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Idiomatic expression exercises

Choose the appropriate idiomatic expressions: a piece of cake odds and ends ups and downs pros and cons

1. The teacher asked us to talk about the ___________________________ of industrial development. 2. The police found nothing special in the house of the criminal as he had taken all the important documents with him, leaving just ___________________________. 3. Dont worry about the problems you have in your business. You know there are always ___________________________ in business. 4. If you think that doing this maths problem is just ___________________________, try it.

Choose the appropriate word to complete the meaning of the idiom: use oceans rags shoulder music pie

1. All these promises these politicians make are just ___________________________ in the sky. 2. The small amount of money donated is just a drop in the ___________________________ compared to the large sum of money needed. 3. I had to face the ___________________________ all by myself although I was not the only responsible for the problem. 4. They had had a dispute yesterday. That's why she gave him the cold ___________________________ 5. He has been successful in his life. He went from ___________________________ to riches. 6. He spends his time drinking and watching TV. He's no ___________________________ to man or beast.

Choose the correct meaning of the idiom from the four options: 1. To end in smoke: _______________________________________________. Smoking too many cigarettes House burnt down Face failure Religious ceremony

2. To get into hot waters: _______________________________________________. Bathe in the winter months To get healthy To get rich To get into trouble

3. To make ends meet: _______________________________________________. A short story To have enough to live To get rich To skip classes

4. Bolt from the blue: _______________________________________________. Sudden shock To get punched To lose a tight game To ask for help

5. To burn the candle at both ends: _______________________________________________. To argue endlessly Long power cut To work long hours help To have a good time

6. To bury the hatchet: _______________________________________________. To end enmity To hide stolen treasure To kill someone To extrovert

7. To spill the beans: _______________________________________________. To eat clumsily To reveal a secret To get exhausted To fight

8. To lead someone up the garden path: ____________________________________________. To give directions To mislead someone To show a beautiful place To exaggerate

9. To weather a storm: _______________________________________________. To survive a crisis To guess correctly To criticize someone To be an introvert

10. To bite ones lips: _______________________________________________. To be unsure To feel sorry at someones plight To not react despite being angry To laugh at someones misfortune

Write an essay entitled, One Good Turn Deserves Another.

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