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84000 Series

Steam Conditioning Solutions

84000 Series SteamForm

he Masoneilan SteamForm valve combines 15 years of proven pressure reduction performance with a state-of-the art, patented desuperheating design representing the latest in steam conditioning technology. Available with a wide selection of performance enhancing configurations, Masoneilan offers the Best Fit solution for virtually every steam conditioning application.

SteamForm: Flexible, Best Fit Solutions

Thermally Compensated Trim for High Temperature Cycling Precision Spray Nozzles for Accurate Temperature Control Low Noise V-LOG Trim for High Pressure Reduction Fast Stroking Speeds for Turbine Bypass Quick Response Patented Flow Profiling for Enhanced Desuperheating Performance 21000 Series Spray Water Control Valves

Spray Water Technology: Flexible, Best Fit Solutions

asoneilan complements SteamForm valve technology with a full line of spray water control valves ranging from single stage pressure control of the 21000 Series valve, through the high-end, multi-stage LincolnLog valve solution for anti-cavitation.


Smart-Performance: Flexible, Best Fit Solutions

asoneilan provides leading micro-processor based field instrumentation technology that maximizes plant operating margins by improving process yields, while reducing plant operating and maintenance costs. Award winning HART communicating Smart Valve Interface (SVI) and Fieldbus Valve Positioner (Masoneilan FVP) digital positioners from Masoneilan help users realize improved asset effectiveness resulting in higher returns on investment. These digital positioners deliver improved process yields through patented tuning algorithms that optimize valve control performance.

LincolnLog Anti-cavitation Control Valves

Masoneilan SVIII AP Advanced Performance Digital Positioner

Masoneilan FVP - FOUNDATION FieldbusTM Positioner Controller

SteamForm: Steam Conditioning Solutions

he high degree of FLEXIBILITY in the Masoneilan SteamForm valve allows application across the entire range of process steam operation from: noise control to temperature control, fast opening operation to tight shutoff, daily startstop to smooth continuous control. Each SteamForm valve solution provided by Masoneilan is designed to meet specific customer requirements of steam conditioning, ensuring BEST FIT and long-term success in operating performance.

teamform conditioning requirements and plant operating practices vary across every industry. Process plants require steady operation and precise steam temperature control to provide improved performance of downstream equipment such as a paper machines or other auxiliary equipment. Power plants rely on fast response and low noise performance to keep their plants on-line during a sudden turbine trip. Each of these environments call for specific range of operating criteria, including inlet and outlet pressures, temperature limits, thermal cycling of equipment, and operating rangeability.

84000 Series SteamForm

SteamForm Pressure Reduci

ressure reducing through a control valve is associated with a release of energy from the steam in the form of noise and vibration. Eliminating these undesirable effects of pressure reduction is the primary design objective of the SteamForm valve. The FLEXIBILITY of the SteamForm valve product allows Masoneilan to offer a wide range of cost effective solutions, ranging from single or double stage Lo-dB trim to multi-stage V-LOG energy management trim. Each individual valve solution is engineered for Best Fit, addressing specific applications needs according to severity and customer specifications.

Lo-dB Technology

mooth control and process stability are key requirements of many process control applications. Critical steam applications are found in pulp & paper mills, specialty chemical plants, oil refineries, and other industries that use a steady steam supply to drive a downstream process. The challenges of these applications, typically requiring low to moderate pressure drop control are easily satisfied by using drilled hole single stage or double stage low noise (Lo-dB) cages and plugs.

Single Stage Lo-dB

Lo-dB Cage

Double Stage Lo-dB

Diffuser Expanded Outlet Area

or more severe pressure drop applications, the SteamForm valve can be equipped with a diffuser to provide an additional stage of pressure reduction. These higher pressure drop applications typically include an expanded valve outlet to accommodate the volumetric expansion of the steam. In addition to reducing noise, the diffuser design also provides a secondary benefit as it disrupts the flow path and breaks the high energy flow jet exiting the valve trim. This flow transition generates lower noise levels in the downstream pipe, and produces turbulence to assist with desuperheating.

84000 Series SteamForm Single Stage Lo-dB with Diffuser

ing Technology
Low Noise, Energy Management Technology
igher pressure drop applications such as bypass to condenser applications found in power plants, may require a more sophisticated degree of technology to manage high energy levels through the valve. The SteamForm valve design is custom engineered inside and out resulting in a valve that is optimized for the application. For high energy applications the valve body and outlet are custom configured ensuring flow velocities are acceptable through the entire desuperheating system.

Lo-dB Plug

he management of pressure reduction and volumetric expansion required in high energy steam flows is often accomplished with the use of multiple diffusers. This approach creates a series of gradual expansion areas as the steam transitions to outlet conditions. The additional diffusers create back pressure, reducing the amount of pressure drop that is taken across the controlling surfaces of the trim. This minimizes the amount of wear on the controlling surfaces, protecting the shut-off integrity and further ensuring long term, accurate control performance. or top tier noise reduction V-LOG energy management trim is utilized. This trim design gradually reduces the steam pressure by directing the fluid through a series of 90 degree turns in all three dimensions, combined with contractions and expansions in the flow area. SteamForm valve designs can be engineered to include more than 40-stages of V-LOG trim pressure reduction.

Gradually Expanding Outlet Multiple Diffusers

84000 Series SteamForm with Multiple Diffusers

V-Log Labyrinth Flow Path

V-Log Stack

SteamForm Patented Desupe


he Masoneilan desuperheater is designed to reduce the steam temperature by precisely injecting a finely atomized mist of water into a highly turbulent mixing area.

Variable Orifice Spray Nozzles

asoneilan achieves a wide range of control by using variable orifice, spring loaded spray nozzles. During low-flow operation, the Masoneilan spring loaded nozzles introduce a fine aerosol spray of water into the steam line by slowly easing the nozzles off the seat. This provides proper atomization of the spray water, even at minimal process flow. As the flow rate increases, the water pressure lifts the nozzle plug further off the seat and opens the orifice to provide a full conical spray pattern. Masoneilan spring loaded nozzles can provide Cv ratios in excess of 50:1.

Spring Loaded Conical Spray Nozzle

Spray Nozzle

84000 Series SteamForm Nozzle Assembly

he Masoneilan spray nozzle assembly design uses an easy to access, outlet area water injection system for low cost and ease of maintenance over the life of the valve. Locating the water injection system downstream of the trim eliminates unnecessary thermal stress on the valve trim, and reduces the complexity of the parts that are critical for operation. The SteamForm valve desuperheating system provides reliable simplicity for technically demanding applications.

erheating Technology
Flow Profiler

Flow Profiler

he patented Flow Profiler has been designed to maximize temperature control performance and to protect the surrounding piping system from thermal stress induced by injection of cold water into hot flowing steam.

sing time proven technology, the Flow Profiler is designed with all nozzles located inside the steam line. However, the nozzles are positioned so their protrusion into the process fluid is minimal. By injecting the water from nozzles located in close proximity to the pipe wall, thermal shock to the desuperheater is greatly reduced, as the desuperheater is no longer subject to the dramatic temperature swings which are located deep within the center of the process stream.

84000 Series SteamForm Flow Profiler Technology

Stand-alone Desuperheaters

he Masoneilan desuperheater utilizes proven technology of the SteamForm valve. The patented Flow Profiler technology reduces the length of downstream piping required for the temperature control sensor installation. The patented Flow Profiler further reduces the thermal stress on the surrounding piping system by moving the process flow heat transfer area to the center of the pipe away from the pipe wall.

Masoneilan Desuperheater with Optional Lo-dB Plate

or installation flexibility, the desuperheater is available with flanged or welded end connections. The design is also available with an optional in-line diffuser, which generates a more turbulent flow pattern breaking up high velocity steam jets. Due to the simplicity of the design, and no moving parts, the desuperheater can be installed in either a horizontal or vertical orientation.


he desuperheater technology allows for reduced thermal stress, and improved process and temperature control for in-line desuperheating systems.

SteamForm High Efficiency P

High Rangeability
any applications use steam conditioning valves to throttle across a wide range of operating conditions. For instance, many installations require the SteamForm valve to throttle at start-up conditions as the plant comes on line and continue to control as pressure builds up to the plants maximum capacity. Startup duration may be prolonged and can require the SteamForm valve to control at upwards of 50:1 rangeability over this time span. For these applications Masoneilan uses 2-active stages of pressure reduction to properly manage the energy letdown, while preventing excessive noise and vibration across the wide range of conditions.

Hung Cage Plug Seating Surface

Heavy Guiding

Lo-dB Plug

Seat Ring Seating Surface Single Stage Diffuser

Thermal Cycling
hermal stress in a process system can lead to severe damage including sticking of the control trim, premature wear of the valve, and even cracking of surrounding piping under extreme temperature swings. Masoneilan uses a hung cage design to allow for free trim component expansion within the valve. This design relieves the control valve trim of excessive thermal stress (the mass of the cage absorbs the heat from the steam and expands).

he key to this design is allowance for unrestrictive expansion along the axis of the plug. This axial expansion prevents excessive friction on the moveable parts such as the valve plug. As a result, smooth and accurate control is provided under severe temperature conditions.

Long Term Shutoff


he SteamForm valve achieves tight shutoff consistent with ANSI/FCI Class IV and Class V leakage, as well as MSSSP-61. Masoneilan considers this specification as one of the most critical for many applications including turbine bypass, as steam leakage will directly impact the efficiency of a plant. o ensure long-term shutoff integrity, the Masoneilan SteamForm valve provides a design which seats upstream of the actual flow restriction area. Any condensate that may find its way into the system will flash downstream minimizing damage to critical seating surfaces. Tight shutoff maximizes throughput to the steam turbine and other steam consuming equipment.

Fast Response & Precision Control


he Masoneilan SteamForm valve can be accessorized for fast opening (less than 1 second) in response to a turbine trip to protect the turbine from undesirable conditions during either start-up or an upset condition. The SteamForm valve will allow the steam in the system to bypass the turbine and cycle through the plant as if it were on line during normal operation. The undesirable alternative would be to trip the safety valve and vent the steam to atmosphere.

he addition of the Masoneilan SVI II AP digital positioner to the SteamForm valve provides extreme control accuracy with best-in-class response to the slightest change in input signal. This combination results in reduced plant downtime and improved bottom line return.

SteamForm Flexible Valve Bo

Power Industry Designs

he variations across industries and application specific operating conditions make customization a necessity for steam conditioning. The SteamForm valve design can be engineered in both angle and globe style configurations, as well as in both cast and forged body construction. This FLEXIBILITY allows Masoneilan to customize each valve specifically to fit our customers needs.

Power Industry Designs

any power industry applications pose greater steam conditioning challenges due to extreme conditions. Todays plants are operating at higher pressures, higher temperatures, and are continuously cycling on/off each day. Extreme duty cycling can be very demanding on any steam conditioning valve. Masoneilan offers an upgraded body design to fit high-end trim solutions for these applications.

s a high end solution the SteamForm valve can be designed as a rugged piece of equipment to withstand the cyclical nature of todays peaking plants. The SteamForm valve is available in a forged body construction to absorb the rigors of these plants. In addition, an expanded body gallery accommodates high end options such as the free expanding hung cage construction (thermal cycling) or V-LOG trim.


84000 Series SteamForm Forged Body

he SteamForm valve is ideally suited for large pressure drop applications such as turbine bypass, that result in a large reduction in the steam density. Each SteamForm valve body is engineered to accept custom connections and an enlarged outlet, so that the change in steam density does not result in an excessive velocity profile at any point within the valve. Further, each design is customized with the ideal number of water injection points (spray nozzles) and the proper amount of water injection to accurately control the downstream temperature.


84000 Series SteamForm Globe Style

ody Design
Process Industry Designs
asoneilan understands that not all plants operate alike, and many process steam applications such as those found in pulp & paper mills or oil refineries may operate under less demanding conditions. For these applications, a compact cast body design, available in both angle and globe style configuration is available. For many process letdown applications, steam is conditioned with only a minor pressure drop to meet the needs of a lower pressure header. Masoneilan often supplies an easy to install globe style SteamForm valve design for these small pressure differential applications.


SteamForm General Informat

84000 Series Numbering System

1st 2nd 1st 8 2nd 4 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th

Actuator Type
87 88 51 52 Spring-Diaphragm Air to Close Spring-Diaphragm Air to Open Cylinder Double-Acting Cylinder Spring-Return Air to Close Cylinder Spring-Return Air to Open 84

Body Series
SteamForm (Angle Type) 0 3 4 5 9

Seal Type
Unbalance TEC Seal Ring Pilot Balance Metal Seal Ring Graphite Seal Ring 0 1 2 4

Trim Characteristic
Custom Characteristic Linear Equal % Modified - Linear 0

Trim Type
Multi-Hole Plug (w/o Diffuser Hung Cage) Multi-Hole Plug (w/ Diffuser Hung Cage) Multi-Hole Plug (w/ Diffuser) Multi-Hole Plug (w/ Diffuser) Lo-dB Single Stage (w/o Diffuser Hung Cage) Lo-dB Single Stage (w/ Diffuser Hung Cage) Lo-dB Single Stage (w/o Diffuser) Lo-dB Single Stage (w/ Diffuser) Lo-dB Multi-Stage V-LOG EB G

Extension Bonnet Globe Style FN CN

Nozzle Type
Flat Spray Nozzle Single Manifold Hollow Cone Spray Nozzle Single Manifold

2 3 4


Flow Direction Construction

Body Bonnet

Flow-To-Close (Standard) Flow-To-Open (Optional)

Cage Plug

Ported Single Stage or Multi-Stage Lo-dB V-LOG Balance Unbalanced Auxiliary Pilot Quick Change Bolted Threaded / Welded ANSI/FCI Class IV & V MSS-SP-61

Angle or Globe Casting or Forging Standard Bonnet Extended Bonnet Carbon Steel Chrome-Moly Other Materials Available Upon Request Inlet 4 - 30 (DN 100 - 750) Outlet 6 - 36 (DN 150 - 900) Larger Sizes Available Upon Request Buttweld Raised Face Flange Ring Type Joint Flange

Seat Ring

Materials Sizes

Seat Leakage





Spring-diaphragm Spring-return cylinder Double-acting cylinder Electrohydraulic (such as REXA)


Cv and Travel Table
Lo-dB Cage with Diffuser
Trim Sizes 3 Inch 4 Inch 6 Inch 8 Inch 10 Inch 12 Inch 14 Inch 16 Inch 18 Inch 20 Inch 24 Inch Cv and Travel Table Cv and Travel Table ANSI 150 - ANSI 1500 ANSI 150 - ANSI 1500 Standard Trim
Cv Travel (inch)

Lo-dB Plug with Diffuser

Trim Sizes 3 Inch 4 Inch 6 Inch 8 Inch 10 Inch 12 Inch 14 Inch* 16 Inch* 18 Inch* 20 Inch* 24 Inch* Cv and Travel Table Cv and Travel Table ANSI 150 - ANSI 1500 ANSI 150 - ANSI 1500 Standard Trim
Cv Travel (inch)

Reduced Trim
Cv Travel (inch)

Reduced Trim
Cv Travel (inch)

120 195 300 500 650 1100 1450 1800 2430 3000 4320

2.0 2.0 2.5 3.0 3.5 5.0 5.5 6.0 7.0 8.0 10.0

95 150 230 380 520 840 1100 1360 1850 2280 3280

2.0 2.0 2.5 3.0 3.5 4.0 4.0 4.0 5.0 6.0 7.5

95 165 230 380 560 860 1200 1450 1900 2300 3600

2.5 3.5 4.0 5.0 6.0 7.5 9.0 9.5 11.0 12.0 12.0

70 120 165 270 400 610 840 1020 1350 1600 2500

2.0 2.5 3.0 3.5 4.0 5.0 6.0 6.5 7.5 8.0 8.5

Maximum Pressure Class Rating is ANSI 1500

Nozzle Table
Designation C0.4 C0.8 C1.5 C3.0 C5.0 C10.0 Cv 0.4 0.8 1.5 3.0 5.0 10.0

Materials of Construction
Body Bonnet Plug Stem Cage Seat Ring Carbon Steel, Chrome-Moly Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel with Stellite Hardfacing and Nitrided Surfaces Stainless Steel, Inconel Stainless Steel with Chrome Plating and Nitriding Hardened Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel with Stellite Hardfacing

Seal Ring Teflon, Nitrided Stainless Steel, Graphite Gaskets Packing Nozzles Stainless Steel with Flexible Graphite Filter Teflon, Flexible Graphite Stainless Steel with Inconel Spring


SteamForm Features & Benef


Long-Term, Reliable Tight Shutoff High Rangeability (Turndown)


REVENUE ENHANCEMENT Increased Mega Watts & Plant Efficiency Smooth Transition Starts & Ramp-up

q w e r t y u i o a s d

Seat Location Upstream of Flow Restriction 2 Active Stages of Pressure Reduction SVI II AP Positioner High Performance Actuation Forged/Cast Angle & Globe Configurations Flow Profiler Desuperheater Technology Multiple Spray Water Control Valve Options Quick Change Trim Option Hung Cage Outlet Area Desuperheating Spring Loaded Spray Nozzles

Fast Response Bypass System, Prevents Over-Pressure Precision Control Stability and Control Reliability Made to Fit Existing Piping Designs Reduced Downstream Piping Requirements and Enhances Temperature Control High Performance Control, Cavitation Elimination Easy Installation and Maintenance Prevent Thermal Expansion & Trim Sticking Protects Critical Trim from Thermal Shock High Performance Desuperheating Higher Product Yield Flexible, Best Fit Installation Reduced Piping Cost


Longer Trim Life

Reduced Downtime

Protects Trim RISK MITIGATION Reduces Valve Damage & Trim Erosion Protects Downstream Piping & Equipment from High Temperatures Reduced Equipment Damage

Multi-Stage Designs for Prevents System Vibration High Pressure Applications 15


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