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Leaders In the day today life of the present world many leaders are seen in business, politics, religion,

and the like. A leader should have some basic qualities to become a good leader. A leader is the person who leads by example through his charismatic personality and as such he differs considerably from a boss. The boss always orders and others are compelled to obey him or her. In the case of a leader he or she never orders but leads others and knows well the power of group dynamism. A leader should Canvass team members views about the desirability of arranging structured social time together and he should put support in place to deal, in confidence of requested, with individual troubles or concerns as they arise (Whitmore, 2009, p.146). To speak frankly, a leader has great works to carry out. It is very difficult to be a good leader. In the industrial world to manage a group of persons with different emotional level is difficult but a skilled leader can manage them well. In this regard it can be said that a leader should have the enough emotional stability. The E.Q. and I.Q. of a leader should be high to manage others. Such leaders are fully accepted by the fellow mates whereas despotic rulers are not considered as leaders because they never lead the people but issue orders only. A leader never brings blame culture to the office and would always emphasis on joined and shared responsibility. An effective team leader is the one who inspires, motivates and protects all in the group and helps them out in times of problems. The nature of finding fault with others and accusing them for the mistakes will not make a good leader in a person. One of my friends who were employed in Smith and co once told me that his boss was always finding fault with others and this used to provoke all in the group. As this was the nature of his boss the performance of the group was not up to the mark. The personnel manager of the company later came to know about the matter and finally the team leader was changed. Then the result of the team turned to be successful. Once the ineffective leader was

changed and replaced by an effective leader, the group produced desired results. The company could gain much profit by this action. A good leader always likes to learn new skills together with his group. He or she provides the rules acceptable for the group in which he or she works. This will help the group to contribute as much as they can. A good leader is the man filled with the elements of confidence. Moreover, he has amble belief in himself. Only a person who has confidence in oneself will have confidence in others. The famous leader M.K. Gandhi, hailed as the father of India, was such a person. He lead from the front and he himself stood in the front for attaining freedom for the country. He was confident in his actions and on his followers too. So even today in across the world he is considered as a great leader. A leader is a person who has the capacity to dream to achieve his goals. The dream is here not to be seen at night but it is the dream that persuades him throughout the day. This dream is the driving force of a leader. The famous speech of Martin Luther King Jr. in America is an apt one here. In his speech he makes it clear that he has a dream of America where all are equal to one another and history has shown how farsightedness of the leader came to be a reality (I have a dream speech - Martin Luther King ).