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PRACTICE EXAM 5 1- Bu testte cevaplayacanz soru says 100' dr. 2- nerilen cevaplama sresi 150 dakikadr. 1-18.

sorularda, cmlede bo braklan yere uygun den kelime ya da ifadeyi bulunuz. 1- The only good thing about the new, computerised version of the exam is that you get your score ......... without having to wait for weeks. A) eventually B) ideally C) entirely D) instantly E) constantly 2- I agree that those are a lovely pair of shorts. I just don't think they are ....... for this occasion since the invitation said to dress smartly. A) fashionable B) qualified C) appropriate D) offensive E) comfortable 3- A thermostat is a device that ....... temperature, thus keeping the room from getting either too hot or too cold. A) eliminates B) reduces C) reforms D) hinders E) regulates 4- My suitcase was filled to ...... I couldn't have put another thing into it, no matter how small. A) luggage B) density C) stuff D) access E) capacity 5We would be really happy if you ........ a visit to us sometime at the weekend. A) did B) paid C) owed D) gave E) made Nobody ...... that the little man in the courtroom ...... such a horrible crime. A) believed/could have committed B) will believe/is committing C) has believed/will be committed D) had believed/should be committed E) believes/will be committing Festivals and holidays ..... throughout the world since ancient times. A) are celebrating B) will be celebrated C) had been celebrating D) are being celebrated E) have been celebrated

A) many/all D) several/none

B) few/each E) some/no

C) every/any

14- Don't you think you are a little too protective? I think ....... children are old enough to look after ........ . A) they/them B) theirs /yourself C) your/themselves D) you/theirs E) them/yours 15- We won't have time to call my mother and tell her we've arrived, ...... we? A) do B) have C) haven't D) will E) won't 16- The other day at the beach, the water was ..... cold even to paddle in, let alone to swim. A) much more B) such a lot C) so that D) rather than E) far too 17- I'd like to go to Larry's party tonight at 9.00, but I have no idea .... to get there. A) how B) whom C) where D) when E) what 18- Denny's parents offered to buy him a computer if he did well in his exams ........ encourage him to work hard, and it seems this really motivated him. as he got an A. A) in order to B) in the hope of C) nevertheless D) regardless of E) in addition to 19-24. sorularda yarm braklan cmleyi uygun ekilde tamamlayan ifadeyi bulunuz 19- Though the month from mid-June to mid-July in Japan is called the rainy season, ...... . A) in winter Japan is under the influence of cold air masses moving out of Siberia B) there are actually a lot of sunny days during the period C) Japan has no land border with any other country D) floods are common, especially during the typhoon season, and are highly destructive E) farmers depend on the rain for the survival of their crops 20- Had the tour guide not told us what we were looking at, ...... . A) he was very good at explaining the history of the place B) we were able to figure more or less everything out for ourselves C) I agree that it was pretty obvious nobody was that interested D) we had to pay him a lot of money for his services E) I don't think I would have understood half of what we saw 21- ....... and this is causing a lot of resentment especially among those who are older than him. A) All of the employees at the company I now work for are really competent B) The boss had promised to give everyone a bonus and a pay rise C) The new supervisor is the youngest person on the staff D) The whole staff have decided not to work overtime this week E) New graduates have a lot of theoretical knowledge but no practical experience 22- ...... when we finally arrived, we felt it had all been worthwhile. A) Since we'd had a pleasant flight with excellent food and drink B) Aithough the journey to southern Portugal was long and exhausting C) While I usually can't stand waiting in the arrivals hall D) Even after I'm told it takes more than twenty hours to get to Sydney E) If we had travelled by plane instead of on such an uncomfortable coach 23- Having not eaten or drunk anything for three days, ........ . A) the travellers were relieved to see camp tires in the distance B) the cooks prepared a really fantastic meal for the climbers C) there was not even a drop of water in their flasks D) her diet was very strict as she wanted to fit into her new dress quickly



8- Peter simply ....... any of the winter vegetables no matter how they .... . A) wouldn't eat/have cooked B) wasn't eating/were cooking C) won't eat/are cooked D) isn't eating/had been cooked E) doesn't eat/will have cooked 9- Several weeks after starting our search, we ....... the home we ....... for. A) have found/would look B) found/had been looking C) should find/were looking D) will find/will have looked E) would have found/are looking 10- Paulette fell asleep while driving, then drove ..... the road and ..... a tree. A) on/over B) into/onto C) out of/at D) off/Into E) across/down 11- Historically, people and cats have lived together for mutual benefit cats have kept the rat and mouse population ........ and people have provided them ....... a safe, comfortable place to live. A) down/with B) out/for C) off/about D) away/at E) on/around 12- Everybody was shocked when Mary and Roger ......... as they always appeared to be a happily-married couple. A) got down B) broke up C) cut across D) divided into E) turned off 13- When Tom put an advert in the paper saying he'd found a wallet, ...... people called him and said it was theirs, but ...... of them could prove it.

E) crossing the desert seemed almost impossible in the circumstances 24- It is important to realise that you must spend many years studying hard........... . A) so it's better to live in the country where the language is spoken B) if only you had studied harder when you had the chance C) yet still you were able to learn both languages well D) if you wish to really master a second language E) since you can speak the language just like a native 25-27. sorular verilen paraya gre cevaplaynz Industry provides us with the food we eat, the clothes we wear and the houses we live in. These are the necessities of life. Modern industry has brought us the most and the best food, clothing and shelter people have ever had. Industry does much more than simply provide us with the necessities of life though. It's in almost all areas of our lives. If we wish to travel, we may board a plane in Johannesburg in the evening and step off it in Singapore the next morning the aviation industry makes this possible. If we wish to stay at home, we may listen to, or even watch, events as they are faking place thousands of miles away the communications industry brings the magic of television and radio into our lives. All of this is possible because of the free enterprise system, which gives the freedom to build markets and develop the means of production. 25- It is clear from the passage that industry .......... . A) makes it necessary to produce food and shelter B) is dependent on the same necessities as people are C) is more to do with technological items than with basic necessities of life D) has brought an end to homelessness in the world E) affects nearly every aspect of life in the world today

E) the story line was often about some artistic topic, such as mime 29- One advantage of silent films mentioned in the passage is that ..... . A) they didn't need to be translated to be understood in foreign countries B) many more mimes were able to act in films than can do so today C) the stories were much simpler and therefore easier for people to follow D) all of the films produced were very artistic as actors were more skilled E) actors didn't need to be nearly as talented as they did in talking films

30- It may be understood from the passage that ...... . A) even more people would go to films today if they didn't have any sound B) people in the 19th century didn't like the idea of watching films in foreign languages C) actors in early films didn't talk loudly enough to be heard by the audience D) most people in the 1890s were not as interested in films as people are nowadays E) one of the biggest problems with early "talking" films was related to technology 31-33. sorular verilen paraya gre cevaplaynz The end of the world really is near. Scientists studying the fate of the Earth have warned that the expansion of the Sun will turn the Earth into a desert in 500 million years, much sooner than previously thought. Until now, astronomers have predicted that the oceans will take five billion years to evaporate as the Sun like all stars, becomes brighter, hotter and eventually implodes. However, a sophisticated new computer modelling system suggests that the process will start long before that. This model predicts that plants including trees and most crops will start dying out in 300 to 400 million years, with 95% becoming extinct in 500 million years. After another 500 million years, the Earth's surface temperature will have reached 60C and the oceans will have evaporated into space. 31-According to the predictions of the computer modelling system, ...... . A) the Sun will have implored in 500 million years' time B) the Earth will have a temperature of about 60C in 300 to 400 million years C) first plants will disappear from the Earth, then water D) only marine life wi!l exist on the Earth when the Sun implores E) the Earth will be hotter than the Sun in 500 million years from now 32- From the figures given in the passage, we can conclude that in 500 million years' time, ..... . A) scientists will have found a way to save the Earth B) the Sun won't be heating the Earth as strongly as it does today C) humans will have become accustomed to living in 60 C D) there'll be no living things left in the oceans E) only 5 percent of plant species will still exist 33- We learn from the passage that the Earth will turn into a desert ...... . A) much sooner than had been thought B) due to the excessive development of human settlements C) as a result of our mishandling it D) when the Sun has ceased existence E) unless we take steps to prevent it

26- The author seems to believe that ..... . A) the world today is full of modern conveniences despite the existence of free enterprise B) humanity owes the conveniences of industry to the free enterprise system C) the whole human population lives in excellent conditions thanks to the free enterprise system D) nothing can ever be produced in a world where people don't have complete freedom E) free enterprise is the most successful development in human history 27- It is implied in the passage that the transportation and communication industries .... . A) have improved relations between South Africa and Singapore B) are more important to the world than any other industry C) make distant events and places relatively easy to access D) possess the most advanced technologies in the world E) encourage people to stay at home and do very little travelling 28-30. sorular verilen paraya gre cevaplaynz As strange as it seems today, "talking" films were not universally welcome in the 1920s. Silent films were highly respected as an extension of the art of mime, as actors had to use exaggerated gestures to help convey what was happening. Also they could immediately be understood by audiences in any country regardless of language. So the advent of sound was resisted to some extent: it was viewed by some as a potential threat to an actor's skill and his marketability. Despite the objections, within a few years of the Invention of cinematography in the 1890s, a number of pioneers were experimenting with ways to combine sound and vision. However, early attempts were unsuccessful, largely because of the problems of amplifying the sound enough for the whole audience to hear it. 28- We can understand from the passage that in silent films, ..... . A) the subject matter was always relevant to people all over the world B) only truly respectable people had any chance of becoming actors C) few people could really understand what the actors were trying to say D) gestures were much more important than they are in modern movies

34-36. sorular verilen paraya gre cevaplaynz The Nile perch introduced into Africa's largest lake in 1960 to boost the availability of protein for local inhabitants has eaten most of the 300 other fish species in Lake Victoria. Capable of reaching a weight of more than 200 pounds, the perch has almost wiped out the lake's indigenous fish. The perch has not only eaten up rare species of ornamental fish, it has also preyed on a valuable species that helped to control schistosomiasis, a potentially dangerous disease. Residents of the hundreds of fishing villages that border Lake Victoria have also seen their traditional livelihood disappear. There are no small fish left in the lake, and the villagers cannot compete with the large trawlers, with their stronger nets, that catch most of the perch. 34- It is clear from the passage that the Nile perch ...... A) has been infected by a disease that could be very dangerous B) has seriously disturbed the ecological balance of Lake Victoria C) has been eaten by many species of fish in Lake Victoria D) now feeds on the small fish specially introduced into Lake Victoria E) weighs at least 200 pounds more than the indigenous fish 35- The author informs us that the Nile perch was introduced into Lake Victoria ..... . A) to prevent the local fish species from getting out of control B) to help control the spread of the disease, schistosomiasis C) in order to improve the diet of the people who lived there D) so as to provide more ornamental fish for local fishermen E) because the number of fish left in the lake was no more than 300 36- One learns from the passage that the people who live in the local villages .... A) are gradually moving away from the area that borders Lake Victoria B) are catching too many of the large fish now that the smaller ones have gone C) are no longer able to support themselves in the same way that they used to D) are now using larger boats and stronger nets in order to catch fish E) have been using more modern methods to catch fish since the introduction of the perch 37-39. sorular verilen paraya gre cevaplaynz When the comic character Popeye the Sailor made his first appearance in the 1930s, spinach consumption in the United States rose by 33 percent. Why? It was spinach that gave Popeye his mighty strength and big muscles, because it was so full of iron. However, the belief that spinach promoted strength was based on a very simple mathematical error. Nutrition researchers in the 1890s put a decimal point in the wrong place, thus giving spinach ten times more iron than it actually contains. Modern nutritionists believe that as a source of iron, spinach is no better and no worse than any other green vegetable. Its iron content is only average, and the lite iron it does have is virtually ineffective, because the body cannot absorb it directly. 37- It can be determined from the passage that ...... . A) Popeye the Sailor ale one-third more spinach than the average American B) spinach gives people strength and encourages the growth of muscle C) more spinach was eaten by Americans in the 1930s than by any other nation D) Americans consumed less spinach before the 1930s E) people who eat spinach are on average stronger than those who don't 38- The author tells us that in the 1890s, .......... . A) scientists managed to develop a type of spinach with ten times more iron B) spinach used to have quite a bit more iron than it does nowadays C) nutritionists deliberately misled the population to think spinach was healthy D) iron was not thought to be a requirement for the body E) researchers made a mistake when analysing the nutritional value of spinach

39- According to the recent nutritional research mentioned in the passage, spinach ...... . A) actually has ten times as much iron as previously thought B) is actually the worst source of dietary iron available today C) doesn't deserve its reputation as a great source of iron D) shouldn't really be classified as a true green vegetable E) seems to remove iron from the body rather than provide it 40-42. sorular verilen paraya gre cevaplaynz Of the seven continents, Antarctica is the coldest, highest, driest and windiest. With an area of some 5.5 million square miles, it represents one-tenth of the land surface of the world. As much as 98 percent of Antarctica is covered by ice, much of it 1.5 miles thick, and the continent is surrounded by seas filled with pack ice and icebergs for most of the year. Yet far from being a desolate wasteland, it is suspected that Antarctica might be a treasure trove of precious metals, minerals and food. Hundreds of scientists, geologists and technicians from some 20 countries are permanently based at 44 different sites around the continent. However, not everyone is in favour of the commercial exploitation of Antarctica, because of the potentially devastating effect it might have on the environment 40- It can be determined from the figures in the passage that ...... . A) the Antarctic continent is actually free of ice for about two months of the year B) very little of Antarctica's 5.5 million square miles ofland is free of ice C) Ihc entire continent of Antarctica is covered by 1.5 miles of ice D) very few of the other six continents get less rain or snow t;ian Antarctica does E) there is actually more ice in the seas around Antarctica than on the continent itself 41- The passage suggests that Antarctica ........... . A) has more precious metals, minerals and food than any other continent B) might some day be found to possess a great amount of natural resources C) is actually a much more pleasant place to live than most people think D) is thought to be the hiding place of a great deal of buried treasure E) has already been proven to be a rich source of valuable natural Resources 42- We learn from the passage that ...... . A) scientists have determined how much destruction industry would cause in Antarctica B) the environment of Antarctica is more fragile than that of any other continent C) not everyone obeys the law which bans getting minerals from Antarctica D) there is disagreement about whether or not industry should be allowed in Antarctica E) no one will ever be permitted to exploit the continent of Antarctica commercially

43-45. sorular verilen paraya gre cevaplaynz Rooted in an African tradition of capturing evil spirits in glass bottles, "bottle trees" were once common in the rural parts of the southern USA, Tradition held that the night wind blowing past the glass caused trapped spirits to cry until the morning sun destroyed

them. Folklore experts believe the practice came to the US with slaves from central and western Africa. Today, whites as well as blacks erect bottle trees in their gardens by placing various coloured iv 11 ties on the branches of trees. Though the trees look much like the ones of the past, those constructed nowadays are simply for decoration as the belief in the evil spirits of the night has died away, leaving behind only the physical form of the traditional protection against them. 43- From the belief related in the passage, we can infer that people used to believe that ..... A) spirits trapped in bottles were freed by the wind B) spirits did not really mind being trapped in bottles C) decorative bottles would attract good spirits D) there were more evil spirits in Africa than in America E) sunlight was harmful to the spirits of the night 44-According to folklore experts, ..... . A) slaves who were brought to the US arrived carrying various coloured bottles B) the African experience of slavery created the belief in evil spirits of the night C) nowadays it is while Southerners who believe in the spirits of the night D) more bottle trees are found in Africa than in the southern United States E) the practice of making bottle trees occurred in Africa before it did in the USA 45- As is related in the passage, the bottle trees of today's southern US ......... . A) are no longer particularly effective against the evil spirits of the night B) are much simpler in design but work just as well as the old ones C) look more attractive than they did in the past and are more common D) resemble those made in the past but serve a different function E) are more likely to be found in the gardens of white people than black 46-53. sorularda verilen Trke cmlenin ngilizce dengini bulunuz 46- Vatikan Saray'nm en mehur blm, Michelangelo'nun muhteem freskleriyle istine Mabedi'dir. A) The most celebrated section of the Vatican Palace is the istine Chapel with magnificent frescoes by Michelangelo. B) The most celebrated of Michelangelo's frescoes can be found in the istine Chapel within the magnificent Vatican Palace. C) The magnificent Vatican Palace houses the istine Chapel, with celebrated frescoes by Michelangelo. D) The istine Chapel with its magnificent frescoes by Michelangelo is one of the most Impressive sections of the Vatican Palace. E) A most impressive example of one of Michelangelo's frescoes is on display in the istine Chapel within the Vatican Palace. 47- Pek ok bitki, insan sal iin nemi byk lde 20. yzylda kefedilmi olan ok deerli vitaminlerin kaynadr. A) The process for extracting vitamins, which are invaluable to human health, from plants was perfected in the 20th century. B) The importance of the vitamins found in many plants to human health was mainly recognised in the 20th century. C) During the 20th century, we discovered how important vitamins, found in many plants, are to human health. D) Plants are invaluable sources of vitamins, whose significance to human health was one of the greatest 20th-century discoveries. E) Many plants are invaluable sources of vitamins, whose importance to human health was mostly discovered in the 20th century. 48- 1971'de Elsenhower, bir dolarlk madeni parann zerine resmi konarak onurlandrlan ilk ABD bakan olmutur. A) The first dollar coin to honour a president of the USA was produced in 1971 and depicted Elsenhower. B) The first of the American presidents to have his image stamped on a dollar coin was Elsenhower in 1971. C) In 1971 Elsenhower became the first president of the USA to be

honoured by having his image on a dollar coin. D) As a special honour. President Elsenhower had his image stamped on the US dollar coin in 1971. E) Since 1971 the dollar coin has depicted the former president of the USA, Elsenhower, on one side of it. 49- Man Tneli, Britanya ile Fransa'y Man Denizi'nin altndan birbirine balayan 50 kilometre uzunluunda bir tneldir. A) The Channel Tunnel, which connects Britain to France under the English Channel, is 50 kilometres long. B) Britain is connected to France by a 50-kilometre-long tunnel under the English Channel, called the Channel Tunnel. C) The 50-kilometre-long tunnel under the English Channel which connects France to Britain is called the Channel Tunnel. D) The Channel Tunnel is a 50-kilometre-long tunnel connecting Britain and France under the English Channel. E) One route from Britain to France is via the Channel Tunnel, a 50kilometre-long tunnel under the English Channel. 50- Meteorolojistlerin kullandklar kadar kompleks olmasa da, ev barometreleri yaklamakta olan hava deiimleriyle ilgili gstergeler salayabilmektedir. A) Home barometers, though not so complex as those used by meteorologists, can provide some indication of coming weather changes. B} Although less complicated than those used by meteorologists, home barometers do provide some indication of coming weather changes. C) Being less accurate than those used by meteorologists, home barometers provide little indication of coming weather changes. D) Although similar to those used by meteorologists, home barometers cannot provide as much indication of the coming weather due to their lack of complexity. E) Home barometers, although not as complex as those used by meteorologists, can forecast coming weather changes as accurately.

51- Btn hayvanlarn, dmanlarna kar kendilerini savunma aralar vardr. A) Animals usually develop some means of defending themselves against all of their enemies. B) A means of defending themselves against enemies is a common trait of most animals. C) All animals have enemies against which they must defend themselves. D) All animals have some means of defending themselves against their enemies. E) All animals attempt to defend themselves when attacked by an enemy. 52- Psikolojik bir bozukluk olan dikkat eksiklii erkeklerde, kadnlarda olduundan on kat daha yaygndr. A) Ten times as many females as males suffer from the psychological disorder known as attention deficit syndrome. B) Males are ten times as likely as females to suffer from attention deficiency, a psychological disorder. C) Attention deficiency, a psychological disorder, is ten times more common in males than in females. D) Females are ten times less likely than males to be affected by the psychological disorder of attention deficiency. E) Attention deficiency is more common in males, and for every female affected by this condition, there are ten males. 53- Hayvan haklar hareketine en gl muhalefet, avc kurulularndan gelmektedir.

A) Most hunting organisations are strongly opposed to supporters of the animal rights movement. B) The strongest opposition to the animal rights movement comes from hunting organisations. C) Supporters of organisations forming part of the animal rights movement are strongly opposed to hunting. D) Naturally, those most opposed to hunting support the animal rights movement. E) Obviously, members of hunting organisations strongly disagree with members of the animal rights movement. 54-61. sorularda verilen ngilizce cmlenin Trke dengini bulunuz 54- The American athlete Evelyn Ashford's world record in the 100- metre races could not be broken for four years. A) Amerikal atlet Evelyn Ashford'm 100-metre yarlarndaki dnya rekoru, drt yl boyunca krlamamtr. B) 100-metre yarlarnda dnya rekortmeni olan Amerikal atlet Evelyn Ashford'm bu rekoru ancak drt yl sonra krlabilmitir. C) Amerikal atlet Evelyn Ashford, 100-metre yarlarnda krd dnya rekorunu drt yl boyfnca elinde tutmutur. D) Drt yl boyunca krlamayan 100-metre yarlarndaki dnya rekoru Amerikal atlet Evelyn Ashford'a aittir. E) Amerikal atlet Evelyn Ashford'm 100-metre yarlarndak dnya rekorunu, drt yl boyunca kimse kramamtr. 55- Since the fig is such a perishable fruit, most of the yield is sent to market sun dried. A) abuk bozulan bir meyve olan incir daha ok gnete kurutulmu olarak pazarlanr. B) ncir ok abuk bozulan bir meyve olduu iin rnn ou gnete kurutulmu olarak piyasaya srlr. C) retiminin ou gnete kurutulmu olarak piyasaya srlen incir abuk bozulan bir meyvedir. D) abuk bozulan bir meyve olduu iin incir gnete kurutulduktan sonra satlr, E) retilen incirin ou, bozulmamas iin hemen kurutulur ve piyasaya srlr. 56- Victoria Falls in Africa is about twice as wide and twice as high as Niagara Palls in North America. A) Afrika'daki Victoria elaleleri'nin genilii ve ykseklii, Kuzey Amerika'daki Niagara elaleleri'nin tam iki katdr. B) Kuzey Amerika'da Niagara elaleleri, Afrika'da ise bunun iki kat byklnde Victoria elaleleri vardr. C) Kuzey Amerika'daki Niagara elaleleri'ne gre, Afrika'nn Victoria elaleleri neredeyse iki kat daha geni ve iki kat daha yksektir. D) Afrika'daki Victoria elaleleri, Kuzey Amerika'daki Niagara elaleleri'nin yaklak iki kat geniliinde ve iki kat yksekliindedir. E) Her ikisi de ok yksek ve geni olmasna ramen Afrika'nn Victoria elaleleri, Kuzey Amerika'daki Niagara elaleleri'nin iki katdr. 57- What makes the fairy tale different from the other types of the oral literature is its use of magic and fantasy. A) Sihir ve fanteziyi ska kullanan peri masallar, dier szl edebiyat trlerinden farkldr. B) Sihir ve fantezinin kullanlmas, peri masallarn dier szl edebiyat trlerinden ayran temel zelliktir. C) Peri masallar, dier szl edebiyat trlerinden sadece sihir ve fanteziye yer vermesi bakmndan farkldr. D) Peri masallarn dier szl edebiyat trlerinden farkl klan, sihir ve fanteziyi kullanmasdr. E) Peri masallarnda ska kullanlan sihir ve fantezi, onu dier szl edebiyat trlerinden ayrr. 58- Despite his large build and rather fierce appearance, Thomas is actually a very gentle and sensitive person. A) ri yapsna ve okjuka sert grnne ramen Thomas, aslnda ok nazik ve duyarl bir insandr. B) Thomas, aslnda ok nazik ve duyarh bir insan olmasna ramen, iri yapl ve olduka sert grnldr. C) ok iri yapl ve olduka sert grnml olan Thomas, ayn zamanda ok nazik ve duyarl biridir. D) Thomas'n iri yaps ve olduka sert grn, onun nazik ve duyarl yapsyla eliiyor. E) Thomas iri yapsyla olduka sert grnr ama aslnda o, ok nazik ve duyarl bir insandr.

59- From 1926 until her last performance in 1982, Peggy Ashcroft was one of the most distinguished actresses of the British stage. A) Tannm ngiliz aktris Peggy Ashcroft,1926'dan 1982'deki son gsterisine kadar hep sahnedeydi. B) 1926'dan beri sahnede olan tannm ngiliz aktris Peggy Ashcroft, son gsterisini 1982'de yapmtr. C) 1926'dan 1982'deki son gsterisine kadar ngiliz sahnelerinde yer alan Peggy Ashcroft ok deerli bir aktristi. D) ngiliz sahnelerinin en deerli aktrisi olarak kabul edilen Peggy Ashcroft, 1926 ile 1982 yllan arasnda sahnedeydi. E) 1926'dan 1982'deki son gsterisine kadar Peggy Ashcroft, ngiliz sahnelerinin en deerli aktrislerinden biriydi.

60- The strength and flexibility of most fibers, natural of artificial, result from the shape of their molecules. A) ou lifte salamlk ve esneklik, doal ya da yapay molekllerin biimine baldr. B) Pek ok doal ya da yapay lifin salamln ve esnekliini, molekllerinin biimi belirler. C) Hem doal hem de yapay liflerde salamlk ve esneklik, molekllerin biimiyle ilgilidir. D) Doal ya da yapay olsun, ou lifin salaml ve esneklii, molekllerinin biiminden kaynaklanr. E) Sadece doal deil, yapay lifler de molekllerinin biimi sonucu salam ve esnek olurlar. 61- The person who donated four billion Turkish liras to our organisation requested his name to be kept secret. A) Adnn gizli tutulmasn isteyen bir kii kuruluumuza drt milyar Trk liras bata bulunacan bildirdi. B) Adnn gizli tutulmasn rica eden bir kii kuruluumuza drt milyar Trk liras ba yapt. C) Kuruluumuza drt milyar Trk liras bata bulunaca belirtilen kiinin adnn gizli tutulmas rica edildi. D) Adn aklamayan bir kii, kuruluumuza drt milyar Trk liras bata bulundu. E) Kuruluumuza drt milyar Trk liras bata bulunan kii adnn gizli tutulmasn rica etti. 62-68. sorularda verilen cmleye anlamca en yakn olan seenei bulunuz 62- Despite their lack of financial resources, the islanders seemed incredibly happy. A) The people who lived on the island were very happy even though they had no money. B) It's unbelievable that the island people were happy about not having any cash. C) If they had been rieher, the residents of the island would have been much happier. D) Since they were very poor, it was impossible for the islanders ever to be very happy. E) The happy people of the island only regretted the fact that they didn't have any money. 63- In Japan, as in Turkey, it is unthinkable to enter a house wearing shoes. A) The Japanese and Turks are culturally very similar, an example of which is not wearing shoes inside. B) The Japanese often enter Turkish houses without thinking about taking off their shoes. C) Nobody even considers going into a home with shoes on in Japan, and this custom is the same in Turkey. D) Japan and Turkey are exactly the same, even to the point that shoes are not worn in houses. E) What the Turks appreciate about the Japanese is that they don't like wearing shoes in the house either.

64- The children are not allowed to enter the school until the bell rings. A) Once the bell has rung, the children cannot go in or out of the school. B) By the time the bell rings, the children must be inside the school. C) The children are waiting for the bell to ring so that they can enter the school. D) The children can only enter the school when the bell has rung. E) The children who arrive after the bell has rung are not allowed to enter the school. 65- I have almost no doubt that the mail will have been delivered to us by three o'clock this afternoon. A) The post might be here by three o'clock this afternoon, though 1 very much doubt it. B) Without doubt, the letters are going to be posted before 15.00 today. C) I'm pretty sure that we will have got the mail at or before 15.00 today. D) I want to make sure that the mail is delivered today no later than 3 p.m. E) It's a little doubtful that the mail we sent will have arrived by three o'clock today. 66- Had I realised that nobody actually liked bowling, I wouldn't have suggested going. A) I knew we shouldn't have gone bowling because everybody has always hated the game. B) I didn't know everyone hated bowling so much until after we'd already gone and done it. C) There's no way I would have said we should go bowling if I'd known it was so unpopular. D) Knowing that it was so unpopular with everyone, I really shouldn't have suggested bowling. E) I don't understand why everyone wanted to go bowling if nobody actually enjoys doing it. 67- The price of coffee has doubled due to severe weather in the area where it's produced. A) The coffee-producing areas of the world suffered greatly from bad weather and 100% higher prices. B) As a result of terrible climatic conditions in its growing regions, coffee costs twice what it used to. C) The 100% increase in the price of coffee came about because of some truly horrible weather around the world. D) Whenever the weather in coffee-producing places gets bad, coffee prices tend to go up by 100 percent. E) Before the horrendous weather hit the coffee growing regions, the price was twice what it became. 68- Since the train is due to depart at seven, we should meet at the station at quarter to. A) It would be a good idea for us to get together at the station at 6.45 as the train leaves at seven. B) If all of us arrive at the train station before 6.45, we may be able to find seats on the seven o'clock train. C) I'd advise you to get to the station no later than fifteen minutes before your train is due to leave. D) Ever since they changed the time of the train to 7.00. we've met at the station 15 minutes earlier. E) Unless we meet at the station at quarter to seven, we'll certainly miss the seven o'clock train. 69-76. sorularda parada bo braklan yere uygun den ifadeyi bulunuz 69- ........ . Most written records state that the first baseball game in history was played in New Jersey, USA, in 1846, between the New York Nine and the Knickerbocker Baseball Club. In 1907 a commission established to investigate the origins of baseball declared that it had been invented in 1839 by an American general named Abner Doubleday in upstate New York. However, evidence suggests that baseball originated much earlier, in Europe. A) To most people, baseball is as American as apple pie or Independence Day B) Unlike in most former British colonies, cricket is not played

in the USA C) Baseball has changed greatly since it was first played D) Curiously, New Jersey is one of the few states without a professional team E) In baseball, the aim of the team in the field is to keep the baiters from scoring 70- When Levi Strauss, who was a tailor, went to California in 1849, he thought he'd get rich selling tent cloth to the miners. ...... . Thus, instead of tents, he started using his cloth to make what the miners wanted. Their toughness was just what they needed, and soon 'Levi's' were popular throughout the West. A) Levi found that he couldn't fill orders fast enough to keep up with the demand B) As a result, he decided that the miners didn't need tents because of the mild climate C) However, they desperately needed tough trousers that wouldn't wear out quickly D) Having made a fortune selling tents, he decided to go into the jeans business E) Unfortunately, he hadn't realised that the raw materials weren't available there 71- In the 1880s, a grocery salesman. Joel Cheek, developed a blend of various coffees that he believed to be superior to anything on the market. He tried to persuade the management of hotels in the American South to give his product a try. ..... . The response of the hotel guests was highly favourable, and Cheek agreed to name his coffee in honour of the establishment. A) President Theodore Roosevelt praised the beverage, saying it was 'good to the last drop' B) Though coffee consumption had been high in the US since the 1700s, most people preferred tea C) Most visitors to the hotel, however, noticed no difference in quality to their usual brands D) His efforts were so successful that he was soon supplying most of the hotels in the region E) The owner of one of the finest of these, the Maxwell House of Nashville, agreed 72- London's zoo has cause to celebrate. The birth of a new Asian bear cub, the first to be born in Britain, brought in big crowds last summer. This came about just when the zoo, a venerable tourist attraction, needed some good news. ......... for the local council was considering to close it. A) It has always been one of the most popular spots to visit in London B) With the number of visitors declining, it was on the brink of extinction C) The zoo was founded by Sir Stamford Raffles in the early 19th century D) It is located in Regent's Park, and there never seems to be trouble finding a parking place E) The cafes and restaurants of nearby Camden Town make it an ideal place to visit

73- ..... . It is believed that the spirits of the dead return to their ancestral homes during this period. Because of this, many people return to their home towns to observe the festival, which includes great feasts and family celebrations as well as special dances performed to console the spirits. The downside of this festival is that the huge increase in travel makes getting around Japan both difficult and expensive. A) The Buddhist religion places great emphasis on the role of the spirits of deceased family members B) Though Japan has a long-standing religious tradition, few people actually observe the rules any more C) Some communities have drama, music and folklore festivals D) The Obon Festival is a traditional Buddhist observance and modern day summer holiday in August E) Christianity was introduced into Japan in the 16th century by

Francis Xavier, a Spanish Jesuit 74- ....... . To anyone who has read Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Charles Dickens, or seen old English movies, the two go hand in hand. Foggy London presents an aura of romance, adventure and charm. But on several occasions in London's history, fog has turned the city into a death trap. A) When fog shrouds an area, it envelops everything in a grey or yellow vapour B) In the opinion of many. Charles Dickens is England's greatest creative writer C) English literature is one of the highest achievements of a great nation D) Throughout its history, London has always had its fog E) The fame of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle rests on his incomparable Sherlock Holmes series 75- In the 1600s, tennis courts were made of wood. Sometimes a temporary shelter was erected over the court and seating areas, resulting in a kind of indoor playhouse. This was done so often that carpenters became skillful enough to set up the shelters in a matter of hours. ..... . Some of the permanent theatres, such as the Theatre du Marais in Paris, were developed from this dual function of tennis courts. A) In the twentieth century, however, most tennis courts are made of clay, asphalt or concrete B) With the invention of the electric light, night tennis gradually lessened the demand for theatre C) Thus outdoor tennis could be played during the day and indoor theatre could be staged at night D) One of the problems with these wooden structures was that they suffered a high incidence of fires E) This could have been done even faster if the tennis players had helped in the building process 76- ...... . From food labels and hotel signs to official documents, the terrible English there would be a laughing matter if not for the serious implications of the issue. Although most Japanese have at least six years of English language instruction, they do not have a command of the language. The reasons for this phenomenon range from the vast differences between the two languages to the low quality of language teaching available. A) Despite the difficulty in reading the language, Japanese is actually quite easy to speak B) Singapore is typical of East Asian countries in that everyone is fluent in English C) Nobody in Japan is too concerned about the low TOEFL scores achieved there D) Not only is Japan a leader in industry, it also outdoes other nations in language learning E) The English language is constantly being abused in Japan 77-84. sorularda verilen durumda sylenebilecek sz bulunuz 77- You're in a strange city and you're lost. You stop and ask a passer-by for directions to the museum you want to visit. The man kindly tells you how to get there, but you're still confused. You ask for clarification, saying politely: A) I think it would be easier if you told me where I could get a taxi. B) Thank you very much for your help. I'm sure I'll be fine now. C) I'm sorry, would you mind just running through that once more? D) That was very confusing and I still have no idea where I should go. E) If you'd spoken more slowly and clearly, I would have understood. 78- One of your colleagues at work takes you out to lunch and tells you a really nasty piece of gossip about your boss. You think it's most unlikely that it's true, and you don't think the story should be repeated, so you say: A) Well, I suppose it must be true. Who told you about this? B) It's probably rubbish and I think we should just forget it. C) If that story is true, I certainly hope it never happens again. D) I don't believe it! I would never have thought he'd do that! E) That's unbelievable! The secretaries will enjoy hearing this one! 79- You're eating out at a restaurant on holiday. One of the waiters persuades you to try a local dish. He proudly waits by the table as you taste it and you politely tell him that it's very good. However, as

soon as the waiter leaves your table, you turn to your friend and say with disgust: A) That's the most revolting thing I've ever eaten. B) Actually, it's quite good. You should have some. C) Would you like to have a taste before I finish it? D) It's a good idea to ask the waiter for a recommendation. E) Please try some. It tastes much better than it looks. 80- Your stereo system is no longer working. It's still under guarantee, so you take it back to the shop where you bought it. You explain the situation to the manager. However, he is unhelpful, and keeps saying that you must have dropped the system and that it's not the shop's responsibility. Losing patience eventually, you threaten him saying: A) Well I suppose I'm going to have to buy myself a new stereo if you won't fix this one. B) I don't usually pick my stereo up and throw it around, so how could I have dropped it? C) I didn't drop it, but I really don't know how I can prove it to you. D) If you don't fix this, I'm going to write to every newspaper in town about this shop. E) You're a very dishonest man and you try to cheat your customers whenever you can. 81- You are visiting a friend. You know it's time to leave in order to catch your bus home, but you let your friend persuade you to have another cup of coffee. You eventually reach the bus stop just in time to see the bus leave without you. Faced with a halfhour wait for the next one, you say to yourself regretfully: A) Well, I'm not in a hurry anyway, and I had a great time. B) Never mind, there will be another bus soon. C) I don't know why this bus always leaves early. D) If only I hadn't had that last cup of coffee. E) l wish I'd had that last cup of coffee after all. 82- You're outside the supermarket when you bump into your elderly next door neighbour. She has a lot of shopping bags and has obviously been doing the weekly shop. You weren't planning to go home, but it's not far, so you say considerately: A) It would probably be easier for you if you hadn't bought so much. B) I'd help you carry those bags, but unfortunately, I'm not going home. C) What a lot of shopping! Are you going to invite me to dinner? D) Isn't it lucky that the supermarket is so close to our apartment building? E) Why don't you let me carry all those heavy bags home for you? 83- You have a problem with your hot water system. The gas company tells you that they will send a repairman to your house before twelve o'clock, so you stay at home to wait for him. It's two o'clock in the afternoon, and he still hasn't arrived, so you call the company again and complain, saying: A) Your repairman was supposed to be here by twelve. I expect better service than this. B) I'm sorry to bother you but I was just wondering if the repairman was still coming. C) Excuse me. Was it twelve or two o'clock that we arranged for the repairman? D) I'd like to report a problem with my hot water heater. Could you send a repairman? E) I need to go out, so could we rearrange the time for the repairman to visit my house? 84- It's a lovely day and you and your sister have arranged to meet a group of friends at the park for a picnic. You arrive at the park at the agreed time, but no one else is there. After half an hour, none of your friends has arrived, and you suggest to your sister impatiently: A) It's such a beautiful day that I really don't mind waiting for them.

B) I wonder what's happened to them. Perhaps I got the time wrong. C) Let's eat now. I'm starving and I don't feel like waiting any more. D) I'm sure they'll be here soon. They wouldn't want to miss the picnic. E) I don't think we should start eating yet because they'll be here soon. 85-92. sorularda karlkl konumann bo braklan blmnde sylenmi olabilecek sz bulunuz 85- Kathy: ....... Grace: Do you mean the Wallensteins? Kathy: Maybe. I'm not sure if I ever knew their name. I just remember that they had six kids. Grace: Yeah, that's them. Well, the parents moved to Florida and the kids are all married now. A) Do you know the name of that big supermarket near the train station? B) What ever happened to those people whose children you used to baby-sit? C) I met an old friend of yours while I was on holiday in the Bahamas. D) Who's your professor for the Victorian English Literature class this term? E) Do you remember if anyone named Waltenstein worked in this office?

Martin: I guess that means you're not interested. What do you think of Chinese food? Corrina: I love it. I know a new place that's just opened in the High Street. A) Actually, I'm not at all hungry. Maybe we can go out some other time. B) Sure. I'd love to as long as you're paying. I'm penniless until pay-day. C) I can't think of anything worse I've been a vegetarian for fifteen years. D) I can't possibly tonight because I've got to work until eleven o'clock. E) To be honest, I think some Chinese food would be much more to my liking. 90- Alberto: I'm looking for one of those things that you use to clean your teeth. Sales Clerk: ........ Alberto: Oh, that's what they're called. Where can I find them? Sales Clerk: They're in aisle 17, with all of the other dental products. A) Of course. What kind of toothpaste do you want, mint or regular? B) Why would you want to do that? Wouldn't it be better to brush them? C) Well, the nearest dentist to here is Dr Kushner, in the town centre. D) Sorry, but I'm afraid we don't sell that sort of thing in this shop. E) I assume that what you're looking for is a toothbrush, isn't it? 91- Florence: So, what did you think of today's physics lecture? Rachel: I've never been so bored in my life I could barely stay awake. Florence: ....... Rachel: I guess you've got a point. It's just that I'm simply not interested in science. A) Really? I found it fascinating! Maybe your problem is that you didn't understand it. B) Nor could I. In fact, I didn't wake up until the lecture hall was nearly empty. C) If you want, you can skip next week's lecture and I'll let you copy the notes I take. D) I know. I don't understand why we have to take these science classes anyway. E) Why don't we make an appointment with the professor and ask him to be more interesting? 92- Hank: ....... Carl: No, and I don't want to. I find that sort of thing particularly offensive. Hank: You're such a bore you just don't have a sense of humour. Carl: Maybe that's true, but at least, I'm not helping to spread racist stereotypes. A) Did you read the article in the paper about that company that was fined for discrimination? B) Have you heard the joke about the Canadian who got lost trying to find the shower? C) Do you know how many people were killed in the race riots in Chicago in the 1960s? D) Would you be angry if the company hired a foreigner to be your new supervisor? E) Are you interested in watching a television programme about slavery in the Arab world? 93-100. sorularda hangi cmlenin anlam bakmndan paraya uymadn bulunuz

86- Paul: What's the best way to get to your house from the airport? Joel: ........ Paul: If I took the bus, how would I know which one to get on and when to get off it? Joel: Actually, if you don't mind waiting until I get off work, I could pick you up myself. A) Well, a taxi is quick but expensive, the train is slow but cheap and there is a bus. B) Why don't you take the number 6 bus to the Market Street stop and call from there? C) That depends on which airport you're coming in to. Which one did you say it was? D) Since I've got a lot of money on me. I'll take a taxi and see you this evening. E) I didn't know that you were flying. I thought you were coming here by bus. 87- Manny: I remember when we were kids, there was no such thing as TV. Moe: We didn't have computers or video games, either. Manny: ........ Moe: You're right. Life definitely was better in the good old days. A) It was truly miserable. I remember being bored all summer. B) On the other hand, many of us lost our fathers in the Civil War. C) Speak for yourself. My family got our first TV when I was seven. D) I really wish I was a kid today everything is just so exciting. E) I think things were less complicated and being a child was easier. 88- Lisa: ....... Anna: That's a great idea. Shall we go and have something to eat first? Lisa: All right. Let's meet in front of the station at about seven and then decide where to go. Anna: Okay. I'll see you there at seven. A) Wouldn't it be nice to go out and have dinner together? B) Are you doing anything this evening or are you free? C) I really need to go to the gym and work out for a few hours. D) Why don't we go and see a movie together this evening? E) I'm having a few people round to my house to watch videos. 89- Martin: How would you like to go out for a nice steak dinner? Corrina: ........

93- (I) The Arctic Circle was so named by the Greeks, who noticed that as they went north, the orbits of the stars became larger and that they circled a fixed point in the heavens. (II) They also noted that while some stars'remained visible, others came and went with the seasons. (Ill) These two groups could be separated by drawing a circle through the constellation of the Great Bear, Arktos. (IV) The Arctic is the home of the king of the ice, the polar bear. (V) That circle runs parallel with the equator at 66- 33' North and encompasses six million square mijes of land and water. A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V

number of other industrial uses. (Ill) To accomplish this, they used wagons that were 5 metres high and weighed 4 tons when empty and nearly 15 tons when loaded. (IV) Each two-wagon train was pulled by a team of 20 mules, which stretched out over 30 metres in front of it. (V) It was an incredible sight, and not surprisingly, the 20-mule teams became the product's trademark. A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V 100- (I) The Mediterranean Sea has a strange character. (II) It has almost no tides at all, and except for a whirlpool here and there, an absence of distinct marine currents, (III) Mediterranean means 'middle of the Earth'. (IV) It is dominated by winds rather than currents. (V) Each wind has a name and is associated with a series of specific traits. A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V PRACTICE EXAM 5 1.D 2.C 3.E 4.E 5.B 6.A 7.E 8.C 9.B 10.D 11.A 12.B 13.D 14.C 15.D 16.E 17.A 18.A 19.B 20.E 21.C 22.B 23.A 24.D 25.E 26.B 27.C 28.D 29.A 30.E 31.C 32.E 33.A 34.B 35.C 36.C 37.D 38.E 39.C 40.B 41.B 42.D 43.E 44.E 45.D 46.A 47.E 48.C 49.D 50.A 51.D 52.C 53.B 54.A 55.B 56.D 57.D 58.A 59.E 60.D 61.E 62.A 63.C 64.D 65.C 66.C 67.B 68.A 69.A 70.C 71.E 72.B 73.D 74.D 75.C 76.E 77.C 78.B 79.A 80.D 81.D 82.E 83.A 84.C 85.B 86.A 87.E 88.D 89.C 90.E 91.A 92.93.D 94.C 95.B 96.D 97.B 98.E 99.B 100.C

94- (I) In the ancient Egyptian civilisation, the cat was closely associated with a number of important gods. (II) Cats were supposedly held sacred by the god Ra, who sometimes took on the form of a cat. (Ill) At some point in history, cats were used as bird hunters and some were even trained to catch fish. (IV) Isis, Egypt's chief goddess, was portrayed with cat ears, and another goddess, Pasht, was said to have the head of a cat. (V) On account of this, cats held such a high position in Egypt that the penalty for killing one was death. A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V 95- (I) For more than two centuries, English street vendors have traditionally sold fish and chips wrapped in newspaper because it was cheap, kept the food warm and soaked up the fat. (II) More than a million tons of fish and potatoes are consumed every year. (Ill) In the 1960s, however, the Ministry of Food ruled that newspaper was not clean enough. (IV) Fish and chips would have to be sold in a sterile wrapping paper. (V) Most vendors obeyed the law, but being true English traditionalists, they wrapped newspaper over the sterile paper. A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V 96- (I) About the only evolutionary change that has taken place in the cockroach through the ages is a positive one from humankind's point of view: most species no longer fly. (II) Many experts believe that the cockroach may have actually been the Earth's first flying creature. (III) Even today, almost all species still retain traces of their prehistoric wings. (IV) Survival of the cockroach is helped by the fact that it avoids light, moving about primarily at night. (V) With that one exception, however, there is almost no difference between cockroaches today and their primordial ancestors. A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V 97- (I) The Symphony No. 3 in D Minor written by Gustave Mahler has a particular distinction among all classical symphonies, (II) Mahler, who was a master of orchestration, was noted for adding solo and choir voices to his compositions. (Ill) It's the longest of all symphonies. (IV) The entire piece takes one hour and thirty-four minutes to perform. (V) Forty-five minutes of that time is required for the first movement. A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V 98- (I) The fashion designer Coco Chanel always used simplicity as the basic feature of her best known designs. (II) She began her long career during World War I, when a friend offered to set her up in a boutique, (III) There she went to work on one of her earliest designs a blue sailor-like skirt and pullover for women working in offices and factories. (IV) The immediate success of this outfit was a testament to Chanel's ability to make the simplest designs fashionable. (V) Nowadays, so many designs are brought before the public at the same time that it becomes almost impossible to single out one style as the prevailing fashion. A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V

99- (I) The Harmony Borax Works hauled borax out of the valley and across 250 kilometres of desert to Mojave, California, the nearest railway station. (II) Borax is used primarily for cleaning, but has a