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Vol. 131 No.

13 Friday, June 7, 2013
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Local winners at Westman Tourism Awards

he Minnedosa 100th
Grey Cup Tour Train
Committee, Tilson Place
Bed and Breakfast and
Strathclair Drama Club
were each recognized for
their ef orts in boosting
local tourism ealier this
week. Te three were win-
ners in their respective
categories at the Tourism
Westman Tribute to Tour-
ism Awards Gala held at
Brandons Royal Oak Inn.
Te local Grey Cup
Tour Train Committee
captured the Partnership
Award for their eforts in
pulling together a success-
ful day which attracted
1,400 visitors to Minnedo-
sa to witness this once in a
lifetime opportunity. With
only a small budget to
work with, the committee
formed more than 21 part-
nerships to make the day
happen. Minnedosa was
one of only three stops for
the train in Manitoba and
the only stop in Westman.
In the Service Ex-
cellence Category, two
Minnedosa accomoda-
tions were nominated; Te
Gateway Motel and Til-
son Place Bed and Break-
fast. As there can only be
one winner per category,
Tilson Place was recog-
nized. Since purchasing
Minnedosas historic cas-
tle in 1999, Darrell and Pat
Graham have gone the ex-
tra mile to provide guests
with a most enjoyable ex-
perience while staying at
their Bed and Breakfast
and visiting local busi-
nesses and attractions. Ac-
comodating their guests,
the Grahams ofer pick-up
and drop-of service to and
from the local bus depot.
One of Westmans
most popular events is the
annual musical production
put on by the Strathclair
Drama Club. Te popular-
ity of these productions re-
sulted in a Tribute to Tour-
ism Award in the Event of
the Year category.
Starting with its f rst
production back in 1982,
the Strathclair Drama
Club has performed 31
musical productions. Over
900 individuals have been
involved with the Drama
Club in one way or anoth-
er and there have been a
total of 166 performances
with ticket sales over the
years totalling 54,250 seats.
Tis is an amazing feat for
a drama club located in a
small rural community.
Each year, the production
draws an audience from
near and far with some
travelling from neighbour-
ing Saskatchewan to enjoy
the amazing talents of ac-
tors, singers, musicians
and dancers involved in
the drama club.
Tis year marks the
tenth anniversary of
the Tribute to Tourism
Awards. Awards are pre-
sented annually in seven
categories. Tis year, 20
nominations were re-
Local winners at the 2013 Tribute to Tourism Awards included Te Minnedosa
100th Grey Cup Tour Train Committee (main top), Tilson Place Bed and Breakfast (bottom left)
and Strathclair Drama Club (bottom right).
Photos by Darryl Holyk
2 Te Minnedosa Tribune Friday, J une 7, 2013
Look Whats Cookin
For Fathers Day
Let us cater to
Dad on his
Special day with
a meal he`ll love.
1UNE 16, 2013
4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Roast Turkey & Ham,
Dressing, Vegetables,
Perogies, Potatoes,
Dessert, Coffee & 1uice
Located on Highway #1
For 1ake-Out Call 24-87-219
Enjoy BBQed Ribs
at Uncle Tom`s.
Uncle Tom`s
ithin the Town of Minnedosas 2013 Financial
Plan, municipal leaders have designated a total of
$42,367 in grants to local organizations.
Te single largest grant being given by the Town this
year is $17,000 to Minnedosa District Museum and Heri-
tage Village Corp. Te Tanners Crossing School play-
ground project will receive $5,000 from the Town with
$4,000 going to Minnedosa Minor Baseball. Services to
Seniors will receive $3,500 and $3,000 is being allotted
for Minnedosas annual Canada Day celebration to kick
of July.
Two contributions of $2,000 have been approved;
one for the Rivers Edge Recreation Park project and the
other for Rockin the Fields of Minnedosa. Communities
in Bloom has been approved for $1,500 in support with
Westman Communications Group Access 12 channel re-
ceiving $1,000.
In honour of its 100th anniversary celebration, the
Clanwilliam Curling Club was approved for $600 in f-
nancial support. Four $500 contributions will be handed
out to the following recipients: Minnedosa Grain Grow-
ing Project, Chamber of Commerce Santa Day, Junior
Achievement and the Childrens Fall Harvest Festival.
Manitoba Crime Stoppers will receive $267 in f nan-
cial support with Kidsport and the Minnedosa Horticul-
tural Society each receiving $200. Te f nal $100 of this
years grants to organizations will be given to the Rolling
River Festival of the Arts.
Each fall, the Town opens the application period for
local groups to submit requests for funding in the follow-
ing year.
uring the May 31st
graduation exercises
of Brandon University, 558
students received their de-
grees. Among the awards
presented to faculty and
alumni was a Lifetime
Achievement Honour to
William (Bill) Hillman.
Bill, who has roots in
the Strathclair-Newdale
area, enrolled in the BSc
program at Brandon Col-
lege in 1961. Shortly after
moving into the Mens
Residence, he gave his frst
musical performance in
the city on a fatbed foat
during the Brandon Col-
lege Freshie Parade. Tis
was the beginning of a
musical journey which has
lasted for over 50 years.
Bill and his wife
Sue-On have performed
for countless audiences
throughout the world earn-
ing the couple the 1979
Manitoba Music Enter-
tainers of the Year Award
for Country Music. Teir
musical repertoire includ-
ed rock n roll, country,
big band, folk, western, old
time, rock, bluegrass, pop,
gospel, Cajun as well as
original music.
Bill graduated with
a Silver Medal and a BSc
degree in geography and
later became the frst Ca-
nadian student to earn an
MEd at BU in 1991. While
teaching with the Faculty
of Education, he worked
with former BU professor
John Tyman to compile
the massive online Cul-
tures in Context resource,
featuring thousands of no-
tated photos .
Bill has volunteered
countless hours to orga-
nizations including the
Commonwealth Air Train-
ing Plan Museum, XII
Manitoba Dragoons, Bran-
don Mental Health Centre,
Westman Chinese Asso-
ciation, as well as events
for First Nations, music,
culture and education.
In 2011, Bill retired as
an Assistant Professor with
the Brandon University
Faculty of Education.
Lifetime Achievement Award for Hillman
Bill Hillman is presented a Lifetime Achievement Award from
Brandon University President Deborah Pof.
Photo submitted
Town designates $42,000
to local organizations
of canola
n Tuesday, May
28th, local RCMP
received notice that a
theft of 2,000 bushels of
Canola had occurred.
Police warn us that
while thefts like these
do not happen very
often, they do happen
occasionally. Te theft
occurred from a farm
southeast of Minnedosa
in the R.M. of Odanah.
Tey request that
you report any suspi-
cious behaviour in your
area. If anyone has any
information on this
theft please contact
Minnedosa RCMP at
Ag Appreciation B.B.Q.
Wednesday, June 12th
11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
in the
Heritage Co-op Food Market
Parking Lot
Leanne Rowat, MLA
Minnedosa Pharmacy
Minnedosa Insurance
The Pepsi Beverage Company
Minnedosa Tribune
Town of Minnedosa
Johns Tax Service
RBC Royal Bank
BDO Canada LLP
Schimmels Olde Style Bakery
Investors Group
Minnedosa Credit Union
Heritage Co-op
R.M. of Odanah
R.M. of Minto
Integra Tire
Sims & Co.
Parkline Automotive
Alexander Jackson Law O ce
Morris Industries
MB Canola Growers Association
3 Te Minnedosa Tribune Friday, J une 7, 2013
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88808 l0 0800l`8 000lfl08lI
Leonas Studio of Image
Over 12 years experience in the construction industry

he Elphinstone Com-
munity Hall was alive
with people on Saturday,
May 25th. Tis was due to
an event entitled Cutting
My Hair for Kidney Care.
Over 50 people came to see
Anita Hart shave her hair
for the Brandon Regional
Health Centre Foundation.
In January, RCMP of-
fcer Anita Hart was diag-
nosed with Small Vessel
Vasculitis, which is an in-
fammation of the arter-
ies. Tis infammation has
lead to stage one Chronic
Kidney Disease. I am now
taking chemo drugs to get
my kidneys to slow down.
Te drugs are telling my
kidneys, Whoa, chilax
dudes, you dont need
to work so hard! Anita
laughs. When her hair be-
gan to fall out, she knew
she was just going to cut
it all of, but then a friend
suggested, Why dont you
make it into a fundraiser?
It was all very spur
of the moment! she said,
But it was a good day and
very nice to see everyone.
A hairdresser from Chat-
ters Salon in Brandon took
the day of and came to El-
phinstone to do the shav-
ing. Four of Anitas co-
workers also volunteered
to come down and be
shaved. To lose your hair,
however fat and thin,
is disturbing. It is how
people identify you and I
wouldnt ask someone to
shave theirs of, Anita be-
gan. Tey left her until the
end, shaving of the other
male RCMP of cers frst.
For the guys, it was noth-
ing new to them. I had to
wait to the end and I was
really nervous, but now I
know I can rock the bald.
An Epicure specialist
also came to Elphinstone
and put out many prod-
ucts for display. She held
a draw for two baskets of
Epicure products and ac-
cepted orders with the
proceeds also going to-
wards the Brandon Hospi-
tal Foundation. Her eforts
totaled in $106. Te El-
phinstone Lions Club also
played a role in the event,
organizing the Communi-
ty Hall and selling drinks
and snacks.
Proceeds from the
event went to the Brandon
Regional Health Centre
Foundation. Te founda-
tion is an independent,
non-proft organization
that raises funds to be able
to support the healthcare
needs of their patients that
are not funded by the gov-
ernment. Anita was able
to raise $4,783.00 with
more to come. My origi-
nal goal was $1,000.00!
Im very excited because
I have exceeded all my
expectations by leaps and
Te support that I
received was amazing,
and the help that I had at
the Brandon Hospital was
amazing. Looking on the
positive side of things, she
told me, It is all part of
the adventure. I can still
do things on my own and
dont need someone to
live in with me. Te only
complaint I have is how
cold it is without my hair!
RCMP of cer makes a bald statement
(L-R): Karen Chrest from the Brandon
Regional Health Authority and Anita Hart
after the head shave fundraiser.
Over $4,000 raised for BRHC Foundation
Photo submitted
own Council met for a special meet-
ing during its regular Committee of
the Whole meeting on Tuesday, May
28th. May Orr presided with councillors
MacDowall, Skatch, Saler, Wedgewood
and Taylor in attendance. Councillor
Luker was absent.
Te meeting opened with a pub-
lic hearing in regards to a variation
order applied for by Jef and Candace
Chemerika. Te application was to re-
duce the minimum side yard require-
ment from the required 15 feet to only
fve feet to allow for the development of
a new home on a vacant lot at the south
end of Main Street. With no objections
to this request, Council passed the vari-
ation order as applied for.
Council also passed a resolution
to confrm its intent to proceed with an
independent feasibility study for the
Minnedosa Regional Events Centre in
accordance with provincial require-
ments. Council also confrmed that as
of February 28th, 2013, the ARENA Re-
serve Fund had a balance of $733,929
and that monies from the reserve will
be utilized to fund the Towns portion
of the study. Te resolution also states
that the reserve fund began in 2009 with
an initial allotment of $200,000 and as
followed by an ongoing annual levy of
$300,000 the following year. Council is
committed to an annual levy to the fund
until MREC is either being constructed
or the project completed.
Town Council notes
4 Te Minnedosa Tribune Friday, J une 7, 2013
Darryl A. Holyk - Publisher & Editor-
Letters to the Editor
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Dear Editor,
hile I may enjoy Robert Marks often critical but
interesting remarks to this paper, I do take issue
with his most recent criticism of the Minnedosa Golf
Course (Letters to the Editor, May 31st issue). His main
concern is the source of payment of the $30,000.00 ex-
penditure needed for irrigation purposes at the golf
course. Firstly, without going into details, the funds will
not directly be used for irrigation of the golf course, but
more for ef uent treatment as Mr. Marks acknowledges,
although the Club will beneft from the excess clean wa-
ter. Whether or not the funds come out of the utility ac-
count or the general account of the Town, as raised by
him, is not the issue. But rather, Mr. Marks overall view
seems to be one of either the golf club pay the cost, or
let the course go under if it cannot operate as any other
business venture must do.
His letter seems to indicate that he is unaware of
the fnancial status of the golf course. For one thing, he
compares the assessment of the course against the as-
sessment of the golf course at Neepawa, which is like
comparing apples and oranges as one and the same.
Te Neepawa course may indeed be taxed on its full,
or nearly full, assessed value, but it is a privately owned
course, whereas Minnedosa Golf Course is located on
Town owned land, and therefore this is refected in the
assessment for tax purposes. Taxes are imposed on a
reduced mill rate in recognition of the recreational pur-
poses of the golf course to the community. Further, the
golf course carries a substantial debt load to the Town
to repay the cost of installing the upper nine holes a few
years back. Washroom facilities were installed on the
golf course itself a few years back, and this was paid for
directly by the golf club.
Generally speaking, the golf club is responsible for
all running expenses and upkeep to the golf course. It is
hard to understand why Mr. Marks is so negative on the
Golf Course. It is enjoyed by very many, both resident
and non-resident, with memberships from Brandon
and other communities, all of which helps bring in add-
ed revenue from food, lodging and merchandise. Golf-
ing has been enjoyed around the world for hundreds
of years and will continue to do so. In Manitoba alone,
there are across the province, 125 golf courses in com-
munities large and small, enjoyed by thousands, not
only adults, but many of the youth of the province. So
when he says not many golf, I fnd that a strange com-
ment indeed.
People come to a community for employment, and
bring or raise their families there, but other reasons for
their remaining in a community is the ability to enjoy
facilities the community has to ofer such as golf, curl-
ing, hockey rinks, baseball felds, skiing and other recre-
ational facilities.
Minnedosa has its share of these, and I hope Mr.
Marks may wish to avail himself of these amenities from
time to time.
Allan James,
Minnedosa, MB
Dear Editor,
P Robert Sopuck talks a lot about the federal bud-
get, but he has been noticeably silent on its hid-
den tax increases on small businessso Liberal MPs are
speaking up.
Small businesses and the people who work in them
are the lifeblood of our communitiesevery year they
create half of all new jobs in Canada and account for 40
percent of our GDP. Teir success is critical to getting lo-
cal economies moving again.
Yet in the budget, the Conservatives are hitting
small business owners with a tax increase that will cost
them over $2.3 billion over the next fve years. Te gov-
ernment is once again choosing to hiking taxesnot
lower them.
Tis comes on top of another Conservative hike to
payroll taxestheir thirdEmployment Insurance pre-
mium increase so farcharges that are literally a tax on
hiring more workers.
Te budget also risks undermining rural entrepre-
neurs access to capital by raising taxes on credit unions,
making it tougher for them to compete against the big
All of these changes make it more expensive to own
and run your own business.
As a former small business owner myself, I under-
stand some of the challenges facing community shops,
restaurants, cafes and other businesses. Tats why Lib-
erals want government to be a thoughtful advocate for
small businessesand not to hinder them by adding to
their tax burden.
Yours sincerely,
Joyce Murray,
MP, Liberal Party of Canada Critic for Small Business
Hidden tax hikes hurt small business
innedosa Postmistress, Jean Olenick, retired
last Friday, June 7th, after 33 years of service
with Canada Post. When asked about her favourite
part of the job, she replied, I really enjoy working
with the people. Tey are what made the job inter-
esting and I have always had really good customers.
While attending Brandon University, Jean be-
gan work at the local Post Of ce to pay her way. It
wasnt long afterwards that she got married and
moved to Minnedosa, where she worked at the
Minnedosa Post Of ce from 1981-1995. Afterwards,
she took the position of Postmistress in Rapid City
because it was a full-time position. It wasnt until
2002 that she came back to Minnedosa to work as
the Postmistress. Tis was her f nal post before she
retired, lasting eleven years.
Te Postmistress is basically responsible for the
running of the business. Jean was responsible for
customer service, making sure the mail was deliv-
ered, and seeing that everything ran smoothly.
Tey have come a long way since Jean began
working at the Post Of ce. We have gone from di-
nosaur to high tech! exclaimed Jean. In the past,
they used paper and pen, but there has been a huge
transformation since. Now they have computers,
digital scales and much more.
I really have enjoyed working here. T e cus-
tomers were great and I always had such a good
crew, Jean said. In the future, she hopes to do some
travelling, but would like to stay in Minnedosa. I
have been telling everyone I am just going to make it
up as I go along, just enjoy life.
Photo by Sarah Dalrymple
Postmistress retires
after 33 years
of service
5 Te Minnedosa Tribune Friday, J une 7, 2013
1 year
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Certain conditions may apply
3 year
5 year
Dave McDonaldBruce McNabb
Call For More Terms & Rates 867-3946
The Minnedosa
& District
When Planning your
Estate, a donation
to the Minnedosa &
District Foundation
will reduce your taxes
Call Brock Alexander
is holding auditions 1une 12th
at M.C.I. Ior a Comedy being
held in November.
Sin, Sex & the C.I.A.
Actors needed Ior these roles:
1 male 25 - 30
2 males 50 - 60
1 Iemale 35 - 55
1 Iemale 25 - 30
1 Iemale 30-35
1 smaller male part
Call Donna at 204-705-0156 for
audition material and to book a time.
ffl08, l00 Z18l
11.J08M l0 Z.00M
$00, $8l80 8 8f0808ll0k8 80ll0l
1800 88f 80ll0l
008l. $11.0 l08 l8K
80 f080f98ll08 f0@0lf00

6f80 08
espite the 2010 7.0
earthquake that dev-
astated Port-au-Prince, it
is said that Haitians main-
tain a welcoming and
proud disposition. One
such Haitian goes by the
name of Wesly Francois.
Wesly and his wife Jusna
operate a childrens home
located just outside of
Port-au-Prince, the larg-
est city in Haiti. In 2012
he came to Minnedosa to
share his story and to meet
his biological sister Bea-
trice Butler.
Growing up on the
streets of Port-au-Prince,
Wesly has always retained
a ferce desire to give chil-
dren a better childhood
than his own. As a street
kid, he often went to the
church for food. Tere, a
man by the name of David
Gingrich saw something a
little diferent in Wesly and
sponsored him so he could
receive an education. Mary
Dalton, a supporter of
Wesly, described her own
experiences with him. To
her, Wesly was a testament
to the reaches of investing
in people. When you in-
vest in someone, they feel
a responsibility to invest
in themselves and then to
give back.
Te idea that sparked
the Little Bouquet Chil-
drens Home began when
Wesly and Jusna tried to
adopt Weslys sisters son
Ritchie. Afterwards, they
took in a deaf and mute
child, which lead to help-
ing more orphaned chil-
dren. Some that had been
orphaned by the events of
the earthquake in 2010.
Today, they have 17 chil-
dren at the orphanage. As
a kid, Wesly became very
streetwise, which is a skill
that helps him to under-
stand what orphaned chil-
dren are going through.
Te home is a 20 bed facil-
ity that can be expanded as
the need arises. It was built
in 2011 by a work crew
from Ontario.
I had the opportunity
to go to school because
someone cared, some-
one felt that I could make
a dif erence and it is my
mission to live up to that,
Wesly Francois tells Mary
Dalton one evening.
Weslys idea of a chil-
drens home has been a
work in progress for many
years. Starting before 2010,
his plans were put on hold
by the earthquake that
devastated Port-au-Prince.
During that time he was
hired by the United States
and worked as an inter-
After coming back to
Canada for a second time,
he has been making pre-
sentations across Canada
and explaining his ideas.
In the future he is planning
to build a school. Current-
ly, children have to walk an
hour and a half to attend
the closest school. By us-
ing a building closer to the
childrens home, all of the
children at the orphanage
would be able to attend
The Little Bouquet Childrens Home
Photos submitted
endy Loewen and Lorna Hales golf together at the
Minnedosa Golf and Country Club quite regular-
ly, often two to six times a week. Ironically, these ladies
achieved the courses second and third holes-in-one of
the season on back to back days. Wendy got her hole in
one on Sunday, June 2nd on Hole #5 using a 5 wood. Her
shot was 125 yards/par 3.
On Monday, Lorna got her hole in one on Hole #12
using a 7 wood. Her shot was 120 yards/par 3.
Two more holes in one
6 Te Minnedosa Tribune Friday, J une 7, 2013
Destinations Plus
Call Sharon or Wendy
Please call and book
ahead to secure your
Skydancer Casino
June 14th - 16th
September 13th - 15th
October 18th - 20th
November 8th - 10th
Winnipeg & Folklorama
August 7th - 8th - SOLD OUT
August 14th -15th - Book by June 26th!


ey J
Erickson, MB
June 15 & 16, 2013
Check website for complete list:
or call 204-865-2447
Auctions, 50-50, Money Mountain, Jamboree Train,
Camping, Shelter Tent, Bring Chairs
Our 2013
Mackenzie &
Skylar Wozney
Adult Weekend: $20
Daily pass $15
Students: $15
12 and under FREE
Sunday Breakfast - Airport
ur sincere sympathy
is extended to Valerie
and Tom Northam and
Calab, Marshall and Nash
on the recent passing of fa-
ther and grandfather Ger-
ald Ross Collins.
We are certainly go-
ing to miss our Minnedosa
Postmistress but all good
wishes as you begin your
retirement Jean Olenik
(nee MacDonald).
Cadurcis men held a
very successful beef sup-
per on a pleasant Sunday
Sunday visitors with
Jim and Nancy Greer were
Ken and Irene Phillips of
Alvin and Linda and
Elizabeth Jackson from
Vancouver; Ralph and Jean
and Valerie Jackson, Rich-
ard and Kerilyn Cheyenne
and Clayton Jackson from
Neepawa; Dennis and Xin
Jackson of Winnipeg and
Dennis and Susan and Sid
Dueck of Boissevain and
Patricia and Curtis Fehr of
Brandon visited over the
weekend with Glen and
Loreen Jackson.
Colton, Kienna and
Keely Rose of Basswood
visited over the weekend
with Malcolm and Shirley
eepest sympathy is extended to Cindy Murray and
Doug Proven on the passing of Cindys niece Kelly
Murray who died in a car accident on May 22nd.
Visitors with Doug Proven to attend the funeral of
their niece were Sandra of Virginia, USA and Gord and
Teresa Green of Calgary, AB. Paulette Haralson of Win-
nipeg was also a visitor.
A good crowd enjoyed the Cadurcis Roast Beef Sup-
per at the Basswood Hall on Sunday.
Stan and Zelda Firby attended the Neelin Choir Con-
cert on Tursday evening in Brandon. Grandson, Joey
Simms is a member of the choir.
ongratulations to Lina
Gordon for making
the provincial under 15
basketball roster. As part
of the Team Manitoba
U-15 team, Gordon will
compete at the national
championships held Au-
gust 5th-10th in St. Johns
On the weekend of
May 18th20th, Harvey
and Linda Fleger and Shir-
ley Katsky travelled to Suc-
cess, SK to visit Aunt Jean
Bowditch to collect old
pictures to be enjoyed at
the Scott Reunion will be
held August at Glenella,
MB. Harvey, Linda and
Shirley attended a Pot-
luck supper at Ella Scotts
on May 26th for Reunion
Tought for the Day:
Learn to laugh at your-
self; youll have a life-long
source of amusement.
All aboard the steak raf e
Photo by Sarah Dalrymple
Joyce Johnson (L) and Shirley Mickoski (R) were helping sell tickets
for a Steak Draw this past weekend. Children aged 10 and under
were invited to put their name into a draw for a model train.
Proceeds of the Steak Draw will go towards the Minnedosa
train station renovations.
7 Te Minnedosa Tribune Friday, J une 7, 2013
OPEN 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM, 7 DAYS A WEEK
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*We deliver within town limits Mon - Sat at 4:00 p.m. * We sell fruit, veggie & meat trays and fruit baskets
($2 charge - $10 minimum order) (24 hours notice is appreciated)
*Seniors Discount every Friday (65 & up) *We sell lottery tickets *We sell R.O. water
Green Giant vegetables asstd ................. 398ml ...... $1.19
Unico tomatoes - crushed, plum or diced .......................... 796ml ............. $1.19
Unico beans - red or white kidney or black ........................ 540ml ............. $1.29
Hunts Snackpack puddings asstd ........ 4x99gr ...... $1.19
Clover Leaf lemon pepper tuna .............................................. 85gr ............. $1.29
SunRype juice asstd ...................................... 1lt ...... $1.19
Unico pasta asstd ................................................................... 900gr ............. $1.29
Kraft Dinner - original, spirals or ext creamy 200-225gr ... $1.19
Tasters Choice classic cofee ................................................ 100gr ............. $5.99
Fruite drink - grape, peach or fruit punch ............ 2lt .. 2/$3.00
Breton crackers asstd ............................................................ 225gr ............. $2.69
Dare Bear Paws asstd ............................................................ 200gr ............. $2.69
Quaker Dipps granola bars asstd .................................. 156-187gr ............. $1.99
Kelloggs Nutrigrain bars asstd ............................................. 295gr ............. $1.99
Kelloggs Rice Krispie squares asstd 176-200gr ...... $1.99
Rufes chips asstd ................................................................. 225gr ..........2/$6.00
Miss Vickies chips asstd ....................................................... 220gr ..........2/$6.00
Pringles potato chips asstd ............................................ 160-187gr ............. $1.99
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PC cheese asstd.................................................................. 300gr ............. $3.99
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JUNE 7 - 13
(STARTS FRI 9:00 A.M. - ENDS THURS 9:00 P.M.)
HL cod fllets .......................................................................... 400gr ............. $5.99
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Lemons ................................................................................ 3lb bag ............. $2.99
Mandarins, Satsuma ................................................................................. $0.99/lb
Potatoes, white, russet ..................... 10lb bag ...... $2.99
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McCain Rising Crust pizzas asstd
825-900gr $5.99
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8 Te Minnedosa Tribune Friday, J une 7, 2013
rost late last weekend
caught some of the ear-
ly seeded canola and fax
in the early seedling stage
of development. Te frost
in regards to temperature
and duration was not that
severe however the major-
ity of plants were at a very
susceptible stage of de-
velopment for frost. Fields
with higher residue levels
and consequently organic
matter also tended to have
a higher level of injury due
to the soil having more air
pockets. Tese air pockets
in the organic matter will
take on the air temperature
and are therefore more
sensitive to freezing night
time temperatures. In or-
der to reduce the air spaces
many producers will heavy
harrow cereal residue prior
to seeding canola or fax so
as to densify the top soil
reducing the number of air
Canola seedlings will
usually recover from light
frosts that do not damage
the growing point. Black-
ened or browned cotyle-
dons do not necessarily
mean the plants will die
since in most cases a new
leaf will emerge within two
to three days if growing
conditions improve.
Perhaps the easi-
est way to determine the
health of the plant is to
observe the stem area just
below the cotyledons. If
this area is still white or
purple then nutrients will
continue to feed the grow-
ing point and the plant
will throw out a new leaf.
A brown or pinched of
stem would indicate that
nutrients can no longer
feed the growing point and
the plant will likely die of.
A complicating factor in
canola is that fea beetles
can often provide the fn-
ishing blow to badly frozen
canola since they will fo-
cus on eating the still green
growing point. Flea beetle
populations are increas-
ing daily and with warmer
temperature forecast for
later this week their feed-
ing activity is also likely to
increase. Te critical plant
count number for canola is
to have a minimum of three
to four plants per square
foot in order to maintain
average yield potential.
Flax is somewhat similar
but is perhaps much more
sensitive at emergence
then canola and more tol-
erant once it is beyond the
two leaf stage. In fax one
would like to maintain a
minimum of 25-30 plants
per square foot.
Frost damage in canola and fax
Shotgun Start: 6:00 p.m.
Tee Box Roulette
9 Te Minnedosa Tribune Friday, J une 7, 2013
Apply now for the FCC AgriSpirit Fund
Over the last 10 years, FCC has shared $6,500,000 with 700 rural community
projects across Canada. This year your project could be added to the list.
Apply online by June 18.
From our heart to your community
The Town oI Minnedosa invites tenders Ior its 'Green Space and
various 'Parks Ior which it is responsible.
Duties and Responsibilities are as Iollows:
1. Grass Cutting and Trimming oI shrubs and trees.
2. Maintain the areas in a clean and tidy condition to a level satisIactory
to the Town.
3. Carry out a weed control program as required within the designated
areas. This shall include a weed control program on the Main Street
Sidewalks and the Main Street Mediums.
A list oI the designated areas and additional details can be obtained by
request at the Town OIfce through the Iollowing means:
Mail at Box 426, Minnedosa Mb R0J 1E0;
Personal Pick up at 103 Main Street South in Minnedosa;
Email at
Fax at 204-867-2686
Questions can be directed to the Public Works and Utilities Manager,
Kevin Marcino at 204-867-0037 or by email at
Sealed tenders marked 'Parks Maintenance Program shall be
received at the Town OIfce located in the Town`s Civic Administration
Building at 103 Main Street South in Minnedosa until 1:30 p.m. on
Friday, June 14, 2013.
The lowest or any tender may not necessarily be accepted and reIerences
may be requested.

FREE Estimates!

uicide. Not a word that
you hear very often,
but for some people, it is a
word that they have to deal
with every day of their life.
Many know what it is like
to lose a person you love
to a mental illness, and Bill
Werthmann is one of them.
After his daughter
committed suicide 10
years ago, Bill felt the stig-
ma surrounding the words
suicide and mental Illness.
After dancing around the
term for eight years, I de-
cided to follow my Grand-
mas advice, Bill said, She
always told me that some-
thing good has to come out
of everything, and thats
when I knew. Bill had al-
ways been a fan of cycling,
and with his pipe-dream
of cycling across Canada
in mind, decided that he
would bike from Victo-
ria, BC to St. Johns, New-
Tree riders includ-
ing Bill, Sue Sohnle, Terry
Fannon, along with their
driver Al Carlson left on
Wednesday, May 8th at
8:45 a.m. and have been
biking on average 120 km
each day. Tey passed
through Minnedosa last
Tis ride isnt only to
commemorate her life, but
also to start the conversa-
tion about mental health
issues, said Sue Sohnle.
Which is what they have
done. Tey also have been
stopping in major cities
along the way to host con-
certs with local charities
geared towards mental ill-
nesses, especially in young
Each person had their
own memorable moments
but all three cyclists agree
that it is the little moments
that count. Whether it was
the man and his border
collie that f lled their ice
cooler for them, or getting
a glimpse into someone
elses past as they talked
about their lives. Once,
we stopped at a bar to use
the Wi-Fi and we got talk-
ing to a tree planter. He
told us his struggles with
depression and I think it
was the frst time he had
ever talked about it, said
Fannon, I think he went
away feeling a little better.
We arent councillors, and
we dont try to council. Just
listen. When asked about
any other memorable mo-
ments, Fannon chuckled,
A hot shower at the end of
each day!
Te group has also
gone through some tough
emotional and physical
barriers on their way to
Minnedosa. On the sec-
ond day of their journey,
Bill had pushed himself a
little too far and injured his
leg. It was a big climb from
Hope to Princeton and it
was also really steep. I was
upset because I couldnt
be out there with them,
and they were trying to
make it up this steep climb.
It was physically tough and
emotionally tough. I think
we would all agree that
this was the hardest day.
Te team has been making
remarkable progress de-
spite headwinds gusting to
more than 50 km/hr.
Bill talked about a
speech he heard from a
lady in Kelowna. She now
has three kids and her hus-
band has Schizophrenia.
She was able to turn his
illness into a point of pride
for her, Bill explained,
her husband was thriving
with it. She told the audi-
ence that, Schizophrenia
is something my husband
has, not something he is.
Bill then told me that if you,
change the word schizo-
phrenia to mental illness, it
pretty much sums up what
we are trying to say here.
Hillarys Ride for Mental Health
Photo by Sarah Dalrymple
10 Te Minnedosa Tribune Friday, J une 7, 2013
*Subject to change without notice. Conditions apply. Service available in select areas. TV: Standard installation charge of $25 applies. (see for current pricing). Each TV requires a set-top box to
access the service. Set-top boxes can be rented for $3/month each. Equipment remains property of MTS and must be returned if se rvice is cancelled or replacement cost applies. MTS design mark and Ultimate
TV are registered trade-marks of Manitoba Telecom Service Inc., used under license.
For those reality TV loving fashionistas who are obsessed with romantic comedies.
Manitobas most customizable
TV channel packages.
With MTS Ultimate TV

, our small, exible channel packs make it easy

for you to choose the channels you want. The Ultimate TV

Basic Pack
starts at $20/month for the rst 6 months, then allows you to tailor
your service with additional channel packs. To sign up today
call 204-225-5687 (204- CALL MTS) .
innedosa Valley
Cruizers Car Club
hosted an event on Sun-
day, May 26th, entitled
Cruize the Valley. 36 ve-
hicles were laid out down
the street for people with
a passion for cars to come
and take a look. Despite
the gloomy day, the street
between the town clock
and the Legion was alive
with interest as people
wandered from vehicle to
Hotdogs, drinks, and
chips were sold by the
Minnedosa Community
Child Care Co-operative
as well as 50/50 tickets
sold by the Valley Cruiz-
ers. The winner of the
50/50 walked away with
$129.00 dollars and the
other half was donated to
the Minnedosa Daycare
Centre. Other smaller
prizes were also raffled
off at the end of the after-
It took about a dozen
people to organize this
event. Don Morrison
explained the need for
advertisement, spon-
sors, and posters, as well
as an okay` to block off
the street. Drinks were
donated by Minnedosa
Heritage Co-op, who also
offered a discount on the
hotdogs and chips.
The Minnedosa Val-
ley Cruizers is a car club
for anyone with an en-
thusiasm for vintage and
special interest vehicles.
However, you dont need
to own a car to be pas-
sionate about them. After
forming the club in July of
2012, they have appeared
at a number of events, in-
cluding Minnedosas Fun
Fest parade. Their club
now includes 22 mem-
Throughout the last
year, they have also taken
part in tours, fairs and pa-
rades in the surrounding
area. It is a great thing to
do because we get to meet
new people, explained
Don. He has taken his
lime green, 1967, Volk-
swagen down to Chicago
this past week to attend
another car show. Its
958 miles one way, I hope
I make it, he chuckles.
You can catch the
Minnedosa Valley Cruiz-
ers at this years Fun Fest
parade or at their follow-
ing Car Show in August.
Car enthusiasts cruise the Valley
Don Morrisons
1967 lime green
Volkswagon was one of
the unique vehicles on
display during the recent
Cruize the Valley car show.
Photos by Sarah Dalrymple
11 Te Minnedosa Tribune Friday, J une 7, 2013
EES Playground Last Kick
Fundraising Spree
BBQ Sausage on a Bun, Drink & Donut $5
Friday, June 14
5 p.m. 8 p.m.
at Erickson Campground Cookshack
Saturday, June 15
10:30 a.m. 1:00 p.m.
at Sunset Park

LS!N Car Wash
Saturday, June 8th
1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Tanners Crossing School
parking lot
Car wash by donation to help
raise money for
Free the Children
See you there!

awks for Change
is a student group
from Strathclair School.
Consisting of fve mem-
bers, Grace Kang, Shaylyn
Lamb, Jessica Arnfnson,
Robyn Gerrard and Lisa
Rystephanuk, the group
is involved in a number
of volunteer activities at a
global and local level. Tis
year, they were awarded
the Manitoba School
Boards Association Stu-
dent Citizenship Award
for their eforts.
It all began in No-
vember of 2011. Before
the 16,000 screaming stu-
dents at the We Day au-
dience, Grace Kang was
picked to participate in a
competition against two
other students on stage.
Tey were asked, If you
could go anywhere in the
world, where would you
go and why? Te audi-
ence then cheered for the
answer they liked best.
Tey didnt want to see
us fail! Grace reminisced,
Te crowd was very sup-
portive. After winning the
competition, Grace was
able to choose four friends
and a teacher to travel to a
destination of her choice
as a volunteer.
It was always be-
tween India and Kenya,
but our teacher wasnt
able to make it to Kenya
in August, so we decided
upon India in the end,
says Lisa. Tey arrived in
Delhi at 2:00 a.m. It was
so hot that day. 45C and
85% humidity. You could
just feel the heat. And ev-
erything smelled of India,
you cant even put it into
words, said Robyn. Dur-
ing these frst few days, the
girls were able to see the
government buildings, the
Taj Mahal, Jemaa Mosque,
and Ghandis cremation
site. Afterwards they went
to the State of Rajasthan to
volunteer in Barind, a very
small and very poor com-
Te group was able to
work with the tribal com-
munity located there, to
begin the foundation to
a new school room. Te
tribe held a welcome cer-
emony for the girls where
they were invited to par-
ticipate. Tey all agreed
that this is one of their fa-
vourite memories. While
the tribal leader was
blessing the girls, their
presence, and the land
they were to build on, he
was also praying for rain.
As soon as the ceremony
ended, our video camera
battery died, and then it
poured rain. It was like
we were only supposed to
remember this moment
in our memories, Robyn
recalled. Lisa also added,
To the community, it was
like Christmas had come.
Tey were so excited. To-
gether, they worked on the
foundation of the build-
ing as well as painting the
Te girls also spent a
day in the life of a momma.
Tey followed her around
and helped her with her
daily chores, including
baking Nan bread, feeding
the goats, walking to get
the water, and plastering
the cracks in the house. It
felt more like she helped
us to do things rather than
we helped her, Grace ex-
Te f ve members of
Hawks for Change have al-
ways volunteered at difer-
ent events. Tey have now
fnished their 4th presen-
tation on their experienc-
es in India, and donated
approximately $800 back
to Barind. Tey have also
organized clothing drives,
food drives, and volun-
teered at the Soup Kitchen
in Brandon.
Next year, most of the
group will be attending
University. Grace is plan-
ning to attend the Univer-
sity of Manitoba and the
pre-med program with
long term goals of assist-
ing at Natural Disasters.
Robyn is planning to go
to the Lakeland College
for Agribusiness and work
in a developing country.
Lisa is taking Kinesiology
and wants to volunteer in
other countries to teach
sports. Shaylyn is still un-
decided, but has time to
decide as she goes into her
fnal year of High School.
She still plans to continue
Hawks for Change
Photo by Sarah Dalrymple
12 Te Minnedosa Tribune Friday, J une 7, 2013

Town of Minnedosa

The Town of Minnedosa is accepting tenders for:

RFQ 2013-05 Water Service Line RepIacement

GeneraI information

Works to include:
The supply and installation of water service lines from the water main to the
curb stop (including curb stop supply and replacement).
Works to include four properti es in the back lane between 1
Ave. SW and 2

Ave SW (behind Town office) as well as eight water service lines along 1
NW north of 6th Ave NW.
Contractor responsible for any required utility locates and associated costs,
including soft exposure if required.
Replacement water line material to be in. PEX water line
Water lines to be bedded and co vered with stone free sand as per town policy
Back fill and compaction as per policy (utiIity cuts across the road bed wiII
require compacted granuIar fiII onIy above the sand cover to
accommodate Iatter road works).

Note: Customers wishing to replace water service lines from the curb stop to their
residence while works are being performed; must make arrangements with the
contractor of their choice.
The Town of Minnedosa will not cover any associated costs as per policy.

Works to be compIeted by JuIy 26, 2013

Any enquiry concerning the content of this Request for Quotation should be directed
to Kevin Marcino at 204- 867-0037 or

Sealed Tenders marked "WATER SERVCE LNE REPLACEMENT will be accepted
at the Town of Minnedosa's Civic Centre, 103 Main Street South, Box 426
Minnedosa, MB R0J 1E0 until 4:30 p.m. on Friday June 21, 2013.
Fax: (204) 867-2686 Email:

Any or aII of the quotations may not be necessariIy accepted.

couple of items from
previous articles have
struck a chord with folks,
so I have decided to revisit
Te story on wolves
sparked a few spin-of
stories. Elgin Hall from
Ditch Lake, north of Er-
ickson, called me shortly
after reading the story on
wolves. He recently had
the opportunity to watch
the interactions of three
wolves that had killed a
deer in his back yard, less
than 50 metres from the
Elgin said that the
deer appeared to be sleep-
ing under a spruce when
it was killed in a surprise
attack as there were few
signs of struggle. While
Elgin missed the actual
event, he was able to watch
the follow up interactions
between the wolves, and
also between them and a
At one point in time,
the coyote got a little too
close, and the wolves laid
a licking on it. Te coyote
escaped to live another
day, a little wiser and more
cautious, I assume.
I also received a call
from Don Layh from Rus-
sell. He told me about see-
ing a pack of fve wolves
travel past his cabin in the
Duck Mountains area, near
San Clara. Tey seemed
unaware of him and his
family, travelling within
30 metres of the cabin. He
happened to be hosting a
visitor from Switzerland
at the time, and all were
amazed to experience this
truly Canadian moment.
On a dif erent note,
the Blue Jays reported by
Wayne Banting and neigh-
bours on the south side of
the Duck Mountains got
me scratching my head. I
have done a bit more re-
search, and it appears that
large focks of blue Jays are
relatively common in the
fall and winter, especially
further south. A case in
point, Bull Run in Virginia
reported over 1100 Blue
Jays on their Christmas
Bird Count.
However, the f ocks
of 50 plus jays that Wayne
reported are unusual for
Manitoba and Saskatch-
ewan. I could fnd no re-
ports of such large focks,
although, admittedly my
search was not exhaustive.
I did, however, look
back over the Christmas
bird count data, and this
years counts of jays in
both Balmoral (near Win-
nipeg) and Yorkton were
all time highs, as was Rid-
ing Mountains count. Tis
would indicate that Blue
Jays were in abundance in
this part of the prairies.
On a personal note, we
had a record 15 Blue Jays at
our bird feeder this spring
the highest by at least
double of what we would
normally see at our feeder.
Ray and Kay Frey also re-
ported the same situation,
with more jays at their
Crawford Park feeder than
ever before.
Why Blue Jays were
found in such large num-
bers this year, I still dont
know. But an interesting
pattern did show up when
I was reviewing the data
from across North America
Blue Jay populations ap-
pear to go up and down on
a biennial basis, so if I was
a betting man, I would put
my money on there being
fewer Blue Jays on next
years count.
Nature notes:
Whats the tick
status in your
To date, I have no-
ticed a sharp decline in the
number of ticks on fam-
ily members and on the
dog. Tis has got me idly
speculating about the situ-
ation are the ticks merely
delayed by the late spring,
and Ill eat my words in a
couple of weeks time? Or,
did the late spring mean
that the ticks had a tough
time, and the population is
Now I am going to go
on a slight, but related,
tangent, so bear with me.
Timing in nature is marked
in diferent ways by difer-
ent species. Te behaviour
of some species is trig-
gered by changes in day
length elk bugling and
ruf ed grouse drumming
are two examples. Others
are af ected by weather.
Most insect behaviour is
weather dependent, and
frogs calling in spring is
another prime example.
What about ticks?
Ticks rely on mice and oth-
er small mammals to host
them during the winter. At
some point during the late
winter or early spring, the
ticks feed from their small
host, and then drop of and
change into adults. Te
adults then wait for larger
prey (to wit, humans and
dogs) to come by.
Since they feed on
warm blooded animals,
the weather shouldnt
make too much difer-
ence to them. Perhaps
the timing of their moults
is triggered by day length
or changes in rodent body
chemistry, and thus they
drop of the mice and voles
at the same time every
year. Some years could be
good (ie dry and warm)
and some springs could be
poor (ie snowy and cold).
Tis could explain why
people say that the num-
ber of ticks have increased
in the past 20 years or
so. According to weather
records, and ice condi-
tions on Clear Lake, recent
springs have been arriving
earlier compared to the
1960s and 70s. Ticks might
be f nding these early
springs to their liking. Not
so much this year, though.
If my theory proves
correct, then there may
be fewer ticks about this
spring. However, other
people have reported near
normal tick numbers, so
the efects are not uniform
across the area. I guess
time will tell whether my
cold spring theory is cor-
rect or not.
Wolves and Blue Jays revisited
Moments in
Riding Mountain
000 $0f90
F00ll0 N00ll
100808, l00 11l0
.00 .M.
8l l00
00ll0l8l0 ll0f8f
If your
label reads
Its time
to renew!
Call 204-
13 Te Minnedosa Tribune Friday, J une 7, 2013
FRIDAY, JUNE 21 at 10:00 AM
DIRECTIONS: (From Jct #10 & #16 Hwys) East on #16 0.5kms on South side of Hwy. Watch for Signs.
10:00 AM 12:00 PM (Misc, parts, tools, tanks, etc.)
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (Chicken & Cattle Items & Bees and Bee Equipment)
1:00 PM (Property, Trucks, Trailers & Equipment)
AUCTIONEERS NOTES: After 25 Years operating at this location as Gibb-Bees Honey & Gibby Simmentals, Craig is fully retiring and selling
of his equipment, farm and acreage items. This sale will have something for everyone so please plan to attend and spend the day with us.
We will sell a few items consigned by Craigs neighbours at this sale as well.
PROPERTY: 50 Acres on highway 16, 2 miles from Minnedosa, MB: 16 X 70 Mobile Home 20 yr. old home w/attached garage, sunroom & carport,
garden & mature trees. Also 4000 sq. ft. commercial building w/overhead doors partly lined & insulated; 3500 sq. ft. livestock loose housing w/corrals
& drinkers, partly lined & insulated, on cement, 900 sq. ft. warm shop w/in foor heat. Plus hay & grain storage. All buildings have running town water,
new low maintenance metal & vinyl exteriors & roofs. Land is seeded to hay & fenced. Property will be sold by live auction and will be subject to seller
confrmation of highest ofer achieved. Possession date is fexible.
TRACTORS: *IH B414 Tractor w/IH 2000 Loader, 3PT, 540 PTO, Single Hyd * Case 446 Lawn tractor w/ tiller, 18 HP, mower deck, Snow blower, Blade, tire
Chains (attachments will sell separate)
TRUCKS & TRAILERS: *1995 Ford F350 Powerstoke DSL 4x4, Reg cab, 1 ton dually w/metal fat deck, tool boxes, headache rack * 1980 Volkswagen
Pickup Truck w/Gas Engine, 4 Spd Std Trans, 86,242 Miles showing, s/n17A0937732, SAFETIED * Ford 700 S/A cab over Truck w/ 20 Flat Deck * 20 Bobco
T/A Stock Trailer w/ top bale rail & ladder * 16 Okanagan T/A Gooseneck Flat Deck Trailer * 9T/A Axle Flat Deck Trailer
TRAVEL TRAILER: *2008 31 1/2 Citation Supreme Fifth Wheel, Polar Package - Double Windows, 2 Slide Outs Living Room & Bedroom, Large Remote
Controlled Awning, 3 Burner Stove and Oven, Extra Large Fridge, Large Basement Storage, 6500 Watt Propane Generator - only 17 hours runtime, Low
Miles - Less than 6000 Towing Kilometers, Dual Air and Heat, Upgraded Hide-A-Bed couch and Lazy Boy Chairs, Kitchen Has Table and Chairs, 2 Televisions
- Living Room and Bedroom, Remote Control Fireplace with Heater Option, Central Vac, Ample Inside Storage Areas (Consigned to sale by Craigs brother)
HUNTERS SPECIAL 5th WHEEL TRAILER: * 35 5TH Wheel Camper Trailer (Great for Hunting Cabin)
HAYING EQUIPMENT: * 18 IH 4000 SP Swather, w/ hay crimper, pickup reel, always shedded, only ever cut hay, s/n008026 *NH 315 Sq Baler w/Hyd
Tension, s/n437074 * 20 Hay rack on 4 Wheel Farm Wagon * NH Side Delivery Rake * Removable Bale Deck (Fits on Flat Deck Trailer) * Kingsman Single
Arm Round Bale Picker *JD Semi Mount Bar Mower * S/A Fifth Wheel Converter Dolly
3PT EQUIPMENT: *10 MF 3 PT cultivator * 3 PT Bale Fork/Pallet Fork * 3PT Fertilizer Spreader/ Seed Broadcaster * 3PT Potato Hiller * 3 PT Potato Dig-
ger * 3PT Saw Mandrel * 6 Snow blower, 3 PT (drive ahead V type) * Riverdale 3 PT Cargo Box (Hauls Sq Bales, calves, post, etc.)
SEED & TILLAGE: *16 JD Deep Tillage w/ Sweeps * 12 Load King Seed & Fert Tender w/ Augers & Spouts * 11 Section - Diamond Harrows
AUGERS & BINS: *approx. 6 ton Friesen Hopper Bottom Feed Bin * 36 x 7Westfeld Grain Auger w/16 HP Kohler Eng.*(2) Westfeld Pencil Auger w/
Electronic Motor
LIVESTOCK EQUIPMENT: *Wheatheart Trailer Type Post Pounder (Like New) * Loader Mount Post Hole Auger * Spreadmaster T/A Manure Spreader *
NH S/A Manure Spreader (Rebuilt gear box) * 250 Bushel Cypress Ind Creep Feeder w/ Panels * (6) Hay Saver Skirted Rd Bale Feeders * (1) Round Bale
Feeders * Assorted Bunk Feeders * (25) 10 Coral Panels * Assorted Coral Gates * Moveable Cattle Stalls * Halter Breaking Frame, 3 PT (for breaking bulls)
* Rope Halters * Cattle AI Kit * Lewis Cattle Oiler w/ Mineral Tub * (3 sets) Cattle Clippers * Cattle Blower * School Bus Converted to Calf Shelter * Calf
Chute * Cattle Clipping Chute * Several 5 Gal Feed Pails * Fence Posts * Fencing Tools
POULTRY ITEMS: (to run 1000 Birds) *(20) Hanging chicken feeders * (10) 14 Gal Koender chicken waterers * (34) chicken Transport crates * Assortment
chick drinkers & feeders * 10 Compartment laying hen cage (3 Birds per compartment) * Chicken Brooder Bulbs * Several Barn Fans
BEE EQUIPMENT: *Approx 12 Colonies of Live Bees * 200 Honey Supers w/ 9 frames (All Repainted) * Maxant 30 Frame Radial Extractor * 3 Frame SS
Manual Extractor * (8) 4 Pack Live Winter Wraps * Honey Sump * 125 lb S/S Honey Bottling Tank * Honey Pump * Boxes w/ feed * Boxes w/ Brood Comb
* Empty boxes * Bottom Boards * Super Pallets * Lids, etc. * Foundation * Wax * Pallet Tote for Syrup * Smokers * Hive Tools * Veils, Coveralls, Gloves *
Feed Pails (large and small)
SHOP EQUIPMENT: * Assortment of Shop Related Hand Tools * Magikist Commercial Grade Pressure Washer * Radial Arm Saw * Table Saw * (2) Steel
Work Bench Tables on Wheels * Roller Stands * Shop Vac * Battery charger/Booster
OTHER EQUIPMENT: *18 Rail Iron Mole Hill Levelers w/chain matt harrows * Rail Iron Drags for leveling mole hills * Hyd Wood Splitter * Cord Wood
Conveyor w/ Hyd Drive
MISCELLANEOUS: *(2) 500 Gal Metal Water Tanks * 350 Gal Poly Water Tank * Assortment of Metal Sheeting * Chain Saw * Truck Ramps * (2) 2 Sets of
Scafolding * (2) 4 x 8 lighted signs * Assortment of Farm related Misc
Phone1-204-867-2575 Res or 1-204-867-0139 Cell or E-Mail
Not responsible for errors in description. Subject to additions and or deletions.
Property owners and Fraser Auction Service not responsible for any accidents.
GST & PST where applicable. TERMS: Cash or cheque.
NOTE: cheques of $50,000 or more must be accompanied by bank letter of credit.
Sale conducted by FRASER AUCTION SERVICE 1-800-483-5856

ivers Edge Recreation
Park has been under
construction for the past
few weeks as volunteers
worked together to create
a recreational area. Over
17 people showed up to
help on Wednesday, May
29th, while another work
day was scheduled four
days prior. Te area feels
like the best kept secret in
Minnedosa. It has been
sheltered by the trees in a
way that you can barely see
it from the road. My kids
would love something like
this, Colleen McNabb, a
volunteer, stated.
Located opposite Prai-
rie Concrete, the Rivers
Edge Recreation Park is a
project to create an out-
door recreational area.
Over the past few weeks
they have removed sticks
and cleared out the area,
built bike jumps, and
picked up lots of garbage.
Tis project began in
spring of 2012, and com-
mittee members formed a
fve-year plan. By the end,
there will be a walking
trail, bike park, picnic area,
parking lot, dog park, nine-
hole disc golf course, and
skate park. We wanted to
make it really accessible
to everyone, seniors and
kids, said Casey Vander-
hart, vice-president of the
While no plans for
another work day are in
the works, committee
members are busy writing
proposals and organizing
Rivers Edge
work party
cleans up
Photo by Sarah Dalrymple
Volunteers dig and rake during a
cleanup work party at the site of the
Rivers Edge Recreation Park.
Roche and Galbraith
to play in World
Rugby Final
n Wednesdays game in the Junior World Rug-
by Trophy Tournament, Minnedosa rugby
players, Tomas Roche and Jason Galbraith as-
sisted Team Canada in defeating Uruguay with a
score of 36-15. Tis win puts Canada in the tour-
nament fnal on Sunday. In the fnal, Canada will
face Italy. Good luck Canada!
14 Te Minnedosa Tribune Friday, J une 7, 2013
SATURDAY, JUNE 22 at 10:00 AM
DIRECTIONS: Sale will be held at the Dealership 33 Main Street Erickson, MB.
10:00AM 1:00PM (ofce equipment, parts, manuals, tools, shop equipment, ECT.)
1:00PM (property & vehicles)
AUCTIONEERS NOTE: Dennis Coey and his Parkwood Auto Ltd has been a full line GMC / Chevrolet dealership since 1968. We will sell
shop equipment, tools, parts, manuals, vehicles and buildings and lots. This sale will have something for everyone. Dont miss this event!!!
PROPERTY & BUILDING:(Subject to Seller acceptance of highest ofer) * Main Dealership Building sitting on 2 Lots. Located at 33 Main Street, Erickson, MB. Known As: Lot 1 Blk/Twp
26090, Roll Number 001770.000 Title #2213657
Main Dealership building has open reception area with front gathering/waiting room and 3 ofce spaces. Backend work area consists of 3 work bays with 2 overhead doors, 2 in foor hoists,
and service advisor ofce. Connected to back work area is the parts department room with public access and shop access. Also built onto back work area us a 2 bay wash bay and detailing bay
with 2 overhead doors. Building has gas and electric heat. Purchaser assumes all responsibility for inspection of property for size, condition, easements, caveats, and or environmental issues
that may or may not be present. Buyer their own legal fees in conjunction with the purchase of property. To view property call seller Dennis Coey 1-204-636-2421
COLLECTOR CAR: (Dennis took this car on trade early in his career and decided to hang onto it all these years. It is original and has very low mileage. Needs some body work.) *1968 Chev
Malibu Chevelle 4dr (All Original) , small Block V8 Engine, Auto Trans, Rally Wheels w/Trim Rings, AM/FM Cassette w/ Pioneer speakers, 12667 miles (original), s/n1363981100811
TRUCKS, CARS, SUVs & VANS: *2011 Chrysler 200 Touring 4dr Sedan, Fully Loaded, Cloth Interior, 2.4 L Engine, Auto Trans, 48,199kms showing, s/n1C3BC1FB3BN560331, SAFETIED *2011
Ford Escape XLT 4x4 SUV, Pwr Windows & Locks, Keyless entry, V6 Engine, Auto Trans, 94772kms showing, s/n1FMCU9DG0BKB15648, SAF ETIED *2007 Buick Allure CX 4dr Sedan, Fully Loaded,
Cloth Interior, 3.8 L Series 3 Engine, Auto Trans, 127,495kms showing, s/n2G4WF582X71236290, SAFETIED *2007 Chev Colorado LS Ext Cab 2wd, AM/FM Radio, A/C, Remote Start, 3.7 L
engine, Auto Trans, 77683kms showing, s/n1GCCS19E978135033, SAFETIED *2007 GMC SLE Ext Cab, 2WH, Ton, Pwr Windows & Locks, C D Radio, Auto Trans, 5.3 L Engine, Hidden Hitch,
Running Boards, Box Rails, Box Liner, 95,825kms showing, s/n2GTEC19J671549568, SAFETIED *2006 GMC SLE Ext Cab 4x4 Z71 4dr, PwrWindows & Locks, AM/FM CD, 5.3 L Engine, Auto Trans,
Running Boards, Box Rails, Box Liner, Hitch, 287,000kms showing, s/n2GTEK19B761160951, SAFETIED *2006 GMC SLE Z71 Crew Cab, 4x4, Ton, Pwr Windows & Locks, AM/FM CD, Box Liner,
Running Boards, Hitch, 5.3 L Engine, Auto Trans, 259,854kms showing, s/n2GTEK13T961347755, SAFETIED *2006 GMC Sierra Reg Cab 2wd Ton, AM/FM CD, A/C, Box Rails, Box Liner, 4.3 L
Engine, Auto Trans, Running Boards, 119,697kms showing, s/n3GTEC14X56G150586, SAFETIED *2006 Buick Lucerne CX 4dr Sedan, Fully Loaded, Cloth Interior, 3.8 L engine Series 3 Engine,
Auto Trans, 86,980kms showing, s/n1G4HP57216U174479, SAFETIED *2004 GMC SL Reg Cab, 2wd, ton w/Box Capper, Pwr Locks, AM/FM CD, A/C, Running Boards, Box Liner, 4.3 L Engine,
Auto Trans, 94,348kms showing, s/n1GTEC14X04Z303310, SAFETIED *2004 Chev Impala LS 4dr, Pwr Windows & Locks, AM/FM CD, 3.4 L Engine, Auto Trans, 149,989kms showing, s/n2G-
1WF52E149380551, SAFETIED*2003 GMC Envoy XL SUV, Fully Loaded, Leather Interior, 4200 Vortec Engine, Auto Trans, Running Board s, Hitch, 249,577kms showing, s/n1GKET16S736177582,
SAFETIED *2003 CHRYSLER Intrepid 4dr, 6 cyl, Automatic trans, 151880 kms showing VIN:2C3HH46R73H556478, SAFETIED *2001 GMC SLEExt Cab, 2wd Ton, Pwr windows & Locks, AM/FM
Cassette, 5th wheel Hitch, Running Boards, 5.3 L engine, Auto trans, 372,263kms showing, s/n2GTEC19TX11153393, SAFETIED *2000 Buick Century Custom 4dr Sedan, Pwr Windows & Locks,
AM/FM Cassette, 3.1 L Engine, Auto Trans, 136,287kms showing, s/n2G4WS52J1Y1193097, SAFETIED *2000 Chev Venture Van LS, Dual Sl iding Doors, Pwr Windows & Locks, 3.4 L Engine, Auto
Trans, s/n1GNDX03E3YD361562 (AS IS NOT SAFETIED) *1999 GMC Safari SLT AWD Van, Pwr windows & Locks, AM/FM Cassette CD, Vortec E ngine, Auto Trans, Hitch, 247,378kms showing, s/
*1997 Buick LeSabre Custom 4dr, Pwr Windows & Locks, AM/FM Cassette, 3.8 L Series 2 Engine, Auto Trans, 160,104kms showing, s/n1G4HP52K3VH525696, SAFETIED *1997 Chev Lumina,
SHOP EQUIPMENT: *Rotary Lift SPO-9 2 post shop hoist w/9000lbs cap, s/n19357 *Rotary Lift SPO-9 2 post shop hoist w/9000lbs cap, s/n15782 *Machine IND 50 Ton Shop Press *ITC Parts
Washer *12 Bench w/ Vise *Oil change fuid collection tank on wheels *Transmission Jack *Assorted Benches & tables *Engine Stand *Gas Caddy fuel tank *Lincoln Gear oil Dispenser *Oxy/
Acct Sets w/ cart *West True Cut Brake Lathe Model 1115HD *Can Built OPT-5405 Headlight Aiming Station *ABC 2000 Refrigerant Service Solution *Kent Moore J45096 Flow Tester Flushing
Station *John Bean Self-Calibrating Computer Wheel Balance *Coats RC-10A Tire Changer *PFM 9.2 Pro-Cut on car brake lathe *Graco air greaser *Selection of Hand Tools, Electric Tools, Air
Tools, Air Hose and other repair shop related smalls *Almost NEWWalk behind Snow Blower
DIAGNOSTIC TOOLS: *J42598 Vehicle Data Recorder *J42598-B Vehicle Data Recorder Cart *J45037 A/C Oil Injection Kit *CH47976 Active Fuel InjectorTester *Tech 2 Expertec Engine Analyzer
*J43241 Keyless Entry Tester *J44551-A GM A/C Suction Server Service Kit *J41413-200 Evaporative Emission System Tester *J34914CRT Tester *J38792 Electronic Vibration Analyzer *J42958
Cruise Control Tester *J33838 Pinion Setting Gauge *J38826 S.I.R. Deployment Harness *29125-A High Impedance Multimeter *CH48027 Digital Remote Precision / Vac Gauge *J35628 VATS
Intervogator *Coolant Pressure Tester *J44175 Fuel Composition Tester *J37089-B Crankshaft Sensor Adjuster Balancer Checker *J 35314A Exhaust Back Pressure Tester *J41416 Accu Trac
Ultrasonic Leak Detector *Steelman Classis EAR *Fluke J9200 Voltage Tester *Mid Tronics Digital Battery Analyzer *Allen Tronic17-02 Compression Tester *J42220 12 Volt Leak Detection Lamp
*KAL Equip L10 Inductive Timing Light *Wilbac Battery Tester *J34730-E Port Fuel Injection Diagnostic Kit
SPECIALTY TOOLS & SERVICE KITS: *Computer and Printer w/ Selection of Service CDs *J43145 Gen III V8 Base Engine Service Tool Kit *GM Styr Transfer Case T ools *J43690 Rod Bearing
Checking Tool *EN46525 Line 4-5 Engine Storage Case *J42385-400 Inline Engine Thread Repair Kit *Colorado/Canyon Drive Train on Vehicle Service Tools *Colorado/Canyon Drive Train Unit
Repair Tools *J44551 GM A/C Suction Screen Install Kit *J44924 Allison Trans Service Tools *DT-47825 Control Solenoid Test Asse mbly *DT-48616 Transmission Solenoid Test Plate *J42385-
850 Thread Repair Kit *J44295 Shimming Surface Tool *J45713 Dana 60/60HD/70HD Storage Case *J45709 Ltd Slip Dif Service Kit *J36660 Torque Angle Meter *J45873 Fuel Quantity Hose
*J44229 Line Engine Service Tool Kit *J44900 8.1 Liter Engine Tools *J44466 Fuel Line Shut Of Adapter *J44470 Getrag F23 TransTool Kit *J46010 Vibe Storage Case *EN46124 High Feature
Engine Tool *J45692 Dana Axle Shim Selector *J42385-650 Thread Repair Kit *J44425 11.5 Ring Gear Axle Service Tool Kit *J42385-2000 Thread Repair for North Star Engine *J45405 ISO
Metric Bubble Flaring & 45 Degree Inverted Flaring Kit *J24086 Piston Pin Remover/Replaced Set *J34817 Carburetor Float Positioning Kit *J41619 4.0L Engine Overhaul Tool Kit *J36601
Pinion Shim Selector *J36364 10-20 Series Lower Control Arm Bushing Service Kit *J36618 30 Series Lower Control Arm Bushing Service Kit *J29803 Brake Line Flaring Tool *J38716 Teves
Mark IV DOS Breakout Box *Echlin Fuel Injection Cleaning Kit *J39700-A 180 Pin Universal Breakout Box *J41226 Rear Cargo DoorHinge Pin Kit *J33431-A Signal Generator/Instrument Panel
Tester *CH48358 Control Arm Bushing Replacer *HM 282 5 Speed Manual transaxle Service Tool Kit *J41805 Ball Joint Remover/Installer *Ball Joint Service Kit *J41529 6.5L Diesel Tool Kit
*1989 Tracker Service Tool Kit *J36999-2 Quad 4 DOHC Engine Service Tool Kit *J45400 Coil Spring Compressor *J36893-2 W-Car Ser vice Tool Set *J39143 NVG4500 Trans Service Repair Kit
*J36826-2 HM290 Manual Trans Service Tool Kit *J33373 Transaxle Shim Selector Kit *J36652 Swage Clamp Tool Set *J44388 Getrag F 23 Shim Selector *PLUS approx. 30 more GMC Specialty
Service Tool Kits, Pullers, Engine Support, Jack Brackets and Much More
PRECISSIONMEASUREMENT TOOLS: *Bear Brake Disc Micrometer *Storm 3B530 Digital Drum Gauge *Storm 3M430 Electronic Digital Rotor Gauge *Selection of Micrometers, Dial Gauges,
PARTS: *Microfche (Parts & Service and slides) *Large Selection of GM NEWparts, oils, ftters, belts, exhaust, etc. (Complete GM Dealership parts room. Too much to list) *Selection of Kent
Moore Parts assortment kits *Batteries *Tires (Approx 75 to 80 NEWtires) *Gaskets *Hose *Loaded Bolt Bins *Windshields *Sliding rear windows *Grills *Running Boards *Box Liners *Bum-
pers & Bumper skins *Shelving and much more
MANUALS: *Very Large Selection of Repair and Parts Manuals
OFFICE EQUIPMENT: *Selection of Ofce Equipment, Desks, chairs, File Cabinets, Desk Top Computers, Printers, etc. *Waiting Room and Reception Furniture *Ofce Chairs *Display Racks
DENNIS COEY 1-204-636-2421 OR EMAIL
Not responsible for errors in description. Subject to additions and or deletions.
Property owners and Fraser Auction Service not responsible for any accidents.
GST & PST where applicable. TERMS: Cash or cheque.
NOTE: cheques of $50,000 or more must be accompanied by bank letter of credit.
Sale conducted by FRASER AUCTION SERVICE 1-800-483-5856

Minnedosa Golf Club

Minnedosa Golf Club
Expansion Committee
Cash Calendar Draw Winners
for the Month of May 2013
Lottery License #MGCC3945RF
Rick & Sheryl Saler $50
Jess McInnes $30
Barry McNabb $30
Scott & Arlene Demontigny $30
W.A. (Billy) Saville $30
$20 Winners
8 8 M
1 P
8 S
8 8
L 8
M L8
! L
k P
! Mk
! C
8 C

8 8
P 8
l !
u S
M l
8 !
S u
The Carberry News-Express Te Carberry
Community Memorial Park Association is fundraising
for a $350,000 in-ground skateboard and bike park. Real-
izing their projects probably at least 10 years away, the
group has purchased used equipment and has decided
to reface the tennis court area with new two-inch asphalt
to use as a park in the meantime. For this improvement,
they have received one quote of $60,000 and have ap-
proximately 70% of that funding available.
Crossroads This Week Ken Smith of Hamiota
has been recognized with the Lieutenant Governors
Award for Historical Preservation and Promotion. Smith
has directed the publication of two local history books,
was instrumental in establishing the Hamiota and Dis-
trict Archives, led the towns centennial celebration,
developed pictorial displays and organized archival ma-
terial. He also chaired and expanded the Pioneer Club
Museum, designed numerous historical booklets and
wrote fctional works based on events and places from
western Manitobas past.
The Boissevain Recorder Despite rain, about
50 business people, farmers and concerned community
members gathered at the Boissevain GO Of ce to protest
the closing of the local GO Of ce. Te NDP announced
earlier this year that the of ce would close in July with
services for the region being provided by Killarney, Mel-
ita, Souris and Brandon.
Souris Plaindealer Construction on the new $4
million Souris Swinging Bridge is continuing and reports
are that it will open this summer, perhaps by early July.
The Killarney Guide Following a full year of ren-
ovations, refts and rejuvenation, the Killarney Shoppers
Mall has reopened with a new name Killarney Place.
Meanwhile, over at the Shamrock Centre, some 1,000
visitors took in Te Shamrock Centre Trade Show and
Exhibition, Unfortunately, numbers for this years event
were down by about 2,000 over last years attendance.
Around the region
with the weeklies
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Beautiful 2003 Chevy
Avalanche 4x4. Loaded with
A/C, Tilt, P/W, Dual Zone
Climate Control, Cruise, Rear
Console Stereo Controls, 6
CD In-Dash Bose Stereo. Vor-
tec 5300 with K&N Air Intake,
HyperTech Power Program-
mer. Removable Toneau cover
with storage bag. Mid-gate al-
lows 4x8 load. Power retract-
able heated mirrors. Power
pedals. Summer and winter
tires. Removable towing mir-
rors. Side-bed storage lock-
ers. All new brakes and rotors.
Safetied. 222,000 kms. Asking
$7,950 or best ofer. Call or text
(204)867-7956. (10-4)
Cabin for Rent 2 bed-
rooms fully furnished, on
Minnedosa Beach (5 minute
walk to the beach). Available
from May on. $60.00/day or
$350.00 per week. Phone Por-
tage la Prairie 1-204-871-2224
anytime. (10-4x)
Great, unique, charac-
ter home, on an enclosed,
double, corner lot. Great
home for family and pets with
2 bedrooms, large bathroom,
and a potential for a loft. Lots
of upgrades, and quiet loca-
tion, 129 3rd. Ave. N.W. Call
204-867-3208. (10-4x)
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feds starting at $9.00 plus tax.

Lawn Roller to buy, rent
or borrow. Phone 204-865-
2344. (13-2x)
Qualifed Painter with
25 years experience. All work
guaranteed. Call Blaine at
204-874-2399. (43-tfn)
Aow Building:
2 Units Available
For details call
Peter Harrison
of Sutton Harrison Realty
Saturday 2 - 3 p.m.
II you are short oI money we will
buy part oI your Iarm and rent it
back to you. Down the road or
later on, we will give you the right
oI frst reIusal to buy it back.
Contact us and we`ll talk it over!
Cell: 204-729-5055

A bridal shower for Julie

Smit, bride elect of Kent
Brown, will be held on Sun-
day, June 9th, 2 4:30 p.m. at
Westridge Community Cen-
tre: 32 Willowdale Crescent,
Brandon, MB. Please consid-
er this your invitation! (12-2x)
Please accept this as your
invitation to attend a wedding
shower for Stephanie Wright,
bride elect of John Wood,
on Saturday, June 15th, 2013
from 2 4 p.m. at her parents
home, 629-3rd Street NE,
Minnedosa. (13-2x)
Jim & Eleanor Graham
along with
Stan & Christine Pass
Are pleased to announce the
engagement of
Kay-dee Graham
Matthew Pass.
Tey are to be married on
September 21, 2013.
A Come and Go Bridal
to be held in their honour at
Minnedosa Community
Conference Centre
June 15, 2013 from 1 3 p.m.
A social evening will be held
in their honour.
Earle and Claudia Peters
of Winnipeg, MB,
announce the engagement
of their daughter,
Miss Lori Peters
Jeff Noordenbos,
son of Ernie and Marilyn
of Minnedosa, MB.
Te wedding has been
planned for the
7th day of September 2013.
A pre wedding social will be
held in their honour.
Odd jobs of all kinds!
Call Ryan McKay 204-841-
3786. I do windows! (13-2x)
Book Your
Spot Today
Friday, J une 7, 2013
The Minnedosa Tribune
After much anticipation
Brooklyn proudly welcomed
her sister
Braxtyn Janay
on March 27th at 8:19 a.m.
with her parents Jared and
Stacey Silverthorn.
Teir little snugabunny
was 7lbs 14oz. and was 20
inches long.
Since bringing her home
and watching her
grow each day,
Brooklyn has learned that
being a big sister
is sometimes
even better than being
a princess!
Both girls would like
to thank their friends
and family
for the thoughtful gifts
that they have received.
Lyndie Breanne Instance
For obtaining your
Bachelor of Nursing with
Greatest Distinction.
Lyndie was inducted into the
Brandon University Honour
Society. She also received
the College of Registered
Nurses of Manitoba Medal
of Excellence and Brandon
Regional Health Authority
gold scholarship. Lyndie is
currently employed at the
Neepawa Health Centre.
Love from your extremely
proud parents and family.
Garage Sale in support
of a Port in the Storm on Sat-
urday, June 8, from 10 a.m.
2 p.m. at 266-1st Ave. SW.
Donations appreciated. Call
204-874-2210. (12-2)
Multi-family garage
sale: Saturday and Sunday,
June 8th and 9th, 10 a.m. 5
p.m. Antiques and collect-
ibles; kids toys and clothes;
animal and pet supplies;
tools; household and sporting
goods. Bayes Alpaca Ranch
3 kms southwest of Minnedo-
sa on Highway #10. (x)
catalytic converters
stainless steel
72 Rothwell Road
Winnipeg, MB
(1 block south of IKEA)
The trusted name in
metal recycling
Have an upcoming event
youd like to let everyone
know about? Get the word
out there with a Coming
Event listing in Te Tribune.
Ads starting at $9.00 plus tax.

UCT Bingo at Ukrainian
Hall, Tuesday nights. Doors
open at 6:00 p.m. Early bird at
7:00 p.m. followed by regular
games. License #3359 B1 and
3359 BO. (47-tfn)
Beneft concert for Little
Bouquet Childrens Home in
Haiti at Minnedosa United
Church on Sunday, June 9th
at 7:30 p.m. Donations wel-
come. Featuring Aaron Hut-
ton with special guests Sister
Reign, Cameron Connection
and the Strathclair Teatre
Chorus Ensemble. (11-3)
Expressive Dance with
Crystal. (New Itsy Bitsy Yoga
for infant up to toddler) Dance
classes for 2 yrs and up. Adult
and boy classes are ofered.
Jazz/Hip Hop, Tap, Stomp
Tap, Highland, Celtic Tap,
Celtic Irish, Teatrics, Ballet,
Stretch Class, Couples Dance,
Bellydance, Jigging, Charles-
ton. Registration Monday,
June 10th and Tuesday, June
11th at Crystals Studio in
Minnedosa from 4:00 8:00
p.m. For registration info call
Crystal at 204-867-3561 or
204-867-2446. (11-3)
Te family of Fred Wet-
teland invite you to a surprise
90th Birthday come and go tea
on June 9th, 2013 at the Cross-
roads Community Centre,
Main Street, Erickson from 2
4 p.m. No gifts please, just the
pleasure of your company.
9th annual Ag Appre-
ciation BBQ hosted by the
Minnedosa Chamber of Com-
merce. Wednesday, June
12th 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Heritage Co-op Foodmarket
parking lot. Rain or shine!
Proceeds support agriculture
related scholarship from MCI
grad students. (12-2)
Eastern Star dessert and
cofee bake table, rainbow
auction, Friday, June 14th 2
3:30 p.m. at Masonic Hall. Ev-
eryone welcome. (12-2x)
Minnedosa Regional Li-
brary is hosting an informa-
tion night on using elibrary
on Tuesday, June 11th from
7 8:00 p.m. Ask questions
and learn how to access this
library option. Bring along
your ereader. Everyone is
welcome. (12-2x)
Minnedosa Service to
Seniors Congregate Meal
Program serving supper
meals for seniors at the
Townview Manor 6th foor
Tuesdays, Tursdays,
Sundays starting at 5:00
p.m. $8.00 dine in, $10.00
delivered. Call 204-867-
2198 after 1:00 p.m. on day
of the meal or call 204-867-
5190 for all other inquiries.
Service to Seniors
Sunday, June 9th
Roast chicken, potatoes,
vegetable, salad
and dessert
Tuesday, June 11th
Roast beef, potatoes,
vegetable, salad
and dessert
Tursday, June 13th
Cold plate includes
assorted meats, salads
and dessert.
Notice to members and
invited guests of the Town of
Rapid City: Rapid City Emer-
gency Services is hosting a
Spud-Bud-BBQ Pork Supper
on Saturday, June 15th from
5 8 p.m. at the Legion Hall
in Rapid City. Tickets $20.00
for adults and $8.00 for chil-
dren 8 and under. Advance
sale of tickets only. Available
from any frefghter and also
Queens Hotel. All proceeds
go towards new fre hall. Si-
lent Auction and 50/50. Do-
nations can also be left at the
Town Of ce. Contact number
204-573-8234. MLCC # 92/13.
Book Your
Spot Today
If your
label reads
Its time
to renew!
Call 204-
Call us for her number
now! ~ Cell and home
Call today, meet on the
weekend! Lunch for
two! Or Dinner for
one! Same old same
old in your life?
We can help!!!!!
Linda is 50, tall & slim,
at 57 &129lbs. She is
feminine, athletic,
caring, soft, nurturing,
easy going, well
travelled, well behaved
and a total lady in
every way. She is
divorced with two
children, a son and
daughter. Shes a
country gal through and
through . She
considers herself an
endless romantic. Linda
likes a man who will
send her flowers, hold
her hand and walk on
the outside to
protect her! She is
lonely, but I wont settle
for less. She has a
farm which she dearly
loves. There are
horses, and a herb
garden, and her home
has just been
renovated, it is
beautiful! Linda is a
sensitive person, &
believes in love. She is
looking for real love.
This man would be a
man who is like her,
successful, is a country
boy, and is his own
Matchmakers Select
Guaranteed service
Face to face match-
making, customized
memberships thorough
screening process.
Rural, remote, small
towns, isolated
communities & villages
13 years established
Clint Mofat and Sons
is currently looking for Class
I Drivers, Crusher Operator,
and Labourers. Reply to Clint
Mofat and Sons Ltd., Minne-
dosa. Phone 204-867-3356.
Find Your
Treasure in the
Minnedosa Tribune
17 Friday, J une 7, 2013
The Minnedosa Tribune
Manitoba Hydro
is committed to
diversity and
employment equity.
Operator Driver
We are seeking an experienced Operator Driver to
work in Neepawa.
Under the direction of the Customer Service Centre
Supervisor or delegate, you will assist the Digger
Truck Operator in the removal and installation of
poles, anchors, transformers, street light standards
and bases in Urban and Rural distribution systems.
You will operate and maintain light and heavy self-
propelled vehicles and auxiliary implements as well as
haul all types of apparatus, material and equipment,
use and operate light and heavy lifting devices and
load/unload material, equipment and apparatus.
You will have Grade 10 education and the necessary
experience to operate equipment assigned; will
possess a valid Province of Manitoba Drivers License
Class III with air brake endorsement; and be required
to obtain a Manitoba Hydro Equipment Operators
permit appropriate to the equipment to be operated.
You will also be required to possess an approved
set of personal hand tools; have the ability to work
cooperatively in a safe, courteous and responsible
manner with co-workers and outside agencies
following the standards, procedures and policies
of the company. You will attend and satisfactorily
complete training courses as assigned and be
physically capable of performing duties associated
with the position.
Visit our website at to
apply online or submit your resume and cover letter
to the Neepawa District Ofce. The deadline for
applications is June 21, 2013. We thank you for
your interest and will contact you if you are selected
for an interview.
Manitoba Hydro offers a competitive salary and
benets package as well as working conditions that
provide a balanced approach to work, family life and
community, including a nine day work cycle.
Generating bright futures
Gladstone Transfer Ltd.
is currently taking applications
for the following positions:
1. Class 1S drivers, super B hopper work thru
Prairie Provinces. Dedicated routes to suit drivers`
preIerred lane oI traIfc.
2. 2 Owner - Operator positions available. Flat rate
or commision, dedicated routes.
SuccessIul candidates must possess the willingness to
work in a team environment and work with late model
saIe equipment.
Check us out at or phone
204-385-2947 or Iax 204-385-3465.

For Sale by Tender
Used School Buses
Rolling River School Division
invites 'Sealed Tenders Ior the Purchase
oI the Iollowing used school buses:
Unit # 28 -1994 IHC 48 Passenger
Bluebird Body, 7.3L diesel powered, running
Unit # 37 - 1997 IHC - 72 Passenger
Bluebird Body, T444E diesel powered, running
Unit # 40 - 1996 IHC 66 Passenger
Thomas Body, T444E diesel powered, running
Sealed tenders clearly marked ~TENDER
will be accepted by the undersigned
until Noon, Wednesday, 1une 12, 2013.
Please indicate the unit number(s) in your
tender. Units sold 'as is, where is condition.
Highest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
For viewing or inIormation contact:
Daryl Tesarowski, Transportation Supervisor
Rolling River School Division
Box 1170, Minnedosa, MB. R01 1E0
(204) 867-2754 Ext. 1

In Loving Memory of
Ryann Glenda Bohn
June 12, 2010
Tink of her as living
In the hearts of those
she touched.
For nothing loved is ever lost
And she was loved so much!
Lovingly remembered and
missed by
Daddy & Mommy
(Gerry & Erin),
big sister Gracie, little
brother Quinn,
Grandpa & Grandma Currie,
Auntie Shawna & Uncle
Justin, Uncle Brad & Auntie
Katie and cousins Lila,lyse,
Gisle & Hugh.
In Loving Memory of
my daughter and our sister
Who passed away
June 11, 2011
Sadly missed along lifes way
Just as you were
You will always be
Treasured in our memory.
Lovingly remembered and
sadly missed by
Mom Matilda; sisters;
brother, and their families.
Does someone you know
deserve a big round of ap-
plause? Let everyone know
with a Card of Tanks in Te
Tribune. Ads starting at $9.00
plus tax. (tfn)

First of all I would like to
thank my family and friends
for being there for me when I
was in the hospital in Vancou-
ver and was so sick spending
time in critical care and the
ICU. Your continued sup-
port helped me get back on
my feet and keep training
for the Rugby Canada U20
Team when I thought it was
too late. I would also like to
thank the community for all
the well wishes I got while in
the hospital and the messages
I got through the rest of my
family wishing me good luck
and telling me to stay posi-
tive. When you read this I will
be in Temuco, Chile compet-
ing in the Junior World Rugby
Trophy May 28
-June 9
Representing Canada and
Minnedosa on the world stage
is a dream come true. Tanks
for all the continued support.
~Jason Galbraith (12-2x)
NITY Marine Superintendent/
Detachment Superintendent,
Canadian Forces Auxiliary
Fleet, a civilian component of
the Department Of National
Defence, seeks Marine Man-
agers for positions in Nanoose
Bay and Victoria (Vancouver
Island), British Columbia. On-
line applications only through
the Public Service Commis-
sion of Canada website, Refer-
ence# DND13J-008697-000065,
Selection Process# 13-DND-
EA-ESQ-373623, Marine Su-
perintendent/Detachment Su-
perintendent. Applicants must
meet all essential qualifcations
listed and complete the appli-
cation within the prescribed
timelines. **http://jobs-em-
Surintendant/Surintendant de
dtachement de la Marine, La
fotte auxiliaire des forces cana-
diennes, une composante civile
du ministre de la Dfense na-
tionale, cherche des gestion-
naires marins pour des postes
situs Nanoose Bay et Victoria
sur lle de Vancouver, en Co-
lombie-Britannique. Les candi-
dats intresss doivent postuler
en ligne travers le site internet
de la Commission de la fonction
publique du Canada, Rfrence
n DND13J-008697-000065,
le processus de slection
#13-DND-EA-ESQ-373623, Su-
rintendant / Surintendant de
dtachement de Marine. Les
candidats doivent possder
toutes les qualifcations essen-
tielles numres dans la pub-
licit en ligne et remplir la de-
mande dans les dlais prescrits.
http: //j obs-empl oi s. gc. ca/
Klassic Autobody (Hay River,
NT) seeking Working Shop
Foreman/Assistant Manager
- Oversee Bodyshop, estima-
tions, quality/safety, team-
player. $37-$42 hourly+OT,
company matched pension
plan, benefts. Apply to: em-
Guaranteed approval drive
away today! We lend money to
everyone. Fast approvals, best
interest rates. Over 500 vehicles
sale priced for immediate deliv-
ery OAC. 1-877-796-0514. www.
for CanScribe graduates! Medi-
cal Transcriptionists are in de-
mand and CanScribe graduates
get jobs. Payments under $100
per month. 1-800-466-1535. admis-
TEST June 14-16, Holland
Community Centre, Dances -
Te Moonshiners & After Eight,
Contest Saturday 2PM, Suppers
& Camping available. 204-526-
2064 or 204-526-2459.
Neepawa & Area Lily Festi-
val, July 19 \endash 21. Fabu-
lous fowers and food, enter-
tainment all day and half the
night. Visit www.lilyfestival.
Advertisements and statements
contained herein are the sole
responsibility of the persons or
entities that post the advertise-
ment, and the Manitoba Com-
munity Newspaper Association
and membership do not make
any warranty as to the accura-
cy, completeness, truthfulness
or reliability of such advertise-
ments. For greater informa-
tion on advertising conditions,
please consult the Association
s Blanket Advertising Condi-
tions on our website at www.
Automotive, farm, construc-
tion, ATV, marine, cycle, golf
carts, solar. Phones, tools,
radios, computers, etc. Re-
conditioned, obsolete, and
hard-to-fnd batteries. SOLAR
panels, inverters, and acces-
sories. Te Battery Man Wpg.
1-877-7758271 www.battery-
$1.49/each for a box of 270
($402.30). Also full range of
trees, shrubs, cherries & ber-
ries. Free shipping. Replace-
ment guarantee. 1-866-873-
3846 or
Bed Line - Queen Pillow-Top
Bed Set $395! (King set $595.00)
(6-piece Bedroom Suite includ-
ing Pillow-Top Bed set $900). 12
Drawer Queen $495! 5 piece 42
round drop leaf set $459. SOL-
ID RUSTIC OAK Table Set 60
to 96 (No Veneer) 6-high back
padded chairs $2,295 ($4,200
value)! Leather 3-Piece Set!
Sofa, Love Seat & Chair. Sacri-
fce $1,495, Store Value $3,100.
(Can Separate) Call: 204-571-
1971. Brandon.
7 New 16 x 80, 3 Bed, 2 Bath.
Starting at $80,000. 2 New 16
x 64, 3 Bed, 1 Bath. Starting at
$66,500. 1 New 16 x 68, 2 Bed, 1
Bath. Starting at $72,000. Paying
cash for used homes 1985 and
newer. Altona Mobile Homes,
1-800-582-4036, 1-204-324-
6776 Email
Notre Dame Used Oil Prov-
ince Wide Collection, used oil
over 500 L, used oil flters, con-
tainers, antifreeze, batteries.
Ecocentres, Rms, Businesses,
Farms. Phone 1-204-248-2110,
BUILDINGS 60% OFF! 20x28,
30x40, 40x62, 45x90, 50x120,
60x150, 80x100 sell for balance
owed! Call 1-800-457-2206
M & M
All Auto Body Repairs
Ph: 867-2083
5 Main St. North
Friday, J une 7, 2013 The Minnedosa Tribune
Income Tax Filing
Farm and Business
Government form filing
Phone 867-5550
Fax 867-5808
116 Main St. S.
Minnedosa, MB R0J 1E0
Tax Ser vi ce
& Accounti ng
Parish Backhoe
Septic Systems Weeping tiles
Water Sysyems Basements
All types of excavation
Certifed in waste
water management
Call: Ian
874-2134 or 867-0383
Minnedosa - 867-3853
Ready Mix Concrete
Concrete forms, Rebar, Wire Mesh,
Weeping Tile, Concrete Sealer, Snap Ties
All at Competitive
Specializing in water & sewer
installation & repair
All types of excavation
Basements, Demolition
Snow removal
Gravel, Topsoil
Sales of septic tanks
Tony 867-7582
Kirk 867-0180
Clint Moffat
& Sons Ltd.
Sand & Gravel Products
Water & Sewer
Site Preparation
Snow Removal
GeorgeAllard, C.G.A.*
Gateway Street
Onanole, Mb
HowardWirch, C.G.A*
9-515 4th Ave
Shoal Lake, MB
Dauphin Ofce - 15 1st Ave S.W.
Phone: 638-3005
Fax: 638-5817
*Denotes Professional Corporation
Enterprises Ltd.
Air Conditioning,
Heating & Electrical
30 Years
Bus : 867-3950

Cleaning Services
- Veteran Affairs with
Blue Cross Coverage
- Residential
- Commercial
- Window washing
Partnered with
Cleaning For A
Reason (charitable
service for women
treatment for cancer)
Home: 867-3272
Cell: 868-0181
70 Main St, S.
Minnedosa, MB.
Personal Tax Returns
Farm Returns
Business Returns
Cash Back
Phone: 867-5124
5" AND 6" continuous
pre-hnished eavestrough
Siding Roohng
Sofht Fascia
Closed cell
Polyurethane Spray foam
Blow in Attic 8 Wall
Fibre !nsulation
Fire Retardent Coating
Brittany Blair
PHONE: 874-2270
Chartered Accountants
and Advisors
Farm, Business & Individual
Professional Services:
~ Tax
~ Accounting
~ Farm Programs
Sarah Campbell, CGA
39 Main Street South
Minnedosa 867-2957
Gwen Usick
Alternate Broker
Ph: 867-4657
Fax: 867-2150
Take a tour on or our website
Due to the strong
number of spring
sales, inventory is
getting low.
Please call today
for a FREE No
One oI a kind updated 5
bedroom, 2 bath, 1 3/4 brick/
stucco character home. Features
2 staircases, 1 to main sleeping
area and other oII kitchen to
maids quarters. 2 verandahs,
mudroom, HE gas Iurnace,
central air, freplace, deck,
some newer windows
MLS #1304984 $199,900
Well maintained, well built and
well located 2 bdm bungalow
with attached single garage
with GDO close to downtown.
Main foor bath and laundry, HE
gas Iurnace, central air, patio,
vegetable garden on a 120 It
deep lot that backs onto green
space. Areal gem.
MLS#1310383 $198,000
Great hobby Iarm on 16.16
acres. 2900 sq It 2 1/2 storey
character 5 bdm, 2 bath, 2
freplace home with attached
greenhouse/workshop. There
is a second 1 bedroom guest
house. Large private yard
Ieatures veg garden, single
garage, barns, machine
shed, and much more......
MLS#1310385 $299,000


Rick Taylor 867-7551
463 - 4th St. NE
Unique 4 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath Iamily
home in desirable lake area. Great patio
and deck with hot tub, outdoor freplace
and beautiIul 38` x 18` inground pool.
Very well maintained home sits on 100` lot
and Ieatures skylit main bath with poured
marble surround and soaker tub. Vaulted
open concept living room, dining room and
kitchen area. Tyndalstone gas freplace in
living room and much more. Finished
basement has a Iamily room, large
bedroom, 3 piece bath, media room, utility,
storage and 9 1/2 Ioot ceilings. Certainly
one oI the nicest homes on the market in
Minnedosa this year. Too many updates
and Ieatures to list; contact agent Ior Iull
Ieature sheet.
Minnedosa Building Lot
Great location with the 100` x 120`
building lot. Only minutes to the lake.
24` x 20` heated shop on property and
much oI the landscaping done only adds
to this great lot. Sloping lot lends itselI
well to a walkout basement.
Most of my inventory has Sold!
Considering listing your Property?
Call me today for great service at great rates!
181 - 2nd St. NW
This 1040 square Ioot 2
bedroom home is very tidy and well
maintained. Home Ieatures large
bedrooms, main foor utility room and
central air conditioning. New shingles,
mostly newer windows.
Appliances included.
108 Otter Rd,. Otter Lake
Enjoy this 736 sq. It. cottage at Otter
Lake at an aIIordable price. Two
bedroom with a 3 piece bath this
Iully Iurnished cottage sleeps nine.
Screened sunroom, covered deck and
air conditioned.
137 - 1st St. N.W.
This 3 bedroom bi-level has great curb
appeal with nice stucco, stonework
and new Iront door. The tile entrance
way leads to lovely hardwood in
living room and more tile throughout
the kitchen and dining area. New patio
door and deck with maintenance Iree
glass railing is ready Ior you to enjoy
this summer. Double detached garage.
Too many Ieatures and updates to list!
128 - 1st Ave. N.W.
Great starter home near school!
Shingles, siding and all windows
updated since 2008. Main foor
bedroom and 3 bedrooms upper foor.
Large bright kitchen and large living
room with hardwood foor.
Big Ienced yard.
Catharine M Gijsbers.
Certified General Accountant.
Professional Corporation - 2132
Street NE
Box385, Minnedosa MB R0J1E0
x Personal &CorporateIncomeTax
x Accountingandpayroll services
x AgExpert Analyst CertifiedAdvisor
x V.I.P. Installer Grouptrainer
Tel: 867-3884 Cell: 867-0190
Book this spot
Call 204-867 3816

Working in your community to meet all

your real estate needs --
Your Home is Where My Heart Is
Louise McInnes
Noon - 2 p.m.
162 5th Ave SW
1150 sq. It.
2 bedroom on a
lovely treed corner
Newly Listed!
227 5th Ave SW
1120 sq. It.
3 bedroom on a
75 x 120 Ienced
corner lot.
Spacious Iamily
2 - 4 p.m.
249 Main Street N.
858 sq. It.
3 bedroom on a
nicely hedged
corner lot.
Lots oI upgrades!
133 3rd Ave SW
1320 sq. It.
3 bedroom on a
lovely treed/Ienced
corner lot.
Great location!
RM of Minto
4 bedroom
character home on
15.55 acres with
creek and
inground pool.
113 Shady Lane
Otter Lake
780 sq.It. newly
built cabin on a
122 x 110
treed lot. Own
your own place at
the lake!
More than just a
Weoffer afull lineof
Posters, Brochures, Invoices,
Envelopes, Business Cards,
Letterhead, Tickets, Invitations
and MORE! Wealso provide
Colour Photocopying, Photo
Reproductions and Faxing.
Visit us at:
14 3rd Avenue S.W.
Minnedosa, MB
Monday - Friday
9 a.m. to 12 noon &
1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Phone 867-3816
Law Office
B-116 Main St S
Minnedosa, MB
Law Offc e
Norman H. Si ms, Q. C.
76 Mai n Street South
MI NNEDOSA t 867-2717
Burgess Law
51 Main Street S
Drivers Licenses, Autopac
General Insurance
Bruce McNabb & Dave McDonald
Plumbing & Heating
Gas Fitting
ph: 867-2084
cell: 867-0346
Vent ur es I nc.
Management &
Garbage Removal
Bin Rentals
Construction Demolition
Household clean up
Estate clean ups
The Minnedosa Tribune
Friday, J une 7, 2013
Main line
Joanne Clarke
Susan Glasgow
Alayna McTavish
Debbie Strelczik
Lori McNabb
Harvey Wedgewood
Carol Dalrymple
Carol Taylor
Kim Robinson
Jeff Dusessoy
Sylvia Firby
Candice Brown
Brad Ross
Mgrna Charles
ome. $7-97!7
Cell. $$-9903 ALCOHOLICS
If you like to drink and can
That's your business
If you want to stop and can't
That's our business.
P.O. Box 36
or 867-3966
Alanon - 867-3308
Alateen - 867-5121
867-3401 Minnedosa
Mtg. Times: 8:00 pm Tuesdays
of Manitoba
Support Group
Meetings held at
Minnedosa Hospital Boardroom
every 2nd Tuesday of the month
at 6:30 p.m. For more info call:
Lora Hay 826-2773
Connie Finlay 867-2556
Family Hair Care Family Hair Care
Waxing Waxing Pedicures Pedicures
Manicures Manicures LCN Nails LCN Nails
Pedique Pedique Tanning Tanning
Massage Massage
867-2287 867-2287
67 Main St. 67 Main St.
St. Alphonsus
Catholic Church
142 4th St, NW.
Minnedosa, MB 867-3831
Mass Sunday 9:00 a.m.
142 4th St, NW.
Minnedosa, MB 867-3831
Gently Used Furniture
Clothing & Misc. Items
Estate Sales
Pick-up & Deliveries
Drug Problem?
Anonymous can help
Meetings every
Tuesday &
Saturday at 7 p.m.
at Calvary Temple,
221 Hamilton Street,
Neepawa, MB
Septic Service
Potable water
Book your portable
Small tool rentals.
Bryon Gaiser
Cell: 867-7558
Phone/Text 867-5444
I nsurance - Life, Critical
I llness, Disability
I nvestments - Mutual
Funds, GICs,
Stocks, Bonds
Planning -Complimentary
Reviews and
Written Plans
g MacDonald

Lawn Mowing & Trimming
Yard Clean Up
Aerating & Power Raking
Garden Tilling
Eavestrough Cleaning
Hedge Trimming
Small Branch Trimming
Window Washing
Other Odd Jobs

Cory Johnston Minnedosa
(204) 476-4705
Sewage Service
Cell: 476-6591
Dennis: 476-2766
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20 Te Minnedosa Tribune Friday, J une 7, 2013
Hello, m name ls Crlss Kowal.
I have been emploed as an MSR wlIh
Mlnnedosa CredlI Unlon slnce Jul 1, 199
and am currenIl Ihe full-Ilme Commerclal
Teller. I llve ln Mlnnedosa wlIh m husband
Mlke and we have Ihree sons,
JonaIhon, Adam and MaIIhew.
Plan Io aIIend Ihe 8Ih Annual
Chamber of Commerce Beef BBQ
Wednesda, June 12Ih ln Ihe Coop Grocer
Parklng LoI from 11:3 Illl 1:3 p.m.
We wlll once agaln be provldlng BBQ hoI dogs
and drlnks for $3 for a local charlI for Ihe
monIhs of June Illl SepI. Plan Io aIIend Ihe
flrsI one on June 28Ih from 11: Illl 1:. The
charlI donaIlon for June wlll go Io Ihe local
Canada Da celebraIlons.
When ls ProbaIe needed?
A few examples are:
1. Real properI ls solel owned or as IenanIs
ln common b Ihe deceased;
2. When Ihere are shares ln a publlcl Iraded
3. To release funds held on deposlI ln a
Flnanclal InsIlIuIlon;
4. A IesIamenIar IrusI ls esIabllshed under
Ihe Wlll;
5. Thelr are beneflclarles under Ihe age of
. The execuIor has pre-deceased or renounces
and no alIernaIe execuIor ls named.
Each flnanclal lnsIlIuIlon lncludlng CredlI
Unlons esIabllsh parameIers Io deIermlne when
probaIe ls requlred Io release funds. SIandard
conIrlbuIlng facIors lnclude Ihe reglsIraIlon of
Ihe accounI and Ihe value of Ihe asseIs.
An execuIor ma wanI probaIe Io ensure proper
dlsposlIlon of asseIs Io Ihe beneflclarles.
Also for hls/her proIecIlon Io ensure Ihe Wlll
has been properl execuIed as Io Ihe wlshes of
Ihe deceased.
ProbaIe ls a process Io be respecIed. Uslng
sound esIaIe plannlng pracIlces Io reduce
probaIe ls senslble, buI avoldlng lI aI all
cosIs ma end up cosIlng Ihe esIaIe more
Ihan palng probaIe.
Remember ProbaIe Is NoI The Enem.
II reduces Ihe llablllI of Ihe execuIor.
Clanwllllam Curllng Club CenIennlal Klckoff
1Ih Annlversar Carnlval and SIreeI Dance
Jul Ih, 213
AfIernoon games and acIlvlIles 2: ~ 7: p.m.
SIreeI Dance 9: p.m.
The wlnner of our 212 PaIronage draw ls
Wllllam Davld Sleep.
The ManagemenI and SIaff would llke Io wlsh
our YouIh Board GraduaIes all Ihe besI ln Ihelr
fuIure endeavors. The lnclude Jennlfer Curle,
Emll MacDonald, Jane SolIs, Mellssa Clark,
Carlssa Merke and Gllllan Lewls.
AI Ihls Ilme we would also llke Io welcome Ihe
newesI members of our YouIh Board:
Sarah Brown, KlrsIen Surov and Robln Bell.
The CredlI Unlon wlll be closed
SaIurda, June 29Ih and Monda, Jul 1sI for
Ihe Jul long weekend
The followlng parIlclpanIs ln Ihe
Mlnnedosa Jeans Da for CharlI Program
donaIed $132 ln Ma 213 Io Ihe
Mlnnedosa Canada Da commlIIee!
Mlnnedosa Insurance Servlces
John's Tax Servlce & AccounIlng
The Fashlon House
Rolllng Rlver School Dlvlslon Offlce
Mlnnedosa CredlI Unlon SIaff
Mlnnedosa Town Offlce
As graduaIlon approaches man of ou wlll be
maklng plans Io conIlnue our educaIlon ln
Ihe fall aI a unlverslI or college. Before ou
go off Io school ln Ihe fall come ln and Ialk Io
us abouI Ihe MCU Campus AccounI, Ihe MCU
sIudenI loan program and sIudenI MasIercards.
For more lnformaIlon conIacI Slvla, Candlce,
Debble, Lorl or Harve.
Main Line 204-867-6350
Brad Ross - General Manager 204-867-6366
Carol Taylor - Member Service Manager 204-867-6368
Harvey Wedgewood - Loans Manager 204-867-6363
Susan Glasgow - Finance Manager 204-867-6353
Lori McNabb - Agricultural Loans 204-867-6360
Debbie Strelczik - Consumer Loans 204-867-6359
Sylvia Firby - Consumer Loans 204-867-6361
Candice Brown - Consumer Loans 204-867-6362
Alayna McTavish - Loans Clerk 204-867-6354
Kim Robinson - Loans Clerk 204-867-6352
Carole Dalrymple - Member Service 204-867-6367
Joanne Clarke - Clearing/Accounting Clerk 204-867-6364
Jef Dusessoy - Wealth Management 204-867-6369
Fax 204-867-6391
Email info
Minnedosa Credit Union
Community Owned, Community Minded
Hours of Business
Monday to Friday - 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Saturday - 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
(We ofer 41 hours of business to our members each week. How much time does your F.I. ofer you?)
Canada Da Jul 1sI, 213 aI
Ihe Mlnnedosa Beach
Fun and Games for all ages and
Flreworks aI Dusk!!!!!