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IN EEUU EMILY: Finally we finish our career, cousin. HIROSHI: Yes, now we can go back to Tokio.

EMILY: Yes, we can found a good job, you like a computer programmer and me like a accountant. LLEGANDO A TOKIO :p EMILY: Hi, Ikuko Im your new colleague. IKUKO: Hi Emily, welcome. What is your profession? EMILY: Im an accountant. IKUKO: Thats nice. THE NEXT MONTH Emily dice a Ikuko: Do you have a problem? Ikuko: yessomething wrong is with this computer, the numbers dont work Emily: Tell that to Miss Honma Ikuko: yes, Im going to do that IKUKO: Good afternoon Miss Honma, I have a problem with the computer and I dont know why. MISS HONMA: What happened? I have here a new program, prove it. IKUKO: Thanks IKUKO: Miss Honma the program that you give me doesnt work MISS HONMA: Are you sure? I will call a computer programmer. IKUKO: Ok HIROSHI: Good afternoon Miss Honma. What is the problem? MISS HONMA: Hello Hiroshi, the problem is that the computer have a mistake. HIROSHI: Ok. Im going to check

Emily: Hello Dear cousin hiroshi!... Ikuko: Is he your cousin? Emily: Yes. HIROSHI: Im Hiroshi Masuda. I hear you have some problems with the sales program. IKUKO: Hello Im Ikuko. Its something wrong with numbers.

----------------------------------- REVISA COMPUTADORA--------------------------------------------------HIROSHI: Youre absolutely right. Theres a mistake in the program. I knew there was something wrong with the numbers we were getting. Now we change it. Thanks. Anyway its probably time you went home. Do you live far away? IKUKO: In Ome. Its an hour away on the train. HIROSHI: Oh, yes, I know. In fact I go through Ome on my way home Ikuko: Thank you so much. So I go with you Ikuko: and you Emily? you come with us? Emily: No; I cant. I have to work a few hours more Ikuko: Ok. So bye. Emily: ok, bye AFTER Hiroshi llega a recogerla en el trabajo( oficina de miss honma) Ikuko: Hi honey Hiroshi: Hi sweetheart...Good afternoon Miss Honma Honma: Good afternoon Hiroshi Hiroshi: What are you doing? Honma: Im checking the records, and Im missing something.Where did you study?

Hiroshi: Well I studied in..( Pon un nombre bonito) Ikuko: Really?... *O* jajajaj Hiroshi: Yes, why? Ikuko: I studied there too. Honma: Thats cool, did you talk about that before? Hiroshi: No, I didnt know someone so pretty like Ikuko in high school Ikuko: :3Well we have in common one thing more. We have to go. Hiroshi: yeah, see you tomorrow Miss Honma Honma: See you later hiroshi Ikuko: Bye Miss Honma Honma: See you tomorrow Ikuko. Take care guys. VARIOS MESES DESPUES Ikuko: Hiroshi I have to talk with you about something really important Hiroshi: Tell me honey Ikuko: I dont know how say this Hiroshi: mmmis so serious? Ikuko: I dont know, listen!...I have to go Hiroshi: What?...Why? Ikuko: yeah, some people offer me a job in London Hiroshi: London, so far away? Ikuko: I know, but I have to go and it isnt for a long time Hiroshi: How can you leave me here alone?....Dont care about me? >:/ jajajaj Ikuko: I care about you and a lot!...but you have to understand me, this trip is for job Hiroshi: Im trying to understand you but I cantsee you later is the best for us

Ikuko: Honey dont be so mad with meI promised you that i come back Hiroshi: I have to go Ikuko: No, dont do that Hiroshi se va

EN EL AEROPUERTO Ikuko e Hiroshi esperando el vuelo Ikuko: Thanks for coming. This means so much for me Hiroshi: I have to say bye to you. Ikuko: It isnt for a long time Hiroshi: How long? Ikuko: Its only for six months Hiroshi: A lot can happen in six months. I dont want to lose you. Remember you promised to come back.

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