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Embedded Access Control System

goEntry 2.0 - Agenda
 Product Overview

 Components
 Architecture

 Challenges addressed
 Installation  Configuration  Use  Offerings/bundles

 Product Demo

Chinese. easy to configure.Overview All-in-one basic stand alone access control system developed for installations needing up to 16 door control  NEW Additional Features with goEntry 2. board only solution that requires no additional software installation or dedicated computer – software is embedded in the unit (no server necessary) Features proprietary software that can be controlled from any networked computer installed with an internet browser Simple to install.0 V1000 can manage up to eight V100’s controlling two doors/readers each – for up to 16 doors/readers      .goEntry 2. French)  Intuitive browser based application  Single unit.0  Door Scheduler  First Card Unlock  Choice of Language (English.0 . Spanish. easy to use – true plug and play design Based on the proven HID VertX V1000 controller and V100 I/O boards Each goEntry 2.

grow with your business . admin) Embedded software reduces cost.0 – overview continued      Designed for up to 500 individual card holders (up to eight badges per cardholder – or 4. time. operator.goEntry 2. or connected multi-site solution Developed for a simple user experience. no matter your role (view. 32 holidays.000 access cards) Features 128 customizable access levels. 128 Schedules Multiple real-time event views Sort-able and downloadable event log database UL 294 (pending) Small to medium businesses not needing an enterprise wide. and complexity     Target Market:   Things to take away:   No additional server or dedicated computer needed Less installation time – can be installed in less than one hour Very little training necessary for effective use and operation  Ability to start small.

0 V1000 Controller V100 Door/Reader Interface .0 Components  Based on the HID VertX V1000 Controller and V100 Door/Reader Interface   Each V100 can control two doors. up to 8 V100 total (16 doors) V1000 connects to V100 using RS-485 cable goEntry 2.goEntry 2.

goEntry 2.0 architecture 2 Door Starter Bundle .

0 bundles  Starter kid includes: V1000. and 25 cards . V100. two readers. battery back up.goEntry 2. enclosure w/power.

goEntry 2.0 bundles  Add On bundle includes: V100. battery back up. two readers. and 25 cards 2 Door Starter Bundle 2 Door Add On Bundle . enclosure w/power.

pre-canned card formats.goEntry 2.0 installs in under one hour  Smaller sites  need ease of configuration goEntry 2.0 contains easy imports. simple hardware recognition function and more  Smaller sites   need ease of use Intuitive GUI .0  Smaller sites need  ease of installation goEntry 2.0 is learned in under 30 minutes Online training available – learn at your pace (distance learning)  Smaller sites need a product that can expand along with their business needs  Ability to start small – add more doors as needs and business changes .Challenges addressed by goEntry 2.

Configure IP 3. Power up 2. Log on .0 System can be installed in less than one hour No software installation necessary – plug and play Simple step-by-step process 1.Installation  Single Control Unit that is easy to install    goEntry 2.

Configuration  Web browser interface that’s easy to configure  Easily add users. readers. badge types. schedules and more  NEW – choose your language upon log in  Add hardware (I/O boards. etc)  NEW – First Card Unlock  Add Users  Badge types  Holidays  Schedules  NEW – Door Schedules  Access Levels  Database back up and restore  Firmware updates .

User Friendly Interface  Intuitive. real time Web browser interface with simple text instructions Navigation Common Tasks Latest Events .

Configuration – Simple Enrollment  Easily enroll users. upload user photographs .

Configuration – Simple Import function  Easily import cardholder data – allow for batch import .

access levels. schedules .Access Management  Easily set holidays.

Access Management – NEW Door Scheduler  Easily set intervals and preview weekly schedule(s) .

Access Management – event viewing  Conveniently view and sort events based on preference .

Hardware Setup – simple configuration  Easily scans for and recognizes new hardware additions .

Hardware Setup – back up and restore  A backup exports all the configuration. event. cardholder data to file .

Hardware Setup – firmware update(s)  Available to users for feature updates and additional functionality  Easy point and click process .

or MIFARE). prox. bundles – goEntry 2. battery back-up.0 Offerings  Bundled options  U. two readers (multiclass. 25 access cards  Add on bundles available with V100. two readers (multiclass. enclosure. These include no power supply or battery backup . two readers.0 V1000. battery back-up.S.0 2. V100.goEntry 2. 25 access cards  Global bundles – goEntry 2. or MIFARE). two readers. UL enclosure with power supply. applies to any combination of units) First year included with purchase  Single support option   *Global bundles also available. iCLASS. iCLASS. 25 access cards  Add on bundles available with V100. enclosure.two doors/readers at a time SUSP-EN1000 (Annual support contract. 25 access cards  Door configuration options   Default configuration is two (2) door Available add on bundles . prox.0 V1000. UL enclosure with power supply. V100.