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And we hit the ground running...
After we had compiled all of the travels of the Galveston Wizard, we have to get them out there
to our readers! (See Sower, Page 22) If you have a copy of the premiere issue, take care of your
collector’s item! (Only 5,000 printed). However or wherever you got your copy of “The Return
of the Wizard,” it is up to you to get the most out of it! (And tell your favorite businesses we need
their support!)
Convenience Stores: Bob’s Grocery, Cool Places: T.F. Hippie’s (Next
Valero on 53rd and Stewart, Cold Store, Page!), Premiere Cinema, Island Bowl,
H&R Grocery and Meat Market, others! Government buildings, more!

Restaurants: DiBella’s, The Spot, Bars: Molly’s, M3, Whiskey’s, Lucky

Chico’s Paradise, El Jardin, Queen’s Lounge, Toni’s Lazy Lounge, Poor
Bar-B-Que, Mosquito Cafe, Sunflower Michael’s on the Strand, Coctails, Slices,
Bakery, What was once El Napolito III Ju Ju’s Hangout and Bar, The Lounge,
(Boo!), and others! would have done Buck’s too, God rest
her soul.
Entire Strips around town: Seawall, Schools: COM, UTMB, A&M,
61st Street, Broadway, The Strand. Galveston College, Ball High
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However you got your copy of the Galveston Wizard, we have made great effort to bring it
to you! We hope you take the time to enjoy all of the things we have included in this issue!
Artists, musicians, things to do, food for thought, great dining suggestions, things to try! We John and Ben (top) helped us load up the first batch of
Galveston Wizard’s. Robert (bottom) was a lifesaver in the
look forward to hearing from you about interesting things we can pass on to our readers! distribution process!

Scroll through some thoughts from our readers!

I came across your paper yester- through the Island Community Center businesses that are still riding the fen- Becca,
day... I dont read newspapers... ever, yesterday passing them out? cepost on advertising with us. Once Thanks for the input! We can tell
but I was blown away with yours. I we get more advertisers, we will be you are a wise beyond your years.
love all the subjects and the reaching -Lisa able to do much more with the publi- We are glad you were able to en-
out for the starving artist and promo- Thank you so much for your in- cation! Thank you for your time! joy your copy of the Galveston Wiz-
tions you guys do. My life’s goal is terest in the Galveston Wizard! As to ard, and we look forward to hearing
to be a photographer and when I saw non-profits, I should say so! We love I got suckered into meeting my from you again real soon!
that ya’ll are looking for that, I was en- non-profits! Check our Web site for sister for coffee this morning at a lo-
thralled! advertising rates and info. We look cal coffee shop and ran across your Hey, good to see a new paper for
-Katherine forward to promoting your business. publication. This in itself was quite we islanders. Always room for a new
lucky for me. Short explanation--my product.
Thanks Katherine! We look for- I just picked up your paper and I sister is about as exciting as watching Don’t have anything for you right
ward to seeing what type of photog- have to tell you I see great potential the grass grow. I was thrilled to have now, except for one thought: “You
raphy you can do! Email us your pic- good for you. Would be great if it was something “new” to read. Honestly, I don’t have to be a member of the KKK
tures and if it cuts the mustard we will weekly you should go after Marsha began to flip thru the pages to avoid to be a wizard under the sheets.”
put it out there for Galvestonians to Mellow she writes for the Twisted Par- conversation (after all, it was far too Traveler
see! Be sure to include captions, if rot she is freaking hilarious. early for grass watching). Then I dis-
necessary. Keep up the work and keep me covered I was actually enjoying read- Uh, thanks! Good to be here. Re-
posted if you get Marsha Mellow. ing the articles. member, our Wizard is more Gandalf,
I am a volunteer with Whisker- -Maxx There are educated opinions, lo- Merlin, or even Harry Potter, and less
ville Animal Sanctuary in Texas City. cal information, and best of all--hu- 1989 family movie featuring Luke Ed-
I know we advertise in a few local Maxx, first of all, Marsha Mellow mor. An absolute delight--and that’s a wards and Fred Savage or the “clan”...
sources. Since your publication is sounds delicious, we will see what her high compliment from me---I don’t do oh, I’m sorry...”klan” But thanks for the
new, I thought I’d tell our director about writing schedule looks like for you. “delightful” that early in the morning. joke anyway!
it, but I wanted to have more info for We appreciate your input and Thanks again for the morning
her first. Do you have a discount ad- we think it would be great if it were a “save”. Send us your thoughts, sugges-
vertising rate for non-profits? weekly too! Our biggest problem right -Becca tions, ideas or comments! thewiz@
Also, were you the one who ran now is the countless visits to local

A Wizard can do nothing without his helpful staff!
A special thanks to all of the businesses and people that made this publication possible. Chico’s Paradise
Publisher Advertising Representatives Photography Technical Support
David Torkelson Chance Weatherly David Torkelson Steven “Paul” Kelley
Robert Rodriguez Chance Weatherly
Editor In Chief Steven “Paul” Kelley Robert Rodrigues Web Development Giny Hogan
David Torkelson Contributing Writers Todd Desbin David Torkelson
David Torkelson T.F. Hippie’s
Assistant Editors Scott Koenning Graphic Design/Layout Web Advertising
David Nielsen Robert Rodrigues David Torkelson David Torkelson Balloon Plumbing and Air
Chance Weatherly Laurie Gorham
Eric Greer Chance Weatherly Contributing Artists Distribution
George Douglas Lee Kevin Kjornes David Torkelson Quizno’s
Rebecca Adler Robert Rodrigues
Advertising Director Amy Pace Isaac Almaguer
David Torkelson Eric Alonzo Chance Weatherly Ca$h Car$
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phone: 409.621.2864 mail: P.O. Box 3467 Galveston Texas 77552-3467 Your name here!
m Return of the Wizard 3

Please stop and read this!!!

This publication is designed to be a publish it. In fact, there is a lot of time er. There’s no rush. It should provide Dig in! If you get an idea that you
companion to you for Galveston. Let the involved in compiling, composing, and enough things for you to do, see, or think would be interesting to share with
Galveston Wizard guide you through in- presenting useful information to Galve- think about until we get the next one to Galveston, then write to us and we will
teresting and fun places, people, things stonians. you. help you spread the word!
and ideas. We wish to bring interesting and Remember, our ultimate goal is a The Wizard will continue to visit
We’ve painstakingly compiled the cool things to those who take the time weekly, but we need your help, the help Galveston only if the people want him
quests of the Galveston Wizard, with an to read our publication. We also greatly of the community, and support from lo- to be here.
eye to things to come. appreciate the support of current busi- cal businesses and shops. We’ve got to organize, people!
We hope you enjoyed the premiere nesses advertising with us and look for- Businesses that withdrawl form ad- And we’ve got to do it together. Let’s
issue, and we trust that you will enjoy ward to working with all types of busi- vertising because business is slow are put petty differences aside and work to-
the “Return of the Wizard.” Special nesses to build their relationship with continuing an unfortunate cycle. The ward building a perfect paradise.
thanks go out to all who took the time them customers. opposite holds true, this publication of- We can neither fund nor continue
to read it. Also the people and organi- If you like what we are doing and fers it’s readers and their businesses the this publication without your help, and
zations and people that took the time to you can appreciate our style, please opportunity to showcase themselves the help of advertisers, and the help of
help us along the way...and the advertis- spread the word. Mention it to others. and support our publication at the same leaders in the community. We can also
ers that helped us pay for it! Offer suggestions, advertise, Write us! time. not do this publication without the sup-
Didn’t get to see the premiere issue? If you’ve got something you want to “How do I help?” You ask. T.F. port of you, the reader! Visit our ad-
You can check out www.galvestonwiz- teach or educate Galveston on, let us Hippie’s below is a prime example of vertisers and tell them you sent them! to see what you missed. help spread the word! just such an advertiser. Susannah Hol- See a friend in the paper? Bring them
We got a lot of good responses Got helpful hints? Something as mes, the owner, also directed “The For- a copy!
from readers, and we thoroughly en- simple as reminding people to put things eigner” which recently performed at the Check out our Web site at www.
joyed sharing our publication with you back at a grocery store if they don’t want Strand Theatre. (Check it out, page 25), or email us at
all! Thank you for all of the support and it, if only because someone has to spend We need the help of local businesses to with
encouragement. countless hours every day putting them help you help them. your ideas, suggestions, leads, inqui-
Our first publication presented an back in their correct place. Try to de-condition yourself from ries, schedules, needs, and anything
interesting dilemma. A free publica- Take your time and enjoy this pub- mindlessly flipping through these pages other way the Galveston Wizard can
tion to readers is not free to those who lication. You can read it cover to cov- and thinking you’ve read it all! help you AND the community.

Wish you could feel like a kid again?

Is there one toy from your childhood that you can’t seem to shake Attempt to set up Rocco pic-
from your mind? Have you been itching to play with a hacky sack or ture interrupted when the star decided
bouncy ball? Let us guide you to a perfect solution to your dilemma! he was done posing for the day...
A walk thru of T.F. Hippie’s (24th and Mechanic) will bring back what was that noise?
unique memories from the past! Why not bring home something for
your child that you enjoyed as a child!
And for the Grown up kids, there have been all kinds of advances in
the world of all things that bring us joy, the “toy.” Come and see!
Our most recent encounter with T.F.Hippies was as much fun as the
time before. (this time we tried to set up some “b-movie horror murder
victims” toys around Rocco, the store’s lovable cat. But like any tem-
permaental star, you only get two takes and they’re outta
there!) I wanted to give my friend’s son some cool stuff
for his birthday, and I knew this was the place.
“I need something for a 2 year old boy.” is a com- the lava lamp!
mon sentence theme at the store.
Helpful staff then helped me find something that he
would like. (And yes, we will return for a hacky sack!)
I brought the toys to the party and they were a huge
The only thing he may have liked more than the toys
was his birthday cake! Then it’s back to the toys!
Want to bring some joy to someone’s life? Get them
something they’ll love at T.F. Hippies! Located on 2415
Ship’s Mechanic Row, and open Mon-Sat 10-6, Sun 12-
6. For more information, call 409-762-1969 . You can
also check out their Web site at!
Remember, Peace, Love and Toys! Get one of their
new T-shirts while supplies last! cake and toys?! New Shirts On Sale Now!

$2 off
a Regular or Large Combo at
Never forget that you’re a mem-
ber of your own community. Don’t do
something that you wouldn’t like to
see done.
Keith Richman, Building Buzz for
with this coupon.
Hrs: Mon-Fri 11:00 to 8:00 pm, Your Web Project, SXSW 2006
Sat and Sun 11-3:00pm.

Valid only at 2221 Market St. Galveston

One coupon per customer per visit.
4 Return of the Wizard Galveston Wizard
Retirement Money Issue
by Eric Alonzo
All things considered, we are rap- It’s no secret that young people
Quit Riding the Fence!
idly approaching the end of our social are among the heaviest spenders in Business owners! Organizations! People!
security resources. our society. Develop a trust fund for We want your success! We want to bring positive changes and
The hope of social security is that every natural born citizen, so that ideas to the community. The more pulling of purse strings, extra
all those able body workers in today’s they have finished with high school, trips, pitty parties and dodgings we get, the less time we can
society will put in more money that (another requirement?) they can use spend developing quality edutainment for the readers! Help make
today’s seniors are taking out. My dad the money to go to college. Lets face our relationship as friendly and efficient as possible! We can’t af-
use to say, “Hope in one hand and spit it, many students don’t qualify for ford this publication without your help, and we look forward to our
in the other and see which one fills up scholarships. With requirements get- shared success!
first”. (Or something like that.) ting tougher, the pickings are getting
The unemployment rate is at an all slimmer. Ask & you shall receive!
time high; and qualified worker are be- For those who don’t need it for
ing laid off at an alarming rate. Don’t college, they could use the money as We here at the Wizard have heard
think it affects you? Think again. a seed to start their own business after
Ask around town and see how school. Either way the money would the cries of our fans and responded.
many of the recently laid off UTMB circulate much faster and more ef-
workers have found new jobs? With ficiently. This jolt in the economy Discard the taboo title of your:
the economy headed for a recession, could easily support Medicare and
can we really afford to tap into the Medicaid, as well as produce new “Baby’s (Momma or Daddy)”
unemployment resources? jobs. (New bosses, means new em-
Those of you who are not aware ployees). The new Politically Correct title:
how our current social security sys- If capped, the government could
tem works, let me break it down for ensure that the resource are not un- “Co-Parent”
you. Take a close look at your last derestimated. By giving one set
paycheck stub. Listed with your
deductions, there is a line that is
marked as social security. Each of
your checks are discounted a per-
rate to each citizen, the government
wouldn’t have to bank on you pass-
ing too soon. As a matter of fact,
they would probably benefit from
centage of your gross income. That you thriving. We could cancel our Here is a brief list of things we need help with at the
money is accumulated from the first current social security system and Galveston Wizard! Any assistance you may have will be greatly
time you ever clock in, to the last. By provide medical insurance to all of appreciated!
the time you’re a senior and receive our citizens under the same tax.
your dues, the government gives you Instead of punishing the parent, *Tips on Starting a new business (preferably from some-
about $500.00 per month.(If you are juvenile offenders would be able to one who has started and runs a successful small business,
lucky) pay their own debt from their own what makes it work, etc.) We want to pass on your knowl-
My relatives, blessed with lon- fund. That way you aren’t taking edge to the readers! Information on applying for Business
gevity, will probably live as many the money straight out the parent’s Loan would be an added bonus to budding entrepreneurs
as twenty years after receiving their pocket, or from the child’s mouth. in Galveston
first social security check. Let my I guarantee that any child would
do the math for you, that’s over one learn their lesson if they had to reap *Advice for us on how to make our Web site helpful and
hundred thousand dollars. Five hun- the consequences themselves. We lucrative (if you don’t use it, it’s not working right.) Also,
dred dollars a month is not enough could provide financial advisers layout ideas, assistance, etc.
for any adult to survive, but for the in the public schools to ensure the
government it’s too much to give young adults would respect their *Cool and unique places to go. We can only be at one place
away.(Thus our rapidly depleting responsibilities right away and with at once, but we would love to check out cool local hang-
resources.) an assisted view of their future. outs, and promote them!
Will there still be money avail- (Again more jobs) A better under-
able for you when you can’t provide standing of what they have to offer *Any advertising leads, or ideas, will not only help us to help
for yourself? Not if there are no the world and not what the world the business (if they let us help them, see article above).
workers to add to the pot. The gov- has to offer them. We are also looking for intelligent, pro-active businesses
ernment is banking on you not living Wouldn’t a system such as this who are looking to creatively and effectively promote their
very long. Actually, the sooner you help to create a more self-sufficient business!
go the better. human, rather than a dependent?
Here is my advice. Rather than Our future deserves a fighting *Pictures worth a thousand words, (captions if you’d like)
give the money to support seniors chance. Let us help!
who may have had a chance to secure Check out www.socialsecurity. *Cool events you know of or are a part of, we want in!
their future, why not invest in the gov or call them at 1-800-772-1213
youth. for more information. *People to spread the word about the Galveston Wizard!

Muhammad taking it one day at a time.

Visit him at the Valero on 53rd and Avenue 7-year-old Jedi the Cat’s main responsib-
(as seen in Justice Center) S. A real cool guy! lity is guarding the safe. Return of the Wizard 5
Wrap your mind around these questions!
Exercising the brain is as im- you said “milk,” don’t attempt the divided into West Germany and bus; In Reading, six people get
portant as exercise body. As we next question. Your brain is over- East Germany.) Anyway, dur- off the bus and nine people get
grow older, it’s important to re- stressed and may even over- ing the flight, TWO engines fail. on... In Swindon, two people get
main mentally alert. If you don’t heat. Content yourself with read- The pilot, realizing that the last off and four get on... In Cardiff , 11
use it, you lose it! Below is a very ing a more appropriate literature remaining engine is also failing, people get off and 16 people get
private way to gauge your loss or such as Auto World. decides on a crash landing pro- on... In Swansea, three people
non-loss of intelligence. However, if you said “water”, cedure. Unfortunately, the engine get off and five people get on...
Take the test presented here proceed to question 3. fails before he can do so and the In Carmathen, six people get off
to determine if you’re losing it or plane fatally crashes smack-dab and three get on... You then ar-
not. The spaces below are so 3. If a red house is made in the middle of “no man’s land” rive at Milford Haven. What was
you don’t see the answers until from red bricks and a blue house between East Germany and the name of the bus driver?
you’ve made your answer. is made from blue bricks and a West Germany. “Where would
pink house is made from pink you bury the survivors? East Answer: “Oh, for crying out
OK, relax, clear your mind bricks and a black house is Germany, West Germany, or no loud!”
and begin. made from black bricks, what is man’s land”? Don’t you remember your
a green house made from? own name? It was YOU!!
1. What do you put in a toast- Answer: You don’t bury sur-
er? Answer: Greenhouses are vivors. It’s ok, 95% of people fail
made from glass. If you said If you said ANYTHING else, most of the questions.
Answer: “bread.” If you said “green bricks,” why are you still you’re a dunce and you must
“toast,” give up now and go do reading these??? stop NOW! If you said, “You Take your time to fully enjoy
something else. Try not to hurt If you said “glass,” go on to don’t bury survivors”, proceed to all of the offerings of The Galves-
yourself. If you said, bread, go to Question 4. the next question. ton Wizard. We look forward to
Question 2. hearing about any ideas, jokes,
4. It’s twenty years ago, and a 5. Without using a calculator- stories or other mind-benders
2. Say “silk” five times. Now plane is flying at 20,000 feet over You are driving a bus from Lon- you think other Galvestonians
spell “silk.” What do cows drink? Germany (If you will recall, Ger- don to Milford Haven in Wales... might enjoy! Email us at thewiz@
Answer: Cows drink water. If many at the time was politically In London, 17 people get on the

Auction price below Blue Book mobility.

TOTAL FITNESS Ballin’ or Broke

3 MONTHS Whether you’ve got $1,000 or $10,000

Quality Used Cars
Models from ‘96 - ‘06 with low mileage
We’ve got what you need
MEMBERSHIP AND YOU BE ON YOUR WAY TO A At the price you are looking for.
Jr.’s First Car DependableWork Truck
Second Family Car Affordable “A” to “B”

409-763-5448 Economic Hoo-Doo Reliable Transportation

“A real fitness center that offers real professional Call for appointment. Serious Inquiries only.
help that produces real results.” Financing is available. 12 - 18 Month Term.

Lose the flab, people!

We can all appreciate a well maintained physique.
We used to be, at one time, in pretty good shape
Our busy schedule seems to have wretched the
“hour- a-day” of exercise away from us. “Oh well.”
we say as we put another cheesecake away.
It’s not too late! You can get back in shape! You can
feel good about how you look again! (Your confi-
dence in yourself is beautiful!)
Count your calories and “take the long way home.”
Take in less calories than you burn.
What is your excuse? You don’t have time. You’ll
start next week. I’ve been meaning to get back.
Force yourself to do something. Take a walk on the
Seawall (or Broadway for the advanced) Buy a bike
and use it. Get a gym membership and set realistic
goals. You will be amazed at how much your confi- Keita, a friendly portrait artist, at work
dence increases! There IS a good gym close to you!
I know. I know. We are mainly preaching to our- on the Strand. We gave him a copy of the
Cat steals scene in shot of Johan. selves! But this is an issue we must address. Get fit! Galveston Wizard, but we both had to get
6 Return of the Wizard
You’ve got a strong back... Go get a job!
No matter what you want to 47th and Broadway, offers a like milk, formula, and cheese.
Galveston Wizard

do in life, you need money. Mon- wide assortment of services to (Whether or not this encourag-
ey, or specifically the lack there- residents of Galveston County es people to make more babies
of, can spin you into a world of and beyond! or to work to accomodate the
worry and frustration. From the 4 C’s Clinic, (Next existing number of babies has
The best way to solve the Page), the Worksource, United yet to be seen.)
money issue is to find and keep Way, Hollistic CDC (which is a Utilizing these programs
a job, and that can be a very cool program that helps young gives you, fellow Galvestonian,
frustrating and drawn out pro- males and females stay on the opportunity to get that much
cess. track by mentoring and tutoring, needed leg-up.
It’s either that or attempting as well as many others.) Just Should you land that job,
to scrounge up enough money fill out a form to get the ball roll- show yourself to be invaluable
for rent every month and cring- ing! and reliable at that job, and resume is looking better and
ing another wave of bills is about You can also get Vital Sta- they will reward you with more better. Helping to persude your
to hit. tistics, such as Birth Certificates responsibility and more pay. As employers’ to offer you more
Think we don’t (with a valid ID), Death Re- your rank increases, and your money!
know what we are cords, etc. at the Center (for the co-workers grow to like you Check out www.thework-
talking about? We County of Galveston, excluding more, you will be able to impact for more info or stop
at the Wizard also Texas City, they have their own your workplace environment in at 47th and Broadway and
work full-time jobs thing going on.) more positively. check it out for your-
too. Then there is the WIC And all the self!
The Island Com- (Woman Infant Children), which while your
munity Center, on provides vouchers for things

Employment Counselors are Rita Boyer, supervises Work- Feeling like the Matrix’s Can’t seem to Check out post-
ready to help you find the job that’s Source activities in Galveston. “Hallway of Doors”?! “Wiz- land that job you ings for current class-
right for you. Charles McVey acts The program is designed to help ardly” helpful staff will guide want? The Work- es and sessions on
as coordinator for all aspects of the you find a job, and work on your you to where you want to source Galveston useful things. Here
organization. Give them the oppor- resume. They also offer inter- be. (But if you do meander, offers classes like we show a free class
tunity to help you find the job that’s viewing training, job hunting there are all kinds of servic- beginning and ad- for a Good Enough
right for you. (Unless you are al- skills and other things that will es and organizations in this vanced Resumes Diploma (GED). If
ready loving your present job, which help you get that job and in the building. Check it out, ask and Nail the inter- you want or need
you should.) money! about it! view! one, earn one!

Fix 'Em for $5 this Fall If a job posting says...

November 8, 2006
The Galveston Island Humane Society (GIHS) Equal Opportunity Employer
is joining the local Veterinarians to assist Galveston Island
low income families with spay/neuter service for their pets. and
Animal Clinic Drug Screening
Campeche CoveAnimal Hospital
Galveston Veterinary Clinic
IslandAnimal Hospital ...are they still Discriminating? While
To qualify, clients must bring proof of participation in one
it may be a logical requirement for a
of the following programs: Food Stamps, WIC, Medicaid, job like the one to the left, it could be a
SSI, SSD,AIDS Foundation, VADisability, or Section 8 Housing. barrier to fully capable and productive
Call the GIHS, (409) 740-1919 to schedule the surgery. Do you see him up there? employees for you. Food for thought. Return of the Wizard 7
True medical assistance?
What is the Four C’s Clinic? It is a part of an effort to bring medical,
dental, and other essential services to those in Galveston who need it, but can’t
afford it. The Clinic, inside the Island Community Center, offers such services to
All charges are based on your income, so many fee’s will almost bend into
the proportionately affordable.
Some people are lucky enough to work at a place where
coverage is offered, but even then it still costs a lot of
money for coverage. It’s like gambling whether or not
you will need financial coverage in case you should get
hurt or need assistance. (It is a wise idea to get at least
some coverage if you can, we’ll cover that later.) Preparation on your part can greatly reduce
For more information on what things you need to the stress of a visit to the Clinic.
bring in for a visit, call 409.763.7200.
There is a $12 copay no matter what, and then
there is a sliding scale based on factors such as income,
household size, etc. You must be a resident of Galveston
County, and you must be able to prove that you are.
(Make sure you to call to make sure you have the correct
documents before you go.) Be sure to come early and
make an appointment if you wish to come. (call 409-938-
2234). After you get seen at the Four C’s, you can get
back out there to get to where you want to be... On your
feet and healthy.

Editor’s note:The information in this column is not intended as legal advice but to providee

Ask Bruse Loyd:

Our readers bounced a few when you were stopped and before
a general understanding of the law. Readers with legal problems, including those whose ques--
tions are addressed here,, should consult attorneys
hard line against any landlord initial-
y for advice on their particular
p circumstances.
company could violate the law if it
questions off of legal guru Bruse Loyd, your friend was ticketed. ly. The law tends to favor them and were to fire you after you filed some
see what he had to say! it doesn’t take a lot of time, expense complaint. There are whistleblow-
2) My Landlord recently sold or effort to put you on the street. If er statutes and retaliation laws that
1) I recently got a ticket for the property I live in. The new own- you can’t reach a compromise, and protect employees from being pun-
having an open container in a ve- ers live far away and are trying to even if the landlord’s wrong, make ished for seeking to protect their
hicle. It was a ridiculous situation make us switch the water and gas sure you have a fall back position rights or report wrongdoing. It’s not
where the “Catch 22” was in full ef- into our names. (another place to sleep) before de- per se illegal for a company to dis-
fect. They say that the water and claring legal war. like you, mistreat you or generally
My question is that the insur- gas are not explicitly covered in the make your life miserable. Howev-
ance was in my friend’s name and lease and then we were told that 3) I was recently fired from er, a company cannot take such ac-
it was his car and they wrote him we were going to have to assume it my place of employment. They put tions against you if the actions are
the ticket. How do I take care of this for a slightly discounted rate on our me down as “eligible for rehire,” but motivated by age, race, gender, na-
problem? rent! What can we do? when I filed a wrongful termination tional origin, disability, etc.
complaint at the human resources
Whoever received the ticket When questions arise re- department, they changed my re-
is responsible for it and will carry it garding real estate, always look to hire status to “Ineligible for rehire.”
on their record. You can pay your the writing. You’ve stated that you Can they do that? Looking for legal representation?
friends expenses related to the tick- have a lease. That lease should Sure. A company can deter- Give Bruse Loyd a call.
et, but there is not much else you detail all parties’ rights and respon- mine that it would rehire you, and Bruse Loyd of Jones, Gillaspia &
can do. It’s not likely that you could sibilities. If it does not, contact your then change its mind and decide that Loyd, L.L.P looks forward to helping you.
now convince the ticketing officer or landlord, make them aware of this, it would never hire you again, even Contact Bruse Loyd at (713)240-
the court that you should be the one and seek to work out a fair compro- if the reason were because you filed 5646 for more information.
cited. The time to address that was mise. I do not recommend taking a a claim against them. However, the

Free HIV Testing & Support

Group at ACCT, INC.
707 Tremont (409)763-2437
Testing Times:
Thurs.10am-12:30pm More false advertising? Look at the
size of that box! And then we opened
Healthy Relations Support Group
meets every Tues. & Thurs. 10:30-11:30 it up and there was a small shrunk-
Don’t Forget that special Charlie sauce
on my burger! All testing is completely confidential wrapped bag inside...what gives?
8 Return of the Wizard Galveston Wizard
Condos Sink The Mayflower? “Many tell us the Mayflower process.” Brown elaborated that that neighborhood residents want
By George Douglas Lee is an eyesore and they’d like to see it there is an option to document it as to see the Mayflower demolished,
go,” Mr. Conrad added. “We are al- an historical landmark with the U.S. this writer talked to a number who
”Neighbors are very impor- ways concerned about the emotional Library of Congress. This involves hoped that at least the façade could
tant to us,” states Louis Conrad, value of buildings like this.” As I submitting floor plan drawings, pho- be preserved. I agree. From my
developer of the new Tuscany con- waited to meet with Mr. Conrad, I tographs and archival data, so that view, the Mayflower, another victim
dominiums to be constructed at 802 took a look around the Mayflower. it’s unique characteristics may be of “development”, a colorful frag-
Seawall Blvd. Currently the unusual Though born on the Island, I had viewed in the future. Unfortunately, ment of Galveston’s eclectic charm
Mayflower Inn. “We’ve met with never been inside it. Surprisingly the Library of Congress landmark is being paved away to make room
Marsh Davis of GHF and with the the hotel was well maintained, and process costs several thousand dol- for concrete and glass. Recently I’ve
San Jacinto Neighborhood Associa- doing brisk weekend business. lars. Mr. Conrad has declined initiat- watched portraiture of Galveston
tion. We’ve asked for feedback and While I was there, a number of ing the process. disappear to make room for projects
explained our plans. We are sensi- families came in to register. Despite common belief, at to the detriment of our unique ambi-
tive to the concerns of neighbors!” Conrad said he met with the time this goes to press Mr. Con- ence.
The Inn is one of the few GHF and the City Planning Dept. rad and his associates having paid Will we put a drive-thru at the
examples of Mimetic architecture in to determine if the existing hotel $150,000 in non-refundable money Bishop’s Palace? Will Ashton Place
Texas. It was originally built for the had any historical value. “Marsh to secure the deal, the sale has not become a bed and breakfast? Surely
Hill family as the S.S. Galveston in Davis wanted us to preserve the yet closed. the Hotel Galvez would make an
1941 and designed by architect Ben Mayflower.” Nonetheless, during Mr. Conrad was asked what ideal theme park. In the race to
Milam. the interview Conrad said it did not prompted selecting a site in SJN. develop and turn the Island into an
Milam lived in Galves- have historical significance. “Our “We chose this area because it has exhibit at Disney World we’re losing
ton for many years. “Ben had a engineers told us the structure is too a nice, well maintained beachfront, sight of why people come here and
quirky sense of humor, and the weak, and it will have to be demol- it’s close to Houston, and close to why Galveston has endured disas-
S.S. Galveston was symbolic of his ished. We responded to concerns many restaurants and the Strand,” he ters that would have driven residents
great love for the Island,” noted his about the height of the building by replied. “It already has a condomin- away from other towns. It’s about
granddaughter Pamela Hatch. He agreeing to make it only five and a ium high-rise (Emerald by the Sea), a culture like no other in the U.S.
designed the hotel in the nautical half stories tall.” hotels and restaurants, we felt we The Mayflower, though rather late to
modernistic style of architecture GHF and SJNA member would not disrupt the neighborhood Galveston’s culture club, is a sym-
popular in the 30’s and 40’s. Though Bob Brown was also at that meet- with a five-and-a-half story build- bol as significant as the Galvez and
the ship-shaped structure is certainly ing. “Not only is the Mayflower ing, as opposed to some areas on the St. Mary’s.
unique, it will never set sail. If all a Galveston landmark and icon, Island that are strictly single family Pamela Hatch summed it up
goes according to plan, the May- according to the Texas Historical homes and almost no commercial when she said; “The S.S. Galveston
flower will be demolished October Commission, it is eligible for his- buildings. People do not have to was a great memory as a child, if
2006 and new condominiums will torical protection. Unfortunately, drive all the way to the west end.” it goes Galveston will lose another
rise in its place. only the owner can initiate that Though Conrad is convinced part of its charm.”

Meet Deem Realty’s

Bill Tanner
“The biggest real estate agent in Galveston.”

Benjamin Gribble
can teach you how to play music by ear!
"I come to where you are."

Piano and Composition

Lessons day or night A group of people apparently practicing

color-guard in the parking lot at Ball High!
Scholarships Available Get involved and support our local schools!
After school programs and organizations
Graduate, SF like this one here help form lifelong friend- Roshawn is still holding out on us on
Conservatory of Music in Composition ships and fun. sending us some of his cool artwork. Skills! Return of the Wizard 9

Adventures in Democr acy

Would it freak you out to find out With a publication this size, and
that you have as much or as little to do everything we want to do as
control over your situation as you it happens, we effectively “rent” out
choose to exercise? space to cool businesses and plac-
In order for voting to be effective es to promote themselves.
for best representing you in your As we get more people and
city, town or isand, you have to do businesses on board, we will be
it. We know, it sucks. You have to able to more effectively and effi-
be somewhere at a certain time and ciently explore many of the things
do something that may seem reme- going on, how we can guide you
dial and pointless. But your vote can through to success.
count! Check out www.galve-
This is what we’ve learned, you for more
first needed to have registered to information on Voting Pro-
vote. If you did not, then you can- cedures and places in
not vote and all of those signs along Galveston, and keep up
Broadway and in people’s yards with the Daily News for daily infor-
don’t apply to you. mation on candidates, and hope-
Early Voting Begins October 23, fully we’ll be able to get more in-
and continues into the actual Novem- formation for you in the future. Got
ber Electon. There is actually one big an event we should know about?
election at the end, (we believe), but Email us! We want to promote your
they give people the opportunity to events and functions! Email us at Check out Pathways on 3212 Q 1/2 November 4th for a political
vote early and “miss the crowd.” discussion. Call 771-4122 for more information.

Hoy Polloi, Galveston Boy Setting up Shop

With alter-egos such as Hoy Polloi and Kid Furious, Big James,
Isaac Almaguer, 27, has been living in Galveston “forever,” or formerly of the
so he says. He is a b.o.i, and his passion for the arts has found a forum tattoo shop on
with the Galveston Wizard!
Look for his regular installment of Victory Ave. in our Seawall, has
publication, and check out some of his artwork from a short series moved to Texas
under development! Keep the good stuff coming! It’s your world. You City.
create it! His new parlor is
Hoy Polloi, his pen name, comes from the phrase, Hoi Polloi, located at 2332
which means “the common people,” but he changed the “i” to “y”
because that is just how creative he is! (Seriously, this artist has much Palmer Highway,
more in store for you people out there.) next to the bowl-
In addition to Coloring and Stylizing the Cover done by Kevin ing alley.
Kjornes, Hoy Polloi also designed and colored the back cover send-off! You didn’t think all
Their Grand
the tattoo options
Opening is sched-
you see on the walls
uled for Nov. 1st,
of tattoo parlors
with specials like
put themselves up,
“$30 dollars for
did you?
any piercing (jew-
elry included).”
They are also of-
fering a 10% off discount to repeat customers. Questions or comments? Call
Big James himself at 409.682.1726 to set up an appointment. Come check
out his shop and get some ink done! (Don’t be afraid of the causeway, it isn’t
a barrier, but rather a portal!)
For quality tattoos, check out Big James. And tell him we sent you!

Isaac Strip
10 Return of the Wizard Galveston Wizard
How an Antique Communion Set survived fires and floods
For its September Treasure of the When the church closed in 1909, the
Month, the Rosenberg Library exhibited a communion service was placed in the cus-
pewter communion set used by the con- tody of Elder Charles Angerhoffer. It was
gregation of St. Paul German Presbyterian the wish of Mr. and Mrs. Angerhoffer that
Church in Galveston. Organized in 1857, the set be given to the Rosenberg Library
St. Paul’s was located on the south side after their deaths. In 1951, the Presbytery
of Avenue H (Ball Avenue) between 16th of Houston approved the request and do-
Street and 17th Street. nated the six-piece communion set to the
The original wooden church building library. Damage to the communion service
was among the many structures destroyed was said to have occurred when the church
by the devastating fire of November 13, was partially wrecked in the Great Storm of
1885. The fire, which began at a foundry September 8, 1900.
near The Strand and 17th Street, blazed its The Rosenberg Library Treasure of Six piece pewter communion ser-
way north to south from the Strand to Av- the Month can be viewed Monday through vice from St. Paul German Presby-
enue O, and east to west from 16th Street Saturday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The artifacts will terian Church, Galveston. Made by
to 19th Street. Nearly 600 homes and 42 be on display in the Hutchings Gallery, lo- Adams Chandler & Co. and Adams
blocks of Galveston’s East End were oblit- cated on the library’s third floor. For more Hallock & Co., 1871. The commu-
nion set survived two of Galveston’s
erated. During reconstruction of its own information, please contact Eleanor Clark greatest disasters—The Fire of
church, the congregation of St. Paul’s was at 409-763-8854, ext. 125. 1885 and the Great Storm of 1900.
temporarily headquartered at Trinity Epis- Check in at the Hutchings Gallery
copal’s Eaton Chapel. St. Paul continued for exciting new entries in Galveston’s Gal- more details!
to serve Galveston’s German Presbyterian lery. Want to help? Become a “Friend of the Remember, those who choose to not
community until its dissolution in 1909. Rosenberg Library. Ask your librarian for learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Set Realistic Goals...

...then find smart people that can
help you reach those goals...

sample goal.. 2 huge flights of stairs with a full keg.

(check out the “eye

bar” shades we found,

...And great will be your shared success! should help us keeping

from taking pictures that
get us fired!)

You’re never to old or young to have an There is a huge industry market in Galves- Karla and Adrienne are Waffle House gu-
idea that might make a difference! Let us ton, not to mention the Medical and Police ru’s. If you say “yes” to everything Karla asks
help spread the news! Email us at thewiz@ World! More great late nite dining options like on your burger, it will be decked out (but 3 dol- this one please! And let us tell people about it! lars more expensive...worth every penny.) Return of the Wizard 11
You can always count on DiBella's Italian Restaurant
Mo' Bettah Meatballs to deliciously capture the taste of Italy, literally in the

Di Bella's
Located at 31st and Ave P, DiBella's has been serving
up Great Italian Food to Galvestonians and their visitors
for over 16 years.
Blending fine pastas with unique and flavorable sauces
ITALIAN RESTAURANT is second nature to this memorable Local Hotspot.
Whether you're looking for chicken, veal, shrimp,
Galveston Island 31st and Ave P eggplant, snapper, tuna or steak, they've got it all.

" Where the locals eat."

Favorites such as the Seafood Combo or Steak and
Pasta keep people coming back for years!
The Seafood Combo features grilled shrimp and fish of
the day (snapper), topped with lump crab meat all over
Fettucine, with your choice of sauce (marinara or cream
Lunch Specials The Steak, available as a 8-10 ounce Filet, or a 14-16
ounce Ribeye, is splashed with DiBella's family secret
Tuesday - Three Cheese Chicken ($6.95) recipe marinade and grilled to your specifications.
Addition options such as succulent crabmeat or their
Wednesday - Pork Chop and Pasta ($7.95) Tomato, Onion, and Mushroom Combo sauteed in their
Thursday - Meatloaf and Pasta ($6.95) special marinade are also available.
Most entrees are served with fine pastas, such as
Friday - Shrimp DiBella ($7.95) or Fettucine Alfredo or Angel Hair with Marinara, or
Plain Primavera ($6.95) steamed veggies. All entrees include side salad and
garlic bread.
The mellow atmosphere perfected, DiBella's is sure to
Dinner Specials happening tonight! Make tonight a special night. Come
make friends and enjoy great Italian Food. Staff and
customers agree, visiting DiBella's is like visiting your
Friday - Tuna or Fish of Day with 3 grilled shrimp topped family.
with lump crab meat, on a bed of Fettucine DiBella. ($24.95) Whether dining in or on the go, the sights, smells,
tastes and sounds of DiBella's Italian Restaurant await
Saturday- Grilled Chicken Breast over pastaprimavera, you.
topped with crab meat. ($24.95) Come early if you wish to avoid the rush, or make
reservations at (409)763-9036 so they know when to
(Alternate) Surf and Turf. Strips of ribeye and 3 grilled expect you. Remember, Cash or Check only - no credit
shrimp topped with crab and served on a bed cards accepted.
of pasta primavera. ($24.95)

Hours of Operation
Tuesday - Friday
Tuesday-Thursday; Sunday
5 p.m.- 9:30 p.m*
Stop in at get great Italian Special thanks to Mi-
Friday - Saturday Food tonight! Remember, it’s on chele for her 14 years of
5 p.m.- 10:00 p.m* 31st and Ave P, and it’s “where service. Happy retirement,
the locals eat!” Michele!

To make reservations call (409)763-9036

*business permitting, please make reservations when dining late
The Picture we
asked you to recognize
in the last issue is lo-
cated on 33rd and Ave
O. Thank you for play-
Something hap-
pened to the side of the
building but they fixed it
up nicely!
The finished and
repainted “Washateria”
phrase is back.
Keep it up with the
upkeep , Galveston!
Support organiza- Edward at DiBella’s is always upbeat
tions like Clean Galves- and cheerful! Catch him at Eternal Rock Will and Blue take a break from perform-
ton, and let’s keep Christian Church on 4913 O and a half and ing demolitions for renovations to the Old
Galveston beautiful! see what he’s so excited about! Grand National on 21st and Mechanic!
12 Return of the Wizard Galveston Wizard

Face your fears! Visit the dentist!

There was a slightly over- I was escorted back to the dread- Then Barbara Pickering
cast, cinematically mirroring my ed dentist chair. I sat down in it. Came in and successfully com-
anxiety, as I pulled up to the Pretty comfy. I wiped my sweaty pleted my visit with the final
building. hands on my jeans as I looked checkup! No Cavities! (Thank
This over the implements that might you flouride!)
was it. be soon punishing me. The Galveston Family Den-
Over two Enter Nancy, who first x- tistry staff love what they do, and
years of rays my gums they pride themselves in qual-
avoidance to see how my ity, gentle dental care, delivered
and I was teeth look, and with a personal touch. It has
ready to submit myself to what- then proceeds to been their pleasure to take care
ever horrors lie beyond the front clean my teeth. of generations of families.
doors for my teeth and gums at The instru- Remember, the keyword for
the dentist! ment they used your teeth is preventive mainte-
With the things I do like smok- on my teeth was nance. So if it’s been awhile, and
ing, drinking soda, and chewing more like a vibra- you are anxious. It’s time to face
glass shards, I was ready to turn tion rather than a scraping! We your fears! (and tell ‘em we sent
myself in, as it were. have apparently come a long ya!)
I was recommended to way in dentistry in the last few For more information on Above: Barbara Pickering
Galveston Family Dentistry, off years! Galveston Family Dentistry, or to D.D.S. and Lisa make final observa-
of Stewart Road, by a friend who So she cleaned my teeth set up an appointment, call 409- tions, offering helpful suggestions,
said that Barbara Pickering and and we talked about all sorts 744-4330, or stop by their office ideas and opportunities to keep my
her staff make her visits pain- of things. I hate to say it, but it at 8333 Stewart Road. teeth healthy and pain-free! (We
less and was pretty relaxing. It was like stopped to pose for the picture, she
friendly. talking to a hair stylist, only your does not do “no-look” dentistry!)
Kathy, responses sound like “Gerch, Left: The staff of Galveston
put me Chat A’Chu Klock.” because of Family Dentistry are from left, Lisa,
right at the suction tube and the hands Kathy, Barbara and Nancy! (Not pic-
e a s e at your mouth. (My tongue had a tured is Pauline, whom everyone
when I mind of it’s own and kept chasing there seems to love.)
walked in. strange fingers out of the way!)
While Galvestonians may be divided in their feelings
on the annual motorcycle event, it does tremendous good for the
The 2006 Lone Star Rally is going to be huge. (Thursday
November 2, to Sunday November 5)
Pick up a Galveston County Daily News for daily updates
of event times and places or pick up last month’s
Parrot for a free standing schedule of information on the long
Instead of fighting regular events, locals should embrace
and integrate themselves and their businesses into the functions!
Lone Star Rally, Dicken’s, Mardi Gras, The Beach
Party formerly known as Kappa, all offer us the ability to live in
paradise and attract big city’s people businesses and dollars for
our island to benefit from so we can make it an even better island.
(They do bring their traffic though! Whew!)
Don’t believe it? Check out the construction on 61st
street. The new road is incredibly smooth. The bigger the success
of the Rally, the bigger the reach of such quality roads. And with
the rally bending the rules and regulations to suit it’s growth, it
makes us all the more excited about planning our “Post Office
Street Block Party”. Oops! We didn’t mean to say that....yet.
They come in peace.
Pleasant Land
Child Care

There is such
a thing as a free Check it out! A new stoplight at “Texas Rising Star”
meal! Our busi- 83rd and Stewart Road! MONDAY - FRIDAY
ness card was 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM
in the lobby at Queen’s Bar-B-Que and we *NCI VENDOR/TRANSFER AC- RICULUM.
won a free chopped beef bar-b-que sand- CEPTED *BEFORE & AFTER SCHOOL
wich, chips and a drink! *TEXAS RISING STAR PICKUP
Go get you some great bar-b-que at *PICK UP FROM HOME *PICK UP FROM HOME
Queen’s on 35th, right next to Island Bowl
off of the Seawall. Delicious! 1615-39TH STR (409)763-6009 / (409)766-7405 Return of the Wizard 13

My Fortress of Solitude
If you’ve never smoked cigarettes, you probably hate them. Your pinkish lungs and absurdly
acute sense of smell have you cringing at the smells and sights of smoking.
Somehow, many think that smoking is a sign of weakness. It is indeed a crutch, or rather, it
may have been at one time, and has cleverly slipped itself into the habit realm. (Like our
cumpulsive habit of doing sit-ups!) That is where the trouble begins (that and nicotine
is absurdly addictive).
We were recently able to go to the Houston Museum and see the Body
Works Exhibit, where the human body is painstakingly disected so paying
customers can see just how amazing the body is and how brutal we can be
to it.
Ultimately we have to quit, and while talking on cell phones loudly
around others is often more annoying than a wandering puff of
smoke, we had better kick the habit.
How do you do that? Shit! Let us know how you do it! At
some point we’ve got to exercise control of this crutch of ours.
Nicotine Gums, Patches, Dental Floss (our idea! send us royalties
if you successfully create and market it!!) or even hypnosis, rubber
band flicks on the wrist, or family pictures are all tools to help you
quit! (Why are patches and gum so expensive, anyways?) Besides,
if you quit smoking a pack a day, you will save over a thousand dol-
lars a year. We mainly wrote this to ourselves, but it’s food for thought
anyway. Take it or leave it!
Got suggestions for how you kicked the habit? Let us know! We can
relay your wizardly skill in kicking the habit! Email us at thewiz@galveston-

Children Cell Phone Crazy by Laurie Gorham

I decided to embark on this say it allows parents to keep up article dated July 7th 2005*(From Timmy is mature and responsi-
information gathering journey with their children. My response Yuki Noguchi, Staff writer for the ble enough to own a cell. Some
after “debating” this very sub- to that is this: my parents and Washington Post) that stated sources suggested only pur-
ject with my Mom. I believe that many others before and after Sprint & Disney made a deal to chasing one if little Timmy par-
any age under 14 is too young them were/are able to keep up offer wireless service directed ticipates in a lot of extra curricu-
for any child to have/own a cell with their children just fine with- towards 8 - 12 year olds. lar activities. Another suggest-
phone. I’ve unofficially asked out the use of a cell phone. I can I saw a Disney commercial ed teaching kids cell phone eti-
parents, that I run in to, how honestly say my parents knew today advertising wireless ser- quette. This is a wonderful idea,
they felt about children and cell where I was 97% of the time. vice. According to the same arti- but who is going to teach them?
phones. One father I spoke to The other 3%? Maybe it’s that cle 25% of kids 12 & under “own” The lady who is talking on the
stated his daughter was not al- 3% that lets you know how well mobile phones. And another phone, while putting on her
lowed to have or use a cell your children listened to your les- company were said to be launch- make-up, and driving. Perhaps
phone. His daughter is four- sons of life? ing a campaign to market to the the gentleman whose whole
teen. When asked she admitted Many parents give their chil- 6 year old and over age group. conversation can be heard from
that most if not all of her friends dren cell phones and expect There was even talk about of- four aisles over in the grocery
have cell phones. I asked why them to be responsible, not go fering insurance for child owned store?
his daughter wasn’t allowed to over minutes, and to use them cell phones. Another website After lots of searching
have a cell. His answer, surpris- only when necessary; in the next urged parents to purchase chil- and reading I still feel a cell
ingly, “because you lose control breath you’ll hear the same par- dren prepaid phones, phones phone is alot of responsibility
over your child and what he/she ents complain about how much that only allow you to dial preset for any one under fourteen. Hell!
does.” So I asked him what he homework Little Timmy has, numbers, or ones that offered Alot of adults have a hard time. I
meant. Simply put, you don’t how hard he has to work at said parental control. just hope parents don’t forget in
know who your child is speaking homework, and how Little Tim- I ran into a lot of pros and the process to arm their children
to, when they’re going online to my has no time to be a kid. It’s cons on the subject of children with the latest communication
inappropriate websites, or most contradictory. owning cell phones but the bot- devices to keep open the chan-
importantly, who are they talking In my search for informa- tom line is parents must decide nels of communication with their
to? tion, I went online to see what the based on their knowledge of child without the use of an elec-
I know many parents “experts” had to say. I found one their child whether or not Little tronic device.

There it is again...

...the sudden urge for a


Big Brother is watching. This artistic re-

One must exercise excruciating patience at minder is one of the many things you can look
the feeder light on 61st Street and Broadway. at while waiting for at the light mentioned in the
previous panel! (Intersection cameras)
14 Return of the Wizard Galveston Wizard

•Music, movie, book reviews, etc. •Pop culture commentary •Swearing
by David Nielsen

The Lovely Bones - Alice Sebold (Little, Brown 2002) can change it or resolve it or “top” it, but that doesn’t mean that what
The words “gentle” and “well-considered” happens afterward is unworthy of examination and, in its own way,
don’t usually come to mind when you’re trying just as relevant. We see Susie’s family drift apart as the shock and
to describe a book where the protagonist is raped, grief transform them, each in drastically different ways. We see her
killed and dismembered in the first chapter. But killer, and recurring glimpses into his past, where Sebold stops just
Alice Sebold’s first novel The Lovely Bones short of drawing any solid conclusion to vilify or vindicate him either
certainly deserves those adjectives. Written from way. We see it all through Susie’s eyes, watching now from heaven.
the perspective of 14 year old Susie Salmon, the A heaven where, it’s worth mentioning, the complementary parts
book follows the progression of her soul into of each person’s desires interlock to create a communal afterlife
heaven after her murder, and of her friends and and split off to afford people a space of their own as well.
family’s grief playing itself out in often unexpected ways in the years Sebold’s idea of heaven is interesting, and of course central
afterward. to the narrative, but it’s also the source of the book’s major weakness.
It’s a bit of a hill to climb, starting your book by snuffing The soft-focus suburbia that occupies most of the plot’s backdrop
your most sympathetic character in such a nasty way, but to her credit is easy enough to process, since it’s fairly true to life, but the same
Sebold handles the attack in a fairly realistic manner, without veering soft focus turns onto the world at large at times, and the afterlife
into particularly graphic territory at any point. As an undergraduate at in particular, and it can be a little hard to swallow. A moment
Syracuse University, she was herself the victim of sexual assault and where one of Susie’s companions in the afterlife compares a wave
in fact went on to write a memoir about the event and its aftermath of dying people’s souls flooding from a hospital to snowflakes is
(Lucky, published in 1997) which cements her whole approach to the particularly cringe-inducing.
subject matter in a firm but sympathetic tone - there’s an impressive Overall though, The Lovely Bones shows us a writer
lack of histrionics on Susie’s part when recounting the details of the pulling off the impressive task of tackling extremely delicate
attack. The emotional fireworks are all reserved for her family, as subject matter in a direct way, with strong prose, insightful
they struggle to cope with a tragedy of this scale. dialogue, and full, fleshed out characters. We can forgive the
You can of course ask “where can it go from here?” after occasional Hallmark moment as Alice Sebold takes us on a ride
finishing the first chapter, and it’s a reasonable question, and Sebold’s through a place in the human experience that thankfully few of us
central conceit seems to be that yes, it’s horrible, and yes, nothing ever have to visit.

Submitted to the Galveston Wizard...may it provide some closure

This is a plea to you from more? grave and know that his soul is
me- Did I get your attention? You hopped into your white at rest.
car and drove off instead. His father stays at his grave Until his family can find
Maybe this is something you You were such a coward, ob- and leaves small stones, peace.
should read, viously scared to go to jail, So that his son Merce doesn’t
Since, it seems to me, we Does it weigh on your con- feel alone. Someday you will be caught,
cannot count on the Galveston science, the lives you’ve made its best you confess,
P.D. hell? What about wishing for just For until then you will find
one more day, your conscience as we now find
It was three years ago you Do you feel that something Just one more day to say all our lives…
killed someone that meant so isn’t right? those things I didn’t get to say? Merce-less.
much to me. Do you have a hard time
His name was Merce Garza, sleeping at night? What if it was your momma We miss you, Merce.
he was twenty years young, a that had to bury her son,
father of three. Do you realize that karma is Or your kids had to grow up
You took away an awesome
your destiny?
That a similar fate will fall
without their dad?
brother, he was such a precious on thee? So this is my word to you,
son. You took his life before it
begun. You shot him one time;
in cold-blood in his back.
Do you know that his for
I won’t stop, I won’t rest,
weeks his mother waited for him until some of this pain is lifted
Like a coward. And you to walk through the door,
didn’t even stick around to make
sure he was dead.
And that his baby brothers
will never be the same any-
from my chest.
Until I know I can go to his
David Nielsen (above) knows books. He has
Cathy nearly a thousand books in his collection and

& his passion for books even has him planning

his own bookstore someday.
People should read more. Reading takes
you to places you may never see, to people
and personalities you may never encounter,
or to situations you may never face. Knowl-
Cathy’s been driving edge!
horses around for nearly David Nielsen’s two most recent book
7 years. Stormy, a Tennis- recommendations to me were Stranger in a
see Walker, is currently 13 Strange Land and Ishmael, both great reads.
years old. Look for them I recently caught the movie Instinct with
on 22nd and Strand. Stormy!
Promote yourself with these panels for just
Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Anthony Hopkins, and
it is inspired by the book Ishmael, It was great
$50 bucks! Let people know what you do! Send to see a two different mediums cover the Quincy puts in another day of
shout-outs! Thank you’s! Congratulations! Every same subject matter. work at McAlister’s Deli on 66th
little bit helps! So when David talks, you listen! and Seawall. You been yet? Return of the Wizard 15
Schmutzy Knows Best! with him to New Mexico and have a million of thanks, LustHungry”
Because sometimes life sucks, sometimes his love babies? Of course you won’t! Not if ShoelessIsNever- Dear Lusty,
the truth hurts, and it really just comes down to you’re happy in your relationship. You’re guy is Cool” Whoa, girlfriend. How long exactly
this: you’re an idiot. In a good way! no different, really. Dear Shoeless, did you stay with this guy who ‘frowned upon’
Sometimes you’re just too close to the There are more than a few ways you can First off, thanks for the sexy back sex whilst you were devoured by the flaming
problem to gain proper perspective. Step back, go about setting your mind at ease here. My story. Now I can rest assured that even straight of your own loins? You know what, nevermind.
and let me help. best piece of advice, though, is this- if he’s al- guys can enjoy wine and be emotionally at- The important thing is that it’s over now.
‘Who is this Schmutzy person?’ you may ways been so honest with you about how he tached to their shoes. On to the new conquest. Now, normally,
be asking yourself. A goddamned genius, and feels, now would be the perfect time to be hon- Secondly, since you’ve already tried the this seems like a question that a girl wouldn’t
that’s all you need to know. So bring it on- re- est with him about how you feel. Remember, freezing thing, put them under a blow dryer for have to ask. But what the hell, guys have feel-
lationship questions, work problems, kid/par- don’t be confrontational or accusatory, just tell a bit to re-melt the wax and then quickly wipe ings, too. So, I think that it’s very important
ent troubles... I know more about your life than him as concisely as you can that you’re worried it up before it hardens again. After this, you’ll to let him know up front where you stand. If
your mother and your shrink combined. And he might be keeping one eye out for something need to take a little saddle soap or something you tell him at the outset that you don’t think
remember what they always told you in school, better. Communication is the most important like it to clean the leather and remove any re- you’re ready for a relationship, but enjoy spend-
there are no stupid questions, only stupid peo- element of any relationship, and the one most maining discolouration, and then moisturize it ing time with him and are interested in seeing
ple. often overlooked. If you hold these feelings in- with leather.... moisturizer. how things develop, then there shouldn’t be any
“Dear Schmutzy, side, you’ll end up feeling hostile and passive Thirdly, for god’s sake, when you reach crossed wires. But if you really, really aren’t in-
My boyfriend of two years has aggressive, and then one day you’ll just explode the whole ‘breaking out the sensual candlewax’ terested in a permanent monogomous thing, be
been showing an interest in other women in a rage of man-hating fury because he left the moment, the time to take off your shoes is long sure he knows in no uncertain terms. Not that
lately. He’s always been honest with me shower curtain open again even after you told overdue. Oh, and kudos on the hot Korean. I can fathom at the moment many guys who
about being attracted to other people, but him a million times it looks tacky. And that, my xoxo- would object to a ‘friends with benefits’ set up.
I’m worried that there might be more to it. friend, is not productive. So, just talk to him, Schmutzy! And who knows, maybe things will work out
Am I overreacting? Should I feel threat- don’t give men any more ammunition to call us “Dear Schmutzy, so well that you decide to pursue a real relation-
ened? Is there some way I can figure out ‘irrational creatures’ or ‘unholy succubi’. That’s I recently just got out of a rela- ship. So, don’t close any doors for yourself, ei-
how strong his feelings are without making just what we need. tionship where sex was frowned upon, so ther.
it seem like I don’t trust him? xoxo- it’s been a while. There is a new love in- You don’t want to end up hurting him, or
sincerly, Schmutzy! terest in my life who I have liked for some getting hurt yourself, so make sure you know
SherlockGurl” “Dear Schmutzy, time. Just as I broke it off with my last boy- basically what you want before you go telling
Dear SherlockGurl, I am a musician in New York City. friend, he revealed to me that he shared this guy that you just want to get your rocks off
I sort of feel sorry for the women out I recently played an awesome gig and was these affections. Tomorow we are going and have done with it. That being said, if you’re
there who believe that their beau is so blinded asked home by a really hot Korean girl. As to get together for the first time since this both consenting adults, my only real advice is
by love for them that he doesn’t notice that tall were enjoying our second bottle of wine, new information came to light. I don’t think to just be safe and have fun.
Swedish supermodel enjoying her skim milk well, one thing led to another, and I ended that I want, or am ready, for a ‘relationship’ xoxo-
cappucino at the table next to him. I hate to up with candle wax all over my favorite pair at this time, but I am strongly attracted to Schmutzy!
burst that bubble, but it just ain’t so. This holds of suede shoes. I put them in the freezer him. Should I have sex with him anyway, For total enlightenment and the witti-
true for us, too, ladies. Now admit it, you totally when I got home and then tried to scrape or would that be cosidered to be going too est problem solving assistance this side of
scope out the hot bartender just like everyone the wax off. This was not very effective. fast or leading him on? Ms Cleo, e-mail Schmutzy at schmutzyk-
else. Does that mean you’re going to run away Any other suggestions? signed,

Galveston Metro?
I lived in Long Beach, CA for
by Laurie Gorham
know it’s been that way for years, way). Not to mention commuters! she drives as little a possible. Who
awhile. One of the things that I but why not put it to use for the Why sit in traffic and creep toward can blame her? Many seniors and
loved about Long Beach was the greater good of the local economy home at a snails pace when you others who are on fixed incomes
many ways it reminded me of and community? could let someone else drive? Not would have new doors opened to
Galveston. I loved going down I told my Aunt how much only could we BOI’s/Galvestonians them. With more resources, these
to the Farmers Market on Fridays, I would LOVE a Metro that oper- travel up the track to Houston, but people would gain the ability to
and riding the Metro Blue Line into ated between Galveston and the non-driving Houstonians could visit family who are close but too
L.A. Mainland. She readily agreed. She travel to Galveston. It definitely far for them to commute. It would
While stationed in Japan I doesn’t drive to Houston but would couldn’t hurt our economy. also get many drivers off the road
could hop on the Metro and go al- ride a Metro in a heartbeat to attend which would result in fewer acci-
most anywhere. When I returned museums, the Zoo, plays, etc. By the way, I’m one of dents, less pollution, and less traf-
to Galveston I noticed the old train I know there are many oth- those people who don’t own a car. fic.
bridge was still standing, but in- ers on Island who don’t drive or My Mom lives in LaMarque and it How many of you would
stead of trains traveling back and own a car who would happily pay would be great if I could hop on a hop on a Metro to explore the sur-
forth as in the days of old, there is a nominal fee for such a service (in train to visit her for the day. Gas rounding area? Where would you
pipeline running it’s length. Yes, I Long Beach the fare was $1.25 one- prices are so high right now that go? Who would you visit?

Barber Shop
Women $17 James J. Molina
Men $12 514 21st Street
Seniors 60+ $8 409-762-8780
Children (1-10) $8 Galveston, TX 77550
Rene at Office Depot. Yet another place
we have to spend a lot of money! Where’s their
advertisement with us?! (maybe Speedy’s 12 Noon - 6 p.m. (MON - SAT) Jeremy and Tim, contractors, putting in a
will? our backs sure are itchy, is your busi- No appointment necessary phone line in the alley behind TSO Lenscraft-
ness ready for it’s back scratched?) (409)762-8780 ers. Looks like a lot of work!
16 Return of the Wizard Galveston Wizard

Smilin' on Explore
the Island Make


Marla from DiBella’s meets us at the door at Live

Club 21. Xavier, the doorman, checks our I.D. and It
we make ‘em pose for a picture for the Galveston Up.
Wizard!! (Xavier’s name is pronounced more like
“Have-a-Year” than Professor “Xavier” of the X-
Paid Advertisement by The League of Gallant Friends of Galveston
Men”) Get it right. Return of the Wizard 17

Chico’s Paradise

Joan with Eldrege at the Pink Dolphin on Brandon crunches some numbers at the Mechelle and Billy at the Lounge’s 99
9th and SeaWall. Lots of fun! club. Tell us he doesn’t look studious! cent Beer Night.
18 Return of the Wizard Galveston Wizard
Dawn of a new era
It was Labor Day, September 4th, and a nuclear
submarine was cutting thru the waters.The U.S.S.
Texas was coming in to Galveston’s harbor.
Elissa left our port and met out at sea, where
she then escorted the U.S.S. Texas into the har-
It was an amazing sight to see the cutting-edge
nuclear submarine alongside the equally impres-
sive Elissa.
The U.S.S. Texas has moved on, but
Elissa is still available for you to see! Check
out Pier 21 on Harborside and learn more
about the Elissa.
(Be careful where you park though, you
may get a parking ticket, which is $15 bucks
you could better spend elsewhere.)

photo credits: Robert Rodriguez

Have a blast, support a good cause

D’Feet Breast Cancer Inc’s “A Celebration of Life” is being held
October 21, 2006. Participate in the 10K Run, 5K Run, 5K walk or the What can you bring to the table?
1K Kids’ Walk/Run. (What does 10K mean to you? It’s like your walk
from the parking lot to the office, only a hundred bajillion times further.
Choose the one that’s right for you, but don’t miss the opportunity to
support the fight on Breast Cancer! Call (409)771-5574 for more info.
D’Feet Breast Cancer provides free screening mammograms
and follow-up care to uninsured and underserved Galveston County
Women from the ages of 40-65, in collaboration with the Galveston
County Health District, the UTMB Oleander Van and the Jesse Tree.
For more info on free mammography program call (409)392-0033.
Benefitting Clean Galveston, the Walk-About is going to be an
exciting event! The event kicks off Saturday October 21 at 11:30.
We didn’t
is $25 have
donation the
per budget
budget to
walker. to print
print thisthis before
before the
event...It will
will publish
publish just
just after...But
after...But be
be sure
This is a great opportunity to check out Galveston’s Down- that
that we
will have
have (real
(real world
world workwork schedules
schedules permitting)
town as well! there!
someone there!
For information
Advertisers more us
helping information
us and on Clean us
and supporting
supporting Galveston,
us will
will only
make us register, call
us better! (409)762-3363.
better! (Which
(Which is And
is good
good fortell them
for you.)
you.) who guided you
The more
there. more support
support we we get,
get, the
the more
more we we can
can show
you what’s
what’s going
going onon on
on your
your island
island faster,
faster, asas we
we will
have the the payroll
payroll to to fund
fund such
such things!
things! You, You, the
the reader,
must Advertise*
make your events,
make efforts
efforts to things, more
to check
check hobbies
more and passions
things out! with us!
out! People
Let us share
travel your projects,
countless miles
to events
to get
ers! Let’s show ‘em what Galveston’s Got!
here and forideas
for a with our read-
a reason.

Congratulations David and Amy on

Miss Napolitos on Heard’s Lane? (inset) Did any of the Seawall drivers notice the
Check out Los Patrones on 49th and Broad- your recent marriage! To a full and fleet of yachts during the yacht race? We
way. Two thumbs up! happy life together! hope they did! it was a sight to behold! Return of the Wizard 19

People are talking about the sky rise issue in Galveston

First of all, we can’t discourage any We could go another route, encourag- addresses!Become informed about your
growth, it doesn’t make sense. The dilemma ing and promoting skyrises on Broadway City Council. Read the Daily Newspaper,
is controlling how such growth takes form. (Effectively becoming our “Strip” when watch channel 16, attend City Counsel
Many people don’t want large buildings we get Gambling) meetings.
along our Seawall, citing that it will take Keep up with the news, as big chang- See what your elected representatives
away from the view. Since we can’t see the es and decisions are facing Galvestonian are doing to make Galveston great.
ocean anyway from Ave S, we see no true decision makers almost
argument in the “blocking the view.” They every day.
may be, in fact, blocking the storm winds As long as we are
and waves. able to bring success to
This presents one of the other concerns many people, instead
for building on the Seawall. If Galveston is of a few, we are all for
unable to forge a balance with nature, she Galveston growth.
will be washed away like Atlantis was. (look Immediate issues
at the Gulf, and imagine the Hurricane al- like flooding, pov-
ley) erty, unemployment
More Seawall skyrises, some argue, will are current key is-
interfere with airport traffic. This can be rem- sues we want to see
edied by having such a height restriction after
say 89th and Seawall, allowing our island to
ultimately support Commercial Flights! (See
last issue!,
Utilizing building structures to create more
parking (free, or else!), more dining and shop-
ping options, and more “OOooohhh’s” from
tourists, large skyrises can create an econom-
ic boom for us. (See Waikiki beach, Hawaii)

What would you do?

In responding to our request for artist submissions, Kevin Kjornes con-
tacted us. He is currently a Galveston resident and has been in Galveston
for 18 years. He published the two Lawyer books in 1992 AND 1994. The
deck of cards “The Ambushers” was produced in 2004 and they are all still
being sold in Hastings on the Island at Central City Plaza.(That’s the one
on 61st, people!) He is the father of 4, and 3 of the kids are out and about
now. The 4th, a 17 year old lives in Arlington, Texas. He works as a Police
Officer to make ends meet but has pursued an art career since the age of
10 when he first knew that drawing was what he wanted to do for a living.
He is currently single and when he’s not working, he is writing and drawing
comic books, cartoons, and he has begun writing screen plays for movies.
It is his hope that he will find a market for the material. He found a forum.
He has a series called “What would you do?” that he had originally
planned to submit to MAD Magazine.
His “What would you do” could be a regular installment if you like it as
much as we do. Kevin can be reached at
So we gave him a drawing opportunity that he could not re-
fuse, we let him design the cover. (see the cover) So we gave
him a rough sketch of what we wanted, a J.R.R. Tollkein View of
Galveston, featuring “The Return of the Wizard.”
Once he completed his initial drawing, he gave it inker Froy
Arcega, and it was finally colorized and stylized by Isaac Alma-
guer (see his strip, page 9) before being delivered to our castle
If you’ve got great artwork, photography, stories, poems, ed-
itorial, events, opportunities or suggestions, we’d love to pass
them on to our readers!!

Have your friends

seen a Galveston Wiz-
ard yet? Let them hear
about it from you!

Growing pains.

Consult Walt at the GameStop on 61st for your

gaming needs. We’re looking for organized
gaming tournaments! Let us know!
20 Return of the Wizard Galveston Wizard
‘Chivalry:’ now there’s a concept. to avoid a collision. Three others attempting to walk along the pave-
‘Whither chivalry?’ How about ment.
‘Whither basic respect? “In days of old when knights were walked abreast, blocking the whole
bold” - yeah, and villages were pavement, doddering along catch- It strikes me as quite some-
by burned, women and children were ing up with the latest gossip while thing, when I come to realize that
raped and bludgeoned to death, vi- holding up the pedestrian ‘traffic.’ I experience more reciprocity of
Rebecca Adler cious and gory battles were fought Stopping dead in the middle of respect and courtesy when on the
throughout the countryside, and ‘A the foot-flow, cutting in on a busy road - yes! To my great surprise,
man’s home [was] his Castle.’ Oh, pavement, and never an ‘excuse me’ and for all the ‘road rage’ tales, it
I’m moved to write this by my for the Halcyon Days! Let us not or… horror of horrors… a ‘please’ appears that motorists are, on the
experience this afternoon. It is forget, however: the age of ‘chival- or a ‘thank you.’ whole, more considerate than your
an overcast day and the air hangs ry’ was one long ago, way before all Why does the amount of basic average trolley-bag-trundler on the
heavy with moisture - just the sort men - let alone women - were even consideration you show to other main street. Who’d ‘ve thunk?
of weather that makes me physical- allowed to vote, and the ‘serfs’ were people have to depend on their age, In fact, now I’m thinking of it,
ly uncomfortable on a short walk owned by their landed ‘betters.’ Do gender, or social standing? By perhaps we should make the bran-
to collect my everyday groceries we really hark after such times? default, I view my fellow human dishing of umbrellas a privilege
(in this case milk and a newspaper). Of course not. In my experience, beings as just that - as human be- reserved only for those who have
Umbrellas abounded in parking those who demand ‘chivalry’ want ings - and equal as such. It’s not proven themselves responsible at
lots, only equal in their number only the parts that are to their ad- for a man to hold a door open for bearing such a device before the
by the slick, brown puddles on the vantage, and are not ready to grant a woman, or the young to defer to proper testing authorities. “Excuse
pavement, the rainwater having such deference in return. the old (I really hate that - I mean, me ma’am, you just shoved that
awakened a million molecules of Such was the behavior of sev- honestly, I know old fools and wise person into a downpour from an
dirt from their stone-caked slum- eral hundred people packing the youngsters… the attributes are not overhanging rain-duct. I’m going
ber. pavements of this little island demographically exclusive): every- to have to charge you with insuf-
Ever heard someone banging on today. One walked blindly towards one should surely deserve not to ficient care and attention given to
about ‘the end of chivalry?’ The me with a look of determination on have the shop-door carelessly left the deployment of precipitation-
depravity and self-absorbed indif- her face - she wasn’t going to be the to slam in their face, or not to have deflection-apparatus. Oh, and bad
ference of the ‘youth of today?’ one to tilt her umbrella in order their ankles kicked while simply manners.”

There I was, completely naked... Vandalism still a problem in 2006 the only way I could think to get your attention for this little Broken glass...everywhere...
editorial romp through the fields of your mind. Are you enjoying destroying what isn’t yours like
your overall reading experience? We try to create for you a unique you just don’t care. (uh
blend of edutainment in the Galveston Wizard. As of right now, we uh...that’s right.)
are a periodical, in that a new issue will come out as soon as we It’s people like you who
can raise the money for one. The photography is mostly in-house, make insurance premiums in-
and we are painstakingly looking for editorial content, stories, use- crease, lower our property value
ful information, or just the facts, ma’am. and tear at the fabric of society
It seems that a few people and businesses have become slightly because we can not see you
jaded in their approach to the community. They have struggled and brought to justice.
pushed and pushed some more, and have established a nice little Karma will have it’s way in
nitch for themselves. They have grown accustomed to their current the end. Maybe not today, may- looking in or looking out?
conditions, and will make no effort to change or think outside of the be not tomorrow. Cut it out.
box to reach their community in a real way.
It’s just day to day business for some, who comes thru the door? No clear victor at Battle of the Artists
That’s all that matters. Grossly unaware of the economics tying Armed with your art supplies, easel and chair, you entered the door be-
them to everyone they live around. fore the 6:00pm startup. A Pre-registry with entry fee paid (adults-$10 and
More businesses, more jobs, more customers. $5 for children), and the competition begins.
Find a creative way to reach people in a personnal way, while Participants randomly select subject matter from a fish bowl and create
simultaneously giving the Galveston Wizard the ability to help unify their artwork in the media they are most comfortable with.
Galveston’s Ecclectic and magnificent blend of peoples? It sounds Hosted at Leslie’s Gallery (Between Cocktails, and T.F. Hippies on 24th
like a no-brainer. Most businesses wanted to see the first issue and Mechanic.
before they signed on, then they got the first issue, scratched their Judging and awards would be presented at 8:45, and Lee Runion, art
chin, and are still waiting. For what, we don’t know. We need them therapist would have conducted the competition. Compete in things like
to make up their mind soon, though. Or we’ll have to go back to our these, meet people with similar passions, and start promoting your work! For
easy day jobs. info on future events, call 409.392-4171! Let them konw you want more!
And now, a lesson in depth perception.

Jesse “Jap” Ramirez

Window Cleaning
Free Estimates

Tony’s introduction to the Galveston Wiz-

J.Y. ard. Did he like it? We hope so. We look for-
Jap ward to hearing from Galvestonians on their
experience with the paper. Spread the word! Return of the Wizard 21
Making success happen What’s this all about?
You may have passed the barber shop on 21st street The new “Beacon Square” at Galveston College is
near Post Office, across the street from Bob’s Grocery store going to look awesome when it’s done.
100 times. But did you know it has become a Galveston staple. You know what would make it even more useful to
In addition to hair stylings, customers and friends can enjoy au- you? If you walked by it every day on your way to class.
dio stylings as well. Check out their classes and programs and get your-
self in the game!
Jimmy “Hollywood” Don’t know what you want to do? Then you will feel
Molina has recorded three right at home. College is a perfect place to hone your
albums from his barber skills, and it gives you time (and assignments) to ponder
shop, with the help of a just that.
recording studio he built Most of your work life is spent facing and overcoming
obstacles. (Success is bred from the overcoming of such
right into the shop! obstacles consistently) College enables you to sharpen
His music is gain- these skills while adding knowledge on a variety of sub-
ing global interest for it’s jects.
unique sound, and we In addition to learning cool things, you get to make
appreciate his passion friends, network, and have fun. You can be too young for
college but you can never get too old! Check out www.
for music as much as you should! His unique “smooth” stylings for more info!
are gaining him notariety, and many people are excited to learn
that this barber is also the “Hollywood” whose sounds they have
come to love. ($15 if you want a CD!)
Some lucky listeners can even catch his songs on certain
juke boxes around the island.
Jimmy has figured out how to sell his songs and music
online! Visit or (Even ringtones to your
phone!) Shop local, and support your local artists, musicians,
and other creative forums!
Check out some of Jimmy “Hollywood” Molina’s music at Show him you care
by checking out his profile and buying a song or two!

Paypa The Ghost is Malnourished

I had the pleasure of being a fly on a wall in a conversation be- Joe Buddens, but he’s more concerned with di-
tween two wise men: Antonio “Paypa the Ghost” Smith and Chance versifying “the fire” in Galveston.
Wheatherly. What started as a simple conversation, quickly turned This lyricis self describes himself as “A rap-
in to the interview of a lifetime. Chance ask Paypa how he felt about per, trying to be a poet”, who’s influences include
the direction “The Island”, as a Galveston native. There is so much Jay-Z, Emenim, and adds Dmx. “...simply be-
talent in Galveston. Sadly much of cause, when he preforms he gives his all. I give
that goes unnoticed by the locals. I that much energy on the mic.” But attributes his
think we should make the ef- grandmother, Lorraine Smith, as his true motiva-
fort to see what people are do- tion. Given up by his mother at a
ing! I’ve been writing music very young age, Paypa found him-
since he was 12 years old. self going through hard times in
But you wouldn’t know, be- CPS for over 10 years, before be-
cause everyone seems to ing taking in by Ms. Smith.(photo:
generalize the sound of this top right).
area.” Paypa isn’t a fan of Paypa hopes to see his
the radio, because there is a dreams come to fruition as he an-
definate sound of this area. ticipates his new album(Shown to
But don’t get him wrong, the right)scheduled for release on
he does have his Feburary 6, 2007.Don’t take our
favorites, such word for it, look him up and listen
as Talib Kweli for yourself at
and a n d godonbeats

you met
Vik at What’s
Don’t let your immediate reaction to adversity
Instead of seeing what others want you to be taking offense...instead, work to figure out where
see, imagine the possiblities. the breakdown of communication is and address that!
22 Return of the Wizard Galveston Wizard
Remember “The Warriors”?
“Psst.” went the beer that sealed my unique situation. My day at court had
fate. Everyone was going to the beach. come. I handed over my already-way-
A full beer couldn’t be wasted. I took the in-the-red-zone credit card and gnashed
cap from the guy that just gave me the my teeth.
beer, and screwed it back onto the beer. How am I supposed to not resent
We got in the car and were following this? Should I feel that justice was
our friends when the red and blue lights served? I have been in the Municipal
began flashing. There goes that idea. I Court with several other of my friends,
hate this stuff. where money is seemingly exchanged
Awaiting our fate, I remember the for a pardon. Unfortunately, it’s money
beer. Great. my hard-working, upstanding citizen
They tow my friend’s car and let him friends don’t have.
go (with a fistfull of tickets, not to men- Which approach sounds better for
tion the tow which still costs him over a our officers, intimidation or respect.
hundred dollars) and then they made me Though I consider myself to be an
get out and empty all of my pockets. upstanding citizen, I can’t help but get
I looked down as the full beer glis- an adrenaline rush and a “dot-my-“i”s
tened in the passing flashlights eye. Sure and-cross-my-“t”s” mentally when I see
wish this ride had a trunk. Oh well. a squad car pull up behind me.
I was asked to pour out my open I wish I could wave at a patrol car
container (to which I had to open to do as I passed by without the insane fear of
so) and given an open-container ticket. being pulled over and ticketed.
The 14-block walk home that night Maybe I’m just paranoid, maybe a
with my friend had me thinking. I need lot of us are.
to learn my rights and be able to defend I don’t have the money to have any
them properly! kind of run in with the law. Even a seat-
I felt violated. I felt like...the “War- belt ticket would bend or break me. (I
riors” walking 14 blocks of Broadway always wear mine, by the way.)
back to home, through...well, Broad- The role of a Police Officer is a
way at 2:30 am. (May my ticket costs tough one, and I’m sure Galveston’s
go to some ultra bright lighting all down forces have seen it all! Is there no way
Broadway. Our aerial shots of Galveston perhaps that we can fund it’s services Parable of Sower and Seed
Would look Awesome! without weighing so heavily on ticket “And when much people were gathered together,
The Municipal Court is off 54th and judgments.
Broadway. On the first corner of the Jus- We don’t know how it works, we and were come to him out of every city, he spake by
tice Center. The ticket was $285 dol- hear of “quotas”, and other such things
lars! Un be effing leavable. (Pardon our and we are trying our best to be good a parable: a sower went out to sow his seed: and
French) citizens.
The acoustics of the lobby reverber- Please be merciful in your distribu- as he sowed, some fell by the way side; and it was
ating my frustrations forced me to keep tion of “the dumbass tax” on your fellow
my cool. Customers paid and went and man. We are doing the best we can. trodden down, and the fowls of the air devoured it.
paid and went as I tried to weigh out my Tips to avoid tickets. Avoid the ap-
rights on the subject. You can opt for De- pearance of evil. Stop screwing around. And some fell upon a rock; and as soon as it was
ferred Judication, where you pay, and go Figure out what you want to do on this
on a 30 day probation, or you can con- island and apply yourself toward mak- sprung up, it withered away, because it lacked mois-
test it (To talk to a prosecutor). ing it happen. If something is slowing
(Wouldn’t it be nice if you could you down or speeding you up too fast, ture. And some fell among thorns; and the thorns
consult an attorney! If only we had that cut it loose.
type of money. But if you hire an attor- If you are “riding dirty” because you sprang up with it, and choked it. And other fell on
ney, you may not have to pay anything can’t afford things like insurance, reg-
at all.) istration, tag, title, or license, then buy good ground, and sprang up, and bare fruit an hun-
Reeling from the $285 “dumbass a bike. If you want the money to buy a
tax” I was facing, I did the deferred ju- bike, get a job. If you have a job, a car, dredfold. And when he had said these things, he
dication. (If I go 30 days without any a house and you are making an absurd
police run-in, I will be released of the amount of money, take note of the peo- cried, He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.”
ticket, which I figured was a 100% prob- ple walking or waiting for the bus stop.
ability for success.) Don’t forget that we’re all in this togeth- —Luke 8:4-8; Bible
I should have probably tried to con- er. How can you make things better? We
test it and speak with a judge, given my have to work together. (What kind of ground are you?)

Advertisements are like tips to us.

The more you help us, the more we like you.
Stiff us and we just might spit in your burger I submit that an individual who
(metaphorically speaking). breaks a law that conscience
tells him is unjust, and who
willingly accepts the penalty
of imprisonment (or fine) in or-
der to arouse the conscience
of the community over its in-
justice, is in reality express-
ing the highest respect for the

Martin Luther King Jr.

US black civil rights leader &
clergyman (1929 - 1968)

Just kidding! We would never do such a thing! Gross! which way should we go? Return of the Wizard 23
Our Meeting with La Costa
Looking for the next big thing on five, and I personally think he is very When asked where they hope They have already recorded
Galveston’s music scene? La Costa talented”, says Josh, who is musical- to be in two years Ozzie explains, with some major names in the in-
Productions is it. (Pronounced like ly inclined himself. Humbled by his “We hope to be traveling and get- dustry. Listen for one of their tracks
“coast-a”)Take a hand full of ideas, cousin’s ability, Josh focuses primar- ting the word out. We want to show on Billy Cook’s latest album “The
add deep rooted talent, multiply that ily on graphic design. We’ve seen his everyone that Galveston has more to Truth”. La Costa Productions cur-
by their passion, and the result is a work and trust me when I tell you offer then the usual ’hardcore gang- rently works with the styles of local
group of childhood friends on their that these guys are well rounded. sta rap’ it has come to be associated artists: Jayo, Nune Y Nicho, Ma-
way to the top. Only two years old, Though he says they would with. We want people to know we are hogany, and artist from both Block
La Costa Productions consists of rather be recognized as a music pro- versatile.” Edwin or “E” adds, “We Muzik and Organized Rhymes Ent.
Producer Edwin Rivas, Graphic Art- duction company first, Josh’s work want to work with people with who In our never-ending quest for
ist Josh Rivas, and the street team doesn’t take a backseat. With proj- share the same attitude and vision Galveston’s home grown talent, La
members: Oziel (Ozzie) Nolasco, ects like flyers and cd case inserts that we have. We also want to appeal Costa Productions’ efforts thus far
Roberto Otero, Steven Reyes, Pedro already under their belt, La Costa to a broader audience.” Josh replies, have definitely caught our attention.
Rivas, Tony Rivas, Edgar Salinas work to control every facet of their “The main thing we want people to Their ambition, effort, and dedica-
and José Valverez.. product. “Right now we are trying to know is that we’re a genuine group tion is inspirational. It won’t be long
Raised in the church, Edwin stay productive. We met two weeks of people. We’re serious about we do before you hear La Costa on the ra-
and Josh got their start in music by ago to establish everyone’s role ex- and we don’t bullshit around..” dio, and now you know why.
their uncle Luis A. Guzman who actly in the company and discuss up- “At the end of the day, our name Visit their Web site at www.laco-
taught them all they know. “Edwin’s coming projects for 2007.” explained is more important than money”, re- to see what they
been doing this music since he was Edwin. marks E. are up to!

Stop by... H&R

Grocery and Meat Market
“Fresh meat cut daily!”
1428 35th Street

Richard works at the convenience store You must be the change you want to Take some time to learn something from
on 68th and Seawall. He gave us the run- see in the world. one of Galveston’s local wise men. “Butler,” will
down on his first visit to Club 21! What a -Mahatma Gandhi catch your attention near 21st and Post Office.
night! Indian ascetic & nationalist leader (1869 - 1948) You can take what he says to the bank.
2244 R
eturn ooff tthe
he Wizard
Wizard Galveston
Ga lv
on W
Informative, Beautiful and Affordable, visit Seawolf Park (again)
Our Friend Des works at A&M as a Chef. One day I went to visit him at work (not to men-
tion that they have an awesome cafeteria, open to the public for about 6 bucks!) Volunteer efforts
After I left, belly full,I decided to do the unthinkable. I was going to investigate Seawolf from people like John
Park! Duke and Ron Jansen
Weary from chasing advertisers (to pay for this publication), I pulled up to the entrance. should be commend-
Wow! What an impressive park it is! (2 plus years on the island and I had never been!) ed! Be sure to show
It’s five dollars to park (fill the car, cheapskate), you may also pay (per person) to fish, or your appreciation!
see the Submarine and Ship, $5 for adults, only $2.50 for seniors, and $2 for children.
You can bring a picnic, shoot hoops, play volleyball, or do nothing but enjoy the view! No
glass containers, but alcohol is permitted. (respect the rules)
“For every dive you make, you want to make that same number of returns to the surface”
remarked John Duke as I was reading up on the Cavalla. (The Cavalla is the huge submarine
with the missile shooting out its back end in the picture, right) Stuff for the kids to
I learned a lot from John, and was surprised to learn that he was a volunteer all the way do, but where are the
from Dallas. Wise and knowledgable, lending an ear to them will put your imagination to work vendors?
and you “in the scene.” I was overwhelmed with respect and thanks to the men and women in
the Services. A visit to this park put the whole thing into perspective.
There are people out there, protecting our liberties Excellent on-island boardwalk.
and putting their lives at risk so that we can enjoy the
freedoms we have today.
The park itself was amazing, with a boardwalk where
fisherpeople were catching fish like cra- What is hotbunking?
zy! (See Fishing With Scott, page 29) Meet Mike Davis! Go find out!
We kicked ourselves for not having
come here sooner. And we vowed to re- Otis likes the Seawolf
turn soon! You should too! park because it’s peaceful, The number in the SS- Represents it’s
First things first! serene and quiet. order in creation. The 244th vessel made!
Some Galveston History
by Captain Chinbeard
Once upon a time there was a pirate named Jean Lafitte. He was good at
being a pirate. But some people don’t like pirates. Especially people named
James Monroe. James Monroe wanted to be friends with Spain for some
reason, probably because he wanted one of those conquistador helmets. But
the Spanish were being wusses about Jean Lafitte camping out on Galveston
Island and raiding their ships. They were just being dumb and jealous. Any-
way, J. Mon sent one of his goons on the USS Enterprise to tell Jean Lafitte
to go away. But Jean Lafitte was all like “talk to the hand.” Then in May of
1821 James the Jerk sent a whole war fleet to tell him to go away again. Jean
Lafitte probably could have beat them all up, but he didn’t because he was
nice and knew that it wasn’t their fault that James Monroe was a stinkbutt. So
he set everything in Galveston on fire because he knew that James the Jerk
probably also wanted to live in the totally awesome house that he built. It
had cannons on the roof. Nobody knows where Jean Lafitte went after he left
Galveston. He probably went to Hawai’i. Anyway, it can be surmised from
his actions that old man Monroe hated Galveston. Then he died. Monroe’s
ghost promptly came to Galveston, because when he was alive, James Mon-
roe was too chicken. He thought that Jean Lafitte might still be here and beat
him up. To this day, the ghost of James Madison haunts Galveston Island.
How else do you explain all the bad stuff that happens here sometimes?
Here is some of the stuff that James Madison’s ghost is responsible for: The
1900 Storm, jellyfish stings, not having a mall on the island, and whenever
anybody locks their keys in their car in Galveston, it’s because of James
Madison. So, next time you hear people talking about how cool they think
James Madison was, tell them that he was a jerk, and tell them about how
cool Jean Lafitte the pirate was.
You should actually go the
We sensed the Epicurean(above right)! Awesome Q:What do you see?
slightest bit of pic- food and good time! Mark your calen-
ture-posing sar- dars! Do it!
casm from Chris-
topher with Admi-
ral Linen to our re-
quest for a pic.
A: Dog looking left

We met him
as he was deliver-
ing clean towels to
R e m e m b e r,
the Hitchhiker’s
Guide to the Gal-
axy says, “Never
go anywhere with- A LOT GOES ON BEHIND THE
out your towel.” SCENES TO BRING THIS TO YOU,
SO PLEASE PAY ATTENTION!!!! Return of the Wizard 25
“Nobody’s Perfect” or “How we did on a few of the things we suggested you check out in the Last Issue”
The Sea Turtle Exhibit is a hard sell to B.O.I’s, No shortage of good time at The Foreigner
as many of them have “been there, done that.” But I want to go still! I’ve We didn’t catch the “no
never been! If you’ve never been and want to go, you can bring it up at the pictures” request, but we do
next “group hangout nights” (you know the one’s, you see a large group of hope you got to catch this ex-
your friends at once.) You can suggest a scheduled trip then, and if they cellent venue. The cast of the
try to tease you about it you can say it’s cool ‘cause the Galveston Wizard Foreigner at the Strand The-
said so. That should stop them right there! Tour times are Tuesday, Thurs- atre brought the whole pro-
day, and Saturday at 10 am, 11 am, 1 pm and 2pm. Call 409-766-3670 for duction to a new level. Direc-
more information. Learn something cool! tor Susannah Holmes at her
best yet!
Heading for an appointment we caught just a Both entertaining and
few flashing seconds of a summer band concerts shown every Tuestday at unique, this was truly an en-
7:30 p.m. every Tuesday in June, July, and August. The concerts was free joyable experience for me.
to the public. I continued to identify with the characters on many levels. And
It was the bands 79th year perform- the chemistry between the characters was excellent!
ing at the Sealy Gazebo on 24th Street William Shakespeare once wrote that “All the world’s a stage,
and Avenue I in Galveston. Please call And all the men and women merely players.They have their exits
the Parks and Recreation Department and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts...
at (409) 621-3177 for information on fu- “ Definitely true of theatre performances.
ture cool events like this one. The more real a performance is, the more you can put yourself
Mark your calen- in it. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Then go check one out!
dars next time and Set aside some money and treat yourself to this unique show.
we will too! We’ve Tickets range from $15-22.
got to attend these Check out one of the Strand’s many great performances at the
things! It’s music to Strand Theatre now, call (409) 763-4591 for more information,
your ears! and tell them we sent you!

Get back in the kitchen!

If you buy the ingredients below, and then follow the di-
rections, you will have a delicious and tasty reward. Just
saying the name of the recipe makes us salivate! Thanks to
Christina for the recipe!
This is the famous ice cream dessert we always have at
our get cousin sent me the recipe.
-Christina Desbin

Luscious Ice Cream Pudding Pie

1 cup cold milk

1 cup ice cream, any flavor, softened
1 package 4-serving size JELL-O Instant Pudding & Pie
Filling, any flavor
Cool Whip for topping
1 prepared graham cracker crumb crust - six ounces

MIX milk and ice cream in large bowl. Add pudding mix.
Beat with electric mixer on lowest speed for 1 minute. Pour im-
mediately into crust. Top with Cool Whip

*Sugar free ice cream and pudding along with low-fat milk
may also be substituted!

REFRIGERATE 2 hours or until set.

Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Refrigerating Time: 2 hours

Makes 8 servings

A couple heads to Saltgrass Steakhouse for

delicious Steaks, Range Rattlers, and a few Lone
Star Swirls. They are probably going to see their
favorite bartender. Advertising works. Let’s all
work together for Galveston’s good! Can we be
Relax. Self Government notice posted in the cleanest
Port-A-Potties we’ve ever seen!
26 Return of the Wizard Galveston Wizard

Bar Scene
We want to bring you, the
reader, more information on “where
it’s at.” Bartenders, we want to bring
people to you! We need your help!
Recent events have opened
doors for some and taught lessons
to all. Bartenders are the faces of
your bars. People come to see their John at Chico’s Paradise. Despite Jason and Tara at Busker’s See what Victoria has been
favorites! his tough pose, he’s actually more Sports Bar. Come in on Tues- up to at the Lucky Lounge on
We need the support of Bars Mencia then Menace. Future Wiz? days! Another shameless plug! 83rd and Steward.
to promote the bars, let your fa-
vorite bar know they should be in
the Galveston Wizard. How else
can we be as effective on Galves-
ton events and places as the“Night
Moves” is up I-45?
We know you’ve got bar
stories and jokes. Send them to
us! Want to be in the next Galves-
ton Wizard? Let us know what you Kenny at Poor Michael’s on the David Nielsen at Slices on John at Buskers’ sports bar.
want to see in this paper. Strand, pouring shot’s of Jameson 24th. Hang out there on your next “Come watch some football with
Remember, this is your pub- like they are going out of style. lunch break! (Get a French Dip us! We’ll see you then.”
Thursday nights is Ladies’ Night! and Jalapeno chips... yes!!!) Let the pitchers flow.

The Man, the Myth, the Legend

One noteworthy fact concerning the first is-
sue of the Galveston Wizard involved one
of Galveston’s most unique characters.
The article in question described Galves-
Go See Ivan! Congratulations, Ivan and Christina

ton’s knowledgeable bartenders and fo-

cused on how “in tune” bartenders are with
at Cocktails Karaoke
and Piano Bar, Located at 24th
happenings and how their personality is let and Mechanic.
to shine at their bar. The picture in question
featured our hero with a playfull gesture in He’s working pretty much any-
the bottom of the shot. time they are open, so why not
Everyone who knows him knew that picture stop in and catch up with this
artfully (and edgily) captured his playful Galveston Icon, and enjoy the
personality. unique festivities. Tell him we
We would like to take this opportunity guided you there!
to spotlight a very close friend of ours, Ivan
Lopez. A B.O.I., Ivan has been bartending
and serving cocktails to Galvestonians and
Tourists for years.
His quick-witted playful personality
and searing honesty have propelled him to
infamous status as (unofficially) one of the
most-loved bartenders on the island.
The bigger the crowd, the more ex-
citing the material. Come see the show! The Magician... ...The Mediator... ...and the Crowd Pleaser!
A toast to you, Ivan!

Brothers and Doormen on Post Office,

A.J. and Ed confess to the Galveston Wizard A random picture taken in Historic
that doormen traditionally “live a life of sex and Downtown Galveston... imagine unpaved
danger.” roads and horsedrawn carriages! Return of the Wizard 27

Two great spots to find live music on the island...

Chico’s Paradise Rosie’s
If you haven’t heard about Chico’s paradise, it’s time to leave your This bar, tucked next to Rudy
cave and check it out! In addition to great food, they also have a rooftop and Paco’s and across the street
bar featuring many live venues and other cool specials and events. (See from Club 21, on 21st and Post Of-
page 17...if you’d check it out the first time, fice offered a surprising good little
we wouldn’t have to remind you!) jam session for us. We were met at
La Raza plays on with their lively set. the door with some bar-b-que, which
And with a great view of the gulf on one side satisfied my friends’ vote
and a towering luxury condominium on the to leave downtown to get
other, you’ll feel like you are in paradise! some food!
We were even able to meet the thinktank Check out the week-
behind Chico’s Paradise! (Bottom Right) end-long jam session on
So get up and go check it out. Chico’s Fri, Sat and Sunday nights,
Paradise. We look forward alongside regular players
to seeing you out there! such as Robert, Rick West,
And check out their spe- Tim Vaughn, Enoch, Capt.
cials and events listings on Dave and others!
page 17 already! At one particular interval
between songs they said
on the mic, “we got drums,
bass, microphone, soprano
clarinet. Bring your instru-
ment or just yourselves and
join the jam session with
us.” Be sure to Tell ‘em who
guided you there!
Whew! Must be 98 in the Shade! (at Whiskey’s)
Bars, Clubs, Rub-A-Dub-Dub
We could give you at least “21” reasons to go out tonight. Just going out for
“Cocktails” with the “O’Malley’s, “or conjuring up some spirits at the “Wizzard,”
or even “Tony’s Lazy Lounging” it at “The Stork Club.”
Maybe you want to go on a beach “Safari” and look at some “Pink Dolphin”s,
before docking at the “Poop Deck,” near “Boudreaux’s on the Bayou.” The hoisting
We hear the “Oyster Bar” on the isle of “Kon Tiki” marks the “Spot” where in a chair
“Robert LaFitte’s” treasure is buried. We heard it at the “Tremont.”
Looking to get “Lucky at the Lounge,” or just “Lounging at Lucky’s?” Per- ceremony of
haps “Gravity” is pulling you towards “D’Elegance” of “Salsa” Dancing with the the groom at
“Chico’s” or Chica’s? No “Woody’s” on the Dancefloor, please! Slices was
Maybe the “Slices” of thoughts of “Rosie,” “Molly” and “Gloria” have you fee- mainly for fun,
ilng a strange “Undercurrent.” and you would prefer “Wispering” to a friend at as he is not
“Hooks” after a day at “Captain Jacks.”
Take the “Saltgrass” trail down to Jewish.
“The Old Cellar“ and bring “Poor Mi-
chael” a couple of “Whiskey’s” at the
“PressBox” full of “Busker’s.”
Meet at “Mary’s Place,” where the
“B’Jiggers” are stored in the “Skybar” of
the “Tremont.”
“Boomba” at “JuJu’s,” or check out
the new “Market Street Tavern,” on your
way to “Fitzpatricks.”
Wherever you are at on the “3rd Listen Up!
Coast”, you only have until “Last Call” to Nov 4th. Cocktails at 2pm, Acoustic Villians,
make up your mind. “M3” The “Lineup” at 21, there 9pm Atomic Fidelity. “If you miss it, you suck.”
Find the bars we may have missed in
next issue’s “Bar Word Search!” Thursday, and then some. Also, “Bloody Mary Sunday” on Sundays!

We do not know
what we want and
yet we are respon-
sible for what we
are - that is the
Jean-Paul Sartre Whose going to see your business card
there, Steve? Advertise your business with
French author &
existentialist phi-
losopher (1905
us and get noticed! We’d love to help put Hot enough for ya?
you out there! Check out our advertising It’s getting colder! Balloon Heat is there when you
- 1980) rates at need it! (Ad on back, coupon on second page)
28 Return of the Wizard Galveston Wizard

Server Underground
Pssst! Up here! So server life soon, and the smiling, friendly tomers are and were want to bring and stack your money, and do the
has been pretty consistent lately. well-to-do bikers will be adding you to them! (Page 17) Go enjoy things you always say you want to
Consistently bad. We are in the that spice (and those tips) to your DiBella’s too! (page 11) do.
lean months, the time between shift. Also, be sure to be taking ad- If you are just a server, then
when the tourists stop coming How does your business ad- vantage of this time by dedicating you will always be just a server.
and the locals come out. vertise? If they are local, you could yourself to something you enjoy. Utilize your capitol and your time
“It’s Ok, you can come out. It’s definitely recommend us to them! Get involved in something that “waiting” wisely and positively, and
ok.” (like someone trying to lure (If they are huge corporations, we interests you or other goals you your position as waiter can be an
their spooked cat out from under have a 0-1 record, but are willing to may have. efficient tool in your development
the sofa) help anyone who provides us the Don’t have goals, per se? as an upstanding and interesting
What is it then? Lack of mon- opportunity to bring the Galveston Then sit down and think up a list human being.
ey? It seems like the local econ- Wizard to you! (Special thanks to of ten things you want to do! (Why Most servers are interest-
omy is struggling from the transi- DiBella’s and Chico’s Paradise for not write them while you work... ing people, and they often offers
tion from summer to winter. their ads). The people at Chico’s during slow part of your shift.) unique perspectives and observa-
But Bike Rally will be here understand how important cus- Work hard, play hard. Save up tions! Get to know one today!

Walk Nine Holes In Our Shoes

The Green Caye Golf Course sloppy and wet from the early rain
is an experience that nearly any- the evening we went. The greens
one can enjoy. From the complete were slow and wet as we putted.
rookie to the pro perfecting thier Putting is the key of Golf. Putting
short game. will make you or break you. (Drive
Upon arrival, we were greeted for show, putt for dough!)
with a , “Welcome to the Green The game progressed and no
Caye Golf Club.” real leader had been established.
Clubs, balls, snacks and re- It is now 9pm, and the game
freshments line the counters and is close. Hole 7 was a sight to be-
walls, and for the over twenty one hold, and we are all looking for
crowd, “beers” (no outside alcohol that elusive hole-in-one! A man-
people!) made 100 yards of mean land- Clockwise from Top
The shop-keep Ryan handed scaping, with water to the left and (Above) Amateur golfers can
us our kart keys and we were off! long rough to the right, with the rent clubs, professional golf-
Tee time! hole tucked in between. ers buy beer! Ryan helps us
We started at the driving The final scorecard had three out!
range, where we warmed up with top players all under fifty (ok, it (Upper Right) Great rates
a bucket of balls. After warming was a par three, 9 hole course), that don’t hurt the pock-
up, we headed to the carts! Two with the ultimate winner bestowed etbook! Golf for under $20
per cart! Let’s play! with bragging rights until our next bucks a person? Priceless.
We approached the first hole, outing. (Des Won.) (Right) The driving range
a nervous tension in the air. It’s Green Caye Golf Course is a warm-ups begin.
160 yards from the Championship lighted par three course located in (Below Right) Des Eyes a
Tee. Locate the hole and grab the Dickinson. Drive Up I-45, Right on putt for birdie!
iron of your choice. Position your- Exit 19, Right into Dickinson, Stay (Bottom) Jose back at the
self, line up your shot, and “grip it on main tributary and finally make kart parking garage! Whew,
and rip it!” a left after the school. The course What a blast!
A perfect shot would be a hole is a great place to hone in your
in one, but a GIR (green in regu- skills, or simply to get away for a
lation) is just as good. Your sec- while! Visit them at 2100 Caroline
ond shot is then for birdie! Good Street, or call 281-337-2021 for
work. From our experience, we more information. You may also
mostly came up short or wide to visit
the left or right. Some of us had We hope to see you out there!
nice first shots, but we all ended Galveston Wizard would love
up short or in the rough. (Rough to bring customers to your busi-
is long grass surrounding the fair- ness too! Let us guide people to
way and green.) The roughs were you!

What is beautiful paradise golfing like at

Galveston’s Municipal Golf Course? We’ve Jose, “el
hit balls there a few times, but have sadly famoso” looks
yet to play the actual course. (We’re nervous to sink a put at
about par 5’s!) Unfortunately, we’re probably the Magic Car-
not the only timid yet aspiring golfers out
there. But we are ready to face our fears? pet Golf Course.
We want to work together with people This hole
and organizations to illuminate and over- required a well-
come Galvestonians’ fear of actually taking aimed shot un-
part in entertaining and fun things at their der a humon-
The Galveston Wizard hopes to work gous ant. Two
with the community, making businesses and hills along the
services clear to people, while demystifying way add to the
any misconceptions, and equipping them challenge.
Now is the best time to take a cruise, with with tools that can be used many areas of
the rates at their best! Why not? Check it out at their lives. Galvestonians helping Galvesto-, because you deserve it! nians. Return of the Wizard 29
Watch the Galveston Wizard
Express Yourself! (Don’t Repress Yourself)
evolve to better serve you!
Watch the Galveston Wizard evolve to better serve you!
Email us your ideas, suggestions, tips
Are you bored? Got a pencil or or pointers! We would love to hear
a pen? Try this then! Use the space from you!
below to write your name in an artis- Got a business that wants to do more
tic way. Maybe write your signature. business? We can help! (and we need
Then look at it. What does your hand- it!)
writing say about you? Go on, Try it! Email us at thewiz@galvestonwiz-, write us at P.O.Box 3467,
Galveston, TX 77552-3467
or call us at 409.621.2864

(OK, you can color it)


Fishing With Scott

Hello Folks! Welcome to the Second is- only two ways for them to get out of the bay
sue of the Galveston Wizard! Any Galves- are the San Luis Pass out west and the Ship
ton newspaper worth itself must have a fish- Channel out east. You can meet with great
ing column. So here we are. It’s time to talk success on either side of the island. Seawolf
about “Flounder!” (Don’t Go! Read on!) Park is the most popular choice, but some-
The Southern Flounder is one of the times a little too crowded for my blood.
most sought after fish in the Gulf. Lot’s of Live bait is a very effective and popular
meat, excellent flavor, and fun fishing make choice. Mullet is the best by far. A live mul-
is an all around winner. If you were a sea- let with a sinker and 18-20 feet of line will
soned flounder veteran, then this article will get them every time. Live Mudfish, pPiggies
be old news to you. If not, read on. and Crawler will also work. Some fisher-
The Southern Flounder is a flat fish with men swear by live shrimp, but the multitude
both of it’s eyes on one side of it’s body. of small fish pick at them and kill them. We
The underbelly is white while the top is call them “the mafia”, and they will whip
dark brown with spots. These spots “light out your bait in no time.
up” when the fish gets excited. The size The solution? Use artificial lures! Floun-
minimum in Texas is 14 inches long. It is der are primarily sight feeders, so lures can
enforced to the letter. 13 and 15/16ths and be very effective.
you will pay a hefty fine. The bay limit is When selecting a time to go fishing, read
10 per day. your tide chart. A stronger tide generally
The flounder run begins in the fall when means a better bite. I have never had good
the water temperature drops into the 60’s. luck on a slack tide. Also clear water is usu-
This can be early October to mid November. ally better. If visibility is too low, you will
I’ve seen both early and late runs. The run not catch too many.
is a spawning run where the fish school up The ship’s channel, San Luis Pass, North (Scott self portrait)
and move out of the shallow bays and into Jetty, South Jetty, and the flats around Sea-
the deep waters of the gulf. Flounder need wolf Park are all great spots. Good luck!
40+ feet of water to spawn. In Galveston the Leave some flatty patties for me!

H a r r y
has written
over 4,000
songs and
forty novels
from his time
in the pen.
W e
gave him a
Wizard (see
it?) and told
him to send
us some of
A dog, living the good life, leans out the his work! The bug drawing above was taken from an ac-
window and catches some of the sights,
smells and sounds of Galveston. We’re wait- tual specimen found in our house! Eww!...or...
ing! Awesome?
30 Return of the Wizard Galveston Wizard

Texans Home Opener

Strong organizational skills
That Global positioning system says
nothing about that trash bin in our way!
usually always make for suc- How do we bring these
cessful execution. people to Galveston?
Check this out. Our friend
Ivan purchased tickets to the
Texan’s NFL season opener, and
Brian’s girl Leah helped us rent
a van, and we were off! (Check
out the cool GPS!)
An early start! We set out for
the game, giving ourselves plen-
ty of time to scarf down Bronco
Burritos from the Donut Shoppe
on Broadway. Yum!
We arrived at the game in record time. Look at that huge Miller Lite Can in
What a sight! There were hundreds of ve- the background! (you’re not even look-
hicles and people enjoying beer and fellow- ing, are you?)
ship. (the more prepared tailgaiters brought
their big-screen tv’s and mammoth-sized
Then it was off to the game! Awe-inspiring
to say the least. Thousands and thousands
of people united under one banner! (Won’t it
be cool when we colonize other planets with
our stadium-building technology!)
The Home team came out with a quick
touchdown, and we leapt to our feet in ex- It’s tailgatin’ time!
citement and cheer! It went downhill from
there, and several fans around me began to
complain. When asked why I wasn’t upset, I Chance shows Phili loyalties?
reminded them that we can only get better!
After $30 in snacks and beer purchases
at the game, I was still hungry and barely
buzzed. We took the sobering mile-long walk
to the car and all piled back into the van.
We had done it, we
all realized. We have
set about to do some-
thing, we organized,
and we made it happen.
How awesome would
it be to guide Galves-
tonians to check out
other cool things that
are totally within their
reach? “Fantastic!”
If you’ve got a cool Lopsided lines!
event or venue that you
think people should Houston trio! What fans! Eat your heart out, George Lucas!
check out, let us help!
We would love to guide our readers to you!
If you just enjoy checking out new things
to do, search through our pages! You are
bound to find or be reminded of many cool
things that you may have long-since forgot-
We look forward to seeing you out on our
next adventure!

Attention The Saga of Lady

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record is probably amazing.)
Pick and follow your “teams” or “com-
panies.” You then track news of development,
anticipate trends, foresee and act on your
ever-evolving knowledge, and you’ll be read-
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And making money because you’re good! Lady was a survivor of Hurricane Rita. We
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Broadway helps us with our new spare tire! It never Have a gambling problem? We were able to enjoy her love for almost one whole year
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The fans of Ball High truly love
the purple and gold Tornadoes. They
took advantage of the Falcons’
weak and undersized defensive
Schedule of Games
live and die with the Tors. Growing line. They blew into the endzone Ball Versus Clear Brook at Ball
up a fan of Ball High Football, it was like a true Tornado. The defense October 13
a special event for me to be on the came out with the same intensity. Ball Versus Clear Lake at Clear Lake
sidelines, cheering them on. A stop on the Falcon’s 15 yard line, October 20
This is their homecoming game and the Tors are in a position to win Ball vs BWood at Ball
against the Channelview Falcons the game! With a safety from the October 27
(then 1-1), a team that we should Defense, the Tors are hitting on all Ball vs Pearland at Pearland
beat. cylinders. November 3
Fans and alumni of all ages look Coach Holmes had this to say of Ball vs Clear Creek at Ball
on in support of the home team! his team, “We know we can run the November 10
An eager bunch of young men, ball. To build our teams’ confidence,
they are here to prove that they de- we went to our strengths. Run the Then it’s playoff time!
serve to be back in the playoffs. Let ball and control the clock.”
by coach Ron Holmes and staff, the Even with a late score by the All games start at 7:00 pm Don’t miss your chance to
team goes into the half tied but with Falcons, the Tors held their com- Tickets are $5 at the gate, catch a game!
momentum. posure and continued to control the Presale tickets are
With a team so young, this is no game. $2 presale to students, $4 for adults
one-man show. They work without The game ended with a 29-21
the “I” in team. victory over the Falcons. Go Tors!
The halftime homecoming cele- (and keep charging forward!)
bration featured the marching band,
crowning of homecoming king and
queen (LaMesha Hill selected as
queen, and Alfredo De La Santos
as king.)
Second half kicks off. The Tors

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32 Return of the Wizard Galveston Wizard
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