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Lesson Plan in Biology Second Year High School

I. Learning Experience At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to: a) identify the importance of the circulatory system and its major components b) name the anatomical features on a human heart model c) trace the blood flow through the human heart d) identify concrete personal actions that can promote the health of the heart through the Activity Pyramid e) make a model of a human heart that can be used to demonstrate blood flow II. Learning Content: The Circulatory System

Textbook: Biology Textbook by S.B. dela Cruz Materials: cartolina masking tape pair of scissors crayons folder plastic cup glue picture of a human heart model Human Heart Model Template (attached) Values Focus: Healthy Diet III. Procedure a) Preliminary Activity a) The class starts with a Short Prayer and checking of attendance.

b) Introduction to Circulatory System. Everyday, what is the specific route that you take in coming to school and in going home? What are the vehicles that youll ride? Your everyday route to school and home is similar to your circulatory system. Your blood travels in a specific vessel in your body. Your home serves as the center of the circulatory system the heart. The jeepney you rode everyday in going to school is like your arteries that carries blood away from your heart. On the other hand, the veins that carry blood into your heart are like the jeepneys youll ride in going back home. The tricycle serves as your capillaries which are the small blood vessels in your body. b) Developmental Activity a) Presentation The teacher will present the definition of the Circulatory System and its main role in the human body. The three major components of the Circulatory System will be discussed. b) Demonstration The teacher will post a picture on the board showing the human heart model. With the aid of the textbook, the students will identify the different parts of the heart. 1) How does blood flow through the human heart? 2) What are the major blood vessels of the heart? 3) What is the role of the tricuspid valve and the bicuspid valve? 4) What are the four chambers of the heart? c) Post Activity a) Generalization/Valuing i. What is the importance of the Circulatory System?


How can you keep your heart healthy?

b) Application: Paired Activity i) Each pair will make a human heart model following the procedures given by the teacher. (attached) ii) Each pair will have the following materials: pair of scissors, glue, masking tape, crayons, folder and one plastic cup IV. Evaluation: Demonstration of blood flow using the human heart model. Each pair will be called in front to demonstrate how the blood flows through the heart with the aid of the human heart model. 20 points will be given to the pair who can accurately trace the blood flow. V. Assignment List down activities that youll do to keep your heart muscle healthy.

Prepared by: Therese Angeli M. Magallanes