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Course Handbook MKT 508 International Marketing WMBA Program Summer 2013

Section A: Basic Information Introduction Welcome to MKT 508 International Marketing module. This module is offered to the students who are specializing in marketing. The course assigns 3 credits on the successful completion of it at the end of the semester. It is evaluated on the basis of class tests, assignments, discussions, presentations and the final examination. Please see section B for details. Prerequisites The perquisite of this course is MKT 509 Marketing Management. Aims This course is based on the basic and extended concepts of the international marketing practices. It aims to develop the understanding of the theories and practices related to international marketing and the design of global marketing programs. Objectives On completion of this course, you will be able to: Identify the key challenges that an international marketer faces and the strategies to deal with those challenges. Analyze and develop firms international competitiveness options and strategies. Demonstrate skills that would assist in analyzing international marketing environment. Develop strategies to select international market(s). Identify the alternative international market entry options and their relative advantages in the context of different countries socio-economic profiles. Identify and develop strategies for the emerging or developing international markets. Design marketing programme that would cover product, price, distribution, and communications strategies.

Assessment Banding The overall course assessment is based on 100 marks. The marks for the tutorial examinations, assignments, and presentations are 60 whereas the final examination will carry 40 percent weight of the total marks. The highest assessment band is based on the score ranging from 80 to 100 that represent A+ grade. Any final score that falls below 40 is considered to be an F grade. Contacting the Course Instructor Arafat Rahman Email: Consultation Hour: Saturday 11:30 AM - 01:30 PM Friday 03:30 PM - 04:30 PM Office: Room-302 (North Wing), Second Floor Please use email to deal with simple issues. For more complicated issues, email should be used to set up an appointment. Contacting the course instructor sooner rather than later is strongly recommended if you are anxious about the course or in any kind of difficulty.

Section B: Course Structure, Readings, and Assessments Course Structure The following table summarizes the issues and topics within the course: Topic 1 2 Content International marketing and its challenges International competitiveness of firms Class Test 1 on Week 3 3 4 Analysis of international marketing environment CASE: Case 2-1 EuroDisney; pp. 727-731 (CGS) International market selection process and strategy Class Test 2 on Week 5 5 6 Emerging markets International market entry strategies CASE: Damar International; pp. 306-307 (CR) Term Examination on Week 7 7 8 International product decisions and strategies CASE: Case 4-7 Selling tobacco to third world countries; pp. 814-819 (CGS) International pricing decisions and strategies Class Test 3 on Week 9 9 10 International distribution and supply chain strategies CASE: Imaginarium; pp. 454-458 (CR) International advertising and promotional strategies Chapter 16 (SH) Chapter 16 (CR) Chapter 17 (SH) Chapter 17 (CGS) Chapter 14 (SH) Chapter 12 (CGS) Chapter 10, 14 (CR) Chapter 15 (SH) Chapter 18 (CGS) Chapter 9 (CGS) Chapter 10, 11, 12 (SH) Chapter 6, 7 (SH) Chapter 4, 6, 7 (CGS) Chapter 8 (SH) Text Reference Chapter 1 (SH) Chapter 1 (CGS) Chapter 4 (SH)

SH = Svend Hollensen; CGS = Cateora, Graham, Salwan; CR = Czinkota, Ronkainen

Notes: Additional readings and cases will be added to the above-mentioned contents of any chapter. The instructor will provide all such additional course materials when required.

Readings Main texts are: Global Marketing: A Decision-Oriented Approach; By Svend Hollensen; 5th edition; FT Prentice Hall. (SH) International Marketing; By Philip R. Cateora, John L. Graham, and Prashant Salwan. 13th edition, McGraw-Hill. (CGS) The supplementary texts include: International Marketing; By Michael R. Czinkota, and IIkka A. Ronkainen; 8th edition; Cengage Learning. (CR) Global Marketing; By Keegan, Warren J. and Green Mark C. Prentice-Hall, New Jersey; 2005. (KG)

In addition, a series of academic papers and journal articles from the following sources are included: Journal of International Marketing Journal of Marketing Harvard Business Review International Marketing Review European Journal of Marketing

Assessments The table below summarizes the overall assessments and the allocated marks distribution of the course: Full Course Assessment Item Class tests Term Examination In-Course 60 Case-based Assignments Report Presentation Class Attendance Final Examination (Comprehensive) No. of Items Allocated Marks 3 1 4 1 1 N/A 15 10 10 10 10 5 40

Work Requirements You are responsible for your own learning. The course instructor is, of course, very happy to facilitate your learning process. Thus, the work requirements for this course are as follows: Attendance at the lectures and discussion sessions Preparation for the classes and the readings as directed Submission of assignments and reports in due time. Please see section C for details. Participation and successful completion of all examinations.

Section C: Policies Tests and Assignments There will be no make-up/re-take for the missed class tests. If anyone misses such examination (deliberately/accidentally), he/she will be awarded a zero grade for that particular examination. You are strongly advised to notify the instructor regarding any problem (verifiable) arising out of a valid reason before the term examination. Upon the acceptance of such reasons by the concerned instructor, a special arrangement can be made for re-taking of term examination. Late submission of the assignments and reports are strongly discouraged. Failure to submit any assignment on due time and date will result in the reduction of the allocated marks for that particular assignment. A zero grade will be awarded if the date of submission exceeds the stated date as appears in every assignment/report notification from the instructor. You are strongly advised to attend the oral presentation session/s. There will be no further arrangement for anyone if he/she fails to attend the presentation session on due date, and time. Academic Integrity It is strongly recommended to acknowledge the appropriate sources while writing your own assignments and reports. All sources of information must be referenced appropriately in the main texts as well as in the bibliographical section of your written works. The written works (i.e. assignments, reports) without acknowledging the original author(s) would indicate a case of plagiarism. Any such case will be penalized by awarding a zero grade for that particular written work.