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Parts of Speech Exercise Week 7 Layer / layer / layered Every _______________ of the cake is a different flavor and color.

To make a taco, inside the taco shell you should _______________ meat, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and taco sauce. I wasnt cold while I hiked up the mountain because my clothes were ______________. I had a coat, a sweater, a turtleneck, and a tee shirt. Recover / recovery It takes some people many years to _________________ from a heart attack. The ________________ process is long and difficult for people with cancer. Offense / offensive / offend / offender / offended The police took away his drivers license because it was his third _________________ of drunk driving. He is unpopular in his class because he is always telling _____________________ jokes. I didnt mean to _____________ you; I was only trying to tell you about my experiences. The _______________ should be the one to apologize first, but often he or she is too proud to do so. After what you said, she is feeling so ___________________ that she probably wont speak to you for a week. Ease / easy / easily/ easiness Because he had studied so hard, he passed the test with _______________. For some students, grammar is _______________, but for others it is very hard. Because he had studied so hard, he passed the test ______________. The ____________________ of the test often depends on how much you study. Confession / confess I have a ____________________ to make; I borrowed your new book and then I lost it! If you ______________ what you have done, maybe he will forgive you. Pretend / pretender / pretension / pretentious / pretentiousness Do you ever _______________ that you are good at something so that you can impress other people? People call him a _________________ because he likes to imagine he is famous. He is full of ___________________, always acting like someone more important than he is.

He isnt very popular because he is so _________________. He thinks he is much more important that he is. His _____________________ has caused him to lose many valuable relationships. Relief / relief / relieve With the ______________ effort underway, rescue workers are saving many lives. It is a great ______________ when you finish final exams. If you have a bad headache, some medicine might _________________ your pain. Delay / delay / delayed The ______________ in our plans cost us a lot of extra money. We arent ready to leave yet and we want to ___________________ our departure by one week. Our flight was ________________ because of dense fog. Appear / appearance / appeared / appears Tomorrow he will _____________ before the judge and declare himself not guilty. The famous actors _____________________ at the mall caused a lot of excitement. When the sun finally _________________ over the horizon, the sunrise was magnificent. We dont know for sure, but it _______________ that he is not telling the truth. Disappear / disappearance / disappeared Sometimes when I say something embarrassing, I just want to ________________ so that no one can see me. Her mysterious ____________________ made people wonder what had happened to her. My keys have mysteriously _____________________. I have looked everywhere for them and they dont seem to be here. Image / imagine / imagination / imagined Although he is really very shy, the _________________ most people have of him is that he is arrogant and conceited. It is difficult to ______________ what life would be like without electricity. Experts say that people who use their _____________________ often are generally more successful in life. She never was sick, but during her life she suffered from many __________________ illnesses.