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SUN in the Ist House: Bilious, Eye-disease, intelligence, good morals, political success, king-like appearance, humanitarian, lazy,

daring, hot, strong will, caprice, vitality,strong constitution, love power. If afflicted, poor, bad health, mean, obstacles in life, IInd House: Diseased-face, ugly, stammering, weak eyesight.Well-educated, scientific, stubborn, money through self efforts.Losses, frugal, separation from family members, IIIrd House: Courageous, liberal, adventurous, famous, wealthy, successful travels,resourceful, gain from relations and neighbours IVth House: Keen, sensitive, quarrels without cause, wastes paternal property,introspective, loss of mother, under the influence of mother, philosophical,acquisition of property, land, houses.Mental worry, unhappy, troubles in domestic life, debt, weak constitution Vth House : Intelligent, poor, judicious speculation, few children, danger to father early,disturbed mind, love nature, tactful.Abortions, loss through speculation VIth House : Colic troubles, good administrative / executive capabilities, gain in business through partners, few enemies, evokes fear in enemies, bold, warlike,licentious, gains from enemies, VIIth House : Late marriage, troubled marriage-life, loose morals, irreligious, submissive to wife, wealth through females, discontented, wife of dubious character,dishonour due to females, separation from wife/husband VIIIth House : Sick constitution, eye-troubles, sores in the head, long life, sudden gains,poor, gain through legacy, fond of occult sciences,If afflicted, sudden premature death, death of father, death of husband IXth House : Glandular disease, charitable, godly, lucky, successful, man of action,selfacquired property, many lands, philosophical, lover of poetry and music, agriculturist, enterprising, ambitious, connection with charitable institutions,churches, temples, mosques, gurdwaras, long voyages, legal man,If afflicted, troubles in foreign, orthodox, irreligious, broken college education, hindrances Xth House : Bold, courageous, famous, learned, educated, quick decision, high position,dutiful sons, personal influence, successful military or political career, gain from parents, rulers, loves power, authority If afflicted, loss of father, hindrances, delays XIth House : Learned, Wealthy, success without much effort, famous, many (political) enemies, good reputation, wealth through fair means, insight, man of principles, success through friends XIIth House : Sinful, poor, thieving nature, unsuccessful, adulterous, neglected, lover of esoteric and occult knowledge, chemistry, psychic tendencies, no happiness from children. If afflicted, defective eyesight, ill reputation, imprisonment, misfortunes SUN in ARIES: Enterprising, wealthy, ambitious, strong will power, courageous, born leader, good personality, changing fortune, impulsive, rash temperament, independent, enthusiastic, helpful to others, If afflicted, irritable, blunt, dogmatic, ringleader, TAURUS: Cautious, lazy, self-confident, diplomatic, fond of nature, art, music, literature, amusement; gain in business, inheritance, investments, public undertakings, furious when provoked, If afflicted, obstinate, notorious, bad temper, selfish, GEMINI: Intellectual, good scholar, wealthy, reserved, studious, doubtful nature, nothing new in the mind, normally two professions, fond of home, education, secretarial, clerical work,

writings, adaptive attitude, doubtful nature. If afflicted, two love affairs, twins, two marriages, unreliable, talkative, nervous disorders, bronchitis CANCER: Ups and downs in life, easy-going, loves mother and family, likes amusements, fertile imagination, harsh, fertile imagination, retentive memory, If afflicted, timid, restless, stingy, obstacles in life, unhappy, sickly, LEO: Very ambitious, craves for power and authority, stubborn, fixed ideas, generous, independent, organizer, cruel, longevity for father, sincere in love, short outbursts, frank, outspoken, If afflicted, proud, vain, harsh temper, dogmatic VIRGO: Good in maths, frank, modest, suffer through subordinates, laborious, artistic, thoughtful, active, love arts, literature; speculates without much gain, not easy-going If afflicted, sarcastic, narrow-minded, melancholy LIBRA: Loves justice, peace, harmony, popular, social, joins clubs, fond of fair sex, disappointments in love, disharmony in marriage, SCORPIO: Adventurous, extra strong will power keen judgement, occultism, shrewd, reserved, critical, suspicious, prone to accidents, calculative, blunt, aggressive, bold enterprises If afflicted, passionate, jealous, loss through superiors, high position but a failure, syphilis, SAGGITARIUS: Respected by others, rich, jovial, charitable, loves justice, intuitive powers, mystical, travelling, changes in residence, fond of travel, voyages, respects saints, elders; If afflicted, careless, audacious, extravagant, changeable CAPRICORN: Stubborn, ignorant, commanding, serious, practical, investigating mind, prudent, obstacles in career, good reasoning power, successful as head, high position but difficulties, selfish If afflicted, delays, obstacles, not appreciated, rheumatism, AQUARIUS: Poor, unhappy, no materialistic achievements, patient, determined, refined, danger to father, interest in education and politics, charitable, sincere, loves freedom, studious, trouble through son, trouble from husband, PISCES: Learned, well-educated, lawyer, consultant, lover of law and order, leader, industrious, liable to anger, helpful to others, lacks self-confidence, opposed, not good for father, children, love affairs, hindrances; If afflicted, prone to drink, troubles, disturbed digestive system, consumption. MOON in the Ist House : Fanciful, romantic, attractive, capricious, licentious, sociable, easy-going, loved by fair sex, shy, stubborn, fickle-minded, inclined to corpulence, likes changes If afflicted, psychic IInd House : Squint eyes, wealthy, handsome, charming, attractive, generous, breaks in education, sweet speech, persuasive, highly intelligent, changeable finances, helpful, gain through mother or opposite sex, If afflicted, unfavourable for finances, losses through inheritance, by giving sureties, by trust in wrong friends IIIrd House : Sickly, dyspeptic, piles, consumption, mild, lean, , many brothers, sisters, cruel, famous, unscrupulous, miserly, fond of travelling, keen for new ideas, sense of responsibility

If afflicted, purposeless, disappointments, accidents in travels, postponement of planned travels IVth House : Comfortable, fine taste, good dress, polite, affable, high education, happy, licentious, successful, good mother, popular, gain from parents, opposite sex, domestic life happy, property, vehicles, If afflicted, broken primary education, unfavourable to relations, losses through fraud, disappointments, unhappy in domestic circumstances, danger to mother early Vth House : Subtle, shrewd, showy, many daughters, intelligent, interrupted education, high political office, public success, romantic, gain through speculation, changeable affections, success in poultry If afflicted, love troubles, loss through speculation, VIth House : Sick in childhood, submissive to fair sex, lazy, short-tempered, slender, weak sexual connection, widow-hunter, drunkard, tender, pilfering habits, many enemies, worried by cousins, gain by serving others, spiritual tendencies, If afflicted, poor success with servants, bronchitis, weak indigestion, VIIth House : Pain in loins, passionate, fond of women, attractive wife, successful, jealous, energetic, early marriage, gain by marriage, popular in social life, If afflicted, separation from partner, wife, public opposition, troubles in married life, losses, sorrows VIIIth House : Slender, bad eye-sight, kidney disease, unhealthy, capricious, unsteady, easy acquisitions, gain through partner If afflicted, death of wife, mother; death of children, IXth House : Popular, educated, lover of fiction, wealthy, active, inclined to travel, good children, immoveable property, religious, righteous, success in agriculture, good reputation, inventive, If afflicted, delays, loss in travelling, religion, break in college education, Xth House : Passionate, charitable, shrewd, adulterous, bold, ambitious, trustee of religious institutions, many friends, easy success, wealthy, comfortable, changes in profession, many connections with public, women; ups and downs, If afflicted, public disfavour, scandal, obstacles, slow progress XIth House : Many children, powerful, philanthropic, polite, literary, artistic taste, helpful, influential, cultured, easy success, great position, reputation, lands, giver of donations, man of principles, success with opposite sex, children; If afflicted, disappointments in friendship, separations, loss in romance, speculation; XIIth House : Obstructed, cruel, unhappy, powerless, deceived, solitary, miserable, discreet love affairs, interested in secret matters like CID, CBI, espionage, If afflicted, changeable nature, restless, worries, female enmity, defective eyesight MOON in ARIES: Fickle-minded, likes to travel, fair sex; optimistic, interested in mysticism, occultism; energetic, courageous, disobedient to superiors, If afflicted, danger from water, women, changes in occupation, rash, headache, insomnia, eye troubles TAURUS: Liberal, intelligent, fond of females, love affairs, professions connected with earth and its products, also with water; just, gains from inheritance, fair complexion, conservative, gain through females, resourceful, gift for music, singing, If afflicted, passionate, exaggerating, deaf to reason, trouble from love, sex diseases GEMINI: Sympathetic, creative, fond of scriptures, scientific and literary pursuits, likes amusements, loves a mixed sort of life, reserved, short journeys, social, goes out of

home, may have step-mother, step-brother, step-sister; lacks honesty If afflicted, lack of prudence, caution; confused mind, doubts, bronchitis, asthma, lung consumption CANCER: Loves comforts of home, homesick, loves friends, society, likes changes, wise, handsome, wealthy, meditative, lot of property, emotional, imaginative, ability to act, mimic; expression of thoughts, travel by water, deal in liquids, good in property, land, shipping, If afflicted, shy, timid, fearful, digestive troubles, anaemia, dropsy, fatness, LEO: Bold, moral courage, large-hearted, intuitive, honest, generous in financial matters, loves luxuries, fine arts, dresses; sincere lover, leader, power, authority, responsibility If afflicted, proud, easily offended, loss through women, heart trouble, impure blood, eye diseases VIRGO: Handsome, fond of science, modest, truthful, sweet speech, insight, likes music, dancing, easy-going, irresolute, many short journeys, analytical mind, practical, changes professions, reserved, If afflicted, irritation, overstraining of nerves, separation in love, problems in domestic life, weak intestines, colic pain, dysentery, eczema LIBRA: Fond of pleasures, amusements, females; affectionate, warm-hearted, respects holy people, early marriage, attractive with opposite sex, lucky for comforts like house, conveyance; good partnerships, love marriage, loves home, children; If afflicted, troubles in love and domestic life, wavering mind, delayed marriage, kidney troubles, lumbago, insomnia SCORPIO: Firm, determined, self-reliant, wants to be free, cannot tolerate any restrictions, danger through voyages, separation from parents, conservative, averse to change, many children, unfavourable for mother, loose morals, drunkard, coarse speech, scandal, loves occultism, mediumship, psychism, dangerous child birth, If afflicted, disharmony in married life, passionate, sensuous, vindictive SAGGITARIUS: Practical, determined, energetic, vitality, likes praises, many children, good inheritance, argumentative, fond of nature, pet animals; fond of religious beliefs, mysticism, occultism, natural teacher, preacher; If afflicted, self-indulgent, unsteady, changeable, weak hips and thighs, intestinal disorders, asthma CAPRICORN: Strong feeling, but no expression, attached to wife and children, clever, artistic, energetic, emotional, cautious in finances, calculating nature regardless of others' feelings, thirst for social advancement, If afflicted, separation of wife, partners, selfish, chaotic, kidney troubles, dyspepsia, acid in urine AQUARIUS: Courteous, fair, emotional, esoteric, interest in political, scientific and public works; optimistic, interested in astrology, occultism, secret societies, intuition, sensitive, gain through inheritance If afflicted, doubtful nature, lazy, can be led astray easily, not good for marriage, mother, constitution; weak eyesight, anaemia, fits, ulcer, hysteria PISCES: Easy-going, handsome, obstacles in life, romantic, sentimental, easily discouraged, travels by water, change of residence, romantic, irresolute, not good for love affairs, misunderstandings If afflicted, venereal diseases, alcoholism, narcotics, weak lungs

MARS in the Ist House : Hot constitution, scars on the body, pilfering habits, danger to father early, adventurous, powerful, low-minded, enterprising, brave, practical, aggressive,headstrong IInd House : Harsh speech, quarrelsome, adulterous, short-tempered, wasteful, sharptongued, broken education, satirical, large patrimony, aggressive, unpopular, awkward, gain through hard work IIIrd House : Few brothers, weak sex morals, courageous, reckless, adventurous, shorttempered, unprincipled, unpopular, rash, rebellious, accidents during travels IVth House : Mother ill, quarrels, unhappy domestic life, danger to father, conveyances; brutal, vulgar, tyrannical, indigestion, acidity Vth House : No issues, ambitious, intelligent, unhappy, bold, unprincipled, decisive, Unfortunate in love affairs, trouble through children, loss by speculation, gambling; VIth House : Successful, good lands, rich, defeats enemies, political success, worry from near relations, blood diseases, loss through theft, employees, servants; accidents VIIth House : Dropsy, unhappy with wife, troublesome married life. two wives, rash speculations, unsuccessful, tactless, stubborn, idiosyncratic, passionate, death of wife/husband, VIIIth House : Bad eye-sight, short life, few children, danger to maternal uncles, widower, adulterous, gain through legacies, inheritance; IXth House : Unkind, successful trader, loss from agriculture, naval, merchant, military, stubborn, logical, dependent life, sickly father, philosophical, cannot tolerate any opposition, sceptical in religion, litigation, foreign travel but troubles Xth House : Founder of institutions, towns, energetic, adventurous, good agriculturist, good profits, clever, gain in business, from father; fame, honour XIth House : Learned, educated, wealthy, influential, property, crafty, happy, commanding, virtuous, socially unpopular, trouble from friendship, XIIth House : Incendiary diseases, rotten body. deformed eyes Unsuccessful, poor, stumbling, suffering, fruitless, liable to fraud and deception, dishonest, impediments, injuries through accidents, animals, burglars; imprisonment, hospitalisation, financial loss MARS in ARIES: Courageous, energetic, self-confidence, pushy, loves sports, scars on the body, strong will power, industrious, generous, adventurous, independent, danger by fire, operations, accidents; If afflicted, impatient, hasty temperament, violent, imprudent, headache, insomnia, TAURUS: Good organiser, likes magic, sports, influenced by females, selfish, gain through legacy, property; domestic troubles, practical, executive power, domestic life troubled, problems with opposite sex, If afflicted, obstinate, headstrong, vindictive, loss of money, property; violent, legal difficulties, loss of legacy, scandal, throat problems, rheumatism, problems in sex organs GEMINI: Rash, quick, inventive, fond of reading, scientific, witty, sarcastic, honest, desire for education, two attachments at one time, If afflicted, harsh speech, troubles through neighbours, relations, travelling; broken education, injuries to arms, shoulders, collar bone, cough, cuts, wounds, bronchitis CANCER: Imaginative, wealthy, attachment to home, rare feats, sudden outbursts, fond of

personal freedom, bold, rebel against authority, apt for medicine, surgery; If afflicted, troubles in domestic life, separation from mother, wife, worries, changes in residence, trouble through land, property; loss through fire, storms, thefts, electricity, water; sight troubles, vomiting of blood, accidents, miscarriages LEO: Energetic, irritative, unfearful, enterprising, independent, respects elders, stomach troubles, gains through public affairs and Govt., gain through speculation, possibility of accidents, injury; If afflicted, takes risks, love disappointments, accident, impulsive, heart afflictions, fits, sunstrokes, malaria VIRGO: Analytical mind, ups and down in life, loves fair sex, unhappy married life, enthusiastic, revengeful, ardent lover, prone to injuries/accidents, gains through importexport, If afflicted, critical, worried, discontented, obstinate, accidents, hernia, appendicitis, liver problem, LIBRA: Ambitious, boastful, naughty, attached to females, self-earned wealth, businesslike, careful of his dresses, sanguine complexion, passionate, fond of refined business, If afflicted, love disappointments, separations, unfaithful, influenced by females and others, kidney troubles, pelvis problems, SCORPIO: Diplomatic, hard-worker, pushy, gains through medicine, surgery, hardware, acute mind, liable to accidents, fond of mysteries, courageous, autocrat, If afflicted, selfish, unsocial, ungrateful, revengeful, severe illness, accidents, loss through opposite sex, piles, bladder problems, fistula, working of sex organs, diabetes, SAGGITARIUS: Cheerful, generous, active, travelling, institution, frank, patient, fond of arguments, independent, firm in his opinion, self-acquired religious knowledge, If afflicted, arrogant, inconsistent, loss through legacy, disagreement with brothers, fracture of thigh bone, pneumonia, typhoid, boils CAPRICORN: Courageous, ingenious, fortunate, ambitious, organiser, executive, powerful friends, likes risks and speculation, fame in profession, If afflicted, rash, more feared than respected, false friends, knee & joint troubles, gout, small-pox, ulcer AQUARIUS: Self-propelled success, fond of literature, occult, passionate, good debater, gain in business, marriage; independent, dogmatic, If afflicted, revolutionary, blunt, speculative, loss through friends, leg fractures, eruptions on the skin, fits, PISCES: Fleshy, self-indulgent, depressed, many difficulties, problems in life, danger through water, success in ordinary professions, danger through water, accident in feet, delayed marriage If afflicted, drunkard, illicit love affairs, misfortunes, loss through friends, false accusations, feet problems, diarrhoea, MERCURY in the Ist House : Humorous, well-read, clever, fond of astronomy, witty, intellectual, love of literature and poetry, concentration, good memory, intuitive; If afflicted, cunning, liar, gambler, clumsy, IInd House : Gain through administrative, commercial work, learned in religious and philosophical, sweet speech, good conversationalist, determined, fine manners, captivating looks, self-acquisition, wealthy, thrifty, logical, clerical, If afflicted, unreliable, untruthful IIIrd House : Bold, sensible, many short journeys, good relatives, neighbours; good brothers, investigative, brave,

IVth House : Learned, agriculturist, good mother, unhappy, magician, cultured, affectionate, active in literary activities, gain from inheritance, change in residence, disturbed domestic life, good for public, property If afflicted, no peace of mind, domestic troubles, fraud, Vth House : Good for professions of entertainments, schools, or travels; showy, learned, good administrative capability, speculative, scholar, vain, ministerial office, worries through children, If afflicted, inconsistent love, loss through speculations VIth House : Troubles in feet and toes, respected, interrupted education, subordinate officer, quarrels, losses in money, harsh in speech, loss through servants, mechanical mind, If afflicted, mental derangement, worries, psychic conditions, suicidal tendencies, VIIth House : Diplomatic, early marriage, dutiful, studies astrology, astronomy, mathematics; success in trade, skilful, danger to mother early, adulterous, charitable, gain through partnership, contracts; VIIIth House : Ill-health, long life, gain from estate, easy success, grief through domestic servants, few issues, famous, interested in occultism, literature If afflicted, nervous disorders, death of employee, IXth House : Learned, intelligent, highly educated, musician, many children, philosophical, creative mind, scientific-minded, good astrologer, many friends, lands, logical and scientific, success in trade, gain through prominent friends, If afflicted, cynical, unreliable, loss through friends, loss through wrong advice XIIth House : Intelligent, adulterous, capricious, despondent, passionate, lacking in opportunities, If afflicted, worried, doubtful nature, one of the senses defective, scandals MERCURY in ARIES: Quick in thoughts, ill-disposed, clever, smart in business, action untrustworthy, fond of reading, lacking in methods, easily worried, If afflicted, rash, overstrain, stammering, nervous headaches, insomnia, TAURUS: Loves easy life, slow, little action, keen judgement, practical, good memory, harm through friends, If afflicted, stubborn, stingy, inflexible, sore throat, problems in genital and urinary organs GEMINI: Straight, intelligent look, good orator, clever consultant, businessman, likes travelling, occult sciences, speculation; If afflicted, shallow, changeable thoughts, dishonest, gout, asthma, bronchitis CANCER: Psychic, tactful, ambitious, likes flattering, economical, gloomy, quick to take advantage of others, retentive memory, If afflicted, curious, financial losses, troubles in intercourse, flatulency, less virility LEO: Witty, concentrating, intuitive, confident, determined, noble ideas, fond of children, fine arts, pleasures; danger from drugs, intellectual, competent to control, impressionable speech, autocrat, kind, ignore details, If afflicted, passionate, speculative, palpitation of heart, fits, overexertion, backache VIRGO: Scholar, practical, power to influence others, fluent writer, has an eye for details with

reasoning, capable of handling any work, serious, taste for maths, If afflicted, doing many things at a time, colic pains, nervous weakness, LIBRA: Virtuous, broad mind, intuition, balanced mind, social, fond of music and art, capable of judgement, orderly, orator, If afflicted, unbalanced, dishonest, kidney troubles, urinary problems, SCORPIO: Critical, shrewd, stubborn, fond of females, dismal love affairs, suspicious, secretive, harm through near and dear ones, If afflicted, shy, mysterious, obstinate, pain in bladder, sexual troubles, deafness, stammering, absent - mindedness SAGGITARIUS: Likes justice, travelling, rash, independent, freedom of thoughts and speech, feels himself superior to others, religious, philosophical, If afflicted, rash, dishonest, irreligious, weakness of hips, thighs, paralysis, CAPRICORN: Logical thoughts, cautions, methodical, diplomatic, good organiser, resourceful, ill-tempered, constantly busy with something, interest in literature, occultism; If afflicted, suspicious, discontented, dejected, sickly, stingy, knee - problem, skin diseases, intestinal problems through anxiety, flatulence, AQUARIUS: Fleshy, refined mind, critical, deep thinker, intellectual, fond of science, literature, religion; averse to changes, fond of education, metaphysical and occult interest, If afflicted, unfaithful, easily led to slander, hysteria, fear PISCES: Intuition, receptive mind, irregular habits, inconspicuous, likes pleasure, recreation; fits of depression, kind hearted, If afflicted, absent-mindedness, gout in feet, gloom, JUPITER in the Ist House : Stout body, kingly appearance, attractive personality, grammarian, learned, highly educated, many children, long-lived, gains, respect from rulers; political success, influential, leader good finances, generous, faithful, good executive ability, broadminded, judge, banker, doctor, professor. Good businessman If afflicted, extremist, lavish, gambling, law suits, contentions IInd House : Intelligent, dignified, happy, fluent, aristocratic, accumulated wealth, good wife and family, dexterous, general prosperity, financial success, gain through Govt, law, insurance, education, banking, travels; If afflicted, hindrances in progress, misunderstood IIIrd House : Many brothers, loyal to the family, polite, good agriculturist, energetic, bold, lover of fine arts and literature If afflicted, miserly, hate his brothers, relations; unpractical, careless, unscrupulous, IVth House : Possesses vehicles, educated, happy, wealthy, founder of charitable institutions, good mother, good inheritance, contented domestic life, comfortable, gain of property, good house, food If afflicted, loss through parents, inheritance, heart attack, litigation Vth House : Handsome, insight, intelligent, skilful, obedient children, leader, gain through children, speculation, gambling, lottery, love affairs, opposite sex; If afflicted, loss through speculation, gambling, etc. failures, obstacles, VIth House : Dyspeptic, unlucky, many cousins, grandsons, jocular, witty, unsuccessful, no enemies, success as physician, gain through service, If afflicted, loss through inferiors, afflicted health

VIIth House : Good wife, gains through her, diplomatic, speculative, sensitive, good agriculturist, pilgrimage, good marriage life, success in partnership, gain through litigation If afflicted, marriage troubles, loss in partnership VIIIth House : Colic pains, unhappy, gains from unlawful means, long life, degraded, dirty habits, pretending to be charitable, gain through inheritance, IXth House : Many children, religious, merciful, humanitarian, conservative, long-lived father, god-fearing, cultured, high position, zealous, justice, founder of religious institutions, occult insight, If afflicted, arrogant, loss through travelling, accident in journeys, trouble in religious matters, Xth House : Learned, conveyances, smart in getting wealth, determined, children, wealthy, non-violent, ambitious, scrupulous, gain from superiors, govt. social and financial success, good judge, minister, administrator, ambassador; public recognition, good moral conduct If afflicted, weak social life, misunderstandings, obstacles, public defame, changes and travels, XIth House : Very wealthy, good deeds, god-fearing, charitable, somewhat dependent, many friends, influential, philanthropic, lover of music, XIIth House : Poor, few children, dubious character, unlucky, aesthetic, artistic taste, sadistic, secret alliances, occult studies, success in seclusion, win enemies, If afflicted, sinful, loss by enemies, careless, extravagant JUPITER in ARIES: Progressive, ambitious, high position, power, likes literature, travelling, success through personal efforts, religious, gain through friends, speculations, investments, children, travels; If afflicted, unbalanced, impatient, impulsive, brain congestion, fits, dizziness, TAURUS: Likes decorum, etiquette, home, gains through opposite sex, gift, legacies, children, speculation, marriage, partners; charitable, fixed in religious views, If afflicted, loss through above, excessive expenditure, fond of show, throat troubles, greedy, nose - bleed GEMINI: Courteous, sympathetic, humane, trustworthy, humorous, likes opposite sex, travelling, mental games, difficulty in marriage through relatives, writings, or travels; If afflicted, irreligious, unpopular, separation from relatives, lung problems, problems in hips and thighs CANCER: Sickly, confident, sensitive, good behaviour, popular, likes occultism, friendly, ambitious, popular, intuition, fond of amusements, gain in public works, If afflicted, enlargement of stomach, indigestion, dyspepsia, jaundice, LEO: Noble, courageous, generous, terror to foes, high position, favour from Govt, gain through long voyages and journeys, sincere, honest, will power, If afflicted, sensuous, fond of pleasures, heart problems, swollen ankle, irregular blood circulation VIRGO: Studious, intellectual, cautious, methodical, prudent, tactful, trouble through rash acts, good rise in life, materialistic, fit for business,

If afflicted, lazy, cynical, lack of method, liver problem, weak intestines, weak indigestion, LIBRA: Handsome, loves peace, harmony; gains through opposite sex, friends and society; compassionate, gain through commerce, public institutions, hospitals, happy marriage, If afflicted, legal difficulties, problems in partnerships, loss from women, friends SCORPIO: Ambitious, generous, likes occultism, psychic experiences, dignified personality, quick to take advantage of others, adventurous, strange adventures abroad, If afflicted, wrong opinions, sensual, loss through speculations, miscarriage, death of child, SAGGITARIUS: Generous, kind, sympathetic, just, noble, keen judgement, broad outlook, fame, favourable for sports, literatures, horses, religious bodies, speculation; Afflicted, difficulty in sports, speculation, gambling, social affairs, gout, CAPRICORN: Serious, organiser, methodical, business, public works, industrious, gain in commercial or foreign affairs, father, superiors, long journeys; If afflicted, orthodox, obstacles in occupation, sorrows, misfortunes, skin diseases, eczema, AQUARIUS: Social, obliging nature, helps others, liberal, intuitive, favourable to all enterprises, support of friends, compassionate, interested in occultism, mystical studies; If afflicted, indecisive, lazy, unreliable, swollen ankle, impure blood, palpitation of heart PISCES: Studious, talented, hospitable, kind, charitable, high position, prophetic dreams, visions; travels through water, If afflicted, loss through speculation, changeable, easily influenced, feet problems, liver problems, dropsy, tumours VENUS in the Ist House : Very fortunate, ambitious, long life, fond of wife, master of sex, fond of scents, flower, music, dresses; pleasing, successful, leader, astrologer, artistic taste, gain through opposite sex, If afflicted, disappointments in love, bad health through over-indulgence in pleasures, separation, divorce, IInd House : Happy, large family, luxurious food, drinks, charming wife, brilliant, clever in speech, agreeable, author, conservative, composer, economical, logical, gain from marriage, hotels, confectionary, If afflicted, financial troubles, deceitful in love, IIIrd House : Lover of fine arts, prosperity to mother, wealthy, miserly, travelling, gain through publication, good writings, If afflicted, loss through relations, opposite sex; delay in writings, publications; IVth House : Happy, affectionate, learned, good mother, peaceful life, agriculturist, scientific mind, literary, successful, popular, gain from inheritance, conveyance, vehicles, home, property, clothes, jewellery If afflicted, sudden losses, difficulty through generosity, carelessness Vth House : Intelligent, clever, educated, sociable, many daughters, gain through love affairs, partnerships, idealistic love relations, children, speculation, investment, lotteries, If afflicted, loss through speculation, troubles through opposite sex VIth House : No enemies, loose habits, low-minded, fond of other women, licentious, gain through subordinates, love of pets, small animals, If afflicted, ill health, kidney troubles

VIIth House : Passionate, unhealthy habits, happy marriage, sensual, fond of sex, gain after marriage, sincere, devoted, wealthy, clever in the art of sex, relations with other women, success in partnership If afflicted, delayed marriage, problems in married life, partnership; VIIIth House : Happy, bad habits, unexpected legacies, disappointment in love, pious in later life, speculation unproductive, interest in psychic research, occultism, rich If afflicted, difficulties with regard to legacies, occultism, domestic life, defective kidneys, grief in love affairs IXth House : Selfish, religious, successful, lover of fine arts, generous, pleasure through travelling, optimistic, prosperous, fond of fine arts, music, dance, sex, social life, good fortune If afflicted, dissatisfaction, excessive demands on social life Xth House : Respect for divine people and parents, lawyer, social, popular, moderate eater, good career, renowned, good morals, wealthy, gain through parents, happy domestic life, If afflicted, delay and obstacles in career, profession, lack of opportunities, broken education, XIth House : Learned, wealthy, good conveyances, many friends, much popularity, fond of female company, comforts; good social contacts, gain through friends, If afflicted, jealousy, loss through friends, scandal, women; XIIth House : Weak eyes, fond of low females, miserly, unprincipled, fond of sex, liar, unhappy love affairs, bed pleasures, secret love affairs leading to enmity of women, If afflicted, excess in physical sex, emotional pleasures, whores, separation or divorce, disturbed marriage life VENUS in ARIES Likes travelling, music, arts, recreations, opposite sex; charitable, generous, early marriage, affectionate, demonstrative, If afflicted, hasty in love, love at first sight, passionate, disappointments in love affairs, catarrh, eczema, TAURUS: Handsome, ruddy complexion, indulges in love and sex, fortunate, mildtempered, devoted in love, marriage; vehicles, business, If afflicted, dull, delayed marriage, unfaithful in love, loss of finance, GEMINI: Just, liberal, famous, gains through travel, writing; more than one wife, respectable, good friends, flirting in nature, profits from travels, education, writings; If afflicted, fickle, difficulties in love, marriage, domestic life; loss through travels, irresponsible, two loves, bad respiration, CANCER: Homesick, kind, liberal, love affairs, sympathetic, love for children, mother; secret love, gain through liquids, good for conveyance, obstacles in marriage due to parents, money, unforeseen problems; If afflicted, delayed marriage, changeable feelings, problems in domestic life, stomach problems, irregularity in menses, enlargement of breasts, LEO: Liberal, kind-hearted, magnanimous and sincere in love, likes opposite sex, gains

through superiors, speculation, investment, inheritance; If afflicted, fond of pleasures, separations in love, bad speculations, VIRGO: Obstacles in love, gains through subordinates, medicines, investments, earthly elements; dual attachments, If afflicted, disappointments in love, sex,, diarrhoea. LIBRA: Attractive personality, pleasing smile, kind, affectionate, love for music, fine arts; gains through marriage, partnerships; happy marriage life If afflicted, problems in domestic life, delay in marriage, urinary problems, SCORPIO: Unjust, independent, proud, ungracious action, disappointed in love, and marriage, If afflicted, jealousy, loss in social affairs, venereal diseases, hernia, sexual disorders, SAGGITARIUS: Humane, just, fond of arts and romance, likes travelling, amusements, If afflicted, flirting, disharmony in love affairs and domestic life, problems in hips, thighs, CAPRICORN: Sickly, reliable, responsible, loyal in love, gains through banking, commerce, business; gains from superiors, elders, employers; favourable for friends, ambitious, indifference on the part of partner, domestic unhappiness, If afflicted, loss through partners, jealousy, problems in knees, gout, stomach problems, skin diseases AQUARIUS: Handsome, courteous, quiet, chaste, dogmatic, gains through friends, partnership, public enterprises, investments, speculations; likes opposite sex, sincere in relationship, acquaintance with strangers, inferiors; late marriage, If afflicted, false friends, disappointments in love, home life, hysteria, heart ailments, swollen ankle PISCES: Fleshy, loves all, helpful, fond of music, hospitable, wants luxurious life and peace, sacrificing nature, If afflicted, hard labour to get money, fraud, deception, love intrigues, obstacles in marriage, sensitive feet, corn, gout, abdominal swelling SATURN in the Ist House : Alien habits and customs, perverted mind, bad thoughts, evil, tyrannical, unscrupulous, cunning, thrifty, passionate, unclean, sickly, flatulence, licentious, slow, uphill struggle, late rise in life, loss of wife, adulterous, IInd House : Diseased face. weak eyes, harsh speech, stammering, broken education, more than one wife, unsocial, drunkard, success not in proportion to labour, lack of money, success in estate, mine, coal, lead, fridge, IIIrd House : Wealthy, loss of brothers, adventurous, eccentric, cruel, courageous, agriculturist, success in litigation, wins enemies, very cautious, abortions, troubles from children, loss through journeys, writings, neighbours, relations; IVth House : Colic pains, sudden losses, narrow-minded, danger to mother, problem in estates, good thinker, political disfavour, licentious, broken education, devoid of happiness, heart disease, Vth House : Mediocre life, no children, perverted views, story-teller, displeasure from Govt, troubled life, clear-minded, abortions, disappointment in love, attraction to widowers, losses through speculations, gambling, VIth House : Sickly, deaf, sex diseases, obstinate, few children, quarrelsome, indebted, defeats enemies, increase in income, loss through small animals, labour troubles, ulcer, wounds,

VIIth House : Sickly, colic pains, more than one wife, ambitious, political success, foreign honours, deputation, travelling, unhappy marriage, relations with low-class females, wife sickly, premature death of wife, loss by partnership, unsuited for partnership business, VIIIth House : Big belly, corpulent, colic pains, defective eyesight, asthma, consumption, drunkard, ungrateful children, long life, cruel, seductive, friendship with older women or women of other castes, few issues, loss of legacy, problems after marriage, criminal, secret activities, black marketeer, danger to elder brother, IXth House : Legal success, founder of charitable institutions, miserly, thrifty, scientific, irreligious, logical, unfilial, unfaithful, troubles in foreign, dangerous voyages, Xth House : Pilgrimage, good farmer, sudden ups and downs, ascetic in late life, bilious, financial ruin, failures in profession, loss of parents in early life, public defame, unhappiness to mother, downfall after rising, XIth House : Learned, feared, wealthy, much landed property, broken education, conveyances, influential, political success, political respect, danger to elder brothers, success in income, false friends, death of child, no sons, XIIth House : Squint eyes, deformed limbs, losses in trade, occultist, poor, spendthrift, many enemies, dexterous, secluded life, imprisonment, accidents, grief through love affairs, sex life; litigation, SATURN in ARIES: Bony, good organiser, gains through hard work, difficulties in first half of life, leader, problems in domestic life, If afflicted, gloomy, jealous, boastful, resentful, quarrelsome, rheumatic headaches, anaemia, fits, deafness, kidney troubles TAURUS: Awkward appearance, diplomatic, reserved, troubled marriage life, quicktempered, gains through savings, economy, proper investments; If afflicted, devoid of wealth, more than one wife, immoral, lazy, violent passions, cough, bad teeth, gums, throat problems GEMINI: Ingenuous, vigilant, observant, interest in maths, scientific theories, harm through younger brothers, relatives; If afflicted, unfortunate legal affairs, false accusations, criminal cases, troubled period of childhood, bronchitis, dislocation of arms, shoulders, CANCER: Jealous, self-conceit, no love from mother, does not admit his faults, changes in job and residence, If afflicted, pessimistic, disappointments in profession, domestic life; indigestion, breast cancer, gall stone, jaundice LEO: Diplomatic, responsible, cautious, unhappy marriage life, trouble from son, earns by service, If afflicted, enmity through inferiors, sorrows in love, bad temper, heart trouble, spinal curvature, liver disease, VIRGO: Good administrator, suffers due to his anger, reserved, cautious, follows mysterious investigations, can manager own or others' property, heads an institution, If afflicted, disappointments in profession, with older people; trouble through marriage, partnership, trouble in employment through servants, headache, colic pain, appendicitis, intestinal catarrh LIBRA: Famous, founder of associations, institutions; gains through hard work, intelligence, tactful, prosperous with age, less intimate relations with females, tours to foreign countries,

females very beautiful, good lawyer, doctor, scientist; If afflicted, delayed marriage, cool partner, envious, problems in partnerships, female enemies, separations, broken contracts, kidney troubles, colic, impure blood, toothache, weakness of sexual organs SCORPIO: Jealous, quarrelsome, daring acts, strong will power, loves occultism, and spirits, strong sense of justice, good presence of mind, resourceful, secret alliances, domestic problems If afflicted, chronic ailments, violent action, sex-ridden, egoistic, menses problems, nasal troubles, gout, throat defects, SAGGITARIUS: Serious thinker, philosophical, frank, humane, leader, philanthropic, sacrificing for ideals, lover of friends and merciful to enemies, leader, occult tendencies, prophetic insight, gain through self-labour, merit; If afflicted, insincere, dishonest, obstacles, nervous breakdown, rheumatism in muscles, thighs, hips, TB, paralysis, CAPRICORN: Peevish, diplomatic, serious, cautious, deep thinker, connected with lower class people, gains from in-laws, very ambitious to rise, happy marriage, lives away from home, If afflicted, sorrows in domestic affairs, chronic diseases, melancholic, joint pains, weak knees, dyspepsia, skin diseases, headaches AQUARIUS: Sober, graceful, courteous, genius, interest in science, wealthy, good position in life, fiery, steadfast, addicted to vices, wine, women; gain through employment, If afflicted, unreliable, reverse results, sprained ankles, heart diseases, varicose veins, spinal curvature PISCES: Helpful, loves peace and quiet, pushy, polite, ingenious, head of some institution, village; works alone, engaged in religious activities, success in psychic, occult, mediumistic affairs; If afflicted, losses, delays through friends, unfavourable ties, self is the cause of misfortune, gout, sensitive feet, rickets, RAHU in the Ist House : Sympathetic, abortions, courageous, sickly wife/husband, fond of women, malicious sex acts, good self-expression, wealthy IInd House : Dark colour, diseased face, poor, more than one wife, peevish, luxurious meals, gain by legacy, gifts, science; affluent, insincere, talkative, early period not happy IIIrd House : Few children, wealthy, bold, adventurous, many relations, interest in spiritual or educational matters, gains through brothers, relations, neighbours, journeys, writings, publications; good fortune, IVth House : Adultery, subordinate, alien languages, gain by property, no domestic peace, gains from govt., hard-hearted, stomach trouble Vth House : Issueless, sons late in life, flatulent, tyrannical, narrow-minded, fond of social recreations, pleasures, sports; uterus trouble, VIth House : VD, no enemies, many cousins, enjoyment, ulcers, wounds, gain through service, increases physical and mental stamina, long-lived, VIIth House : Liaison with widows/divorcees, diabetes, wife suffering from menstrual disorders, unhappy, impairs conjugal bliss, loss of money through women,

VIIIth House : Degraded, quarrelsome, immoral, adulterous, gain through gifts, legacies; unholy acts, enlargement of glands, few sons, name and fame but later on blemished, IXth House : Submissive to wife, impolite, loose morals, uncharitable, success in education, legal, religious studies, favourable for voyages, foreign affairs, opposed to father, not good for sons, loves brothers Xth House : Connection with widows, lover of poetry and literature, traveller, learned, high position by industry and ability, fearless, fond of struggles, enemies, no happiness from parents, worried mind XIth House : Wealthy, influential among lower castes, many children, good agriculturist, lot of travels, in old age ear trouble, has good friendships, acquaintances, no greed for others' money, defeats enemies XIIth House : Deformed, defective sight, few children, many losses, saintly, gain by secret methods or in seclusion, good in occultism, windy, heart trouble, bad for bed pleasures RAHU in ARIES: Self-confidence, landed property, domestic harmony, happiness, interest in occultism TAURUS: Deep thinker, philosophical, materialistic, interested in religion, mythology, pilgrimage, strives for luxuries GEMINI: High moral character, praised by others, just, independent, intuitive, CANCER: Boastful, proud, entrepreneur, wants home comforts LEO: Organiser, supervisor, mental harmony VIRGO: Sudden wealth LIBRA: Lucky, just, SCORPIO: Hardly any peace in life, always worried, ups and downs, SAGGITARIUS: interested in public affairs, name and fame, materialistic CAPRICORN: Sympathetic, logical in arguments, good politician AQUARIUS: Likes away from home, travelling, likes to handle the challenging jobs PISCES: Accurate, has an eye for details, cares for masses, helps them, KETU in the Ist House : Emaciated figure, weak constitution, weak-hearted, slender, piles, sexual indulgence, diplomatic, losses, scandals, avaricious, no domestic bliss, IInd House : Bad speaker, quiet, quick in perception, hard-hearted, thrifty, indebtedness, sorrows, mouth disease, misfortune in finances IIIrd House : Adventurous, strong, artistic, wealthy, popular, mental anxiety, troubles from brothers, neighbours, unprofitable journeys, injury to arms IVth House : Licentious, quarrelsome, weak, fear of poisons, waste of father's property, family disharmony, bad for land, vehicles, mother; Vth House : Liberal, loss of children, sinful, immoral, excessive pleasure leading to harm, stomach disease, loss in speculation, gambling; VIth House : Adulterous, licentious, VD, loss through servants, defeats enemies, danger through reptiles, small animals, eye trouble, not good for maternal uncle VIIth House : Passionate, sinful, liaison with widows, sickly wife, troubles in married life, separation from wife, fear of thieves,

VIIIth House : Dull, piles, senseless, obscure, fraud, sudden death, wounds, wants others' property and wives, IXth House : Short-sighted, sinful, liar, thrifty, many children, good wife, unfortunate voyages, pilgrimage, religious Xth House : Public defame, depression, failures, pushing, philosophical, not good for father, accidents, XIth House : Witty, licentious, intelligent, wealthy, false friends, gains, success, few sons, XIIth House : Unsettled mind, foreign residence, attracted to low class, much travelling, licentious, spiritual knowledge, capricious, secretive deeds, more expenditure, eye trouble, KETU in ARIES : Mild, gentle, energetic, easy success, TAURUS: Strong will, hidden powers, materialistic, polite, unforgiving, does not disturb others GEMINI: Impatient, strives for materialistic goals, likes occultism, humane CANCER: Busy away from his home, graceful, helps others, politician LEO: Reserved, isolated, cannot foresee the consequences VIRGO: Involved in public, masses, interested in research LIBRA: Self-confidence, trouble domestic life, hence, loses many opportunities to rise SCORPIO: Interested in public, democratic, SAGGITARIUS: Intuitive, does not get a chance to express his desires, no materialistic success, CAPRICORN: Leader, interested in public, looks older than his age, weak in emotions AQUARIUS: Mental harmony, gain in foreign, construct houses, bosses others PISCES: Many chances to get materialistic things but avails a few, lucky, sudden wealth, happiness