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Profit Center Change for Material

A General Guide

Created by Subhadeep Das

Note: The views/solutions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect that of SAP
AG. The basic idea of these notes are to help user understand the approach in resolving issues.

1. Purpose:
The purpose of this document is to demonstrate the process of changing profit center for a particular material in material master. In standard SAP it is possible to change the profit center at any time. However this should be done with care as it may create inconsistencies in profit center accounting. Hence all existing stock should be issued first to a cost center with 201 movement type, then change the profit center followed by another reversal entry with movement type 202.

2. Process:
Following are all the relevant screen shots that will demonstrate the entire process of changing the profit center.

Checking the desired material in T Code MMBE

Using T Code MB5B to check the closing value of the stock and qty

Checking Profit center for the material in material master

Stock transfer to cost center with mvt type 201. T.code:MB1A

In T.Code MB5B, checking the Null status of the stock post issuance.

Checking on profit center balance, the stock issuance entry is appearing as marked in red.

Executing profit center change, entering material master area.

Changing profit center from 6000 to 5100.

Reversing the stock issuance with mvt type 202.

The reversing of stock entry now appearing in the changed profit center.