently and affectionately into each culture's beliefs and rituals so as to supplement that philosophy of Life into final neuronic/genetic perfection. Thus, each kultur

will give to all its citizens frontal lobes species telepathy to consensus action. And from that, all nations shall join in ecumenical global at-one-ment. In dissolving national boundaries to live Life as Brothers and Sisters upon One World. The teaching shall be via the mass media. The work now is to persuade the first mass medium editors of TV, radio, newspapers and magazines to start broadcasting/printing the selftranscendence exercises. Each medium will re-write the exercises into the language and attitude which kits its unique format so as to tickle the fancy of its focused audience. Now, paradox: Reptilian ego greed begets frontal lobes egoless mass transcendence. Once those first few skeptical editors do start distributing individual transcendences to their audiences, the word-of-mouth escalation will start. Indeed, each one teach one. More and more populations will rush to that medium. With greater audience, greater advertising sales. Greater profits. And from that, all equally greedy media editors shall jump on the up-zooming kozmick rocket. And from that, all Earthians shall transcend. The only block is that first dam of non-transcended editors pouring FOGU sauce over their noodles: fear of growing up. The only sane work now -- right livelihood -- is to break that damn dam: Persuade the first editors to print/broadcast the comprehensive series of audience-modified exercises which guarantee mass transplanetization. Shall you join this brain revoluation? Military Strategy/Tactics 1. Contact your true friends, still-alive workmates and still-idealistic neighbors. Bulletin boards, local newspapers. Entice their thirst for cooperative family. Present the facts within this Playbook. Inspire these premutants to understand the crucial importance of this work. Form your networked extended family of zesty Lifeforce fighters. Give each other inspiration, support and growth. 2. Democratically design your specific strategy and tactics to ht your local battlefield. Think globally; act locally. From the fundamental facts herein, create your sales pitch. Create your introduction presentation and action plan.

Plan specific step-by-step contact-actions and selling actions for each target person, group, organization. 3. Analyze your chosen area of loving attack: neighborhood, city, state, region, nation, gumball. List the names, titles, addresses and phone numbers of all target decision-makers. Shall you include political leaders, corporate chief executive officers, religious honchos and school board members, superintendents and principals? How bout military generals? 4. Contact each. Present your plan. 5. In-gather a critical mass of newly inspired power people and money people. Chain-react your plan. Cause local, regional, national, global brainbomb. Dare you do less? Final Trail-Split You either shall or shall not transcend. (Remember: 99.999% is not passing in this final exam of Life.) The choice is made by your reptile brain ego: It either is encoded genetically to out-grow/evolve itself into frontal lobes agelessness or it is not. You either are or are not a pre-mutant -- dedicated to mutating progressively into your God-given (cosmic intelligence given, genetic intelligence given) 100% brain powered creative personal intelligence genius wisdom ecstacy. If you and I still are trotting up to mountaintop soulmating so as to continue spiralling beyond the stars, the next suggestion is to get Self Transcendence Workbook. Workbook is the master statement which contains 35 years of research results condensed and simplified into 100 Lessons. These Lessons describe comprehensively and guide gently self-cure of all subtle blocks which prevent any individual from closing the asymptote into 100% self-perfection nirvana. Playbook is merely the popularized shortened, brutally simplified 10 Lessons extracted fromWorkbook's all-inclusively expanded 100. After finishing Workbook, you will know everything about how the human brain works and how to do brain self-control. You will be a professional neural cyberneticist. You will start to earn your necessary money income by teaching others to so grow up. You will become a mass media teacher. A natural biology leader.

Start by writing a letter: Send email to: or write to: Brainbomb, P.O. Box 150960, San Rafael, CA 94915-0960. If you write a letter, include a B-SASE business-sized self-addressed, stamped envelope for reply. Share your thoughts about Playbook. From that, we shall accelerate TBR The Brain Revolution. Shall we? T.D.A. Lingo (Not doe. Buck. Mebbeso halfa.)

About the Author

T.D.A. Lingo started his search for the ultimate understanding of reality as a mechanized cavalry reconnaissance machine gunner under General Patton in World War II. After killing numerous German soldiers and civilians to stop Hitler, he asked the question, "Why did I have to kill my brothers? What is the cause of war?" He searched for answers through four universities, receiving three degrees from the University of Chicago (a Bachelors and two Masters degrees). He said: "They were really mail-order degrees. I didn't have time to don cap & gown and go to graduations. They mailed them to me." He received his Final Answer from a tobacco-chewing, no-bullshit Professor at UC: "The answer is in the human dormant brain. But the research has not been done yet. And it will not be done in too-conservative Academe." Lingo dropped out of his Ph.D. program, and tried teaching in the public school system. His goals and methods were far beyond the capacity of the conservative educational system. In frustration, he realized that he needed his own school to prove his theories. He drove to the Rocky Mountains, climbed a wilderness peak, constructed a rudimentary lean-to, and learned to survive in the wilderness. He used a bow-&-arrow to get meat. Used a firebow to start his fires. He thought for a couple of months. The answer came to him: "Create my own research laboratory. In primal nature. But where will the money come from?" He figured out the following: There are four types of commodities which can be sold. That which is both wanted and needed (e.g., food); that which is neither wanted nor needed (e.g., garbage); that which is needed but not wanted (e.g., doctors); and that which is wanted but not needed (e.g., entertainment).

Bingo. Become an entertainer. THAT's where the big money is. "Okay, I'm smart. But smart doesn't sell. DUMB sells. But dumb like a fox." Lingo created the image of a hokey (but smart) Mountain Man, fresh from the Colorado Rockies. He called himself Lingo the Drifter. He bought a guitar, learned 9 folk songs, and outfitted himself "in freshly Injun-tanned buckskins and moccasins, with my cracked gittar and the sweetest voice this side of the Missisippi." He wrote a letter to Groucho Marx's network TV show, "You Bet Your Life," in Hollywood, and had his girlfriend sign it: "There's a wonderfully quaint man in Denver who you should have on your show..." He got on. Won. When the duck came down over Groucho's head, he shouted, "What the HELL is that?" He was so entertaining, he was invited to appear on a long-running weekly NBC TV network show with Pete Seeger and Burl Ives. "They paid me $2,000 an hour. "I tried to talk them into letting me work a 40-hour week." He cut a record of folksongs, stories, and aw-shucks (but brilliant) humor. His agent was ready to send him around the country on tour through the college circuit. "Nope," he said, "I'm going back to Colorado. Gonna buy me a mountain." The agent could not believe anyone would walk away from fame and fortune. Lingo did. He hitch-hiked back to Colorado ("To save bucks"). He bought his mountain, which he named Laughing Coyote Mountain. (He paid $10 an acre). He "retired" into a life of scholarship. Axed timber. Built log cabin labs. Discovered the "neural cybernetic method of mass transcending all Earthfolks." Lingo spent 36 years on Laughing Coyote Mountain. From 1957 through 1993. He worked with children for the first ten years, discovering the methods which would turn around troubled youth, opening their minds to new experiences, and unleashing the power of their dormant brains. He spent the next ten years working with young college students, and the final ten working with adults. He wrote massively, always improving his textbooks so that they would be more effective, get results faster. He wanted his work to be published, but mass media editors refused him. His outrageous style would not sell, they said. It didn't matter if he had discovered a method to speed psychological health and spiritual development. It wouldn't "sell" in the marketplace. Lingo merely wanted to broadcast the simple, comprehensive exercises which "click the amygdala into dormant frontal lobes transcendence. Free." We are now doing so. To honor his life and his work. And because his method works.