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Monday, November 19, 2012

Volume 41 Issue 10

Economic Outlook Forum Homecoming Court analyzes impact of fiscal cliff

Danny King Staff Writer

The Fermanian Business & Economic Institutes weather prediction for 2013: The forecast is clearing, but a stubborn haze remains. On Thursday morning, about 350 business leaders and students gathered for breakfast at the fourth Annual Economic Outlook Forum held for the first time at the Liberty Station Conference Center. According to Randy Ataide, the executive director of the FBEI, this was the most successful economic forecast event that PLNU has hosted yet, based on attendance and interest. We want PLNU to be a reliable place for the community to find practical economic input, Ataide said. He added that, while some economic forums tend to be obtuse, the Fermanian Economic Outlook Forum seeks to make data applicable in what he calls actionable economics with practical implications for the business world. The forum included a discussion of action steps for 2013. For Ataide and others, events like these are very important for PLNU to get its name out into the business community. He was proud of this years interdepartmental collaboration in hosting this event, and he was particularly pleased with the Liberty Station conference center venue. The

school looks forward to more events here in the future. Ali Turnquist, a student assistant for the institute, hinted at the prospect of expanding operations at Liberty Station as well. The day after the event I had a chance to read through surveys from those who attended, and there was an overwhelming sense of enthusiasm for the venue and the timing of the event [right after the election], she said.

Economists are predicting a recession if nothing is done to prevent the U.S. from going off the cliff.
For the 40 PLNU students who attended the event, the conditions were ripe for networking. Junior Billy Kailimai, another student assistant at the FBEI, said he had the opportunity to speak with a woman who works at AmericanWest Bank in the securi-

ties section. Not only did I gain a lot of knowledge on where the economy is headed, I really got a lot of experience networking, he said. The favorable business professionals to student ratio gave students at the forum a good chance to hand out business cards, Turnquist said. Events like these could potentially lead to internships and jobs. Ataide said he has in fact seen hundreds of internships, interviews and jobs come from FBEI events in the past. The theme for this years discussion was: Will the fiscal fog clear? PLNUs chief economist, Dr. Lynn Reaser, believes that economic prospects look good for 2013, but she emphasized that Congress must come together to avoid the fiscal cliff that awaits the American economy at the end of the year. At midnight on Dec. 31, a series of tax laws are set to change, and the debt ceiling agreed upon in 2011 takes effect, leaving lawmakers to deal with simultaneous tax increases and spending cuts. Economists are predicting a recession if nothing is done to prevent the U.S. from going off the cliff. But Reaser remains optimistic. In a post-event interview with the San Diego Daily Transcript, she said, I [CONT. ECONOMIC LOOK, P.2] OUT-

Seniors Victoria Repstad and Josh Wathen crowned homecoming queen and king during Fridays coronation ceremony.

Photo courtesy of Casslyn Fiser

Mayoral election results reveal political divisions

Elsa Joaquin Staff Writer

In the recent election the votes for San Diego Mayor were drastically different between the northern and southern areas of the city. After 20 years of Republican mayors, San Diego has elected Democrat Bob Filner, who defeated opponent Carl DeMaio and will take over on Dec. 3. On election day Filner won with 51 percent of the votes. KPBS has provided a map that shows how the different San Diego regions voted; it displays the difference between Republican votes, the majority of which were from the north, and the Democrat votes, which primarily came from the south. You had two candidates who were very different from one another; it was a very clear decision for voters, said Lindsey Lupo, PLNU associate professor of political science. But just because the two candidates were ideologically very opposite

from one another doesnt mean that the voters were as well. The political lines that seem to be manifested in physical boundaries which separate San Diego in half might not be so disparate, according to Lupo. Rather than looking at it like, here is half of San Diego and heres the other half, probably what it is, is a whole bunch of people right in the middle that are probably not that different from one another, said Lupo. Its just that they had to make a choice between two candidates. PLNU students have different opinions on why such political division occurred. I think you can trace the lower class vote dominating the election to increasingly conservative stances on social and economic issues that affect the poor within the Republican Party,

Sarah Palin and the politics of gender

Anna Goforth Staff Writer

Supporters of Bob Filner at a recent debate.

Photo courtesy of Marcus Emerson

As the former governor of Alaska and 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee, Sarah Palin has done her best to step out of the world of politics in recent years, but PLNU history and political science professor Linda Beail is taking one more look at Palins highly criticized political career. Beail introduced her newly published book, Framing Sarah Palin: Pit Bulls, Puritans, and Politics, to the audience of her parents, husband, two young children and PLNU family at Thursdays Colt Lecture Series event in Colt Forum. With every one of the 85 seats filled, many students gathered in the back of the room to hear about Beails first book. [CONT. SARAH PALIN, P.2]


2 | NEWS

the point weekly | Monday, monday, march 19, 26,2012 2012 November


think there is so much market pressure, and weve seen the sell-offs in stocks in recent days, the public now knows what the fiscal cliff is Congress and the White House, theyre going to be doing this dance, but I think ultimately theyre going to reach some kind of decision. She added that everybody will probably feel some pain, including the middle class. Turnquist pointed out that while Reaser and the FBEIs predictions are mostly optimistic, they do not anticipate immediate results. Dr. Reaser is optimistic, yes. But she also stresses that we will see slow positive growth. It takes time Its a long process. Turnquist and Kailimai agree that this has been a great semester for the FBEI. Last month, Dr. Reaser was awarded the 2011-2012 National Association for Business Economics (NABE) Outlook Award for her accurate GDP and Treasury note yield forecasts. Additionally, the FBEI was recently awarded a yearlong $96,000 contract with the state controllers office, making Reaser the chief advisor for controller John Chiang, the keynote speaker for Thursday mornings forum. Many students and faculty are hopeful that the contract with Chiang will bring further notoriety to the business school and the university.


said student Jacob Schultz.

San Diego will change, there will be new policies that we have not seen in the last twenty years...

And I think you can trace it to the presidential election, which is where most people focus on their attention. I think minorities and the lower-middle class were alarmed at Mitt Romneys apparent disdain for the poor, and were mobilized into action, said Schultz. The majority of northern San Diego is made up of wealthier communities compared to southern San Diegos lower-income residents. In northern San Diego, which largely voted for DeMaio, the housing price ranges

from about $60,000 to $30,000,000, according to In contrast, in southern San Diego, which largely voted for Filner, the range is from $40,000 to $3,000,000. Socio-economic background drives partisanship which drives vote choice, so the higher-end neighborhoods will tend to vote more Republican, said Lupo. During the elections, there were different factors, such as economy and race, that influenced peoples choices. The Hispanic vote went 70 per-

cent democrat, which is extremely heavy population-wise in southern areas like San Ysidro, said student Justin Vos, who worked as a regional political director for Republican San Diego congressional candidate Brian Bilbray. Well, I think that DeMaios policies take a fiscally conservative stance, which historically aligns with the views of the wealthy, said student Tavis Robertson. Wealthier citizens typically dont need as much aid from the government, and so [they] are able to see

welfare programs as more wasteful and frivolous than do most poor people. That isnt to say that the wealthy dont have compassion and want the poor to suffer. It will be interesting; its a different kind of mayor, said Lupo. San Diego will change, there will be new policies that we have not seen in the last twenty years and Filner has some bold ideas; so it will be a noticeable shift.


I wrote this book with my dear friend from college Rhonda Longworth, said Beail. And many times I thought that this just wouldnt happen. It was so fun but was also such a challenge for me. Beail says that the book idea began during the 2008 election. After seeing the multitude of work written about the life and career of Hilary Clinton, Beail gained interest in the other female who played a large role in this election: Sarah Palin. She not only wanted to look at the life and political career of Palin, but also Americas overwhelming interest in her after she seemingly came out of nowhere to dominate public conversation during the 2008 election. Beail described Palin as a blank slate. Framing in political communication and looking at the narrative of Palin is the focus of Beails book. You cannot separate thinking about Sarah Palin with thinking about Tina Fey, said Beail. Politics has always been not only entertaining, but also emotional. The book covers the five main narratives of Palins life, the first of these being her role as a Republican. Beail believed that Palin wanted America to see her as a simple frontier woman and nothing more than an ordinary citizen who was an outsider to the political world. Palins gender also became a major part of her identity. The main tag, Beail explained, put on Palin for her gender was that of a typical hockey mom who could relate to todays women. Beail followed this by referencing one of Palins well-known quotes: I can have the breast pump in one hand and the Blackberry in the other. The second tag Beail said was put on Palin was nothing more than a beauty queen, due to Palins past participation in pageants and her overall good looks. Finally, Beail looked at Palins self tag of being a feminist. Despite the fact that Palin was mostly gaining support from conservative Republicans, she gave herself the title of a feminist, which other feminists were not exactly happy about. Overall, Beail believes Palins campaign is an interesting look at what levels of femininity are accepted by Americans. The image of Palin is important because her gender tapped into a white fear of changing roles, Beail said. I think we dont know what brand of femininity will be popular in the future. Freshman Katrina Varela said she found the insight on Palins political career in relation to her gender interesting. I have always followed Palins political and personal career, Varela said. I found Professor Beails information especially helpful in addressing how her candidacy impacted American politics in the contrast with the other women of the White House. Sophomore Peter Erberichs said he thought it was interesting that Beail did not reveal her personal view on Palin. Although she showed us the cultural perception of Palin, we never were given a personal evaluation by the doctor, said Erberichs. I suppose this was probably because she wanted her research to be viewed as objective, which I entirely support. Concluding her presentation, Beail commented on the future of Sarah Palin, which she believes is unlikely to involve anything with politics. This is especially true after the recent election in which her name was rarely mentioned in the political world, leading Beail to give Palin the title of the Voldemort of 2012.

photo of the week

Photo courtesy of Casslyn Fiser

Students and alumni walked Caf Lane on Saturday during the Homecoming Extravaganza.

the point weekly | Monday, monday, march 19, 26,2012 2012 November
11/19 The Rawlins Trio @ Crill Performance Hall, 7:30 p.m.


11/19 How the Grinch Stole Christmas @ The Old Globe, 8 p.m. (through Dec. 29) 11/21 Rachael Yamagata @ Anthology, 7:30 p.m. 11/22 Thanksgiving Dinner @ Nicholson Commons or Your House 11/23 Holiday of Lights 2012 @ Del Mar Fairgrounds, through Jan. 1 11/23 The Maine & Mayday Parade @ SOMA, 6:30 p.m.

Sleepless in San Diego

Taylor Roy Staff Writer

Sorry Im late, guys. I was practicing piano, said James as he entered Stage Right at the patio outside Bobby Bs coffee shop. Three members of the alternative-rock band Sleepless Pacific James Bishop, Esteban Cervantes and Taylor Eldreth met in elementary school and are now PLNU freshmen together. As Eldreth continued to drum a beat on his legs, Cervantes explained how they all connected through middle school band and high school marching band, along with their friends Robin Morris, a high school senior, and Logan Nelson, a college sophomore. Our high school was putting on battle of the bands, and I really wanted to be a part of it, said Cervantes. We practiced a couple times, went to sign up, and they said it was cancelled. I was like, Well, are we still going to be a band? The show went on. Cervantes was just learning guitar as the group

started practicing every Sunday at Eldreths church, thanks to the generosity of his father. They were dedicated to their collective musical growth, but their sound was not traveling far. The band started seeking out gigs. Booking shows at the San Diego County Fair, House of Blues, Lestats Coffee Shop, Whisky a Go Go of Hollywood and several local San Diego spots, Sleepless Pacific has rocked approximately 30 stages. The band came close to achieving their dream of opening for their biggest inspiration. We played before Switchfoot, Cervantes said, but didnt open for them. Sleepless Pacific finally received their second chance to vie for winner of battle of the bands. This time proved successful; the band won PLNUs battle of the bands on October 25, hosted by the Invisible Children club. Its good for us because we have a whole new fan base, said Bishop. Its also really accessible for our friends to come watch us.

Bishop explained that while each has grown as a musician individually, they have not been able to collaborate together as often. Its tough to stay focused practice-wise, said Bishop. Not having a practice room, first of all. And keeping focused academically with a whole social world. Though they hope to share their music with the campus, they are interested in integrating PLNUs community into their work. Though sound checks and harmonies do not happen frequently, the band recognizes a different kind of preparation fostered by PLNU. The values that were learning here and growing as people is going to overflow into our music, Bishop said. Our music has changed mostly lyrically and music-wise. Going from writing all about girls we have crushes on to things that we want to change. But we still write about girls, Cervantes interjected. The concept of the bands name, Sleepless Pacific, captures their desire to transition to this next stage

courtesy of james bishop

Taylor Eldreth, Logan Nelson, James Bishop and Esteban Cervantes, members of Sleepless Pacific, perform in front of an enthusiastic crowd.

of life. Wed grown up in the same town for 18 years, said Bishop. I felt sleepless, anxious about wanting to get out there. Their song Sleepless explores this feeling. Taylor came up with this other part of the name, said Bishop. We really wanted to incorporate the Pacific. Were San Diego kids. Their first album, Breaking Ground, will be released January 11,

2013, and features 12 professionallyrecorded original songs. Their current focus is enacting a publicity plan and sending the album to record labels. Until then, Sleepless Pacific hopes students will keep their ears open for a release party. For me one of the coolest things about being in a band together, is being in a band with my best friends, reflected Bishop. We grow in music and grow in love all for the glory of God.

Captivating concert band

Eddie Matthews Staff Writer

The 50-person PLNU Concert Band starts cricket-like snaps, mimicking the sound of soft rain falling on a tin roof. Then the thunder comes in the sound of a deep bass drum. A flute gently narrates the scene of Robert W. Smiths In A Gentle Rain, the second composition performed Thursday night of Homecoming Week. Music Professor John Dally conducted the orchestra, which played to about 350 people, nearly filling the seats of Crill Performance Hall. The title of the Performance, From Above, is derived from John 19:11, when Jesus declares to Pilate that he would have no power over him if it were not given to him from above. This theme pervaded each piece, from the aforementioned In a Gentle Rain to the dissonant Sheltering Skies. The horns, drums, brass and woodwinds per-

sonified the different elements of the show. Midway through the performance, things got jazzy. Will Unkefer played the standup bass on the left side of the stage with Will Ah Sing jammin on the piano and soprano Annie Miller singing the Flash! Bam! Alakazam! of Orange Colored Sky. Taylor Pizzuto is a sophomore clarinetist in the Concert Band. We had most of the music for a couple months, some of them we had basically from the beginning of the year, and some of them were easy pieces. He mentioned that after the fall tour, they mainly practiced the centerpiece of the show Angels in the Architecture. This dynamic composition was a 14-minute struggle between darkness and light. A few percussionists waved tubes around their heads, making a constant boomerang-like sound, a rush of air. Into this sound soprano Krista Wilford sang: I am an angel

courtesy of casslyn fiser

of light, representing the light in the ensuing battle. Her vocals were soon drowned out by the cacophonous dark of the swift, quick minor notes of the band. Thus, the contrast is made between the anxious, volatile dark notes, and the calming vocals of Wilford, the slow major notes of the horns and woodwinds. Kelsie Rich is a freshman who plays clarinet in the band, an instrument she has been playing since fourth grade. She talked about her favorite part of the performance, saying, I really liked the jazz piece. It was something new, and the other songs kind of get repetitive after a while of you playing them a bunch so you dont notice how beautiful they are until you play them at a concert and then they all sound so good. Sophomore Karina Bunten attended the concert and shared her thoughts. I really enjoyed how they used the full auditorium to include the audience in the performance, said Bunten. It just flowed nicely, the music was just really easy to listen to and enjoyable. After the performance, cupcakes from Cupcakes Squared and other treats were served to the attendants. The members of the Concert Band came out and were greeted and congratulated by their fellow students. The show was creative, exciting and very modern, using the myriad of instruments afforded the band and making use of the different levels of Crill, captivating the audience with vocals and horns from above.

Breaking Dawn surprises Twilight skeptics 1/2

courtesy of

Jeremy Brooks Staff Writer

The Green Sea carries a Green Sea wannabe off the stage at the Homecoming Variety Show on Friday, Nov. 16.

Hooray! Its all finally over! I mean and so concludes the film saga adapted from the youngadult book series written by Stephenie Meyers. At last the fiveentree tale of a human teenage girl named Bella Swan, once again played by Kristen Stewart, and her vampire love interest Edward Cullen, played by Robert Pattinson, comes to an end. Continuing where Part One left off, Bella has been transformed into a vampire by Edward to save her life while she gives birth to their half-human, half-vampire CGI baby, Renesmee. The vampire government, Volturi, in Italy thinks Edwards coven has broken a law stating vampires cannot turn children into vampires. It believes punishment is at hand. As the Volturi gather minions and draw near, the Cullen coven rounds up other vampires for defense. As with the last Twilight movie, those who know well of the sagas awfulness and are not members of

the Twihard fan base know what to expect: A story with a minimal and weak plot that drags, overly melodramatic acting, cheap special effects and brain-dead character decisions and actions. Constant plot holes and inconsistencies that just keep coming. The ridiculous vampire lore Meyers invented. Its all there and more and it is so fantastically glorious this time. This is the most tolerable of all the Twilight movies. It is such a laugh riot, so deliciously terrible, with the addition of some intentional goofy, humorous moments that work to its advantage. With so many of the actors and actresses trying to give it their all, get ready to behold the magnificent hilarity that is Stewart finally deciding to care about playing Bella this time. Special praise goes out to actor Michael Sheen for his intentional carefree, over-the-top flamboyant performance as Aro, the head vampire of the Volturi, which is comedic gold. To top it all off, this movie has one of the best/worst grand finale endings ever made. A surprisingly intriguing action climax is followed by a twist ending that is a shocking punch to the face. If youre a fan of the books and like the movies, whats going to stop you from going to see it? But if youre a skeptic of the popular series, believe it or not, there is the chance that you could like it better than some of the fans do, primarily for the beautiful disaster that it is. After five years of annual releases of these jokes of movies, the punchline has finally arrived, and is surprisingly watchable.


the point weekly | Monday, monday, march 19, 26,2012 2012 November


QUOTE OF THE WEEK I celebrated Thanksgiving in an old-fashioned way. I invited everyone in my neighborhood to my house, we had an enormous feast, and then I killed them and took their land. -Jon Stewart *Warning: These quotes may or may not improve your intelligence.*

Unleashing the invisible dog, yo-yos create a revolution

Eddie Matthews Staff Writer At the end of summer in the creative handy-work of Jason Brownlee, a movement was born. The instrument of his revolution: a yo-yo. It was 10 dollars, but a good starter yoyo, Brownlee said. In yo-yo world you can walk the dog and rock the baby without owning a dog or being a father. All it takes is a spot of ground and some lively phalanges. If you have these two things youve not only got the world, but also Cold Fusion within your string. On his way back to accounting class at the beginning of the semester, Jason Brownlee walked past Dr. John Wus Psychology class and saw him yo-yoing. I asked him what kind of yo-yo that was, Brownlee said. Wus hesitation was visible. Brownlee unsheathed his yo-yo to show Wu. We kinda geeked out over yo-yos. Fast forward a couple weeks: Wu starts having yo-yo hour on Thursdays at 1 p.m. in his office in Culbertson Hall. Anywhere from two to six yo-yoers from around campus convene at this time and share their craft. Its performance based, but were at the point now where its collaborative, were all at similar levels, Brownlee said. Conor Brumbaugh, Brownlees roommate, started yo-yoing after years of retirement, when Brownlee contacted him asking advice on what yo-yo to get. Brumbaugh soon realized his high school yo-yo was outdated and that he needed to be refitted from the stock of yoyos Wu has access to. I left class and I went and bought this yo-yo, and stayed there and yoyoed with [Wu] for 30 minutes, luckily it was an hour and 40 minute class, Brumbaugh said. Brumbaugh attended the first ever yo-yo hour meeting. Wu makes cards with levels of yo-yo tricks that the yo-yoer is rewarded upon completing the trick. The yo-yo rewards include yoyo hip holsters, yo-yo string and yo-yo street cred. Brumbaugh and Brownlee are both on the highest level three. Once the yo-yo masters reach level three, they have reached the yoyo ceiling; then they become more collaborative, bouncing tricks off each other and learning tricks that arent based off of cards.

Brownlee and Brumbaugh refine their yo-yo skills. Keith Thompson is an aspiring yo-yoer, a Padawan to the Jedi Master Obi-Wu Kenobi. If I wanted to be cool, I would have to yo-yo, and I want to be cool, Thompson said. Thompson was invigorated with his first yo-yo hour. I felt a part of something bigger . . . the yo community, Thompson said. The future of yo-yoing lies not only in the Candy Rain and Gondola tricks of Brumbaugh and Brownlee, but in the transformation from the newb moves of Eiffel Tower and Walk the Dog to the creative art that yo-yoing has the potential to be. #yoyolo


More students head home after graduation

Rylie Shore Staff Writer The front door swings open as a frigid customer escapes the clutches of the cool San Diego weather. He enters the building and is immediately hit by the inviting and familiar scent of a delicious brown liquid being poured into an oversized mug. Shifting his gaze from the desirable coffee to the one pouring it, he is greeted with the smiling face of Rebecca Harver, a 22-year-old PLNU graduate who is currently living at home and working in a coffee shop due to the poor economy and lack of available jobs. Harver graduated from PLNU this past spring with a major in Spanish. She told the Point Weekly via email that getting a job after graduation was harder than she anticipated, even with her good grades and excellent resume. As time has progressed, the job search has not gotten any easier. Due to her inability to find a well-paying job, Harver moved back in with her parents after graduation. She has lived there for the past six months and anticipates being there for a minimum of two more. According to the Pew Social & Demographic Trends, Harver is not the only college graduate moving back home with mom and dad. The Pew Research Center reported in Dec. 2011 that three in 10 parents have a child who has moved back home with them in recent years. In 2011, 24 percent of adults age 18 to 34 faced tough economic conditions that pushed them to move back home after living on their own. The U.S. Census Bureau reported that from the years 2005 to 2011, the number of young adults living at home has increased. Cathy Gallagher, the Director of the Fermanian Business & Economic Institute at PLNU, said via email that she has seen a slight increase in the number of PLNU students moving back home over the past year, but it has been nothing significant. Gallagher said the biggest influence on students decisions to move back home is the lack of available jobs after graduating. Gallagher also said that most PLNU graduates would prefer to stay in San Diego if it were not for the economy and lack of work. According to the U.S. Census Bureau in 2011, 59 percent of men ages 18 to 24 lived at home and 50 percent of women lived at home (in this study, living at home includes physically living with parents or living in a dormitory, but does not include living in an apartment or other self-financed housing). Gallagher said that based on her experience these numbers are fairly accurate. Kenny Williams, who graduated from PLNU in the spring with a major in business, spent his last semester of college constantly searching for a job and was able to find one several weeks before graduation. He also moved back home to live with his parents after graduation, though his reason for doing so was that he was renovating a house that was not yet completed. His time at his parents house was a short transitional phase between graduating and getting out on his own, and he said via email that the economy did not play a role in his decision. Harver had different reasons from Williams as to why she decided to move home. The economy played a role in that it was hard to find any work, even at a coffee shop or anything, and the few odd jobs did not provide enough to sustain myself, she said. Living at home has affected Harvers relationship with her parents in that it has changed the way she communicates with them. She said her parents have had to find a new balance with her being an adult, needing privacy and being self-sufficient, while she still tries to respect the rules of her parents house. She does not recommend moving home, and said she believes it is better to go straight into a job rather than adjusting to living with parents again. For those who want to heed Harvers advice and avoid moving back home after graduation, Gallagher provides seven tips on how to land a steady job in order to avoid ending up back under mom and dads roof: Do everything you can to make yourself marketable, including taking advantage of internships while still in college and building your resume. Getting a job in this econo my is about who you know, so take advantage of networks. Set up information interviews with individuals and firms that are of interest to you. Be well-prepared going into any interview, dress appropriately and be prompt. Send a thank you note following any interview you may have. Keep your options open, which can mean taking a position that isnt ideal in order to prove yourself to employers and open the door for something better. Figure out your bottom-line salary before going into an interview, which means finding the salary you would need to make ends meet. Dont assume because you have a degree you are worth a certain salary, because that is no longer the case.

the point weekly | Monday, monday, march 26, 2012 November 19, 2012


Not buying consumerism at the Roots of Giving Fair

Callie Radke Features Editor If you grew up in the United States, chances are youve seen the Charlie Brown Christmas special on TV. And chances are when you see a tiny, sorry-looking Christmas tree, it triggers some sort of nostalgia in your heart of hearts. At one point during the film, the proverbial bossy girl Lucy Van Pelt says to Charlie Brown, Look, Charlie, lets face it. We all know that Christmas is a big commercial racket. Its run by a big eastern syndicate, you know. The rest of the show depicts Charlie seeking out the true meaning of Christmas, despite this claim. On Friday, Nov. 30, Caf Lane

Rethinking the way we buy at the Christmas season can have a huge impact on others lives.
will be crowded with vendors, students, live music, interactive booths and coffee as the Roots of Giving Fair works to promote fair trade practices over the Christmas season. Just like Charlie Brown, people are trying to find ways to find Christmas Spirit through ethical buying practices that can help others instead of accepting unethical consumerism. Senior Andrew Schalin, intern at the Center of Justice and Reconciliation and director of the fair, said via email, The Christmas season is linked with so much buying and consuming. Rethinking the way we buy at the Christmas season can have a huge impact on others lives. Change starts with small steps, and the holiday season is a great first step. The Roots of Giving Fair is run through the Center of Justice and Reconciliation, which aims to inform and change patterns of oppression and injustice. The CJR is directed by Dr. Jamie Gates, PLNU professor of sociology. Its a great place to do Christ-

mas shopping, Schalin said. The items you will find at the fair will be unlike gifts anywhere else. The best part is, you can feel good about buying the items! The fair features both student and community vendors and will also have booths where attendees can try their creative hand at crocheting and making paper snowflakes. Students can sip coffee while perusing the wares for sale or just relaxing in Christmas spirit. Senior Katie Haeuser said that Roots of Giving is different from most of the events that occur on Caf Lane, comparing it to a Christmasstyle farmers market. Less is more, friends, Haeuser said via email. Theres nothing wrong with giving and receiving gifts with the people you care about, but its not about stuff. We are so blessed remember why we celebrate Christmas in the first place. Haeuser is a self-proclaimed fairtrade enthusiast working on the design of the fair this year, or the ambience, as she describes it. Roots of Giving advocates for fair-trade products by presenting alternatives to the products usually available for purchase. The purpose of the fair is to encourage students to rethink their buying practices during the Christmas season, where it is alltoo easy to get caught up in Lucys claim that Christmas is a commercial racket. According to junior Analise Eastman, one of the best parts is the fact that the fair provides an example for people to follow. It kind of shows a glimpse of how our world could function without using slave trade and child labor workers, Eastman said. Not only is it showing that its possible, but its doing it.


ROOZT.COM This website leads visitors to a variety of fair-trade and ethical vendors, boasting products ranging from scarves to skateboards. THEHUNGERSITE.COM The founders of this site partner with Mercy Corps, Feeding America and Millennium Promise to sell products that help end world hunger. SOLEREBELS An Ethiopia-based footwear company that aims to revitalize the community its located in. Started by a community member, this company is fair-trade and eco-friendly. KIVA.COM


GOOD & FAIR CLOTHING A clothing company that specializes in fair trade and organic materials. They partner with cotton farmers and garment workers to provide fair and ethical jobs and guilt-free clothing.

Handling stress during the end of the semester

Mallory Contreras Staff Writer Students go to college with promises of friends, new experiences and a good education. What students are not always prepared for is the palm-sweating, heart-racing stress that commonly accompanies the college experience. Stress is a normal part of the daily lives of college students; however, too much stress can cause unwanted problems in a students life. The pressures of keeping up with things such as school work, practices, club meetings and work can become overwhelming. As the semester begins to reach its final weeks, the stress in the lives of students seems to grow even stronger. Stress seems to have a pretty big impact on my life right now; its affecting my sleep, my decisions, my life views, even my selfesteem, said junior Tatiana Lewis. A common stress among students is pressure to do well in school. Most students know they must work hard in college, but the pressure and stress that come along with that can be overwhelming. Lewis said that her biggest stress is obtaining good grades in order to help her reach her goals and get into a grad school after her time at PLNU. I have to work extra hard to do Parker works at a local restaurant while still attending school full time in order to help pay off student loans. It can be difficult to find balance in my crazy schedule, Parker said. I sometimes find it hard to not let the stress of trying to fit everything in take over my life, said Parker. Medical organization Kaiser Permanente has provided different methods of how to handle stress in their daily lives by presenting six easy methods to help relieve stress. These methods include deep breathing exercises, using guided imagery to help calm the mind, different forms of meditation, muscle relaxation, going to yoga or tai chi classes and finding a class that can help manage stress to your own personal needs. Students have also found personal ways to help relieve their own stress. Lewis explained that she likes to partake in activities that help her forget her stresses and focus on the things she enjoys instead. However, she finds it hard to fit it into her schedule. I used to do something I enjoyed like paint or draw, but now I have no time to do anything! said Lewis. Parker explained that finding time to be with those who are close to her helps her to relax. When I am stressed, I like to spend time with my family and friends. They are the people who know me the best and know how to help me relieve the stresses in my life, said Parker. Stress is a large part of student life, but with the proper information, it can be managed in a way that can help students have a healthy lifestyle.


Stay healthy by eating well and drinking the right amount of water. Exercise regularly. Find something that you enjoy doing so that you are more motivated to make a regular schedule. Use guided imagery to help calm the mind. Find a yoga, tai chi or pilates class that helps you focus and meditate. Keep your muscles relaxed by stretching or getting massages. Make lists to help normalize your work load. Take short breaks while youre studying to go for a walk or do something active. This helps wake up your brain better than Facebook ever could.

Stress is a large part of student life, but with the proper information it can be managed in a way that can help students have a healthy lifestyle.
well and it is very stressful, especially in combination with other stressors, said Lewis. Junior Veronica Parker explains that managing all the different aspects of her life can cause stress.

Find out more ways to deal with stress by searching Tame Your Stress at:


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11/20: Mens Basketball vs. Claremont-Mudd-Scripps, 7 p.m. 11/23: Womens Basketball @ Cal State Dominguez Hill, 1 p.m. 11/24: Womens Basketball @ Cal State Los Angeles, 3 p.m.


courtesy of will macneil

Jacob Roth Sports Editor

On Saturday, hundreds of PLNU students, faculty and alumni gathered in Golden Gymnaisum to support the basketball teams in the annual Homecoming games. The Green Sea was packed with screaming fans decked out with painted faces and an assortment of green and gold clothing, while the Jazz Band provided a live soundtrack for the evening. The night kicked off with the

season opener for the womens basketball team. The ladies hosted former conference rival Biola University. All-American Nyla Bailey led the way with 23 points on 10-20 shooting, and the Sea Lions cruised to a 59-46 victory over the visiting Eagles. The PLNU women smothered Biola on defense, limiting the Eagles to just 26 percent shooting from the field. After the womens game ended, Athletic Director Ethan Hamilton took a moment to honor the contributions of longtime Sea Lion supporter Sharon Irwin, who passed

away about a month ago. Sharons husband Ross, who along with his wife has rarely missed a PLNU sporting event over the years, was presented with a framed collage of pictures of Sharon that was signed by members of the athletic faculty and staff. Additionally, two of the green chairs in the special Point Loma Sports Assoctiates (PLSA) fan section were spray painted gold and marked with signs reserving them for Ross and Sharon Irwin. Next up was the mens game, a brutal contest against Northwest

Nazarene University that doubled as the PLNU mens home opener. During the team introductions for NNU, members of the Green Sea held up copies of the Point Weekly to illustrate their lack of interest. But when the Sea Lions were introduced, the crowd exploded with noise. Unfortunately, the mens team did not give the Green Sea much to cheer about after the opening tip, losing to the Crusaders 53-36. After cruising out to an early 10-3 lead, the Green and Gold could not find their shooting stroke against the stingy Crusader defense.

The men shot just 32 percent from the field, including an abysmal 2-22 from 3-point range. They also made just six of 21 free throws. The men were able to get the crowd up out of their seats with a pair of thunderous slam dunks from freshman Arren Wells and junior AJ Ussery. But the Crusader defense was too much to handle. But with a spectacular win from the womens team, a rabid Green Sea, fun tunes from the Jazz Band and a host of alumni and supporters in attendance, the 2012 Homecoming night was one to remember.

the point weekly | Monday, monday, march 19, 26,2012 2012 November


PLNU professor takes soccer stats to another level

Colton Irvine Staff Writer Every year, his students are cautioned to not use the S word in his class. The word soccer must never be mentioned, for it could easily lead to an hour-long discussion on whether Messi is better Ronaldo, or if Jurgen Klinsmann is capable of bringing the United States closer to success in the World Cup. For fear of a ftbol-focused digression, the S word is taboo in any accounting course with Professor Carl Hammond. Students will try to bring up the topic of soccer during class, said PLNU junior Austin Challis. The most they will get out of him is a oneword answer. When not talking about debits or credits, Hammond lives out his passion for the worlds most popular sport by creating soccer websites, fundraisers and cheering on his dearly beloved Tottenham Hotspur (a pro soccer team in England). The amount of effort and resources he has poured into the game of soccer is so vast that it makes the avid fantasy football participants look like the people who watch the Super Bowl just for the commercials. Im not a stat freak, said Hammond. I love the [soccer], and I saw that there was a lack in statistics back when the MLS was first starting, so I created PowerStats. is the name of the most recent of four soccer websites Hammond has created. It boasts more than 20,000 individual stats and incorporates graphs and statistics that are different than just your normal shots, goals and assists. It creates power rankings of every player based on 20 different individual stats. Powerstats also visually displays the change in momentum in games with a unique PowerChart. During the 2006 World Cup, Hammond and a group of paid PLNU students gathered around TVs in Wiley Hall, scribbling down various soccer statistics that were immediately inputted live into his newly-launched website. I had no idea what kind of traffic the website would get, but I was hoping for 50,000 hits, said Hammond. Hammond kicked that target number right in the shins, reaching one million hits on his website during the peak of the 2006 World Cup. Hammond and his student crews have also gathered statistics in Wiley Hall during the summer for the 2008 Euro Cup and the 2010 World Cup. I really enjoyed helping with the website during the 2010 World Cup, said PLNU junior and mens soccer player Austin Mobley. It allowed me to see the game in a different way than before. The PowerStat statistic websites are a marketing thing, not a coaching thing, said Hammond. The website allows fans to enjoy the game more. For the moment, Hammond has put his statistic websites on a halt and is focused on a new project called mysoccerfundraiser.

courtesy of colton irvine

PLNU Professor Carl Hammond is an avid soccer fan, to say the least. He has created websites such as that are able to track statistics and enhance the game for fans.

com, which has raised more than $200,000 for youth soccer programs in Southern California. I am a busy guy, said Hammond.

Its because I dont ever sit around and watch TV. Unless, of course, soccer is on.

Jakes Take: All I want to see is some World Peace.

Jacob Roth Sports Editor The most interesting athlete in professional sports is Ron Artest. Well actually, it was Ron Artest until 2010, when the NBA player changed his name to Metta World Peace. Metta is apparently a Buddhist word that means loving kindness and friendliness toward others. And if Im not mistaken, World Peace is the English phrase meaning world peace. You think the name he picked is bizarre? Thats just the tip of the iceberg of Mettas 13-year NBA career. This is the same player who was once pulled over in downtown Los Angeles for driving a custom racecar. The officers ended up citing the former All-Star because the vehicles registration had expired. Except the car wasnt even registered in the name of World Peace (see what I did there?). It was registered to a man in T ennessee. World Peace is an odd surname choice for a player with a history of on-court violence. During the 2002-2003 season alone, the artist formerly known as Artest racked up 14 technical fouls. He also led the NBA with nine flagrant fouls, more than double the next closest player. And obviously, Metta is best known for inciting the largest melee in recent sports history in 2004, when, as a member of the Indiana Pacers, he charged into the stands near the end of a game in Detroit and brawled with fans. The Malice at the Palace resulted in a yearlong suspension for Artest as well as suspensions for eight other players. Additionally, he was sentenced to community service and anger management therapy. I guess the therapy eventually worked, because on April 26, 2011, he was awarded the NBAs J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award. Of course, just over a week later he was ejected from Game Two of the Lakers playoff series for clotheslining Mavs guard JJ Barea. Oh, the irony. Still, Im a huge fan of Metta World Peace, if only because hes so incredibly odd. At some point in his career, he undoubtedly reached what ESPN columnist Bill Simmons (a favorite of mine) dubbed The Tyson Zone, which basically means that nothing he could do no matter how outlandish would surprise anyone in the least. Were talking about a guy who appeared in a 2008 PETA campaign to promote spaying and neutering pets. The campaign was entitled, fittingly, Have the balls to spay or neuter your dog. Back when he played in Indianapolis, a reporter from the Indianapolis Star (who remained anonymous) visited Artest at his home. When the reporter stepped inside, he found, among other things, empty Hennessey bottles glued to the walls. There were also sleeping bags and pillows all over the house. When Artest was growing up in the Queensbridge housing development in New York, he and his friends had all made a deal that if one of them got rich, theyd all get out together. But most shocking were the dog droppings. Everywhere. All over the ground. I guess Artest was never a fan of cleaning them up, so instead he just had the carpet company come out to his house every month to change it. Clearly the simplest solution. On an earlier occasion, that same reporter had once seen Artest coloring a pair of white shoes with a blue marker. He had apparently ordered blue shoes but was sent white ones instead. After the Lakers won the 2010 NBA Championship, Metta became, as far as I know, the first player in NBA history to thank his psychiatrist in his postgame interview. Hes just a peculiar guy, even on the court. Hes a great defender, winning the Defensive Player of the Year award in 2004. But when he has the ball on offense, it sometimes seems like he doesnt even know what hes going to do. Seriously, watch a Lakers game sometime. Every time he shoots some ill-advised, offbalance 3-pointer, the fans gasp, not knowing what to expect. It seems as though he either misses by a mile or is right on the money, like when he hit the Championshipclinching shot in Game Seven of the 2010 Finals (Side Note: you dont know how much it pains me to write about the Lakers winning.)


Bailey dominated the Sea Lions opening game, pouring in 23 points and playing sound defense in a 59-46 win over Biola for Homecoming. The senior from Escondido, Calif., was an All-American and All-GSAC player a year ago after transferring from Arizona Western College.


courtesy of

Hanlin scored the gamewinning penalty kick in the Sea Lions shootout win over Azusa Pacific in the NCCAA West Regional Semifinal. A junior from Denver, Hanlin also scored on her first shootout attempt, and then Sea Lions won 8-7 on PKs.


He lives a Forrest-Gump-box-ofchocolates kind of life. One moment hes a rookie with the Chicago Bulls, applying to work at Circuit City so he can take advantage of the discounts. Next hes in the lower level battling fans in Detroit. The next moment hes releasing a rap album. The next hes giving a tipsy postgame press conference after his first (and hopefully last) NBA title with the Lakers. If not just purely for his entertainment value, I love Metta. Whatever he does for his next act, the only thing youll be able to count on is that youll have no idea what to expect. For the links to all of the videos showing Mettas insanity, visit


11/14 T 1-1 (won 8-7 on PKs) @ Azusa Pacific University 11/17 L 0-1 @ Cal Baptist University

11/13 L 1-3 @ Concordia University

11/17 L 36-53 vs. Northwest Nazarene University

11/17 W 59-46 vs. Biola




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Defending Wikipedia: students quick fix for research

Eddie Matthews
Staff Writer

This is dedicated to all the Wikipedia haters. Among the trash talk Wikipedia garners, the most common debate is over the accuracy of the information. Who is credible enough to say who has the accurate information to give? People with Ph.D.s? Obviously I would rather have people with Ph.D.s in Psychosomatic Medicine be writing the concurrent Wikipedia page than some little mischievous junior higher who gets joy from rolling pumpkins into traffic. But why in the world would that junior higher lookup Psychosomatic Medicine and falsify information just so some random person may be misled? Just because the possibility is there doesnt mean that everyone exploits it. Wikipedia is a very respect-

fully run organization. How many advertisements have you seen in the past 11 years since its launching? Zero. This is for the same reason that Mid City Church of the Nazarene has no graffiti people in the community respect it. People in the world respect Wikipedia as a legitimate means of sharing information. Thats how it has survived these years by donations not by commercial influence or shareholders. I wonder; are the makers of Wikipedia aware that perhaps some of the information is onesided? Of course! When I was looking up the ingredients of Sudafed, under the section Switch to phenylephrine there was a caveat box that stated, The examples and perspective in this article may not represent a worldwide view of the subject. It then provides the opportunity for the reader to improve the article, or link to a

talk page on which one can see challenges made to the articles accuracy. This step is exemplary for an information-sharing website that reaches millions of people, yet The Wikimedia Foundation that runs Wikipedia only has a staff of 146 ( Wikipedia is a semi-solid mass of information that is consistent enough to provide facts on things in the past, but open to new developments on things instantaneously, a fact that might make it better than other scholarly based, rigorously edited encyclopedias because it changes in real time, rather than in two years time (after the appropriate editors thoroughly examine the likelihood of all aspects of the information without any bias or editorializing whatsoever). If I am doing a report on Abraham Lincoln, am I going to get the undeniably best and most accurate information from his entry

on Wikipedia? No. Is that the purpose of Wikipedia? No. Those who criticize Wikipedia dont fully understand what it is. It is a means of communicating current information by the world to the world. Its a community. Now, in an attempt to show off the prowess of Wikipedias vandalism-sensing software, I thought about vandalizing Nicolas Cages page. What did I find? A lock on it. What does the lock entail? No unregistered users can edit the page that means no seventh grade hooligans. The purpose of Wikipedia is to make information available to those who have expert knowledge on classically academic things, as well as those who know intimately about something that you cant get a Ph.D. in, like roller derby. All in all, people keep reading, haters keep hating and Wikipedia keeps thriving.

Happiest place on Earth

Colton Irvine
Staff Writer

Intentions of polite conversation: unintentionally controversial

Staff Columnist

Amy Cruse

Polite conversation is rarely either. -Fran Lebowitz What I am about to present will not be pleasant or polite. It may be social banishment, but since Im a writer I consider my ostracism a common hazard of the job. Polite comes from the Latin word meaning to polish. Today, polite has come to mean refined manners, but the idea predates our current perception. In medieval France, due to boredom and no jobs, nobles invented etiquette a code governing conduct which they shared with nobles throughout Europe. With the rise of empires, western etiquette spanned oceans. And thus, humanity polished its behavior. Although updated, etiquette

still governs society. Conversations, once seeking to communicate information, have become empty and routine. It is polite to say hello to people you know, even if they are just a passing acquaintance, and to ask how they are. The polite response is I am well. Everyone seems to know this response whether or not it is really how a person fairs. I have been saying hello to hundreds of acquaintances for years, but all I seem to know about them is that they are well. Apparently. But even if they werent well, I wasnt really asking for their honesty. In fact, if someone were to respond honestly and say, Life sucks. I just failed a test and my parents are getting a divorce, I really wouldnt know how to respond. My mind would be flipping frantically through the pages

of its social etiquette manual for the appropriate polite response. Excuse my honesty, but polite just means carefully placed lie. It seems completely absurd to me that people conduct hundreds of meaningless, polite conversations a day. Many people would guffaw at the antiquated practice of bowing/curtsying at an introduction, and yet polite conversation is no different. Some would believe conversing outside the boundaries of etiquette would be unpleasant and uncomfortable. Yes, but I dont see the problem. True growth comes out of uncomfortable conversations. Polite conversation becomes a question of sanity. We abide by rules of etiquette because a world of complete honesty would be a world of insanity and chaos. But we are all crazies dis-

guised in sane costumes, parading around talking about nothing so others dont catch on to how insane we really are. Well, I think hiding our crazy is just another form of neurosis. Let us be crazy. Let us be honest. Let us grow from real conversations. Words are power. Let us make every one we use count. Lets spend less time focused on a polished faade and more time facing the reality of our brokenness. I believe a world freed from the empty casket of blind etiquette, although uncomfortable at times and almost certainly unpleasant, would be a world opened to clarity, reality and honesty. What good comes from avoiding the truth to make people feel more comfortable? The truth still exists. And acknowledging truth invites understanding.

Its a small world after all. This tune may make you cringe, or it may transfer you to a nostalgic dreamlike state of ecstasy. This familiar song is the melody of one of the busiest theme parks in the world: Disneyland. A few weekends ago, I joined my family along with what seemed like a million people on a trip to Disneyland. One thing that shocked me, besides the large number of shameless middle-aged men wearing Mickey Mouse ears, was the insane number of people at this park. Imagine that the entire population of Point Loma and Ocean Beach took a road trip to Disneyland. This is about how many people visit Disneyland daily, according to Disneyland gets an average of 40,000 visitors a day, but on weekends it can be twice as busy. According to the Orange County Register, Disneyland hit record attendance in the first three months of October. It is estimated that 16 million people visit Disneyland in one year, making it the second most popular theme park in the world only behind Disney World. Phoebe Burton, a yearlong pass holder to Disneyland, experienced a time this year when she and her family were turned down at the entrance because the attendance was too high. She and her family were allowed to enter the park at a later hour when the crowds had died down. Californias population has more than doubled since the opening of Disneyland in 1955. Along with the population increase, the constant innovation of the park is one of the reasons Disneyland continues to draw huge numbers. A lot of people want to see the Holiday decorations in the Haunted Mansion around this time, said Dawn, a female employee at Disneyland. The new Cars ride in California Adventure is also bringing a lot of people to the park. Walt Disney once said, Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world. He could have very well finished this quote by saying Disneyland will never be completed as long as tourism exists in the world. With such high attendance, one might think that this park doesnt cost very much, but that is just pixie dust. Disneyland statistics show that from 1982 to 2009, there have been 21 ticket price hikes for adults. The current price is $87 for adults and $81 for children 3 to 9 years old,which is actually a pretty fair price to pay to have all of your dreams come true.

Awkward Sea Lion:

Sharing your Loma fails
You go to watch Breaking Dawn Part Two...
...and actually enjoy it

Weather changes, sort of

Editorial Cartoonist

Camron Cluff

Submit your Awkward Sea Lion moments to hanaeades2009@

You run out of flavored tea ...

You think Crusader is a better mascot ...
...and are convinced when they beat the Sea Lions you grab several packets from the caf