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The New Road to Journal Vouchers

March 2006

Objective Glossary of Terms Journal Voucher Process Workflow Key Changes Overview Journal Voucher Transactions A glance into SAP Interfund Transactions A glance into SAP Communications & Training Highlights Questions

What Are The Key Objectives For This Session?

To review the new Journal Voucher process in SAP and some of the benefits that will be derived from the new functionality To provide an overview on how to create, park and post journal vouchers To provide an overview on how to attach supporting documents To review the routings, the roles, and the approval options that will be implemented with Journal Workflow To discuss the SAP functionality for automatic balancing of Interfund Journal Vouchers

SAP Terminology Youll Be Hearing Today

SAP: Systems Applications and Products. The name of the software vendor and its core integrated product SAP R/3. Journal Voucher: An accounting document used to record a financial transaction in the general ledger. Document: A record of a business event which has occurred and has been processed in SAP. Park Journal Voucher in SAP: Allows for entry and storage of an unfinished document in the system. A parked document is pending posting. Posted Journal Voucher in SAP: Allows for a completed document to update the General Ledger. Workflow: Ensures "the right work is brought in the right sequence at the right time to the right people". It is a tool designed to facilitate and automate business processes (e.g. a parked document is routed through multiple people for approval prior to posting). Document Splitting: Self-balancing functionality that automatically creates additional entries to balance postings that cross funds.

LAUSD Big Picture Data Flow

Food Services Student Information
Decision Support System


Human Resources

Cross Application Timesheets

Project Systems

SACS 200x

Transportation Systems
Controlling Materials Management

System of Record FY07
Funds Management Grants Management Supply Relationship Management

LACOE Peoplesoft

Budget Planning Simulation (BPS)

Facilities Systems


The Finance Ledger

Sub-modules within the Finance Ledger in SAP

General Ledger

Accounts Receivable

Cash Management Sales & Distribution

Process Overview: Journal Voucher Workflow

Start Here
Journal Entry (JE) Requestor submits a journal entry request JE Preparer creates and saves the Journal Voucher document (attaches documents if applicable)

Workflow ends and Approver ID is automatically entered on the Journal Voucher document

Journal Voucher Workflow

If rejected, an email will be sent to the preparer to notify the document was rejected.

If approved, transaction is posted and an email is sent to the preparer to notify the document has posted.

JE Preparer Parks (saves as completed) the journal voucher document. Once validation check successfully passes, workflow is triggered

JE Approver receives an email and either approves or rejects work item

What Are The Key Changes For Journal Vouchers?

For Journal Voucher Preparation: SAP will provide the ability to electronically attach supporting documentation to Journal Vouchers For Journal Voucher Approvals: SAP will automate the entire approval process called workflow SAP will provide the ability to track the entire Journal Voucher review cycle SAP will provide automatic escalation of workflow items after 3 days (1 day during year-end closing) For Interfund Journal Entries: SAP will allow for automatic balancing using delivered SAP functionality called document splitting

Creating A Journal Voucher In SAP

Example of journal entry screen

Document Header Insert Journal Voucher Screen Shot

Document Line Item

Attaching Supporting Documents To A Journal Voucher

Click the Services for Insert Attach Supporting Document Screen Shot Object icon and select Create and then Create Attachment to attach a document

Attaching Supporting Documents To A Journal Voucher contd

Browse for the appropriate document(s) and select Open to attach documents


Parking A Journal Voucher In SAP

Insert Journal Voucher Key Terms Screen Shot Save as completed icon performs validation checks, Parks the document, and triggers the journal workflow


Receiving Email Notification For Approval

Sample email triggered by workflow and sent to the Journal Voucher Approver via Outlook.

*For every approval request email you receive, accessing the link will require you to log-in each time.


Receiving Email Notification For Approval contd

The link from the Outlook e-mail notification takes the Journal Entry Approver to the Business Workplace

SBWP Screenshot


Approver Viewing Attachments

Click the Services for Object icon and select Attachment list to view attachments


Approver Viewing Attachments contd

All attachments are displayed


Approving A Journal Voucher In SAP

Insert Business Workplace Screen Click Shot on Release to Approve OR Click on Refuse to Reject journal voucher


Approving A Journal Voucher In SAP contd

Click the Services for Object icon to access the Create Note window to enter a reason for rejecting a work item.


Displaying a Journal Voucher In SAP

Click on the Display Document Header icon to view document audit trail.


Displaying A Journal Voucher In SAP contd

Document audit trail shows who entered (Journal Voucher Approver) AND Who parked (Journal Voucher Preparer) the document.


The Interfund Journal Voucher

An example of a journal voucher to transfer an expenditure from one fund to another


The Interfund Journal Voucher contd

SAP journal vouchers automatically balanced by Fund! Balancing entries can be viewed from the posted document.


Our New Road To Journal Vouchers

The Journal Vouchers (JVs) entered online through SAP or through the Journal Voucher upload program will be subject to Workflow Approvals (JVs created through interfaces will not) Journal vouchers will be processed in SAP except those affecting jobs and projects which will continue to be processed in IFS for Release 1. The Business Roles involved in the Journal Workflow are as follows: Journal Entry Requestor Journal Entry Preparer Journal Entry Approver The Workflow rules require 2 approvers at all times. Who are the Approvers? For transactions in a select JV category An approver one level above the Journal Entry Preparer plus another approver at Director level at least For transactions outside of a select JV category An approver one level above the Journal Entry Preparer plus a second approver one level above the first approver If the scheduled approver(s) do not review a JV in 3 days (1 day at year-end), the Journal Voucher document will get escalated to the next level of approver(s)


What We Have To Look Forward To

Before SAP All journal vouchers were manually routed and approved Hard copy of the supporting document is attached to the Journal Voucher and routed to approvers Users were required to manually enter lines to balance interfund journal vouchers After SAP We will have an automated approval process Supporting documents to journal vouchers will be attached electronically

Journal Vouchers will balance by Fund automatically


Training and Communications Timeline

2005 Dec Jan Feb March 2006 Apr. May June July

Orientation to the New Processes and Open House Simulations

End User Training*

Go Live & Support

*Training Delivery Methods: Web-based Learning, Live Virtual Training, Instructor-led Training, Expert-led Training and Open House


Sample of Relevant Training Courses for Journal Workflow

Individuals will receive communications about what courses to take Course sign-up will be available on Learning Zone
Course Title Basic Navigation of SAP R/3 Account String Wizard Basic Navigation General Ledger Overview Journal Vouchers Course ID Delivery Method Functional Area Web-Based Learning Duration



1 hour


Web-Based Learning Recorded Virtual Classroom Instructor-Led Training


1 hour



2 hours



8 hours


More Project Information?

To learn more about the BTS Project: Check out the BTS Project Website ( Contact your local Change Champion For questions, e-mail