Day: Monday Date: 27th April 2009 Class: Year 3A Number of pupils: 3A (28 pupils) Time: 3A (7.30 – 8.

00) Subject: ICT – Removable Storage Devices (Recap Previous Lesson)
i. Set Induction (5 minutes) Teacher Action Before the class begins, teacher will do oral questioning on removable storage devices. Teacher will recall previous lesson by showing 5 removable storage devices one by one. Oral questioning the pupils: • What do you called this thing? • This thing can hold up 6 different movies. What does it call? Pupils’ Action / Pupils’ Learning Pupils will be instructed to gather around in front of IWB where teacher will show them different types of removable storage devices (i.e. Pendrive, Portable Hard Disk, CDROM, DVD, floppy diskette). These questions will relate to today’s activity on removable storage devices. They will be given opportunities to give their comments and ideas. This will let them to trust their judgment or decision making. Indirectly, it will also develop their communication skills.

1. Step-by-step procedure


Lesson’s Introduction 1: Problem solving by Brainstroming Step 1 (10 minutes)

Pupils Step 1: Teacher will introduce today’s game activity which Pupils will be instructed to stay gather in front of the interactive Whiteboard (IWB) where teacher called “Pink Panther’s Time”. explained today’s classroom cooperative activity. They are expected to follow teacher’s instructions Procedure: step-by-step. 1. Go to your own workstation quietly. 2. Each pair will need to take one number from “Investigation Cup”. Step 1: 3. One number represents clues on what removable devices that the pupils need to find around the computer lab. 4. They need to read the clues and discuss the answer with their partner. 5. They need to find correct devices in 2 minutes. 6. When the time is up, they need to go back to their workstation and get ready to announce their answer to the classroom. Exploration: During this activity, they are expected to use their current knowledge on removable storage devices. This activity is used to assess their understanding on previous lesson. They need to solve a problem by reading the clues and brainstorming the answer with their partners. This activity encourages their decision making skill, problem solving skill, communication skill as well as reading skill.



Lesson Development 2: -Backup ActivityStep 2 (5 minutes)

Step 2: Teacher asks them to go to their workstation and follow teacher’s instruction on classroom activity. Teacher will explain what they are expected to do: 1. 2. 3. 4. Go back to their workstation. Open “My Computer”. Right click to “E: drive” and click “Open” Right click to any song track and choose “Send to” => Removable storage (Pendrive/floppy disk) 5. Song track is saved to pendrive.

Step 2: Pupils will go to their workstation and expected to follow teacher’s instruction which will also be projected on IWB. They should listen carefully on teacher’s explanation before start to do the classroom activity. Exploration: This backup activity allows pupils to develop their ICT skill in copying data from one removable storage devices to another.


Conclusion: Pupil’s Feedback ( 5 minutes)

Teacher will ask for student attention to IWB Pupils will answer the oral questioning together to and recap on today’s lesson. An oral recap what they have learnt. questioning on different type removable storage devices’ picture will be projected by using PowerPoint Presentation.

Another 10 minutes is reserved for morning greeting, reciting ‘Doa’ and any other delaying. NB: Check by:

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