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Holidays Homework Class VIII Social Science

1. Prepare a Project in about 15 to 20 pages on Disaster Management. Collect pictures

related to Natural disasters and write about the causes and precautions to be taken during before and after a disaster Use A4 size sheets. Make a proper folder to keep the sheets. It should be hand written

2 Make a chart or model showing classification of Resources on the basis of – a) Renewability b) Origin c) Utilization d) Occurrence

3 Answer the following questions briefly in a separate note book

Chapter 1 – Resource Utilization and development

1How is the utilization of the resources different in advanced societies from the ancient tunes?


What is conservations.


What type of humans resources are needed in a society?


There is a necessity to maintain proper balance between population and utilization of

resources. Why?

5 ‘Human needs and wants are neither uniform nor static over the years. Justify the statement by giving examples 6Define Human Resources.

Chapter 2 Natural Resources – Land, Soil and Water

1 Why is earth the unique planet among all in the solar system?

2. What is the proportion of land and water on the surface of earth?

3.Define Soil? How is it different from Humus?

4. What are the organic and inorganic components in soil?

5. How do plains support a large population as compared to the high altitudes?

6. What percent of the total land of a country should be under forest? Why?

7. Define soil erosion? What leads to sol erosion?

8. What are the various methods for soil conservation?

9. What is terrace farming?

10. What is Contour ploughing? 11Explain the Hydroligical Cycle with diagram. 12 What is a multipurpose river valley project/? What are various purposes served by it?

Chapter 8 Modern World

1 List some Important development in the Europe during the period from 14 th Century to 17 th Century.


Why is the modern period known as ‘Age of Reason’?


What do you understand by Machine Age?


Name the Economic System that replaced Feudalism.

5 Name the countries that came under the influence of Industrial revolution during the 19 th and 20 th century.


What changes were brought in the field of Agriculture by Industrial revolution?


How did Industrial Revolutions affect the life of the people?


Why did the British and the French come to India?


Industrial Revolution resulted is the division of society into two classes. Name them

10. When and by whom was Crop Rotation introduced?

11. Define:- Feudalism, Colonialism, Imperialism, Capital, Division of Labour.

Chapter 17 A – Global Concerns


Mention the factors that have transformed the World into a Global Family


What is the relations between population and Development

3 Ecological Balance and Environmental protection has been included in developmental programmes. Why? 4.ifferentiate between developing and developed countries.

Chapter 22 Natural Disasters

1.Define focus and epicenter.

2. Which are the high risk prone areas of earthquakes in India?

3.What comes out of a volcanic eruption?

4. What are the effects of earthquake?

5. What are the damages caused by floods?

6. Name the drought prone areas of India.