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The Illuminati Card Game and the Rapture

By William Frederick; M.Div

This article is an excerpt from
The Coming Epiphany

...As you see the ultimate goal of their plan is to create a situation in which the world will
readily accept the antichrist as the world ruler. After the decimation brought to the world —
unleashed in the first 5 seals — through the power of satan and his evil cohorts, the world will be
ready for a solution. They will be ready for someone to bring peace to a war torn world, for
someone to restore the economy, for someone to put food back on the table. The antichrist will
present himself as the savior, the messiah. Unfortunately, the world will be lured into his trap.
The Proof is in the Cards
We have discussed several aspects of the plan of the Illuminati to take over the world and
usher in the antichrist as their leader. Their plans have helped us to gain insight into formulating
a proper chronological scenario and understanding of prophetic events listed in scripture. We
have also examined several events that will transpire during the antichrist’s reign and we have
seen that he and his kingdom will come to swift and decisive end.
Many readers may think this is a fantastic scenario, but unlikely to occur. I want to present
one last piece of evidence I hope will get your attention.
In 1990, game inventor Steve Jackson of S. J. Games started working on an Illuminati role
playing card game called “Illuminati – New World Order.” This card game details events that the
Illuminati want to bring about in order to establish the New World Order. He revised and
published the game in 1995. White magic occultist David Icke has pulled out the most pertinent
nine of the 100 cards in the game to tell the story, which was on his web site, for many years.
Rewriting History: The first card depicts academic books being thrown in a trashcan. It
represents the use of the public school system by the Illuminati to weaken and control people
through false teachings such as evolution, abortion, acceptance of gay lifestyles, and so on.
Terrorist Nuke: This card depicts one of the World Trade Center buildings being destroyed by
an explosion in the exact spot that one of the planes hit. The image on the card is an
unmistakable representation of the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center.
Pentagon: This card depicts the Pentagon on fire. It represents and was fulfilled on the 9/11
attack of the Pentagon.

Note: The three cards thus chosen by David Icke have been fulfilled and in the exact order as
Population Reduction: This card depicts a picture of New York City with black smoke over the
whole city in the shape of a skull. It is a representation of one of the goals of the Illuminati, to
reduce the population of the earth. They feel that there are too many people and want to clear the
globe of the excess. They will accomplish this through wars, famine, pestilence, and terrorist
Center for Disease Control: This card depicts a scientist creating viruses. It represents the
notion that the CDC will be used in the future to inflict diseases upon a people group or the
Epidemic: This card depicts a pile of dead bodies, blackened from death, and some medical
paraphernalia such as gloves and a mask. The word Quarantine is written over the picture. It
represents plagues that the New World order will use to lessen the population.
Combined Disasters: This card depicts people running in fear due to buildings falling down
around them. It represents the fact that they will combine several disasters at the same time to
invoke great fear and thus create an atmosphere conducive for the acceptance of antichrist.
Goal: Kill for Peace: This card depicts hippies, one holding a peace sign, standing over a
policeman, who is on all fours in a begging position. The Hippies are poised and ready to kill
him. It represents the killing “for peace” that will happen to people who will not go along with
the New World Order and its plans—namely, Christians and Jews. A peace sign is an upside
down broken cross and also speaks of the destruction of Christianity and its followers at this
Tape Runs Out: This card depicts a reel-to-reel audiotape machine with the tape running out.
Behind it is a picture of the world being split in half. Under the picture is written; “When the
rapture comes…” This card represents the Day of the Lord and rapture of the church.

The order of these cards as presented by David Icke is very interesting. Cards 1-3 have
already been fulfilled, and in the exact order as depicted. Cards 4-8 parallel very closely the first
five seals as recorded in Revelation. Seals 1-4, as we have already discussed, foretell war,
famines, economic collapse, diseases, and so on, and parallels cards 4-7. The fifth seal involves
the persecution of Jews and Christians, which parallels card 8. The last card in his list is the
rapture. He has placed the rapture occurring last in all these cards and immediately following the
card that depicts the “killing for peace” initiative. This is exactly the order that the Bible gives us
— the rapture after the first five seals. The existence of these cards should also help prove to
you, if you do not believe it yet, that the Illuminati indeed have a plan to take over the world and
are in the process of carrying it out.
There are two other noteworthy cards in the deck that I would like to mention. These cards
refer to conservative talk show hosts being used by the Illuminati to mislead political
conservatives into accepting the Illuminati agenda. These “weapons of mass instruction” give out
98.4% truth and 1.6% error. The problem is that since they give out so much truth, very few are
discerning enough to detect the error. It is similar to rat poison: 99% food and 1% poison. This is
one way that the Illuminati can get some of their programs such as NAFTA, GATT, Patriot Act I
and II, and The Military Commissions Act passed without much conservative opposition. I am
not suggesting that all talk show hosts fall into this category, but I admonish you to beware of
them. They are smart enough to know about the conspiracy of the Illuminati. If they deny the
existence of such a conspiracy, then I believe that it may be a sign that they are part of it.
Unfortunately, some are so enamored with these talk show hosts because they promote
conservatism that they cannot discern the truth about these individuals.

We have examined some aspects of the plan of the Illuminati to take over control of the
world and institute the antichrist as the leader...

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