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Work Execution WE204 Root Cause Bearing Damage Analysis

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The Root Cause Bearing Damage Analysis course is taught to ISO Standard 15243:2004. We use audio-visuals, lectures, extensive hands-on training, and discussion opportunities during this course. Discussions include initial damage and failure causes, failure streams and visible conditions at the time of bearing removal. You will analyze complete examples of damaged bearings with a variety of distress, damage, and failure conditions. The student will be expected to use a standardized methodology to observe the visual condition of damaged bearings, organize the data, identify the primary damage types and discover and discuss potential root causes of the failure mechanisms. Specific topics include:

Bearing function

Service, maintenance, machine repair, or plant/facility engineering staff of an industrial plant, OEM facility, institution, public utility or commercial building which uses rolling bearings and related equipment. Managers and technicians at industrial plants and OEM facilities responsible for rolling bearing performance and reliability. Rotating equipment engineers, reliability engineers, millwrights, mechanics, and maintenance supervisors. Those interested in rolling bearing and rotating equipment performance.

Learn how bearings support loads

Mounting damage

Examples of improper installation procedures

Operating environment

Bearing reaction to moisture, contamination, and other environmental effects on the bearing components

Maintenance Lubrication

Results of poor maintenance practices Effects of marginal and excessive lubrication Contamination and its effect

Course objective

Vibration/impact damages
How to find and correct

To provide background and methodology for analyzing failed and damaged bearings (due to noise, heat, vibration, etc.) and their components. Students will learn to uncover the true root causes of bearing damage and failures, and reduced service life.

Bearing fundamentals

Bearing failures

Review of common bearing types Bearing materials and properties Lubrication Application of bearings, including: --Location of bearings --Clearance and precision --Shaft and housing fits Bearing life: calculated life vs. service life

See examples, identify, and interpret actual bearing failures

RMI On-line course* Reading material*
WE104 Bearing Damage Analysis P1410_E Bearing Failures and Their Causes SRB Failures and Their Causes
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2013 course schedule

March 2628 May 1416 June 46 June 1113 June 2527 September 1719 November 57 November 1921 December 35 December 35 Houston, TX Montreal, PQ Cleveland, OH Toronto, ON Edmonton, AB Lake Charles, LA Toronto, ON Edmonton, AB Philadelphia PA Montreal, PQ*

2013 tuition
Public classes On-site per class # people 11+ people $10,495 10 $395 per person $1,195

3 days A written examination is included with this course and is conducted on the afternoon of the final day of class.