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EN2007/EN3015 Literature and Theory 7.

5 ECTS (distance)
Teachers: Billy Gray,, 023-77 83 92 Introduction Jan 27 Course overview 13.00-15.00 Read (in advance) Introduction and Chapter 1 in Peter Barry, Beginning Theory Samtal 1 Seminar 1 Feb 3 Structuralism, Post-structuralism, Deconstruction, and Postmodernism 13.00-15.00 Don DeLillo, White Noise Samtal 1 Seminar 2 Feb 10 Feminist and Lesbian/Gay Criticism 13.00-15.00 Virginia Woolf, Mrs. Dalloway Samtal 1 Seminar 3 Feb 24 Psychoanalytical Criticism 13.00-15.00 John Fowles, The French Lieutenants Woman Samtal 1 Seminar 4 March 3 Postcolonial Criticism 13.00-15.00 J. M. Coetzee, Disgrace Samtal 1 Seminar 5 March 10 Marxist Criticism, New Historicism and Cultural Materialism 13.00-15.00 Roddy Doyle, The Commitments Samtal 1 Seminar 6 March 17 Ecocriticism 13.00-15.00 Louise Erdrich, Tracks Samtal 1 New developments in theory

Course requirements Reading You are required to read the six novels (any edition acceptable for each) listed in the schedule, the relevant chapters in Peter Barrys Beginning Theory (3rd edition, 2009) and any additional assigned reading material. See the discussion questions for each seminar in the Fronter room for detailed reading assignments.

Participation Attendance is obligatory at all six seminars. Missed seminars, or seminars for which you are not sufficiently prepared, must be made up by submitting written answers to all of the discussion questions. You must attend at least four of the seminars in order to pass the course (this means that it is not possible to make up more than two missed seminars). There will also be some guest lectures during the course which you are required to attend and be prepared to discuss at the following seminar. Writing assignments You are required to submit six writing assignments. These assignments should be 500-700 words long and are due one week after each seminar. They are intended to give you practice writing short analyses of literary and cultural texts from the specific theoretical perspectives dealt with in the seminars. Through constructive feedback from your teachers, you are expected to develop your critical writing in preparation for your degree thesis. The assignments will be available on Fronter and you hand them in by uploading them to the appropriate hand-in folder on Fronter. Assessment Assessment of the course is based on 1) seminar participation and 2) your six writing assignments. Different grading criteria are applied depending on whether you are registered for the course at the G2 level (EN2007 or EN2013) or the Advanced level (EN3015). See the grading criteria in the Fronter room for more detailed information on assessment. Please note the following: - Assignments which are turned in after the stated deadline cannot receive the grade Pass with Distinction (Vl Godknd) unless there are extenuating circumstances. If a student has not fulfilled the criteria for the grade Pass (Godknd) by the end of the course, the grade Fail (Underknd) will be reported in Ladok. Exceptions are made only if there are extenuating circumstances.