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Overview funding activities of the

Overview funding activities of the
German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) in Jordan

Study programmes and research opportunities in Germany
Via the two easy-to-use databases
- for all programmes in German language (about 17.000) and
- for all programmes in English language (about 1600)
prospective students can find a suitable programme (Bachelor, Master, PhD, Summer Schools etc.) in Germany.
These two databases contain basically ALL study programmes available in Germany and not only those with
DAAD funding. Scholars and scientists might refer to, which provides information
about 22.000 institutes at all German universities and non-university research institutions, searchable by
geographic location, subject and other structural criteria.

DAAD Scholarships for studying and researching in Germany
The database provides comprehensive information about scholarships and funding
from DAAD (and also other organizations).
Currently (for Jordan) DAAD-funding/ full scholarships are available for the following programmes:
Master programmes
1. Development-Related Postgraduate Master Courses: 36 English Master programmes which are offered by
several German universities. The portfolio includes mainly programmes in the fields of economic sciences,
development cooperation, engineering, regional planning, agricultural and forest sciences, environmental
sciences, medicine and public health, social and political sciences etc.
Application deadlines differ from programme to programme but most deadlines are between September and
October. Applications have to be directed to the respective university and NOT to the DAAD. A list with all
postgraduate courses as well as in-depth explanations of every single programme can be found here:

2. Public Policy and Good Governance Master Programmes (PPGG) at eight German universities (deadline
currently July 31st) : A list of participating universities as well as comprehensive information can be found

3. Two bicultural German-Arab Master Courses: Students will spend half of the programme at the German
partner university and the other half at the Arab partner university:
"Economics of the Middle East (EMEA)", at the Lebanese American University Beirut (Lebanon) and
the University of Marburg (Germany)
"Integrated Urbanism and Sustainable Design (IUSD), at Ain Shams University Cairo, (Egypt) and
Stuttgart University (Germany)
Further information on all programmes can be retrieved here:


4. Within the framework of the Transformation Partnership with Egypt the DAAD promotes the development and
implementation in this German-Egyptian Master degree programme which is also open for Jordanian
"Joint Master in Heritage Conservation and Site Management (HCSM)", BTU Cottbus (Germany) /
Helwan University (Egypt):

5. The DAAD scholarships offers four Study Scholarships programmes for foreign graduates from the artistic fields
of Architectur, Performing Arts, Music, Fine Art, Film, Design/Visual Communication and Film, in order to
complete a postgraduate degree leading to a final qualification, or a complementary course that does not lead
to a final qualification (not an undergraduate course) at a state or state-recognised German university or in one
of the appropriate study programmes at a university of applied sciences of his/her choice:
Study Scholarships for Foreign Graduates in the Field of Music.
Study Scholarships for Foreign Graduates in the Field of Architectur.
Study Scholarships for Foreign Graduates in the Field of the Performing Arts.
Study Scholarships for Foreign Graduates in the Fields of Fine Art, Film, Design/Visual Communication
and Film.
The Application deadline is 31 of October.
An in-depth explanations of the programme can be found on the

PhD Programme
General PhD-Programme. Jordanian holders of a Masters degree who want to pursue a PhD (open for ALL
disciplines) can apply at the DAAD Information Center Amman every year till Sept 30th.

Summer courses and schools
Partially funded language and short courses at more the 100 German Universities:
(Application is usually beginning of December).

Kindly note that DAAD does not offer any scholarships for bachelor programmes, but further information can be
found via these databases: or
Please also bear in mind that there are no general tuition fees in Germany which means that Germany is not only
one of the most sought after study destinations in the world but at the same time one of the cheapest ones in
terms of tuition fees and living expenses. Even without a scholarship it is therefore feasible for many students
from abroad to self-fund their stay.
Please contact Dr. Abdelnasser Hindawi (programme coordinator of the IC Amman) in case of any further
questions: and like the official Facebook page of the DAAD Information Center (IC)
Our website should also be consulted on a regular base since it contains comprehensive
information as well as a download section.