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We all seek the truth, but what is the truth?

We acknowledge the truth without knowing its origin but we accept truth as the truth. Good morning class. If I could change one thing, I would repair the broken relationship between the creator and the creation. The relationship is broken not because of anything the creator has done, but because of what we have done. We have turned away from the creators standards and made our own path. Most of you will be thinking, why do I want to restore the broken relationship? The simplest answer I can give you is that there must be restoration between the creator and the creation to have no death, destruction, disorder, but eternal life in happiness. In our lives, there must be a clear distinction between the creator and the creation. The creator is god, the king of all creation. He is the king of kings and the lord of the lords. The creator is the one supernatural who started the universe. It is a theory that the big bang created our universe, but a theory is what humans presume or think. Everything in this world is an assumption; even science is an assumption; because we are limited humans and we know very little compared to the universe. A person once asked the great Greek philosopher Plato what is man. He replied man is a featherless biped which is an animal with two legs. However, we are glorious creatures, made in the creators image, but we are also fallen, broken and need of salvation. The creation is us humans and everything in the universe. I am guessing most of you are wondering why the link is broken. As the creator, honour, worship, adoration, respect and obedience are his rightful due. They are not simply good ideas or things we should do. He has the right to expect and insist on them. However humans are all rebellious and imperfect. We express hatred, anger, hurt people and lie. We want to defy the creator, rebel against and try to cross the distinction between creator and creation. That is the main problem. We should not try to cross the line between God and us as we are not equal. Death, disease, disorder is what God gives us because we are disobedient. Everyone dies; it is just a matter of time. We have no hope if we do not know the truth. But if the link between God and us was restored, we would live forever. Unfortunately, we cannot avoid death. That is the result of the fallen world. We are weak before we die, we have no power, no health we have nothing. We suffer. We are in despair. We are waiting to die. However, with the restoration between the creator and the creation, we will live. There will be no suffering. There will be no despair. There will be no death. The creator is the source of life. And so, the creator will bring eternal life. When I was asked to prepare a speech regarding what I would change, I had many wants. However, the most important thing a person could change would be revealing the truth to everyone. I want people to follow the truth, not their desires. I want people to live in certainty, not in vain. I want to bring hope in hopelessness. I want to bring life in death. I want to bring order in disorder. I want to bring truth in false. The truth brings perfect order and rule, the truth brings life, the truth reveals hidden things. The truth has both despair and hope. The truth is the creator. We have no hope for eternal life if we do not know the truth. And for exact reason, I want to change the broken relationship between the creator and the creation.