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Numberthatcleansandpurifies. Thenumber 13bringsthe test,thesufferingandthedeath.

. It symbolizes the death to the matter ortooneself and the birth to the spirit: the passage on a higher level of existence. Itis the elementoftoo,thatwhichmakespassfromacycle to anotherwithwhatthischangeimpliesofanxietiesbythe arrivalofanewunknowncycle. Ifwe represent12under the form of theZodiac,13=12+1is the number of theeternal return. The 13th hour is also the first,justlikethe25thorthe37th. The thirteenth mystery of theTarot doesnot have a name. It marks the uncertainty, the hesitation, the fickleness or again a transformation, the end of something (the death) and a renewal, a rupture, that is to say a very important change. The 13 is the number of skies for the Aztecs, andthe hair of the Ancient of Days had thirteen buckles and his beard thirteenwicks.The ancient Mexico divided also the timein cycles of 52 years divided themselves in four periods of thirteen years. They had also a week of thirteen days. Thirteen was also, for the Aztecs, a time number, which representedthecompletionofthetemporalseries. Numberinrelation with themoon:itcoversontheaverage thirteendegreesperdayandtherearethirteenlunationsin theyear. The Creation would be divided into thirteen dimensions

andlevels: inthe firstdimension,thereare13levelsinthe second dimension, there are 12 levels in the third dimension, there are 10 levels. And so on until the thirteenth dimension, which is the dimension of theportal, which is the Dimension of the Christ. And there, there is onelevel. The Sumerian used a zodiac including 13 constellations and26mainstars. ThethirteencordsoftheharpinJapan. The thirteen gates of the human body of the woman: 2 eyes,2 ears, 2 nostrils, the mouth,2breasts,thenavel,the anus,theurethraandthevagina. In none of the most modern American buildings there is a 13th floor or bedroomnumber 13.They hasalsotaken the practice to prescribe the number 13 of the numbering in somestreets. Nomore 13 also for some airlinesand tothe automotiveracedeparture. TheApollo13 capsule of theNASAistheonlyApollonotto have succeeded to landonthe Moon. This mission, which proceeded from the 11 to April 17, 1970, was already at midway of the Moon when an explosion occurred in an oxygen tank and paralyzed a part of instruments. The capsule had then to return on the Earth as soon as possible. The relationship between the volume of the Earth and that of the Sun is approximately 13 timesa power of 10,that is tosay1/(13.01x10E5)tobeprecise.

The card deck includes 13 hearts, 13 spades,13squares, 13clovers. Weightofthesoulinounce. Thenumber 13would beinacertainmannerincorrelation with our Earth planet which is called in Hebrew Eretz and thatiswritten aleph, resh andtzade.The letter tzadeputat theend of awordhasnot90but900asvalue.Thenumeral value gives therefore 1+200+900=1101. This number, interpreted in the mathematical base two (binary) is equivalenttothenumber13inthedecimalbase. The numerical value of the Hebrew word BEV, meaning chaos,gives13. The number 13 is used 28 times in the OT and it is never usedintheNT. NumberrepresentingtheSonofGod,accordingtoAbellio. Number 13 is made up of the attributes and energies of the numbers 1 and 3. Number 1 brings it vibrations of new beginnings, striving forward, motivation and progress, attainment andfulfilment,uniqueness and individuality. Number 3 relates to optimism and enthusiasm, communication and selfexpression,inspirationand creativity,expansionandgrowth,manifestingandmanifestation. Number 3 also relates to the Ascended Masters. Number 13 is thenumberoftraditions,hardwork, organisation and right judgement. The Number 13 is also a

femininenumberandsuggeststhatyoutapintoyourintuition. HaShem=sjtEchad(One)

The gematria of echad is 1= thirteen: 8= 4= Total:13

Not only does echad=13, but the Hebrew word ahava (love) also has a numerical value of thirteen, as expressed verbally in the Nazarean Codicil: 1 Yochanan (John) 4:8 He that loveth not knoweth not HaShem forHaShemislove. Chazal teach that if two words have the same numeric value, then the essential meaning of the two words is the same. The above pasuk from the NazareanCodicil[4]givesusanotherveryimportantrelationship: HaShemisAhavah(Love) The gematria of ahavah is 1= thirteen: 5= 2= 5= Total:13

Thuswelearnthat: HaShemisechad(one) Echad(one)isahavah(love) HaShemisahavah(love) It follows, therefore, that we become one with HaShem, when we love Him and we love what He has created. Love means unification with the object of our love, and unification with HaShem means a unified heart in belief and devotion. Thus we see that HaShemequalsthirteen.Thereforethe meaningofthirteen istheonenessandloveofHaShem. CodesoftheNewEarththroughsacrednumbersequences 1333333representthenewearth,goldenageofGaiathroughthe sacredheartandtheChristedfemalethereturnoftheGoddess, ShekinahandSophia,thesacreddivinefeminine. Itisdivinelypowerfulwhenyouseethesecombinationsof1333 togetherand333eachonecomingtoyouthroughoutyourday. Togethertheyaretellingthatyouareasacredwayshower,a frequencyholderofthenewearth,thatcellularrejuvenationofyour lightcodesistakingplace. 13wasthesacrednumberoftheancientEgyptians,partofthe sacredgeometryofCreationtoactivatetheirsacredlightbody. TheMayans,manyNativeAmericans,Lemurians,Atlanteanand

ancientsacredculturesusedtheholycodefrequencyof13. Theturtlerepresentstheprimordialgoddessof13manyturtles have13segmentsontheirshells. 13hasasecretdivinepowerandesotericfrequencyoftheMother essencetotransformallthings.Inthepast,the13numbervibration wasoneoffear.Asthepowereliteofthetimewantedtosteeryou awayfromitstruedirectconnectionwithsourcecreation.Itiswhy theydistortedthetruthcreatinginstantfrightaround13. Yourindigenousandancientculturesusedadifferentsystemof timeandcommunionwiththecosmos,lifeandSpiritthatwasmore intunetothenaturalrhythmsofCreationandheartbeatofGaia. Thisholywayofbalanceisreturningthroughthegreatshiftofthe ages.The13vibrationisapartoftheholyalignmentandhealing. 13 and its connection with femininity In ancient cultures, the number 13 represented femininity, because it corresponded to the number of lunar (menstrual) cycles in a year (13 x 28 = 364 days). The theory is that, as the solar calendar triumphed over the lunar, the number thirteen became anathema. The Mystical Origin Of Number 13 1) six chakras and their dual counterparts plus the singular Sahasraara( Crown chakra) together make up 13 chakras for Man .

(Except for the Sahasraara, all the other six chakras are under the influence of duality, since the Pingala and Ida traverses them. Therefore each of these six chakras have a dual counterpart. Positive and negative aspects or female and male aspects.) 6+6+1 =13 . 3 lower chakras * 2 (duality) = 6 + 3 upper chakras * 2 (duality) = 6 + 1 Crown Chakra = 13, Ascension

2) The Number of participants at the last supper was 13( 12 + 1 ) . Jesus ascended to heaven when total participants become 13 . It is

important to note that in the famous painting by Da vinci it is represented as 6 participants on each side of jesus . So 6+6+1 = 13. The participants on each side of Jesus are also represented as groups of 3 3 apostles * 2 groups left side = 6 + 3 apostles * 2 groups right side = 6 + Jesus Christ = 13, Ascension

( The story of Jesus in the Bible is a metaphor , not the actual story . The actual story of the man named Emmanuel is not what the bible teaches. The representation in Bible is clearly a representation of the Kundalini System , Jesus represents a spiritually evolved conscious being .The spiritual meaning in bible also represents Jesus

as representation to earth and the incidents as the incidents that are going to occur to planet Earth and Jesus ascension represents Earths planetary ascension 5th dimension on 2012 (or 2034 , depends on collective consciousness of humanity.) 3) The mystical Metatrons Cube of Judaism has 13 circles.( Metatron is The Most highs mediator with man . Meaning he is in Higher realm). One central circle , 6 inner circles , 6 outer circles . 6+6+1 = 13

4 ) There are 13 special gifts came out of the ocean of milk(Palazhi) in Hindu purana.( Actually 14 gifts , Danwandari with The nectar of immortality ( Amruthu ) came together , so taken together total 13 gifts. Amruthu will give immortality , ascension to devic realm) ( The stories in all ancient texts may or may not be real incidents , but they have a spiritual meaning. It is important to understand the spiritual meaning rather than blindly following the story . 13 is the representation of immortality, transition to higher state of consciousness or realm or the ascension to 5th dimension)

5) Time is divided by 13 actually . 12 divisions in an analog watch plus the 13th division is the current moment represented by hour hand which moves through 12 divisions. The hour hand represents time moving cyclically and uniting them . It is also important to note that it is 6 counterparts on diametrically opposite. ie , 12 & 6 , 7 & 1, 8 & 2 etc similar to duality of Pingala and Ida. 6 *2 + 1 = 13 divisions of time

6) 12 months in an year in normal calender and earth moving through these 12 months unites them and represents the cyclic nature( There are totally 13 months in older days including Hindu lunar calender , mayan calander etc. It is the pope who removed the 13 calender system, since 13 is considerd bad)

7) There are 13 principal Upanishads in the extended canon of Hinduism. 8) In Hinduism Shiva is the lord of the 13th Jyotirlinga.

9) Including Judas Iscariot and Matthias , there were 13 apostles. 10) There are actually 13 constellations of Zodiac.12 constellations plus one hidden constellation Ophiuchus termed as the serpent bearer.

11) 13 has great significance in Tibetan and Mongolian cultures. 12) For the Mayans 13 has great significance. They divided time in

13 . There are 13 mayan numbers. 13) Mathmatically 13 is the 7th fibonacci number , sixth prime , second star number. 14) According to prophecy of popes the final pope " Petrus Romanus " has 13 letters. 15) The seal of USA ( All seeing Eye ) has 13 steps . The mottos found on the great seal of United States " E pluribus unum " and " Annuit Coeptis " both have 13 letters . The seal of USA has 13 stripes , 13 olive leaves , 13 arrows and 13 stars which make up the star of David.

16) There are 13 levels above the 33rd degree of freemasonry.

Manysecretsocietiesaroundtheworldalsohavethe13bug,such astheIlluminatiwhobelievethisnumberisuniqueandthemost correctnumberofall.TheIlluminatiisalsosaidtoberunby13 families.Weseethesametypeofassociationforthenumberwith Freemasonryaswell,whichhasclosetiestotheIlluminati.The SistersoftheDivineGoddesswhoareanothersecretsocietyin Britainalsobelievethisnumbertobeverysacredandtheultimate numberoftheALL.ThehighestorderofKnightsinBritainis anotherorganisationassociatedwiththisnumberalongwith variousothergroups. Inancienthistoriesthisnumberisfoundinitsoriginalformofbeing thespecialsacrednumberoftheentireuniverse.Example:In Egyptianmythologythereare13stepsontheladderthatleadsto eternity.Therearemanymythsaroundtheworldthatshowthetrue meaningofthenumber,howevermostofthesearereworkedby otherstoshowadifferentnumber,ratherthanthetrueone,for instancethenumber12.Youcanseethisinthingssuchasthe12 ApostlesyettheyforgetthatJesusmakes13. Itisinterestingtoseehowmanyreligionstrytoturnthisnumber intosomethingbad,whenitreallyisnt.Theycitethingssuchasthe 13titlesoftheAntiChristintheNewTestamentorthatinthe Kabalahitsaysthereare13SpiritsofEvil.Yettheyalsohavein JudaismthebeliefthatthenumbermeansLOVE.Theywillalso pursuethelinethatitmeansDEATHtodiscourageyoufromthe truth. Sowhathaveyoulearntfromtheaboveaboutthetruenatureofthe number? 1.ThatitisasacrednumbermeaningDeathandRebirthPlease

notereincarnationhas13letters. 2.ItalsomeanstheBeginningandtheEndTheAlphaandOmega. 3.ItisthetruesignofSacredandSecretKnowledge. 4.ThenumberalsomeansLove,SacredSexualityandtheMother Goddess. 5.ThatitisthenumberforCompletionandPerfection. 6.ThetruenumberofTheMostHigh.TheuniversalAllSeeing,All Knowing. 7YesitisassociatedwiththeDevilandbadthings,howeverthe Devilandbadthingsareassociatedwithanyancientandold knowledge.ThiswashowtheChristianchurchportrayedthat,what theydidnotlikeorsawasheretical,duetothetruthwithinit. The letter M is the 13th letter of the alphabet and falls dead center in it (with the letter "N.") while it may be true that there are 12 zodiac signs, many feel there are actually 13. The left out, or discarded sign of the zodiac, is Ophiuchus, also known as Serpentarius. In our constellations, this sign is shown as a serpent and a serpent-bearer. (In reality, this sign is not the 13thsign, but rather the 10th, falling in between the signs of Scorpio and Sagittarius.) The sign itself is considered to be of healing power, and is often associated with Kundalini.

In Kundalini there is thought to be 7 chakras, but many believe the new awareness of Kundalini initiation is changing this system to include 13 chakras. The number 13 in tarot is representative of death, but what many fail to recognize is that this card is representative of a spiritual death, and therefore a spiritual rebirth, which is essentially what Kundalini is. Thirteen is also known as "day of the snake" in the Mayan calendar, again representing the serpent power that is Kundalini. So the 12 signs of the zodiac could be viewed as a wheel that falls under a higher, 13th being, which (like Christ and many deities,) has disappeared yet one day will return. (In addition, the moon travels 13 degrees in one day, and many women's menstrual cycles occur around day 13 of the month.) Others feel the number 13 is representative of a vibration frequency, which falls directly on the borderline between the 3rd and 4th dimensions; the 4th dimension is thought to be where truth lies, or what is known beyond the reality of the 3rd dimension. The letter "M" itself is considered a key symbol in Gnosis, although sources are unknown. Some suggest that the prostate level of all humans (where our sexual organs are,) is thought to vibrate when the letter "M" is pronounced; one closes their lips to make the "mmm" sound or to pronounce the letter M.

Gnosis is also associated with alchemy, or Magic (the Mysteries.) Furthermore, many believe that in mainstream religion, Mary Magdalene was cast out due to her importance as a female figure. In Da Vinci's painting of The Last Supper, one can see negative space around the figures in the center (one of them being the controversial Mary Magdalene,) and this negative space is in the shape of an M. Other important words in Gnosis are "Matrimony," "Mantra," "Master," "Meditation," "Mercury," "Messiah" and "Mystic." In addition, the letter M has 5 points, just as a star; the pentagram is significant in Gnosis as representative of the Goddess. Human beings are essentially shaped like a star, our five points being the head, two arms and two legs; even our face is shaped like an M, with the two upper points being eyes, the lower points being the corners of our mouths and the middle point being our nose. (We also have 5 senses.) So if the number 13 is considered a number of truth and enlightenment, why is it portrayed so negatively in our culture? Furthermore, since "M" and the number 13 are related, why is the letter "M" often associated with negative events, figures and symbols?

For example, "M" is used in plenty of advertisements for things meant to dumb us down, such as McDonalds (junk food,) which is represented by a huge M-shaped arch, or MTV (which is everything BUT music.) Whether or not you enjoy Disney movies, I also do not feel it was a mistake in making Mickey Mouse the main character. The word "murder" in our language holds huge significance, and is often associated/viewed with figures and celebrities, such as Charles Manson, Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn Manson...even Michael Myers; the murderer in "Halloween." In simple terms, "M" can be representative of Man, especially since our culture for centuries has been masculine (of course, when you reverse M, you get a W...again emphasizing the Gnostic view on androgyny and fullness when Man and Woman combine.) In the Old World Order (or what some call the Illuminati,) there are thought to be 13 royal bloodlines.