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A. Print the following 9 pages.
B. Sign bottom page 7, 8 and 9.
C. Staple 6 and 7 together.
D. On page 7, highlight in yellow the title "Non-Small Business Sub..."
E. Bundle pages 2 through 8 and submit with your bid package.
(Caltrans Projects Only) Include page 9 and be sure to fill out item # and your known vendor

2. Paving Net's DVBE and SBE certificate (Must be submitted with bid documents)

3. STD 840

4. STD 843

5. Attachment D (CalTrans)

6. Non-SBE 5% bid-advantage 'How It Works'

7. Non-SBE 5% bid-advantage Preference Request form

8. (DVBE) Subcontractor Agreement

9. For CALTRANS bids only.

The top qualifies your bid for the Non-SBE bid advantage. (optional)
The bottom is mandatory to pass Caltrans Civil Rights.
Fill in your vendor prices as 'Partial' part of a line item.

Should you also do a good-faith effort documentation?

Yes. If a DVBE listed for goal attainment is disqualified and the removal results in not
meeting the advertised goal, failure to complete and provide the "good faith effort"
documentation form will result in an automatic rejection of the bid. Some examples of
disqualification are: DVBE prime contractor was not certified by the solicitation due date: (b)
DVBE prime contractor was not certified by the solicitation due date; or (c) the
bidder/proposer made a mathematical error resulting in failure to meet the goal. (d) awarding
department can be unpredictable and they may not know about bid advantage laws.

Where do you find Good-Faith Effort Documentation for your bid package?
Go to
Print and submit the Fax Order Form (top right / home page)
T: 800-599-6996 | F: 562-439-1398 | 11 S. Termino Ave., Suite 214, Long Beach, CA 90803 |
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Licenses: A | B | C8 | C10 | C12 | C20 | C31 | C32 | C50 | C61

Date: March 14, 2009

To Prime Contractor: new guy from USA
new guy from USA will utilize Paving Net Contractor and Supply for project known as:

some new project

Project/Bid Number: some new number

Bidding date: 03/15/2009 Bidding time: 02:00PM

Contact: asd asdf Fax Tel (898) 898-8989
Awarding Department (Owner): owner dept

03 - 14 - 2009

Payment Terms: new guy from USA agrees to make prompt

payment to Paving Net for all construction supply within 25 days of purchase date.
new guy from USA agrees to this payment schedule without exception.
Paving Net's relationship with Vendors depends on prompt payment and asks its
clients to not utilize Paving Net if cash flow terms are not possible.

T: 800-599-6996 | F: 562-439-1398 | 11 S. Termino Ave., Suite 214, Long Beach, CA 90803 |
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new guy from USA

some new project some new number

Construction materials with inspection 13%

new guy from USA Page 4 of 9

Construction materials with inspection

some new project some
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new guy from USA

some new project some new number

March 14, 2009

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Paving Net will provide Construction materials with inspection

new guy from USA

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* fill out 2, 4, 5, date/sign
(DVBE) Subcontractor Agreement


This Agreement is entered into by Contractor new guy from USA,

hereinafter referred to as Bidder, and DVBE subcontractor: Paving Net Contractor & Supply,
hereinafter referred to as Subcontractor, on: March 14, 2009, consisting of the following conditions:

1. Bidder has bid or intends to bid on a solicitation issued by the State of California,
owner dept , hereinafter referred to as OWNER. THE OWNER will enter
into an Agreement (the primary agreement) with the Bidder if the Bidder is awarded the contract.

2. Bidder has proposed the Subcontractor as a DVBE subcontractor in the bid; and
Bidder intends to employ the subcontractor to perform certain work or services under the primary
agreement if the Bidder is awarded the contract.

3. Subcontractor intends to provide certain work or services or products/goods under the primary
agreement if the primary agreement is awarded to the Bidder.

The State requires the Bidder to provide, prior to the contract award, a written agreement signed by the Bidder and each
DVBE subcontrator proposed by the Bidder in the bid proposal submitted to the State, to include certain terms and
conditions specified below. These written agreements shall become null and void if the Bidder is not awarded a contract
as result of this bid invitation.

Bidder and the Subcontractor agree that, in the event the OWNER awards the primary agreement to the Bidder, the
Bidder will employ the Subcontractor to provide goods and/or services in accordance with the following terms and

1. The term of this Agreement is: Duration of the contract

2. * The parties estimate that the goods and/or services will be provided/performed by the
Subcontractor commencing _________________________ and completed by _________________________
3. The rate and conditions and payment by the Bidder to the Subcontractor are:
Invoice, net 30

4. * The MINIMUM total amount to be paid by the Bidder to the Subcontractor is: _________________________
5. * The percentage of the entire primary contract to be awarded to the Subcontractor is: _________________________

6. DVBE scope of work and description of the services and/or goods to be performed/supplied
the Subcontractor: Construction materials with inspection

This Agreement has been executed by the parties identified below:

new guy from USA


new guy from USA

Phone: (898) 898-8989

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new guy from USA request to owner dept

Request for non-small business subcontractor preference subcontractor preference

Non-Small Business Subcontrator Preference:

The undersigned hereby requests non-small business subcontractor preference and notifies the awarding department that
it commits to subcontract at least 25 percent of its bid amount with one or more firms that meet the requirements of
Section 1896(1), Title 2, of the California Code of Regulations, and such firms are certified as "Small Business" at the
time and day of bid opening or have applied for certification and are subsequently certified by the Department of General

Date: _________________ Name (print) ___________________________________

Federal Tax Identification Number: ____________________ Signature of Bidder _____________________

Price Quote

For Project: some new project

To: new guy from USA Fax:

Tel: (898) 898-8989

Line Item: # ____________________

example: 100 cubic yds, 3500 psi with ash mix #SC564B33
Unit Price : $ __________________

Line Item: # ____________________

Unit Price : $ __________________

Line Item: # ____________________

Unit Price : $ __________________

T: 800-599-6996 | F: 562-439-1398 | 11 S. Termino Ave., Suite 214, Long Beach, CA 90803 |