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(a) Neglect of marketing is the root cause of product performance in the market. Do you agree? Justify. Or (b) What is market mix? How a marketer assembles and administraters the marketing mix? (c) When a consumers experience with a product equals his/her expectations for the product, the person is satisfied. Is there any disadvantage to a marketer whose product causes consumers experience to greatly exceed expectations? Explain. Unit-II 2. (a) How might the following organizations implement the strategy of market segmentation? (i) Manufacturers of Personal Computers (ii) Producers of CDs and DVDs Or (b) How would you segment the market for copying machine such as Xerox or Canon photocopiers? Describe. (c) You are the CEO of a 500 bed Medical Centre in a metropolitan district. Describe the factors influencing your companys marketing strategy? How are your decisions affected by the environment in which you operate? Unit-III 3. (a) What is your expected price for each of the following and how would you arrive at your estimate in each instance? (i) An automatic garage door-opener for residential housing. (ii) A new type of cola beverage that holds its carbonization long after it has been opened in a 3 litre pet bottle. (b)In which of the following cases should the company use its name as a part o fthe producers brand name. explain?

(i) (ii)

A manufacturer of hair-care products introduces a line of portable electric hair dryers. A manufacturer of mens clothing introduces womens clothing. Or

(a) Describe how classifying consumer goods helps to determine the best promotional mix. (b) A large consumer goods manufacturer is facing problems with the physical distribution system. It realizes its solution lies in reorganizing its market logistics system. Suggest a plan that will help the company to identify and solve the problems. Unit-IV 4. (a) Which of the channels of distribution is most apt to be used fro each of the following products and justify your choice in each case. (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) Washing Machine Fire Insurance Deodarants & Perfumes Single family residences.

(b) What kind of product management is required in Rural Marketing? Outline the rural consumer dimensions and demand dimensions briefly. Or (a) Write short notes : (any two) (i) Consumerism (ii) Marketing Audit (iii) Green Marketing (iv) Brand Equity (b) Write short notes: (any two) (i) Inventory Management (ii) Social features of marketing (iii) Publicity and Personal Selling (iv) Market Measurement Unit-V 5. (a) Use the appropriate components of the model of buyer behavior to explain the following consumer behavior with example: (i) Two people are exposed to the same advertisement-one notices and processes the ad, while the other is unaware of its existence. (ii) Some products are purchased after extensive searching, while some are bought at a moments notice. (b) Tupperware, which arranges home parties to sell kitchen and other products is in the mature stage of the PLC. Mention some possible strategies for reviving this product.

Or (a) A manufacturer of a well known brand of mens clothing has been selling directly to one dealer in a Southern City for many years. For some time the market has been large enough to support two retailers very profitably. Yet the present dealer objects strongly, when the manufacturer suggests adding another outlet. If you are Marketing Manager, what course of action would you recommend and why? (b) Identify the Central Idea the theme-in any three current promotional campaigns that you recall ; discuss the theme and the process briefly. 6. (a) Why do some firms sell an identical product under more than one of their own brands? Explain briefly with examples. (b) You can eliminate middlemen, but you cannot eliminate essential distribution activities. Discuss how the statement is supported or refuted by Marketing System with examples? 7. Case Study: (Compulsory)

MARKETING MANAGEMENT SECOND SEMESTER 2007 Unit-I Q.1. (a) Marketing is a system of integrated business activities designed to develop strategic plans leading to the satisfaction of customer want of selected market segments. Explain. (b) Enumerate and illustrate the marketing functions. (c) Describe the marketing management process. Unit-II Q.2. (a) Marketing management evolves its marketing mix in relation to its external environment. Elucidate. (b) What are the ingredients of the basic model of buyer behavior? Comment on the person-centred factors. (c) Comment on segmentation based on : (i) Behavioural differences (ii) Benefit segmentation Unit-III Q.3. (a) What are the selling points of a product? Comment on product line and product mix. (b) Describe the three alternatives used in positioning a product to the market. (c) Explain the internal and external forces that influence the pricing strategy of a firm. Unit-IV Q.4. (a) Promotion is more beneficial for marjeters than for either consumers or society. Discuss (b) Discuss the factors governing the channel choice. (c) Explain the six basic steps in a sales process.

Unit-V Q.5. (a) Comment on the typical problem encountered in capturing consumer demand in rural India. (b) Elaborate the role of media-mix used in rural India for promotion. (c) Solve the following case. A UNIQUE MARKETING PROBLEM Radix Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Is a small scale, sole proprietorship concern based in Ludhiana. It is engaged in the production and marketing of drug formulations. At the time of its inception, the firm introduced only liquid formulations. But later on, as the market for its product started growing, it also launched some table formulations. At present it offers a good range of more than ten different medicines, though the products are all of a general nature e.g. cough syrups, paediatric suspension etc. and can also be treated as OTC drugs. At present the firms products enjoy a good reputation in Chandigarh, Haryana, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh. They are selling both on doctors prescription and otherwise. As a part o fthe strategy to expand the market, the Chief Executive of the firm, Mr. Sunil Kumar sent one of his representatives to explore the possibility of selling his products in Gujrat. The representative visited a few stockists and wholesalers of drugs in Ahmedabad and Baroda with an intention to appoint a propaganda stockiest who will not only keep the stocks and distribute them but will also try to get the drugs prescribed by the doctors in his region. For this he offered: (i) (ii) A commission of 25 40% (negotiable) of the written price, and A credit facility of 45 days.

Inspite of all his efforts, the representative failed to find any stockiest who could be interested in selling his products. He described the situation like this There are many small manufacturers of medicines in and around Ahmedabad. Many of these restrict their markets to nearby areas and hence particularly in Gujrat the competition is very tough. All the stockists I talked to have described the commission offered by Radix Pharmaceuticals as low. Some of the problem is something else. The moment I talk of a firm from Chandigarh, the stockists refuse to work without any futher thought. They say that nobody, here, would buy a medicine made by a small concern in Punjab. People of Gujrat are so scared of the name, Punjab, that they do not have faith in medicines made there and they can afford to do so because, afterall, none of the products of Radix is a speciality item. After a careful investigation of the situation, Mr. Sunil Kumar and his colleagues came to the conclusion that under the existing circumstances, they cannot penetrate the market in far off states. Also it is well known that Ahmedabad has an established reputation for fine chemicals and drugs manufacture. Therefore, they devised one scheme. As per this, Radix Pharmaceuticals would open one small office in Ahmedabad and get registered there. This address of the firms registered office will be printed on the lables of the medicines. Thus, in the market, the firm will be recognized as one from Ahmedabad while for all practical purposes it will operate from Chandigarh only.

Questions : (a) How do you evaluate the pros and cons of Sunil Kumars long term strategy? (b) What alternative steps could he take under the situation described in the case? (c) If you were the marketing executive what steps you will take for creating a market base in Gujarat?

MARKETING MANAGEMENT SECOND SEMESTER 2008 Unit-I Q1 (a) Define the Marketing Concept in your own words and explain why the notion of profit is usually included in the process. (b) Discuss the major objectives of Sales Promotion. As a marketer of a leading consumer durable company, when do consider it an appropriate time to organize such promotions & why? Or Write short notes: i. ii. Decision Process and buying pattern Limitations of Cyber Marketing. Unit-II Q2 (a) Why and how do psychological factors influence consumer buying behavior? As a potential buyer of a latest brand of DVD, briefly explain the social and cultural factors that affect your buying decision? Or Discuss the history of consumerism and its relation to current marketing practices. (c) What do you understand by channel of Distribution? Explain the functions & types with a suitable consumer durable product of your choice. Unit-III Q3 (a) Write short notes on: i. ii. PLC as a tool for market development. Need of Rural Marketing

(b) Briefly explain the various pricing methods available for Indian marketers, with suitable illustrations. Or Discuss briefly the segmentation variables you will consider to segment the market for 150 cc premium motorcycle.

Unit-IV Q4 (a) Discuss briefly the major objectives of Sales Promotion? Explain the sales promotion method directed at consumers which can be used by a herbal hair dye manufacturer. (b) Write short notes: i. ii. Green Marketing and Social Marketing Functions of Packaging Or What are the major objectives of product like decisions? List out the merits and demerits that accrue from these decisions? Explains? Explain by giving suitable examples. Unit-V Q5 (a) Salesmanships in build with every attractive packing. Do you agree with the statement? Discuss briefly with the help of suitable examples. Or Write short notes on: i. ii. Importance of buyer behavior & Buying motives Direct and online Marketing

(b) You have been asked to advise on a companys new range of toilet soaps, for the highly competitive premium segment of the Indian market. What are the considerations that you would like to assess & there after advise on the promotion mix? Explain the strategy that you would adopt for its success? Q6 (a) Briefly discuss the different product decision which a company might be required to take under Product Management and also describe the types of product. (b) Write short notes on: i. ii. iii. iv. Role of branding Sales Forecasting Functions of Intermediaries Inventory Management in Marketing Or Q7 (a) Marketing social issues is more challenging than Product/Service Marketing. Illustrate with suitable examples. Or What do you understand by Marketing Decision Making? How Marketing Environment affects Marketing decisions?

(b) Briefly explain the distinct stages of PLC. Indentify at what stages of PLC are for the following product in the Indian environment and suggest strategies for these: i. ii. Refrigerators Ready-to-eat snacks


Case Study: Study the case given below and answer the questions given at the end. Mr. Harish Jain, CEO of Energetic Enterprises, has established the firm for the manufacture and marketing of an innovative product. The firm earned a reputation of its product within two years of its inception and enjoyed monopoly position in the market for its product. Now it has a turnover of about Rs. 80 crores. Three years back, some firms entered the market and offered cheap substitutes which were of better quality. This year, Mr. Harish Jain is worried because about 40% of the market share has already been taken away by the new firms and he is not able to check this trend. Mr. Jain has been looking after both production and marketing functions thought finance is being looked after by a finance manager having a professional degree in chartered accountancy Mr. Jain has recently lowered the price of his product to fight competition, but even this has not helped. He has now approached you for advice to stabilize his sales volume. Questions: i. ii. iii. What is the orientation of Mr. Jain in selling his product? What environment factors have caused a worry to Mr. Jain? As a consultant, what strategies will you suggest to check further fall in market share?

MARKETING MANAGEMENT SECOND SEMESTER 2009 Section-A Q1 (a) Define marketing concepts and its application in reference to the company known to you engaged in the marketing of consumer durables. Or (b) Explain various elements of Marketing Mix. Q2 (a) How does company ensures that it always takes into account the changes in its environment while formulating business strategies? How does it track the changes in the environment? Or (b) Explain the factors influencing Consumer Buying Behaviors. Q3 (a) What is a new product? Outline the various stages in new product development process. Or (b) What are different methods of Pricing? Discuss the factors influencing pricing decisions. Q4 (a) Discuss the functions of distribution channel intermediaries. Or (b) Discuss major Sale Promotion Techniques. Q5 (a) How marketers should ho about identifying and targeting relevant consumer segments in rural market. (b) Write short notes on any two: i. ii. iii. Social Marketing Director Marketing Green Marketing

Section-B (Case Analysis) Marketing of Milk-AMUL

MARKETING MANAGEMENT SECOND SEMESTER 2010 SECTION (A) Attempt any four (4) questions, Five (5) marks each. Q.A1. Marketing is the creation and delivery of standard of living. Justify your opinion Q.A2. What do you mean by marketing Research? What are its importance? Q.A3. Define the term PRODUCT in marketing. Q.A4. Is personal selling important for non-branded products or new products? Discuss your views. Q.A5. State the reasons, why companies are shifting towards Green Marketing in todays scenario? SECTION (B) Attempt any four (4) questions Ten(10) marks each. Q.B1. Define Marketing Management and bring out the role of marketing in the economic development of a country. Q.B2. Explain the steps in consumer buying process and state how it is different from industrial buying process. Q.B3. How the marketing mix strategies differs with different stages in product life cycle? Why the study of product life cycle is important for marketing department? Q.B4. Discuss in detail the determinants of price. How pricing strategies helps the organization to fight competitions & to grow the market share. Q.B5. Discuss various factors you would like to consider for selecting the channels of distribution for a consumer product which is sold all over India. Q.B6. Write short notes on (any two): (a) Rural Marketing (b) Social Marketing (c) Direct Marketing (d) Online Marketing

SECTION (C) CASE STUDY Launching of Popcorn Machine

MARKETING MANAGEMENT SECOND SEMESTER 2011 Unit-I Q1 (a) Explain the concept of marketing and how marketing orientation can be employed in organization. (b) Explain marketing as a process. Or Explain role of marketing in modern organizations. Unit-II Q2 (a) State and explain the different variables which strongly influence the buyer decisions. (b) Explain the different tools to study buyer behavior. Or List the different factors affecting market environment and explain them with suitable examples. Unit-III Q3 (a) Write short notes on: i. ii. PLC as a tool for market development Quality function deployment

(b) Explain the different stages of new product development process. Or What is price elasticity? How is it measured? What factors determine price elasticity? Unit-IV Q4 (a) What is database marketing? How can it be used to strengthen the sales of cosmetic products for both male & female markets? (c) Comment on the growth and changing role of the advertising industry in India. Unit-V Q5 (a) The contingency theory and model suggest that the effectiveness of an organizational structure is dependent on the organizations external environment and the manufacturing technology used by it. Justify.

(b) A company decides to improve its relationship with its customers. What steps should it take to build this relationship? Or Explain traditional logistics management approach Vs. supply chain management.


(a) Write short notes on: i. ii. Transportation decisions Ware- housing

(b) Write short notes on: i. ii. E-Auctions Differential pricing strategy Or Define market segmentation and explain need for segmentation. Q7 (a) Explain the role of middlemen or intermediaries. Also explain different types of middleman. (b) What could be the sales promotion objectives for : i. ii. A newly opened restaurant A premium brand of toilet soap Justify your response. Or What is the future of direct marketing in India? Explain. Q8 Case Study: