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Issue No. 108 Fortnightly email mini-magazine from Gopal Jiu Publications
31 July 2005 Śrī Kāmikā Ekādaśī, 10 Śrīdhara, 519 Gaurābda Circulation 1,593


Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur Prabhupada


His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada
Sri Srimad Gour Govinda Swami Maharaja
Śrī Sanat-kumāra Sahitā Texts 86-108 PAGE ONE TOP COLLUMN TWO

THIS DAMNED MIND tion (i.e., śānta-rasa) is neither actively en-

gaged in bhajan nor against it. He will nei-
Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati
ther oppose bhajan nor actively hold it. Now,
Thakur Prabhupada
bhajan or bhakti may be of different kinds.
It is painful to see people wast- There is such a thing as michā-bhakti, false
ing their valuable time in no better bhakti, as opposed to śuddha-bhakti, unal-
work than mischievous, ill-con- loyed bhakti. The adherents of karma, who
ceived criticisms of others’ con- are followers of smti, take recourse to the
duct. They excel only in giv- former. In Prema-bhakti-candrikā 6.18,
ing advice to others. Their Thakur Narottama Das warns us against
damned mind is, no doubt, responsible for such false bhakti by saying:
this. So, every morning, on rising from bed,
karmi, jïäni, michä-bhakta, nä habe tate anurakta,
they should make their wicked mind hear the çuddha-bhajanete kara mana
following immortal song of Thakur
Don’t absorb your thoughts in the fruitive
worker, the philosopher, or the hypocritical devo-
bhaja re bhaja re āmāra mana ati manda tee. Fix your mind in pure bhajana.
(bhaja) vraja-vane rādhā-ka-caraāravinda
The cult of the so-called social reformers
(bhaja) gaura-gadādhara advaita guru-nityānanda (or society makers) of the past or present age
(smara) śrīnivāsa haridāsa murāri mukunda
is quite different from the ideas and prin-
(smara) rūpa-sanātana-jīva-raghunātha-dvandva ciples of bhaktas. The followers of the former
(smara) rāghava-gopāla-bha

a-svarūpa-rāmānanda are engaged, at present, in various move-

(smara) go
hi-saha karapūra sena śivānanda ments relating to personal advantages and
(smara) rūpānuga sādhu-jana bhajana-ānanda self-enjoyment.
In this song, the mind is asked, first of all, Those agitators who, leaving aside all con-
to hold bhajan of Radha-Krishna (in their joy- siderations of bhakti, are busily engaged in
ful activity) in the sacred woodland of Vraja. movements for temporal advantages only are
In comparative view, the degrees of excel- doing harm to themselves. And their failure
lence of the five rasas, from mādhurya to serve Krishna, who is the emporium, or
(consorthood) to śānta (the state in which rather effigy, of all endless, immeasurable
active service is wanting), are gradually low- nectar of love, joys and pleasures, bespeaks
ering. A servitor in the last mentioned posi- simply of their ignorance of the real state of
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é[q k* Z<ak QaaMa*Ta ibNdu
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affairs. Such desistance of service to Krishna render many women and children uncared
gradually turns a man into an upholder of for. Circumstantially, the women will try to
nirviśea-vāda, the doctrine of the become independent of the protection of
unspecifiedness of the absolute truth. What men, and marriage will be performed as a
can be more deplorable than such misfor- matter of formal agreement between man and
tune of mankind? To counteract the afore- woman. In most cases, the children will not
said tendencies in us, we should sing, every be taken care of properly. The brāhmaas are
morning, advising our wicked mind to hold traditionally intelligent men, and thus they
bhajan, which is impossible if we are un- will be able to pick up modern education to
mindful of the dictum: the topmost rank, but as far as moral and re-
tād api su-nīcena taror iva sahiunā ligious principles are concerned, they shall be
amāninā māna-dena kīrtanīya sadā hari the most fallen. Education and bad charac-
Which means that hari-kīrtana should be ter go ill together, but such things will run
continued ceaselessly and with the humility parallel. The administrative heads as a class
of low grass. will condemn the tenets of Vedic wisdom
What is the object of our bhajan? It is only and will prefer to conduct a so-called secu-
the holy feet of Radha-Krishna, roaming about lar state, and the so-called educated
freely in the woodland of Vraja. And what brāhmaas will be purchased by such unscru-
should be our line of conduct in holding pulous administrators. Even a philosopher
bhajan? Mahaprabhu’s advice to Srila Das and writer of many books on religious prin-
Goswami [Cc. antya 6.236-237], in this con- ciples may accept an exalted post in a gov-
nection, is as follows: ernment that denies all the moral codes of
the śāstras. The brāhmaas are specifically re-
grāmya-kathā nā śunibe, grāmya-vārtā nā kahibe
bhāla nā khāibe āra bhāla nā paribe
stricted from accepting such service. But in
this age, they will not only accept service,
amānī mānada hañā ka-nāma sadā la’be
but they will do so even if it is of the mean-
vraje rādhā-ka-sevā mānase karibe
est quality. These are some of the symptoms
Have no worldly talk, nor pay heed to it, of the Kali age, which are harmful to the
Wear no good clothes, nor rich food eat,
general welfare of human society. 
Have ka-nāma always, humbly, on your tongue,
— Purport to Bhāg. 1.16.21.
Serve Radha-Krishna in the closet of the mind.
In the aforesaid verse, the first two advices DON’T HESITATE
are in the negative and the remaining two FOR SPIRITUAL ACTIVITIES
are in the affirmative. By “vraja-seva”,
Sri Srimad Gour Govinda Swami Maharaja
Mahaprabhu meant service to Krishna by one
who has a transcendental body and whose Śugasya śīghram — anything auspicious,
self-realization is complete. People ignorant especially for the service of the Lord, should
of this generally turn into mental speculators, be immediately executed without delay.
and cannot rightly understand the teachings However, for anything material you should
of the Gaudiya Math.  consider carefully three hundred times be-
— From an evening lecture at the Calcutta Gaudiya Math. fore you take it up. Do not be very eager to
12 July 1936. take up anything material. But anything
spiritual, immediately, without consider-
QUALITIES OF THE AGE OF KALI ation, start it. jīvana aniścitā — This body is
His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta uncertain. At any moment it may go away.
Swami Prabhupada Anything spiritual that is done is your per-
In the age of Kali, the women manent, inexhaustible bank balance. A wise,
and the children, along with intelligent man immediately accepts it.
brāhmaas and cows, will be Working in such a way will free you from
grossly neglected and left un- all your anxiety. The lotus feet of the Lord is
protected. In this age, illicit such a place that if you take complete shelter
connection with women will there, if you completely surrender to him,
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Sri Krishna-kathamrita Bindu Issue One hundred eight, Page — 3
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then there will be no anxiety, no fear, no lam- śānto vimatsara ka-bhakto ‘nanya-prayojana
entation, and no death. Mahajan Bhaktivinode ananya-sādhana śrīmān krodha-lobha-vivarjita
Thakur has said (Śaraāgati 2.8.2): śrī-ka-rasa-tattva-jña ka-mantra-vidā vara
açoka-abhaya, amåta-ädhära, kāśrayo nitya mantra-bhakta sadā-śuci
tomära caraëa-dvaya sad-dharma-sādhako nitya sad-ācāra-niyojaka
tähäte ekhana, viçräma labhiyä sampradāyī kpā-pūro virāgī gurur ucyate
chäòinu bhavera bhaya
It is said that a bona-fide spiritual mas-
“O Lord, Your lotus feet are such a place that if ter should be peaceful, non-envious, de-
someone takes complete shelter of them, there voted to Lord Krishna, not interested in
will be no fear, lamentation, anxiety, or death,
things that have no relation to Lord
Krishna, not engaged in activities that have
— From a deity installation lecture in Bhubaneswar, Orissa.
21 January 1991. no relation to Lord Krishna, filled with
spiritual virtues, free of anger and greed,
THE PROCESS OF INITIATION learned in the science of the nectar mel-
Śrī Sanat-kumāra Sahitā Texts 86-108 lows of Lord Krishna, expert in the man-
tras glorifying Lord Krishna, always sur-
atha dīkā-vidhi vakye śu nārada tattvata
rendered to Lord Krishna, always taking
śravaād eva mucyante vinā yasya vidhānata
shelter of Lord Krishna, devoted to chant-
O Narada, please hear and I will tell you ing the mantras glorifying Lord Krishna,
about spiritual initiation. Simply by hearing always pure, always pious and religious,
of this, even without following this descrip- always engaged in devotional service to the
tion, people can become liberated. Lord, a teacher who shows his disciples
ā-viriñcāj jagat sarva vijñāya naśvara budha how to serve the Lord, himself a disciple
ādhyātmikādi tri-vidha du kham evānubhūya ca in the sampradāya (disciplic succession),
anitya-tvāc ca sarveā sukhānā muni-sattama filled with mercy, and renounced.
du kha-pake vinikipya tāni tebhyo virajyate evam-ādi-gua prāya śuśrūur guru-pādayo
O best of sages, becoming aware that ev- gurau nitanta-bhaktaś ca mumuku śiya ucyate
ery place in the material world, from It is said that a bona-fide disciple should
Brahmaloka down, is temporary and des- also have qualities like these. He should
tined for destruction, directly feeling the have faith in his spiritual master’s feet, be
three kinds of material suffering, beginning completely devoted to his spiritual master,
with sufferings caused by one’s own body and have the attainment of liberation as
and mind, and also seeing that all kinds of the goal of his life.
material happiness come to an end and fi-
nally lead only to pain, a wise person re- yat sākāt sevana tasya premā bhagavato bhavet
nounces the world. No longer is he interested sa moka procyate prājñair veda-vedā ga-vedibhi
in the things of this world. Service to the spiritual master is the same
virajya saster hānau sādhanāni vicintayet as direct loving service to the Supreme Per-
anuttama-sukhasyāpi samprāptau bhśa du khita sonality of Godhead. The wise, learned in the
When a person no longer desires to enjoy ma- Vedas and Vedā gas, declare that this service
terial things, he should consider how to finally is the path to liberation.
sever all connection with this world. Only when trāyasva bho jagan-nātha guro sasāra-vahninā
he succeeds in that will such a person, unhappy dagdha ca kāla-da
a ca trāhi ma bhava-sāgarāt
with the world, attain peerless happiness. O spiritual master of all the worlds, please
śaraa dukaratva hi vijñāya ca mahā-mati rescue me, for I am burning in the fire of re-
bhśam artas tato vipra śrī-guru śaraa vrajet peated birth and death! I am bitten by the
O brāhmaa, aware that the shelter of the black snake of time! Please rescue me from
Lord is very difficult to attain, and also dis- the ocean of birth and death!
tressed by material life, a wise person should śrī-nanda-nandana ka sarva-deva-śiro-mai
take shelter of a bona-fide spiritual master. pādāmbujaika-bhāg eka-dīkā proktā manīibhi
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é[q k* Z<ak QaaMa*Ta ibNdu
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Lord Krishna, the son of Nanda, is the crest places, and then speak the two mantras in
jewel of all deities. One should worship his the disciple’s right ear.
lotus feet alone. One time only one should mantrārthaś ca vadet tasmai yathāvad anupūrvaśa
accept initiation into the worship of his lotus dāsa-śabda-yuta nāma dhāyya tasya prayatnata
feet. This is said by the wise.
Then he should explain the meaning of
āgatya ca guro pāde nija-vtta nivedayet the mantras, and then he should give the
sa-sandehāna prāhvatya bodhayitvā puna puna disciple a name ending with the word
One should approach the spiritual master’s “dāsa” (servant).
feet, offer service to them, and learn the truth tato ‘ti-bhaktyā sa-sneha vaiavān bhojayed budha
by repeatedly asking questions. śrī-guru pūjayec cāpi vastrāla kāraādibhi
sva-pāda-praata śānta śuśrūu nija-pādayo Then the wise disciple should affectionately
a-manā śiya gurur adhyāpayen manum and devotedly feast the vaiavas, and then
Happy at heart, the spiritual master then he should worship the spiritual master with
teaches the sacred mantra to the disciple who garments, ornaments, and other gifts.
is peaceful, who has faith in his spiritual sarvasva gurave dadyāt tad-ardha vā mahā-mune
master’s feet, and who is surrendered to his sva-deham api nikipta puras ti
hed akiñcana
spiritual master’s feet.
O great sage, then the disciple should of-
candanena mdā vāpi vilikhet bāhu-mūlayo fer all his wealth to his spiritual master, or
vāma-dakiayor vipra śa kha-cakre yathā kramam he may offer half his wealth, or, being pen-
O brāhmaa, using sandalwood paste or niless, he may offer his body in the spiritual
clay, the spiritual master should draw a master’s service.
conchshell and cakra on the left and right ya etai pañcabhir vidvān saskārai saskto bhavet
shoulders. dāsya-bhāgī sa kasya nānyathā kalpa-ko
ūrdhva-pu ra tata kuryād bhālādiu vidhānata With these five saskāras, purificatory ritu-
tato mantra-dvaya tasya daka-kare vinirdiśet als, one becomes purified. He becomes a ser-
Then the spiritual master should draw vant of Lord Krishna. Even in ten million
vaiava tilaka on the forehead and other kalpas he will not renounce that service.
! a kana cordhva-pu ra ca mantra-nāma-vidhāraam
pañcamī yāga ity ukta saskāra pūrva-sūribhi
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