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1. which term is synonymous with Gregorian chang? Plainsong 2.

the ordinary of the mass refers to the five sung portions of the mass for which the texts are invariable. 3which statement does not apply to gregoran chant? It is sung in triple meter 4Which composer wrote a famous mass in honor of the vergin mary? Machaut 5What is the correct definition of mellsmatic singing? singing many notes to just one syllable of text 6Rubor sanguinis and a chanter mer are both examples of Gregorian chant. false 7Which response describes the singing style of the listening example? Mellsmatic 8Identify the incorrect statement about the messe de nostre dame. Composed by hilldegard of Benign for performance during Christmas Mass 9Altough Hilldegard of blngen was married to Count William of poltlers, she loved the troubadour ralmbaut dOrange, for whom she composed numerous chansons false 10In the Kyrie of the Messe de nostre dame, massages of chant alternate with sections of polyphony. true 11identify the one true statement about a chanter mer t the song as no clearly articulated meter or rhythm, but is sung in notes of more or less equal length 12which genre of music permitted men and women to sing together? madrigal 13identify the incorrect statement concerning as vesta was from latmos hill decending NOT the text includes an eclectic mixture of images 14Which statement is not true concerning the renaissance motet? Sung in the vernacular language of the country of composition 15Identify the incorrect statement concerning the madrigal could be sung by a group of men or women, but never by a mixed group 16The correct definition for acapella is: unaccompanied vocal music 17Which statement accurately defines the motet? A composition for choir setting a religious, devotional, or solemn text 18 the madrlgal is best described as: a popular genre of secular vocal music, originating in Itly, in which four or five coices sing love poems 19Identify the correct definition for word painting? the process of depicting the text in music, be it subtly, overtly, or even jokingly, by means of expressive musical devices. 20 which statement does not apply to the concept of humanism?

Humans are the condult for gifts decending from heaven 21Imitation is best defined as: the process by which one or more musical voices, or parts, enter and duplicate exactly for a period of time the music presented by the previous voice 22What was the purpose of the council of trent? To consider reforms for the roman catholic church 23Identify the statement about Josquin that is incorrect employed at various times by Philip the good, duke of burgundy