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A n e f f e c t i v e w a y t o m a k e N e w
Posted in Achievements, Action, Be Positive, C ommitment, C onfidence, discipline, Enthusiasm, Goal, Motivation, Perseverance, planning, self belief, Time Management, tagged Determination, discipline, Enthusiasm, Goals, New Year Resolutions, Perseverance on December 30, 2011 | Leave a C omment

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At the outset let me thank all my readers, blog followers and well wishers for your encouragement, feedback and support over the past two years. Let me also wish each one of you a Very Happy and Prosperous New Y ear 2012 Clothe with life the weak intent, let me be the thing I meant. John Greenleaf Whittier Every individual resolves to make at least one resolution during the New Y ear, w hich he/she hopes to faithfully adhere too during the course of the year. In reality many of us actually have more than one hope, expectation, resolution that w e secretly aim to achieve. The overw helming majority of us, unfortunately end up w ith regrets and excuses for either completely abandoning most of the resolutions or vainly attempting a few . This is invariably follow ed by a temporary fervor to once again make a fresh set of resolutions and a short lived attempt at it. Are there w ays and means to help one achieve ones resolutions? Outlined is a 5 step method to go about making resolutions that can be achieved. Think carefully write clearly. Resolutions are nothing but goals ones sets for oneself. Obviously therefore one must think carefully, ponder insightfully and commit w holeheartedly by w riting dow n the resolution. Many of us have a vague notion of a goal e.g. make more money or get a good job or enhance my savings. The adjectives only obfuscate our real desires. Instead make the resolution more tangible so that one can visualize it clearly. Spell out the money you w ant the type of job and w ork environment in mind or put a number in real terms or as a percentage of income that one seeks to save. Allocate a time slot for each resolution. If for example one w ants to increase the savings then one needs to carefully record expenses or find alternatives to increase income. This cannot be done as a casual exercise but can be achieved if it is w ell entrenched in our regular routine. A fixed time allocated to record expenses w ill bring about the disciple also to collect bills as w ell as make you think tw ice before you actually spend. Similarly one w ould explore alternatives to enhance income only if one seriously sits dow n and explores possibilities. Make a commitment aloud. This does not mean shouting from the roof tops (this can also help too) but refers to ensuring that the w ritten goals are keep visible so that one is often forced to look at it. Maybe a copy of it can be pasted on the mirror on your room or a small list put in your w allet or the list is put on your computer as a start up icon that pops up on booting. An alternative is to actually share some of your resolutions w ith close friend and w ell w ishers w ho can keep reminding you of it off and on. Never let slippages become excuses. For various reasons, despite ones best efforts one may not be able to faithfully adhere to the time slots allocated. Many of us take that first slippage as a fatal failure and let tardiness and casualness overcome us. This is a fatal mistake. Never let such slippages bind you in its clutches. Instead be aw are of the slippages and make a determined effort to

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December | 2011 | Actspot's Blog


double your efforts next time around. E.g. If you plan to learn a musical instrument and because of a bout of flu you w ere forced to miss a w eek of class do not give up completely. Inbuilt a success acknowledgement. Every individual needs to relish every success that comes ones w ay. The same holds true w ith the small victories and the large triumphs that involve ones numerous resolutions. If w e have shared our resolutions w ith others and w e share the progress too then the sharing itself gives one a high and more often than not the congratulatory responses adds to ones elation and reinforces ones resolve. Other times take stock of ones progress and visualize the distance one has travelled to achieving ones goal. Remember: Resolve to perform what you ought; perform without fail what you resolve. Benjamin Franklin Try this: 1. Here is a PPT that w as shared w ith me w hich gives you some Positive Thoughts to keep in mind this New Year 2012. You can make this your first resolution for the New Year. Think about the positives 2. Jot dow n 3 resolutions each, under the follow ing heads Personal resolutions Career related resolutions Social commitment resolution Financial oriented resolutions This post is courtesy Y ou are also invited to visit our Inspirational and Motivational Blog Read Full Post

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Posted in Be Positive, C hange, C hange Self, C ount Blessings, Difficulties, Ego, Enthusiasm, Gratitude, life, Perceptions, self belief, Tomorrow, Troubles, Worry, tagged Appreciation, Ego, Enjoy Life, Enthusiasm, life, self belief, Simple Living, Worries on December 7, 2011 | 2 C omments

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Simplicity is making the journey of this life with just baggage enough. Charles Dudley Warner Are you one of those w ho is forever complaining, someone w ho is constantly stressed, a person w ho never seems to have enough and an individual in the quest of his / her individuality? Our source of dissatisfaction, restlessness and irritation can be stymied and possibly got rid off by learning to avoid complicating our thinking and by focusing on simplifying our living. How do w e complicate our thinking? How can w e simplify our living? The answers to these questions are the essence of todays post. How do we com plicate our thinking? Comparisons. A common human bane is our invariable impulsive need to compare w ith others. Be it our ow n physical personality or mental abilities or w ealth and riches; the urge to surpass the other creates in us need to compare and this leads us to w arped thinking, skew ed logic and insatiable w ants. Desires. Coveting w hat catches our fancy is perhaps a logical extension of our sin of comparison. How ever this goes deeper in as much as w e pay no attention to our need but cave into our greed and lust and this blinds us to the consequences or price of our actions. Jealousy. Our insatiable urge for things manifests itself in desires w hilst our ego is largely responsible for inability to restrain ourselves from comparing w ith those around. Alas, the combination of these tw o evils sparks of a third bigger evil jealousy. Jealousy unfortunately has no antidote and the best w ay to stem the rot is by learning to appreciate all that w e posses. Lack of appreciation. By failing to acknow ledge all that w e are blessed w ith, w e tend to take things for granted. If you have sprained any part of your body

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December | 2011 | Actspot's Blog

w e tend to take things for granted. If you have sprained any part of your body or you have had a hand or leg in cast you w ould understand how much w e have taken our physical body for granted. Do w e really appreciate the blessings of a loving family the pow er w e have in the form of an intimate friends circle or the blessings of good health? How can we sim plify our liv ing? Acceptance: We have to make the best use of the cards that have been given us in this life. The first step then is to accept the reality and then begin to make the best of w hat w e have. W hat w e really need to w atch out for are excuses that w e spew out w hen w e fail to grasp the opportunities that come our w ay. Acceptance is no license either to stop striving for one can steadily progress by aiming higher. Be grateful : If you are reading this just be grateful for your education, your eyesight, the fortune of being able to access the computer and for the good fortune of coming across this site. Perhaps there are many more things to be grateful for. In reality do w e value all the triumphs, the trails, the pain and the pleasure that w e have experienced. The trails and pains are invaluable experiences that teach us a lot w hile the pain and the pleasure makes our life more fulfilling. Enjoy the moment: Far too often w e plan, strategize, anticipate, imagine and visualize in order to protect our future. Alas in this scram ble to enjoy the future we m iss out on relishing the present, the reality of now and the ecstasy of liv ing. W hile it is essential to also think of the future that must never be at the cost of not having a great laugh, indulging in some tomfoolery caressing a loved one or enjoying the affectation of loved ones. Worry less: The one thing that w e overlook w hen trying to simplify life is minimizing stress. Stress is nothing but w orry w orking overtime and overtaking our happiness. The w ay to minimize w orry is by assessing the source and the consequence and then reconcile to it. This requires a lot of grit to confront the problem and a healthy dose of positivity to appreciate the w orst case scenario. Worrying w ont solve problems but by minimizing our w orrying w e w ill have peace of mind, clarity of thought and ample time to enjoy the moment. Remember: In character, in manner, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Try this: 1. Out of the 4 points listed in the first part of this w rite up and the 4 points listed in the second part w hich 2 are u most guilty of violating? 2. Think of one person w ho annoys you a lot. Now list out 2 things you admire in him/ her. 3. Think of 2 things that w orry you a lot. Now list out 3 reasons for each w hich you believe makes the w orry less irksome. 4. Name one person w ho gives you positive feedback and compliments. How often have you appreciated him/her? Have you tried to emulate him/her? This post is courtesy Y ou are also invited to visit our Inspirational and Motivational Blog Read Full Post



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Posted in Action, Be Positive, C hange, C ommitment, courage, Enthusiasm, Instinct, Judgment, Motivation, Opportunity, self belief, Visualization, tagged Encouragement, impact, partcipate, Smile, World, you on December 2, 2011 | 1 C omment

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve theworld. Anne Frank Every individual has the pow er to influence the environment and the people around him/ her. What limits our ability to harness this potential is our inherent inability to believe in ourselves and to accept the reality that our every act if done with good intent and purpose will have a positive effect. Notice how involved w e get and how much w e enjoy a performance w hen w e can w ithout inhibition clap and cheer. On the other hand w e w ould fail to


December | 2011 | Actspot's Blog


appreciate the finer aspects of the happenings if w e remain constantly critical and negative. Similarly, if w e are subject to w hat w e genuinely believe is a poor performance and w e do not express our disappointment w e w ould not be helping ourselves or the performers by our silent acceptance. Here are 5 simple ways to contribute our mite to improving the world. Participate: The principle applied here is to w illingly and genuinely attempt rather than make excuses, play spoilt sport or become adamant. Let us say you go for a Christian Wedding Reception and you are invited to participate in the Wedding March. If the w hole concept is alien to you rather than becoming very apprehensive and dogmatic, make an attempt to join in and if you feel genuinely uncomfortable regain your seat. In the process you w ould have learnt something new , made the environment more lively by your gracious acceptance to play along and chances are you w ould have enjoyed the experience. Volunteer: Look around and you w ill find so many opportunities for you to volunteer and contribute. Do you see someone looking lost and unsure; you can help them feel reassured. Even if you are a guest at a function and there seems to be some confusion or crisis, find out and help out. Do you see some tensions and frayed tempers; step in to diffuse the tension. W hen there is a major activity being planned, volunteer to take on some activities, preferably one w here you have some expertise. Be proactive: Do w e go prepared? W hether it is a meeting / lecture that w e are attending or paying a condolence visit or a participant at a picnic w e can anticipate some requirements and go prepared. Maybe w e have some questions prepared to ask at the end of the lecture or prepared ourselves on the topic by reading up on it. Apart from offering our condolences can w e also anticipate some need that w e can fulfill for the bereaved family? As a picnicker w e simply go as a guest but the real leaders are those w ho come prepared w ith some games or activities to make the outing even livelier. Encourage: Criticism comes naturally to most of us but offering encouragement is a skill that one must cultivate. Learn to find something appreciate, praise, motivate. Express that loudly and genuinely. If nothing else salute the spirit of the one w ho is coming last for his/ her spirit of daring and adventure. Learn from the behaviour of legendary coaches w ho appreciate the efforts of his/ her players even if they have lost a game. The post match critical analysis is alw ays closed door but the pat on the back for every team member is immediate and w armly given. Smile: The least that one can do to improve the w orld is to smile. It costs nothing, means much to others and lifts spirits instantaneously. Spreading cheer is w ithin everyones pow er and ability. W hat is needed is a large heart, a spirit of enterprise, a positive attitude and a zest for life. A smile w ill never fail you then. Remember: If you wait to do everything until youre sure its right, youll probably never do much of anything. Win Borden Try this: 1. W ith a group of likeminded people plan a visit to the mental asylum / the local prison / a hospice for the terminally ill. How w ill you make use of the learning above to make the visit a very memorable one both for you and those you are visiting? 2. How w ill you handle the follow ing scenarios? You are w alking along a lonely path and you see a small baby bird that has fallen of the next. You are w orried that a cat or dog could attack it. You have never handled birds and feel very uncomfortable. You find a bag left behind in a bus just as you are about to get off the bus. You are in a fair and you notice a small child of 4 years bitterly crying. You are at the railw ay station to see off a friend. The train is about to leave and you notice a rather stout lady lugging a very heavy bag desperately trying to rush and board the train. In a split second you realize that if you help her w ith the luggage she can board the train but you w ill have to board it too if the luggage has to be taken in. This post is courtesy Y ou are also invited to visit our Inspirational and Motivational Blog

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December | 2011 | Actspot's Blog


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