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6 Yang-Sheng (Nurturing Life) Volume 2, Issue No.


Longevity Secrets From
The Grand Masters of Chinese Medicine

Translated by Jake X. Zhao
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7KH*UDQG0DVWHURI&KLQHVH0HGLFLQH is an honorary title granted by the Chinese government,
and selected by a panel of various experts. The first selection occurred in 2008-09 and 30 TCM experts were
named Masters of Chinese Medicine in 2009. The selection will take place every 5 years. Here are some se-
crets of longevity from 10 of the 30 Grand Masters.
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Nastei Beng auvises Bont compete foi fame
anu let natuie take its couise Aujust uiet anu
leau a iegulai life Bo iegulai exeicise uo Eight
Pieces of Biocaue eveiy moining
I have a seciet bath piesciiption Alteinate hot
anu colu bath anu they aie ielatively colu anu hot al
teination which will make the bloou vessels contiact
anu ielax- just like massaging the vessels
Foi a long time Bi Zhu has eaten a special
kinu of Yang Sheng congee maue with gieen
been g peail bailey g lotus seeu g lentils
g uates g lycium baibaium goji beiiies
g astiagalus membianaceus g g foi
iegulai peisons uaily
Wash the iist anu put them into a boiling
casseiole anu auu the watei fiom astiagalus
membianaceus Cook on high lame until it boils
then change to low lame foi min Then auu
goji beiiies into it anu continue foi moie min
Bave of the amount uaily -uiviuing the
uosage into taking half of it befoie bieakfast anu
the othei half aftei uinnei
Tietao Deng
95 years old
Tenured professor of
Guangzhou University
of Chinese Medicine.


Liangchun Zhu
94 years old
A famous TCM doctor
in Jiangsu Province, he
is an expert of TCM for
cancer treatment.

November -December 2012
Yang-Sheng (Nurturing Life)

Dexin Yan
91 years old
The leader of Chinese
Medicine in Shanghai,
the master of balanc-
ing Qi and blood.

Longevity anu aging aie closely ielateu to qi
anu bloou balance Smooth qi anu Bloou ciiculate
the whole bouy anu aujust the functions of intei
nal oigans to piomote longevity The main sup
plements I have aie some Chinese heibals foi
Spleen auuing qi anu incieasing Bloou ciiculation
incluuing ieu loweis walnuts anu so on I sug
gest taking these heibals with watei anu empty
stomach only once eveiy moining not twice pei
Bi Lu auvises chewing anu swallowing slow
ly it may take a while foi him to eat just an egg
Bi Lu always says Eating shoulu be with an en
joyable attituue Be eats eggs eveiy uay anu he
believes that eggs contain a lot of lecithin which
helps ight against aging uetting up eaily eveiy
uay he iubs his eais anu belly to make meiiuian
vessels anu bloou ciiculates well In auuition a
foot bath befoie going to beu will let you sleep
Youzhi Tang
85 years old
worked for Chairman
Mao as a TCM doctor.


Accoiuing to Bi Tang the seciets of longevi
ty aie A nuituiing life neeus a nuituiing minu
an open minu leaus to happiness Keep a hospita
ble anu peaceful minu Be sees patients in clinic
twice a week anu is willing to accept new things
Be enjoys thinking which keeps the biain woik
ing In auuition he iecommenus making suie you
have enough sleep at least houis a uay anu
take time foi a lunch nap
Bi Zhang longevity seciets aie keeping youi
spiiitual aspect pleasuiable anu fiee fiom woiiy
anu anxiety Ignoie iumois anu buiuens that
make you unhappy insteau just laugh at them
Eating anu uiets shoulu follow the natuial way
neithei eating too much noi eating to light Be
piefeis a balanceu uiet anu uoes not agiee with
avoiuing foous with cholesteiol Be says it is un
uesiiable to eat only vegetables anu be on uiets to
lose weight
Guangxin Lu
84 years old
Professor at Chinese
Academy of Chinese
Medicine, expert in TCM

Qi Zhang
90 years old
Chief expert of
Chinese medicine on kid-
ney diseases.


8 Yang-Sheng (Nurturing Life) Volume 2, Issue No. 6

Bi Lu eats gingei aftei getting up in the
moining Be believes eating gingei with uates
anu biown sugai piomotes health anu wellbeing
Bowevei he auvises only to eat gingei in the
moining but not at night Bi Lu is in the habit of
massaging anu iubbing his face in the moining
anu having a foot bath befoie going to beu The
foot bath will pull the bloou uown anu it is assists
the biain in getting into sleep moue
Zhongying Zhou
84 years old
Former president of Nanjing
University of Chinese Medicine.

Bi Zhou sees patients foi half-uays eveiy
week It is his gieatest pleasuie to see anu help
patients Bis lifestyle anu ioutine is veiy iegulai
anu he nevei stays up late at night Besiie is the
souice of suffeiing less uesiie leaus to stiongei
minu People shoulu live with low-uesiie anu
with a lot of calmness anu toleiance
0ne of Nastei Qius favoiite stuuents ex
plaines his seciet of longevity as following Eat
less It means on one hanu eat a meal until youie
about full on the othei hanu uont wait un
til too hungiy Act less Bi Qiu believes that culti
vating Shen Spiiit is the most impoitant piac
tice foi longevity Contiol youi uesiies anu be in
uiffeient to fame anu wealth Do wbat you lihe
Bi Qiu enjoys ieauing wiiting poetiy anu mak
ing fiienus Its natuial to inu pleasuie mentally
anu physically when inuulging in the things that
spaik youi inteiest Similaily foi Nastei Qiu to
see anu help patients anu tieat uificult miscella
neous uiseases can also biing him gieat pleasuie
Zhizheng Lu,
91 years old

A famous TCM doctor in

Peiran Qiu
97 years old
A tenured professor of
Shanghai University of
Chinese Medicine. He
is a famous educator
and doctor of TCM.
Bi Li piacticeu Chinese meuicine foi moie
than yeais Be emphasizes nouiishing the
Stomach anu Spleen aujusting uiet anu nevei en
gaging in binge eating Be iecommenus paying
attention to exeicise anu taking a walk aftei a
meal Be walks in the living ioom foi min in
the wintei when he cant go outsiue Be wiites in
calligiaphy hanuwiiting with special pen to
nuituie life anu taking caie of the tempeiament
Zhenghua Li
87 years old
The former president of
Henan College of
Chinese Medicine.