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4 psychic senses It is important to know which is your best channel for message work Psychic Feeling Most accessible.

Easiest to open and interpret. Sense danger. Gut feeling, feeling about people and places. Mothers intuition, you can sense when something is bothering another person, you trust your feeling, you are concerned for and about others, Place to feel this is the solar plexus, butterflies in your stomach, a knot in the pit of your stomach, Accessing psychic feeling 1. Relax your body by taking several deep breaths 2. Sit comfortably, close your eyes 3. Focus your awareness on your solar plexus, feel the impressions you are receiving 4. Dont try. Dont force. Just be open and aware. 5. Note the impressions you experinece. Does the room feel calm, vibrant? Sluggish, smooth scattered? 6. Think of a person. Mentally focus on the person. How do they feel to you? 7. Trust those feelings. You can also use this to feel objects through your hands. Hold the object. How does it make you feel? What impressions do you get from the object? Psychic Intuition The gift of prophetic knowing Resembles instantaneous knowing. If this is your strength you probably feel the world moves slowly. You mind works quickly. You experience flashes of unexpected insight. Place to feel this is your head, the top of your head. Picture a funnel opening with its larger end through the top of your head and extending outward to the universe. Accessing psychic intuition1. Relax 2. Picture a funnel extending from your head, the wide side upward. 3. Guide your awareness upward and focus your attention out thorough the funnel. Be open to whatever comes. 4. Do not try too hard, do not force anything. 5. Practice alternating with your eyes open and your eyes closed and focused upward. 6. Feel how lots of impressions seem to be pouring into your head through the funnel. Notice sensations of heightened attunement that opens. You can also use this to sense remote locations. Psychic Hearing the voice that speaks within Serves as a body radar of trouble ahead. Can be words, sounds, different language, very much like you talking to yourself in your head. Very similar to thinking to yourself. Place to feel this is above your ears. You need to put your listening inside your head instead of outward. Accessing your psychic hearing 1. Relax 2. Breath deeply 3. Sense different parts of your head. Without touching them be aware of your ears and the level of your ears. 4. Shift your focus upward and sense the area above your ears. Be aware of your head one or two inches above your ears. 5. Notice any heightened senisity in this area. Picture a huge megaphone channeling psychic vibrations directly into your temporal lobes. 6. Alternate levels of focus, fist aim your awareness at the ear level then let it slide up to the temporal lobe area. 7. Listen to some background noises. Notice how your attention is focused in the distance. 8. Shift your focus to your temporal lobes and talk to yourself, think to yourself. Then listen.

Hearing your name called, hearing between the lines as someone talks, Psychic Vision the world of clairvoyance The world of the inner eye. Place to feel this is outward from the third eye. Dream interpretation. Accessing your psychic Vision 1. Relax 2. Write down the names of 5 people you know. Close your eyes and bring to mind one of the names. What images or impressions do you receive as you focus on that individual. 3. Be open to receiving symbols, colors, visual memories,, literal scenes, premonitions 4. Do not try to analyze anything. Record them and move on to the next name on the list. 5. Review your notes and add anything else you might think from analyzing the impressions you have gotten.