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Dear Hiring Manager, My name is Sharon Hunt and I am currently a fulltime MBA student at Pepperdine University, graduating in April

2013. During my time at Pepperdine, I have had the privilege to dive deep into the world of emerging technology and have subsequently determined that developing and marketing innovative technology products will be the focus of my professional career. I am confident that my unique combination of technical, business, and leadership skills make me a prime candidate for (insert opportunity). In my current role as a project manager at Docstoc, I work closely with various teams to deliver site improvements and new web technologies according to schedule and against designated business objectives. In this position I wear many hats and am the main communicator between the different departments. Often times I am called upon to mitigate conflicts that arise as a result of opposing objectives. I am also responsible for many product-centric tasks including building out spec sheets, wireframing, working with Design to improve user experience, coming up with new product ideas, and working through idea feasibility. Over the summer I was one of only 12 students nationwide selected for the MBA internship program at Yahoo!, Inc.
 I entered Yahoo! at a particularly interesting time in the company’s history, directly after massive company reorganization. Although the company was in a state of uncertainty, I was able to carve out an impactful role that was focused on scaling Agile methodologies quickly and with little resources. In this role, I was able to identify key areas for improvement and pinpoint the metrics that senior leadership should be tracking to oversee the implementation. Also, I developed a relationship with an external subject matter expert whom I brought into the company to educate leadership, resulting in significant changes to the release planning process. I also spearheaded a project that was aimed at building out a unified framework for the pre-launch stage of product development. This research included working closely with the product managers of a number of the company’s most recently launched products in order to uncover process gaps and approach flaws, and it was subsequently used in an executive proposal for additional marketing resources. In addition, this past summer I had the opportunity to work with Dr. John Mooney, a professor at Pepperdine and MIT, on a chapter on Cloud Computing for the IS/IT Volume of Computing Handbook. This research project opened my eyes to the complexity of the cloud computing market, the potential benefits and risks that cloud computing poses to the enterprise, considerations of any good manager when analyzing a solution, and best management practices during implementation. I would love to turn this research into hands-on experience with the current opportunities at (company name). (Customized Closing) Sincerely, Sharon Hunt