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The Program Manager II has the overall responsibility for the successful execution of all assigned projects.

Responsibilities Project leadership with teams in multiple locations Emphasis on project planning, controlling, and monitoring for several large projects Controls projects with medium commercial, social, and technical complexity. Ensures implementation of projects in compliance with all related processes to achieve targets (timing, deliverables) and customer satisfaction. Problem solving. Supports the PEI proposal process Authority to form the project team jointly with STLs/SAMs according to the required project resources (capacity, quality and location) Managing the project initialization and planning with special attention to cross location project organization and interface with customer Scope change management via a formal PVR process. Customer Relationship Management during sales and project execution. Facilitate project meetings. Identify new business opportunities on existing projects. Work collaboratively with KAMs on new business opportunities at existing customers Responsible for applying appropriate tools and methods (ProCalc, ProCon, risk management, AI lists, documentation, internal project reporting, etc.) with special attention to cross location information flow Authority and responsibility to define feasible work split for the effective cross location project execution jointly with SAMs/STLs. Authority to prioritize the assigned resources within his / her projects jointly with STLs/SAMs Very proactive in escalating as appropriate to keep timing, and deliverables on track while maintaining customer satisfaction. Authority to initiate steering committee meetings of customer. Execute project wrap up with the dual goal: get customer feedback directly and through Customer Satisfaction Surveys and assess project execution performance. Provide feedback to team members. Execute project reflection meetings with the project team. Contributor to the continuous improvement of processes / Lean. Qualifications Bachelors degree in engineering or related and minimum of 5 years related experience Ability to manage multiple projects with multiple customers. Distinctive customer focus. Excellent people, verbal written communication and relationship building skills. Excellent organizational skills Awareness of and ability to accommodate personality and cultural differences

Demonstrated ability to manage projects with a high level of content, technical, and social complexity (stress resistant). High competence with MS Word, Excel, PPT, and Project