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PRACTICAL TEACHING LESSON PLAN School Name Subject Class/Semester Competency Standard Base Competency Indicators : SMAT Madinatunnajah

Pabedilan : English : XI/II : Understanding simple essay of Exposition form : Responding simple essay of Hortatory Exposition accurately. : Identifying the information of text. Text Type Theme Aspect/SKill Duration Identifying the structure of text. Identifying the purpose of text.

: Hortatory Exposition : Should ads be banned from TV Programs? : Reading : 2 x 45 minutes

1. The Purposes of Teaching At the end of teaching, students able: a. To identify the information from letter. b. To identify the message of letter. c. To identify the form of Hortatory Exposition. 2. Teaching Material a. Reading Practice Text Script on page 197 (Look Ahead 2, Erlangga) b. Key Words complain, ads, banned, a number of reasons, nuisance, influence, encourage, afford, play role, attract, interrupt. c. Text Structure Title Thesis Arguments Recommendation

3. Teaching Method Approach : Sharing and explanation Strategy Method : Discussion : Giving an assignment

4. Technique Phases A. Pre-Activity (7 minutes)

The teacher motivates the students. The teacher explains the importancy of the material.

The teacher explains the importancy of the material and the competency have to be achieved by students. The teacher prepares the students. B. While-Activity (60 minutes) Exploration The students are involved to give their opinion about the topic Should Ads be Banned fro TV Programs?. The students pay attention to teacher explanation about the information in the text Should Ads be Banned fro TV Programs?. The students read the text Should Ads be Banned fro TV Programs?. The students pay attention to teacher explanation about the structure of the text Should Ads be Banned fro TV Programs?. Elaboration The students do the assignment given. Some students asked to give their commentary. Confirmation The teacher gives the students chance to ask about the topic. The teacher gives extra information about the topic. C. Post-Activity (5 minutes) Summarizing the material 5. Evaluation 1. Duration 2. Essay (written test) 3. Minimum Grade Criteria

: 18 minutes : 5 numbers :6 Question Type Essays Number 1 2

Competency Indicators a. Identifying the information from text. 1.

Instruments Who wrote this letter to the editor? 2. Who is the letter adressed to? 3. What is the purpose of the writer sending this letter? 4. How

Test Indicators To identify the sender of the letter To identify the addressed people To identify the purpose/messag e of letter


Identifying the purpose/message of text.

many reasons did she mention to support her arguments? 5 c. Identifying the form of text. 5. What do you call this text? To identify the structure of text

4. Direction of evaluation mark Essay Correct answer, correct structure Correct answer, wrong structure Wrong answer, wrong structure No answer Score 2 1 0 0

6. Resources a. Text Book (M. Sudarwati & Eudia Grace, Look Ahead 2 Erlangga, page 197) b. c. d. Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary Signature Guardian teacher, Practician teacher,

Lia Silvia Dewi, S.Pd.I Guardian Lecturer,

Abdul Aziz

Johari, M.Pd