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RB-Tracker: A Fully Distributed, Replicating, Network-, and Topology-aware P2P CDN

Motivation & Objectives

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Traffic Problems
P2P file sharing traffic is still growing Adds to link congestion during rush-hours Drives cost of operations for Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

Reduce traffic peaks by pre-emptive caching of content Reduce inter domain-traffic Identify network congestions based on local observations

Research Questions

Sandvine, Global Internet Phenomena Report 2011

Do users with similar files have similar taste? Can pre-emptive replication reduce rush-hour load? Can closeness be determined based on local observations? Is traceroute a feasible tool to identify domain hops?

What to replicate?
P Peer {A, X} Files Shared P7 {C,X} P2 {A,C,Y}

When to replicate?
Delay Measuring
Add timestamp to standard messages Determine if a peer is busy Detect link congestions in network

Where to replicate from?

AS 4 Transit AS 3 AS 1 Peering P AS 2 P P P P Peer / Overlay application Overlay traffic P P

P6 {B,C,Y}

P1 {A,B,C}

P3 {A,X} Delay 122 ms 148 ms 263 ms Delay 125 ms 147 ms 131 ms P Delay 122 ms 148 ms 263 ms P P Peer Traffic P P Delay 125 ms 147 ms 264 ms P P P

P5 {B,X}

P4 {A,B,Y,X}

A peer is sharing multiple files Common files, similar taste Peers can discover new files Popularity can be calculated

Peers Distributed Over Domains

Causes inter-domain traffic Closeness is determined by AS hops

Replicate Interesting Files!

Similarity score combined with popularity Ranking of candidates Replicate top candidates

Recognize Traffic Peaks!

Local network monitoring Passive measurements like LEDBAT Peers build statistics about delay

Prefer Close Peers!

Determine closeness with trace route Less AS hops, less inter-domain traffic Probably less congestion inbetween

Preliminary Work
Fully distributed BitTorrent tracker More efficient than DHT tracker Better load balancing than DHT tracker Produces mesh overlay topology Experimental run with 1000 Vuze instances Variable churn in experiments

Related Work
Content Delivery Networks (CDN)
Advanced Structure Main server for content Caches distributed all over planet Caching Caches keep copy of served content Traffic locality is increased

Transport Protocol Based on User Datagram Protocol (UDP) Delay based congestion control Background Traffic Yields bandwidth to other protocols Does not affect interactive applications

Biased Neighbor Selection

Locality-awareness Used to select local peers Information provided by external service Biased Unchoking BitTorrent specific optimization Prefers close neighbors for uploading

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