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A Bilingual Colombia Is Possible

In this changing world to know other language is too relevant, here in Colombia each day English is getting more important, business, general culture and relationships are the main reasons which demand knowing this and other languages, for sure, to know other language gives you an open mind and many opportunities. Nowadays, our country is aware about that, and, it has proposed some strategies to increase our English proficiency, but, to wish that is not enough, there are some challenges that Colombia has to face, material and human resources, teacher’s English proficiency, social problems like urban and rural population that does not have access to education and so forth.

People who really want to learn English and count with the conditions to do it just do a virtual course or join to an academy, but, the ones that do not know the advantages that English gives them or do not count with certain conditions (money-time) to learn it are subdued to learn English through the education given by our state. Perhaps you have heard about Colombia Bilingüe, it is a project that proposes to increase English proficiency by 2019. Some aims have been established, for instance:

Definition and dissemination of standards of English for primary and secondary education.

Definition of a solid and consistent assessment.

Definition and development of training plans.

Also, resources have been given by our government; even United States of America (USA) and United Kingdom (UK) have contributed with both human resources and material resources. In 2012 the outcomes of test Saber were analyzed in order to show bilingualism have increase its proficiency in the last years and regardless of all effort done the results of that analysis were regrettable, just the 1% percent of students in high school is worth to be called bilingual, and, the major part of them are in the Caribbean coast. So what is wrong? According to this analysis it was found the most relevant factor that insides in a good acquisition of English is the contact and time students get involved in this language and here appears a matter that we must talk about. The real deal here is that students can not be immerse in a pure English environment and most of the teachers who teach English in public schools do not have the correct formation for doing this; although some of them could have much knowledge to share it is better to have qualified teachers that can establish a good English environment thus students get a good English development.

It is very worrying to know some children have been taught wrongly here in Florencia (according to a survey made at Universidad de la Amazonia), so, it is absurd that we allow our brothers and children continue being taught with this kind of education, we can start for calling Ministry of National Education’s attention to make it see those

deals that appear not to be too relevant but are doing a great damage in students’ development, also, to call our government’s attention and make it see that it prefers to waste more money in wars instead of spend money in its citizens. Ultimately, in spite of the new world is demanding people who know three and more languages we can ensure a better future learning English. Colombia Bilingüe is not a bad project, it is a nice one! It just needs more support from our government to make sure in 2019 it will be like its name proposes.