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Chapter of American Topical Association, USA
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ITS Postal Auction No.61 Last Date: 6th July 2013

Scans of some lots are available at No buyers premium. All readers can take part in this auction. All lots offered in this auction are not from the stock of the Society. It is a part of ITS Stamp News, quarterly journal of INDIAN THEMATIC SOCIETY. For further deta ils subscribe this journal and enjoy regular postal auctions in future as well. All lots in this auction are Mint Never Hinged, otherwise noted accordingly. Minimum bid will be estimated price, as given in last of every lot in Indian Rupees. All lots are sold to the higher bidder at one step above the under bidder. Bidding increments are up to Rs.100 by Rs.5, Rs.101 to 300 by Rs.10, Rs.301 to 600 by Rs.25, Rs.601 to 1000 by Rs.50 and Rs.1001 to above by Rs.100. Overseas Readers can also take part. Treat Rs.46 equal to US $1 and Rs.62 equal to Euro 1. Bids also accepted by Email, SMS but confirmation by snail mail is must. The successful bidders will be notified after closing date and the payment must be made within seven days of receipt of intimation. In case the payment will not receive - in future; his/her bids will be rejected without any prior information. All Payments must be by bank draft in favour of INDIAN THEMATIC SOCIETY and payable at LUDHIANA. Overseas Collectors can make payment through PayPal / Western Union. Other options are also available for easy payment. India 1962 SG U1/U6 Indian UN Force in Congo; complete set Cat. 5.50 Rs.150. India 1983 Special Balloon Flight Cover issued during INPEX-82; issued on 4.1.83 on Aerophilately Day Rs.125. India 1984 Collection of stamps SG 1110/42 29v with white gum Rs.2000. India 1985 SG 1167 Indira Gandhi with crowd; 3rd issue Corner partial sheet of 15 stamps Cat. 15 Rs.300. India 1985 Collection of stamps SG 1143/80 38v with white gum Rs.3000. India 1988 SG 1325/26 40th Anniversary of Independence Bal Gangadhar Tilak; Swaraj is my Birthright Corner block of four se-tenant pairs with T/L Rs.600. India 1989 SG 1356 State Museum Lucknow Corner block of 6 stamps Rs.90. India 1989 SG 1373 75 Years of Indian Cinema Complete sheet of 42 stamps Rs.450. India 1990 SG 1402 Presentation of New Colours to Bombay Sappers [Gallantry Medals] Corner 10 Tete-beche pairs [20 stamps] Rs.500. India 1991 SG 1448/50 Tribal Dances Three block of four Rs.600. India 1991 SG 1476 90th Anniversary of 2nd Battalion, Third Gurkha Rifles Corner block of four with T/L Rs.200. India 1991 SG 1481 70th Anniversary of the 18th Cavalry Regiment Corner block of four with T/L Rs.100. India 1991 Official Complete Year pack (not sealed) of 56 stamps of the Year, including four se-tenant pairs of high market value Rs.5400. India 1992 SG 1493/94 Congress of International Association for Bridges and Structural Engineering Corner block of two se-tenants with T/L Rs.3000.


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ITS Postal Auction No.61

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India 1994 SG 1592 75th Anniversary of International Labour Organization Corner block of 4v with T/L Rs.150. India 1994 SG 1605/6 Endangered Water Birds (withdrawn issue) Horizontal Setenant pair of 2v (Rs.8 & Rs.11) Rs.2000. India 1995 SG MS1639 India-South Africa Cooperation Rs.200. India 1997 SG 1713/16 Indepex97; Buddhist cultural sites Full sheet of 10 se-tenant block of 4 Rs.2000. India 1997 SG 1732/35 Birbal Sahni Institute of Palacobotony 4v Rs.100. India 1997 SG 1741/44 Rural Indian Women Corner 2 block of four stamps Rs.350. India 1997 SGMS 1756 Mother Teresa M/Sheet Rs.270. India 1998 SG 1775/78 50th Death Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi Se-tenant 2 blocks of 4v Rs.300. India 1998 SG 1793/94 Golden Jubilee of Air-India Full sheet of 10 se-tenant pairs Rs.1500. India 1998 SG 1826/29 Musical Instruments set of 4 stamps Rs.170. India 1999 SG 1856 50th Anniversary of Geneva Convention; Red Cross Corner block of 4 Stamps Rs.350. India 1999 SG 1894/95 New Millennium; Unity in Diversity Tabo Monastery & Mountains Se-tenant pair Rs.1000. India 2000 SG 1960 Raj Kumar Shukla Rs.650. India 2000 SG 1966/71 Indepex-Asiana 2000, 14th Asian International Exhibition; Gems & Jewellery FDC of 6v Cancelled at Ludhiana Rs.150. India 2000 SG 1966/71 INDIPEX ASIANA-2000, 14th Asian International Exhibition: Gems & Jewellery Mixed full sheet of 40 stamps Rs.3000. India 2001 SG 2042/43 Konark Temples FDC of se-tenant cancellation of Ludhiana Rs.60. India 2002 SG 2096 Nagpur Tercentenary Sheet-let of 12v Rs.750. India 2003 SG 2123/26 Medicinal Plants of India Sheet-let of four mixed blocks of 4v Rs.4000. India 2003 SG MS2140 Chennai Museum Two Miniature Sheets Rs.550. India 2003 SG 2149/52 Waterfalls of India FDC of 4v cancellation of Amritsar Rs.200. India 2003 SG MS2153 Waterfalls of India 2 Miniature sheets Rs.300. India 2003 LUPEX-2003; Special Exhibition Cover on Kalpana Chawla Rs.60. India 2004 SG 2198 I.N.S. Tarangini Circumnavigation Voyage Complete Sheet-let of 20 stamps SL50 Rs.750. India 2005 SG 2253/56 Breeds of Dogs Sheet-let of four sets SL 52 Rs.250. India 2005 SG 2293 Golden Jubilee of Childrens Film Society Sheet-let of 20 stamps SL 54 Rs.700. India 2006 SG MS2326 India-Cyprus Joint Issue Cat. 4 Rs.80. India 2006 SG 2340 150th Anniversary of University of Madras ERROR; Short sized Two pairs One is normal and other is smaller [Must see Scan] Rs.1000. India 2006 SG 2346/49 Endangered Birds of India Sheet-let of four se-tenant strips of 4v SL 62 Rs.600. India 2006 SG 2354/58 Himalayan Lakes Phila SL-63 2 Sheet-lets of four sets of 5 stamps Rs.550. India 2006 SG MS2371 Sandalwood Chandan Miniature Sheet Error; Perforation shifted Rs.400. India 2006 SG MS2371 Sandalwood 2 M/Sheets Error; faded colour Rs.160. India 2007 SG 2384/87 Fairs of India Complete set of 4 Sheet-lets Rs.750. India 2007 SG 2415/18 Landmark Bridges of India Phila SL-76 Sheet-let of four vertical rows of 4 stamps Rs.400. India 2007 4th CISM Military World Games Complete sheet of 5 strips of three se-tenant stamps Rs.160. India 2007 Official Collectors pack of 71 stamps with some nice and high catalogue issues Rs.1200. India 2008 SG 2459/62 Endamic Butterflies of Andaman and Nicobar Islands Sheetlet of 6 mixed se-tenant blocks Rs.600 India 2008 SG 2468 Madhubala Sheet-let of 13 stamps Rs.400. India 2008 SG MS2485 Joint issue with China; Temples 4 Miniature sheets Rs.200.

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India 2008 SG 2488/89 Aldabra Gaint Tortoise Complete set of four Sheet-lets Rs.800. India 2008 SG 2496/99 Indian Coast Guards 2 Sheet-lets of 4 mixed se-tenant blocks Rs.300. India 2008 Festivals of India 2 M/Sheets Error; colour variations Rs.100. India 2008 Gas Authority of India Sheet-let of 16 stamps Rs.160. India 2008 Set of 4 covers LUPEX-2008; same covers & cancellation but with different stamps of Centenary of Satyagraha 2007 Rs.120. India 2009 Heritage Indian Railway Stations 5 Miniature Sheets Rs.200. India 2010 XIX Commonwealth Games 2 M/Sheets Error; Perforation shifting Rs.110. India 2010 Pigeon and Sparrow 3 M/Sheets Error; colour variations Rs.300. India 2010 Postal Heritage Buildings 2 M/Sheets Error; colour variations Rs.300. India 2011 Krishnadevaraya 2 M/sheets Error; colour variations Rs.200. India 2011 Postage Stamp Year Pack Rs.500. India 2012 800th URS Dargah Sharif Ajmer 5 Miniature Sheets Rs.200. India 2012 XXX Games of Olympiad; London 5 Miniature Sheets Rs.350. India 2012 XXX Games of Olympiad; London 2 used Miniature Sheets Rs.50. India 2012 Endemic Species of Indian Biodiversity Hotspots 2 used Miniature Sheets Rs.50. India 2012 India Israel Joint Issue; Festival of Lights 3 Sheet-lets Error; perforation shifting Rs.600. India 3 used Miniature sheets; Jasmine, The Silent Valley & Aga Khan Foundation Rs.50. India Anti Tobacco 25 different Meghdoot Post Cards Rs.60. India Eye Care 35 different Meghdoot Post Cards Rs.100. India Renewable Energy 25 different Meghdoot Post Cards Rs.60. India Save Fuel 15 different Meghdoot Post Cards Rs.40. India Tourism 14 different Meghdoot Post Cards Rs.50. India 33 Inland Letter Cards of 20p stamps all having different advertisements Rs.100. India 2 Aerogramme having stamp of Rs.8.50 ISP 2004 Rock-cut Rathas, Mahabalipuram with advt. of Tamil Naidu Tourism shows Minakshi Temple having colour variation also Rs.60. India 100 different Information Sheets Rs.200. India Twenty different x twenty each MINT Meghdoot postcards [400 postcards] Rs.300. Indias Freedom Struggle through India Postage Stamps, issued on 20th Anniversary of Indias Independence by Vishnu Saksena 234 pages Rs.200. Angola Titanic; Worlds Most Legendary Ocean Liner M/sheet of 4v Rs.150. Antigua Barbuda 1996 70th Birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Sheet-let of 9v [different designs] Fv $18 Rs.200. Antigua & Barbuda Mushroom 2 se-tenant strips of 4v each Rs.150. Brazil 1984 Mushrooms FDC of 3v Rs.75. Brazil 2007 Sea-shells Miniature sheet of 3v Rs.80. Christmas Islands 2005 Year of the Rooster Two FDCs with 12v with signs in hologram Rs.160. Cuba 1989 Flowers / Roses 5v Rs.75. Cyprus 1999 Mushrooms Specimen 4v Rs.100. Cyprus 2002 Jewelry Ornaments 12v Fv 9 Specimen Rs.750. Czech Republic 1999 Fourteen different FDCs including some sets Rs.300. Czech Republic Preserve the Polar Region & Glaciers Miniature Sheet of 1v showing Penguins Rs.150. Denmark 1997.12.6 Copenhagen Roskilde Railway & End of Railway Mail Service Scott 1075/77 3 different FDCs Rs.100. Falkland 1999 Australia99; World Stamp Expo Ships Scott 723/27 5v including one se-tenant pair with Tabs having logo of exhibition and Crown Agents Cat. $14 Rs.250. Faroa 2002 Viking Voyages Scott 413 MS of 3v Fv 19.50 DKK Rs.120. Fiji 1999 Australia99; World Stamp Expo; Maritime Past & Present Part I Ships 4v & MS of 1v Rs.200. Finland 2006 150th Anniversaries of the Finnish stamp S/sheet of 3v one is Gold embossed Fv Euro 3.05 Rs.200.

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Gibraltar 1997 A Tribute to the World Cup; Football 4v + M/Sheet of 4v FV 3.78 Rs.300. Gibraltar 2000 Tribute to European Football 4v & MS of 4v Fv 2.88 Rs.250. India 2001 Stories of Panchtantra SG 2027/34 FDC of four se-tenant pairs Rs.100. Gibraltar 2002 World Cup History; Football 4v & MS of 4v Fv 3.84 Rs.300. Gibraltar 2003 HM Queen Elizabeth IIs Coronation 4v + M/sheet of 4v Fv 4 Rs.280. Great Britain 2006 Ice Age Animals Set of 5 maximum cards Rs.150. Greenland Fungi Booklet no.13 with 12 stamps Fv73 DKK Rs.350. Guinea Republic 2002 Trains of Africa -; AmriStamp Expo Sheet-let of 6v Rs.150. Iraq 1995 Birthday of President Saddam Hussein Imperf M/Sheet showing Roses with Saddam Rs.125. Isle of Man 2002 Football World Cup 6v Fv 2.61 Rs.250. Isle of Man 2002 HMQ Elizabeth II; Lord of Mann Presentation Folder with M/Sheet of 1 MS Rs.100. Israel 2012 Joint issue with India; Festival of Lights 2v with corner tabs Rs.100. Jamaica 1998 Football 3v Rs.75. Kiribati 1999 Australia99; World Stamp Expo; HMS Resolution Ships M/Sheet of 1v Rs.60. Laos 1974 Hindu Deities (Saraswati, Indra) SG 385/7 3v Mint NH Cat. 2.20 Rs.140. Laos 1975 Hindu Buddhist Rel. Ceremonies SG 420/3 4v Mint NH Cat. 2.75 Rs.160. Liberia 1994 Football 4v & MS of 1v Rs.250. Liechtenstein 2000.04.12 Mushrooms FDC of 3v Rs.80. Luxemburg Gandhi Cancellation 1969 CENTENAIRE NAISSANCE MAHATMA GANDHI/5 OCT 69/ LUXEMBOURGE on envelope (Rare!) Rs.600. Malawi 1994 Scott 634/38 Steamships; Ships of Lake 4v & M/sheet Rs.120. Namibia 1998 Football World Cup France MS of 1v Rs.60. Nevis 2005 200 Anniversary of Battle of Trafalgar 4v & M/sheet Fv $10.40 Rs.200. Nevis 2006 30th Anniversary Viking I; Landing on Mars M/Sheet of 4v of $3 & Apollo / Soyuz test Project M/Sheet of 6v of $2 Rs.300. Nevis H.M. Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Celebrate 100 Years Two M/Sheets; one with 1v and other one with 4 stamps & 1 label FV $14 Rs.250. New Zealand 2010.7.7 Childrens Health; Butterflies First Day Cover of 3v Rs.100. New Zealand Joint issue with China; Roses Se-tenant pair on commercially used cover with 2 other stamps Rs.60. Nigeria Mushroom 4v Fv 65 Rs.75. Norway 1998 Scott 1188 Valentines Day Self-adhesive Sheet-let of 3v + 4 labels all in heart-shaped Rs.150. Norway Mushrooms 1987 SG 1004/05 & 1989 SG 1052/53 Two se-tenant pairs Rs.60. Pakistan 18 commercially used recent covers to India with 83 stamps mostly commemorative Rs.180. Philippines 1998 Commercially used cover to India with 2 stamps on Year of the Rat & Year of the Tiger, but MISSENT to Bangkok in Thailand Rs.60. Pitcairn Islands 2011 Indipex-2011; World Philatelic Exhibition, special issue in Miniature sheet depicting TAJ MAHAL Rs.125. Russia 1997 Roses 5v Rs.75. San Marino 1986 Gandhi Cancellation Pictorial cancel on cover depicting Gandhiji, dated 15.8.1986 Scare Rs.300. Sierra Leone Mushrooms of Africa Sheet-let of 6v & M/Sheet of 1v Rs.160. Slovensko 1997 Mushrooms Miniature Sheet of 3v Rs.80. South Africa 1996 Football Media Release sheet-let of 5v & proof of Postcard (RARE) Rs.400. Sri Lanka 2011 25th Anniversary of Viceroy Special Steam Train M/Sheet of 1v in cut to shape Rs.90. Sri Lanka 1995-2000 Fifty different information sheets with black & white bromides many rare & interesting topics covered Rs.50. Sweden 1980 Masons and Carpenters Sign Scott B471/74 FDC of 4v Rs.80.

ITS Postal Auction No.61

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136. Tonga 1998 Birds series 15v Fv $15.35 Rs.600. 137. Tristan da Cunha Ships 12v All with gutter margin but having brownish stains Fv 9.22 Rs.500. 138. Tuvalu 1999 Scott 790/94 Ships; Australia99 World Stamp Expo 4v & M/sheet of 1v Rs.160. 139. USA 2008 Commercially used cover to India with pictorial meter franking of 94c, but MISSENT to Jakarta in Indonesia Rs.50. 140. USA 15 commercially used recent covers to India with mostly commemorative 45 stamps Rs.100. 141. Vatican City 2007 Carlo Goldeni Four folds beautiful miniature sheet of 1v Fv Euro2.80 Rs.180. 142. Zambia 1990 10th Anniversary of Southern African Development Coordination Conference (SADCC); Map, Truck, Telecommunications, Coal Transportation by cable car etc Scott 511/14 Cat. <$15 Rs.200. 143. Zambia 1991 Scott 553/57 St. Ignatius of Loyola, Founder of Jesuit Order; Churches & Bishop Rs.120. 144. Zambia 1992 Masks Scott 570/73 Rs.120. 145. Zambia 1995 75th Anniversary of International Labour Organisation Scott 643/44 Rs.50. 146. Zambia 2006 Commercially used cover to India, but MISSENT to Kenya Rs.40. 147. Fishes 100 different used in a beautiful packing of Denmark Post Sale Price 29 Danish Kr. Rs.200. 148. Ships 100 different used in packing of Denmark Post Rs.200. 149. Sports 100 different used in packing of Denmark Post Rs.200. 150. Whole World Mixed 3000 stamps Large & small mixed Used Off paper [good stuff for beginners] Rs.1200. 151. The Northern Philatelist, BI-monthly journal of Northern India Philatelists Association 30 different issues Rs.250. 152. Topical Time, Bi-monthly magazine of American Topical Association, USA 20 different issued between 2000 to 2010 Cost US $5 each Rs.1200. 153. STEMPE, bi-monthly bulletin of South Africa [Multicoloured good & informative articles & other stuff] 50 different issues of 1996 to 2011 Just in the rate of scrap Rs.500. 154. Around fifty kgs. Philatelic Journals, Information Sheets, Leaflets, Bulletins etc from different countries Good stuff for study, at the rate of scrap Rs.500. 155. Twenty International Philatelic Auction Catalogues from by different renowned auction houses with so many text pages & colour plates Rs.500.


If you wish to sell your unwanted material through this Auction, then you can also send your lots with your estimated price for future ITS Postal Auctions. We will charge only Rs.5 per lot on unsold lots and 10% on Realisation (minimum Rs.5). Subscribe & read ITS Stamp News, fastest growing quarterly journal of Indian Thematic Society. For details please visit OR ITS at All payments must be by cheques only, which can be deposited in any branch of Punjab National Bank in your city. Bank Account No. of the Society is 4433000100052217. RTGS/NEFT Code is PUNB0443300 NO CASH Deposit OR E-MO PLEASE. [Add Rs.50/- extra for Cash deposit]. Send us your deposit receipt for tracking & record verification please. Subscription Rates of ITS Stamp News, (By Air-mail); Sample Copy : Rs.50 / US $2 / Euro 1.50 Four Issues : Rs.200 / US $10 / Euro 9 Twelve Issues : Rs.600 / US $30 / Euro 25 [Free Classified advt. of 30 words]

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