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BARBARA WEINSTEIN October 13, 2011 PERSONAL: Department of History New York University 53 Washington Square South New

York, NY 10012-1098 (212) 992-7994; 995-4017 (fax) 3 Washington Square Village, #3BD New York, NY 10012 (646) 649-3939; (301) 325-5463 cell Email:

EDUCATION: Ph.D., History, Yale University, May 1980 M.A., M.Phil., History, Yale University, 1976 A.B., History and Latin American Studies, Princeton University, 1973 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Silver Professor of History, New York University, 2010 Professor of History, New York University, 2007-2010 Professor of History, University of Maryland-College Park, 2000-2006 Professor of History, State University of New York at Stony Brook, 1997-2000 Fulbright Lecturer, Latin American Studies, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Spring 1993 Director of Womens Studies, SUNY at Stony Brook, 1984-85; 1989-90 Associate Professor of History, SUNY at Stony Brook, 1984-97 Assistant Professor of History, SUNY at Stony Brook, 1982-84 Fulbright Lecturer, Universidade Estadual de Campinas (So Paulo), Summer 1983 Instructor and Assistant Professor of History, Vanderbilt University, 1979-82 RECENT PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES: General Editor (with Daniel J. Walkowitz), Radical Perspectives: A Radical History Review Book Series, Duke University Press (2002-2012) Keynote, American Association of University Professors annual banquet, Washington, DC (June 14, 2008) President, American Historical Association, 2007 Director, Miller Center for Historical Studies, University of Maryland (2004-2006) Co-chair, Program Committee, 2005 American Historical Association Meetings Senior Editor, Hispanic American Historical Review (2002-2007) Book Review Editor, Radical History Review (1997-1999) Editorial Board/Collective/Advisory Board: Radical History Review, ILWCH, Revista de Histria (USP), Revista Brasileira de Histria, Anos 90, Historia Critica, Histria, Cincias, Sade Manguinhos, PsHistria, Revista de Histria da Amaznia, Brill Book Series, Studies in Global Social History Chair, Grupo de Trabalho em Histria, Brazilian Studies Association, BRASA VI, (2002) Member, Conference on Latin American History (CLAH) Nominating Committee (2002) Member, Clarence Haring Prize Committee, American Historical Association (2001-2002) Member, Program Committee, 2001 American Historical Association meetings World History Taskforce, Advanced Placement Exams, Educational Testing Service (1996) External Examiner, Departments of History, University of Richmond (2009); Ohio State University (2008); Queens University, Ontario (2006); University of Texas at Austin (2003); University of California-San

2 Diego (2003); Duke University (1999); Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Brown University (2009). Co-organizer, Conference on The Body and The Body Politic in Latin America, University of Maryland (College Park, MD, April 18-19, 2003). Co-organizer, Conference on Cultures of Dictatorship: Historical Reflections on the Brazilian Golpe of 1964, University of Maryland (College Park, MD, October 14-16, 2004. Co-organizer, Conference, We Shall Be All: Toward a Global History of the Middle Class, University of Maryland (College Park, MD, April 27-29, 2006). PUBLICATIONS--BOOKS: For Social Peace in Brazil: Industrialists and the Remaking of the Working Class in So Paulo, 1920-1964 (Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press) 1996, xvii + 435 pp. (Re)formao da Classe Trabalhadora no Brasil, 1920-1964 (So Paulo: USF/Editora Cortez) 2000, 460 pp. [Portuguese edition of For Social Peace in Brazil] The Amazon Rubber Boom, 1850-1920 (Stanford: Stanford University Press) 1983, x + 356 pp. A Borracha na Amaznia: Expanso e Decadncia, 1850-1920 (So Paulo: HUCITEC/EDUSP) 1993, 371 pp. [Portuguese edition of The Amazon Rubber Boom] Radical History Review, 70 (Winter 1998) [Co-editor of issue "Women and Power"] Contributing Editor for Latin America, The Encyclopedia of World History, Peter N. Stearns, general editor, 6th ed. (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 2001). The Making of the Middle Class: Toward a Transnational History, co-editor (Durham: Duke University Press, forthcoming 2012). Race, Region, Nation: So Paulo and the Formation of Brazilian National Identities (under contract, Duke University Press). PUBLICATIONS--ARTICLES: Amrica indgena e Amrica Africanauma diviso problemtica? in J.L. Bendicho Beired, et al., Intercmbios Polticos e Mediaes Culturais nas Amricas (Assis/S.Paulo: FCL/UNESP e-book, 2010), pp. 391-418. Postcolonial Brazil, in Jos C. Moya, ed., The Oxford Handbook of Latin American History (New York: Oxford Univ. Press, 2010), pp. 212-256. Elas nem parecem operrias: Feminilidade e classe na Amrica Latina do Sculo XX, Anos 90, Porto Alegre, 17, no. 31 (Jul. 2010), pp. 145-171. Fordlandia after the Transnational Turn, H-Diplo roundtable on Greg Grandin, Fordlandia, Spring 2010.

Dilogos Brasil-Estados Unidos: Entrevista com Barbara Weinstein, Tempo 13, no. 25 (Jul.-Dec. 2008), pp. 237-245. Entrevista com Barbara Weinstein, Anos 90, Porto Alegre, 15, no. 27 (Jul. 2008), pp. 387-404. Erecting and Erasing Boundaries: Can We Combine the Indo and the Afro in Latin American Studies?, Estudios Interdisciplinares de America Latina y el Caribe v. 9, no. 1, 2008. Developing Inequality, American Historical Review v. 113, no. 1 (Feb. 2008), pp. 1-18. Modernidade tropical: vises norte-americanas da Amaznia nas vsperas da Guerra Fria, Revista do IEB 45 (Sep. 2007), pp. 153-176. They dont even look like women workers: Femininity and Class in Twentieth-Century Latin America, ILWCH no. 69 (Spring 2006), pp. 161-176. Slavery, Citizenship, and National Identity in Brazil and the United States South, in Don Doyle and Marco Antonio Pamplona, eds. Nationalism in the New World (Athens: Univ. of Georgia Press, 2006), pp. 248-271. [Portuguese translation in Nacionalismo no Novo Mundo (Rio de Janeiro: Editora Record, 2009).] Inventing the Mulher Paulista: Politics, Rebellion, and the Gendering of Brazilian Regional Identities, Journal of Womens History 18, no. 1 (Winter 2006), pp. 22-49. Awarded 2007 LASA-Brazil Essay Prize for best article on Brazil; Honorable Mention, 2007 Conference on Latin American History Prize. [Also published as Inventando a Mulher Paulista: poltica, rebelio, e a generificao das identidades regionais brasileiras, Revista Gnero (Rio), 5, no. 1, 2. sem. 2004, pp. 71-95.] Uma histria alternativa da borracha, Nossa Histria, ano 2, no. 22 (agosto 2005), pp. 54-60. History without a Cause? Grand Narratives, World History, and the Postcolonial Dilemma, International Review of Social History 50 (2005), pp. 71-93. (with Daryle Williams), Vargas Morto: The Death and Life of a Brazilian Statesman, in Lyman Johnson, ed., Death, Dismemberment and Memory: Body Politics in Latin America (Albuquerque: Univ. of New Mexico Press, 2004), pp. 273-315. Making Workers Masculine: The (Re)Construction of Male Worker Identity in Twentieth-Century Brazil, in K. Hagemann, S. Dudink and J. Tosh, eds., Masculinity in Politics and War: Rewritings of Modern History (Manchester: Manchester Univ. Press, 2004), pp. 276-294. Repensando a histria das relaes Estados Unidos-Amrica Latina: de dominao poltica a circulao cultural? Textura, n. 9 (Canoas, RS, Apr.-Oct. 2003), pp. 11-20. Histria sem Causa?: A Nova Histria Cultural, a Grande Narrativa, e o Dilema Poscolonial, Histria, vol. 22, n. 2 (So Paulo, 2003), pp. 185-210.

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10 Commentator, Panel on Theorizing the Middle Class, Conference We Shall be All: Toward a Global History of the Middle Class, University of Maryland (College Park, Apr. 27, 2006). Commentator, Panel on Race and Nation in Chile, Uruguay, and Argentina, American Historical Association meetings (Philadelphia, Jan. 7, 2006). ACADEMIC AWARDS (since 1980): Member, American Academy of Arts and Sciences (elected 2011) Joy Foundation Fellow, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study (2010-11) Semester Fellowship, General Research Board, University of Maryland (declined, 2007) Travel Award, David C. Driskell Center for the Study of the African Diaspora (Summer 2005) Semester Fellowship, General Research Board, University of Maryland (Spring 2002) United University Professions Faculty Enhancement Grant for Travel to Brazil (Summer 2000) John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellow (1998-1999) United University Professions PDQWL Grant for Travel to Brazil (Fall 1998) USIA/Fulbright Travel Grant for Lectures in So Paulo and Belo Horizonte, Brazil (July 1997) Academic Specialist Award for Travel to Brazil, United States Information Agency (June 1994) Fulbright-CIES Lectureship at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (spring 1993) National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Stipend for research in Brazil (Summer 1990) Fulbright-Hays Post-doctoral Training Fellowship for research in Brazil (1985-86) Tinker Fellowship for Post-doctoral Research (declined, 1985) Social Science Research Council Post-doctoral Research Grant (declined, 1985) Fulbright-CIES Lecturer/Research Fellowship, Brazil (Summer 1983) Fulbright-CIES Research Fellowship (declined, spring 1983) Social Science Research Council Post-doctoral Research Grant (declined, 1982) National Endowment for the Humanities Independent Research Fellowship (July-Dec.1982)