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MA ELT - suggested introductory reading (2012-13)

Books general (Reading all or part of any of these would be a good start)
Widdowson, H. (2003) Defining Issues in English Language Teaching. Oxford: OUP. McCarthy, M. (2001) Issues in Applied Linguistics. Cambridge: CUP. Lightbown P. & Spada, N. (2006) How Languages are Learned (3rd edn.) Oxford: OUP. Hall, G. (2011) Exploring English Language Teaching: Language in Action. Abingdon: Routledge. Atkinson, D. (2011) Alternative Approaches to Second Language Acquisition. Abingdon: Routledge. Carter, R. & Nunan, D. (eds.) (2001) The Cambridge Guide to Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. Cambridge: CUP. Brown, J. & Rodgers, T. (2002) Doing Second Language Research. Oxford: OUP. Yule, G. (2010). The Study of Language (4th edn.). Cambridge: CUP Wei, L. (ed.) (2011) The Routledge Applied Linguistics Reader. Abingdon: Routledge. Burns, A. & Richards, J. (eds.) (2009) The Cambridge Guide to Second Language Teacher Education. Cambridge: CUP. Harmer, J. (2007) The Practice of English Language Teaching. (4th edn.) Harlow: Longman. Graddol, D. (2006) English Next. British Council. Available at:

Recommended purchase for autumn term courses

Second Language Acquisition and Research (full-time & part-time year 1 students): Saville-Troike, M. (2012) (2nd edn.) Introducing Second Language Acquisition. Cambridge: CUP. Language Analysis (full-time & part-time year 2 students): Brjars, K. & Burridge, K. (2010). Introducing English Grammar. (2nd edn.) London: Hodder Education.

Journal articles: available via

Lightbown, P. (2000) Anniversary Article: Classroom SLA Research and Second Language Teaching. Applied Linguistics 21/4; 431-462. Borg, S. (2009) English Language Teachers Conceptions of Research. Applied Linguistics 30/3; 358-388. Canagarajah, S. (2006) TESOL at forty: What are the issues? TESOL Quarterly 40/1; 9-34. Jenkins, J., Cogo, A. & Dewey, M. (2011) Review of developments in research into English as a Lingua Franca. Language Teaching 44/3; 281-315. Kumaravadivelu, B. (2006) TESOL Methods: Changing Tracks, Challenging Trends. TESOL Quarterly 40/1; 59-81. ELT Journal Point and Counterpoint (2011) an example of an academic exchange: Beaumont, M. & Chang, K-S. (2011) Challenging the traditional/communicative dichotomy. ELT Journal, 65/3; 291-299. Griffiths, C. (2011) The traditional/communicative dichotomy. ELT Journal 65/3; 300-308. Beaumont, M. (2011) A response to Carol Griffiths. ELT Journal 65/3; 309-310.

Key Journals (available via the electronic library) ELT Journal Applied Linguistics TESOL Quarterly World Englishes Language Teaching International Journal of Applied Linguistics