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Research Question. What is research question?

A question which should be problematic, evocative, Relevant, Researchable, and clear is called research question. Research question has the following characteristics, 1) Research question stimulate the interests of the reviewer.
2) It guides your arguments and inquiry. 3) Research question is the most critical part. 4) Research topic usually involves making a list of

keywords or phrases.

Select Topic Defining Topic Focus on structure

Replications (Repetition) provide us understanding explanation (use as tool).

An electronic mailing list is a good resource to consult when you devising research

Another resource for research topic is a library research.

1) Broad Topic
Initial topic is broad & complex, it prove unmanageable for study.

Select a problem reencounter to your area of study, and a particular interest to you. Testable hypothesis

Disadvantages of Broad topic

Extra hour in library Complicate the organization of the literature review

Difficult to carry out and difficult to interpret.

2) Narrowing the topic.

Researcher makes narrow its scope to implement or complete the stud. Reduce a manageable size.
Quantitative & qualitative researcher narrowed the topic to a more specific (Lengthy topic lead to grief)

3) Specific topic

The word hypothesis is derived from Greek words Hypo means under Tithemi means place Hypothesis is a hunch, assumption, suspicion an idea about a phenomena, relationship, the reality of truth of which one do not know.

A researcher calls these assumption, statement, or hunches hypothesis and they become the basis of an inquiry.

Hypothesis has the following characteristics, 1) A tentative proposition, 2) Unknown Validity, 3) Specific relation between two or more variables.

Hypothesis is a researchers prediction of the research finding. The nature of study determined by hypothesis Hypothesis typical derived from theories or from knowledge gained all hypothesis
are based on theory or previous knowledge.

A good research hypothesis.

A hypothesis should be based on a sound rational and previous research or theory... A good hypothesis provides a reasonable explanation for the predicted outcome. A good hypothesis states as clearly and concisely as possible the expected relation
between variables.

Hypothesis makes the relation easier for reader to understand.

A well stated and well defined hypothesis must also be testable.


1) Inductive hypothesis

Is a generalization based on specific observation? The researcher observe a number of situations


Deductive hypothesis :

It is derived from theory and provides evidence that support expanded or contradicts the theory.

3) Null hypothesis
State that there is no significant relation or difference between variables. As 10th class student who are using interactive multimedia is not significant of those who receive regular instruction

1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) Bringing clarity to the research problem, Provide a study with focus, What data to be collected and what not to be collected, Formulate the theory, Conclude what is true and what is falls Investigate specific area Increase the objectivity of the study.