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Vedic Oasis for Inspiration Culture and Education

Issue-003 4th Aug ‘07 The VOICE Messenger

In This Issue…
Srila Prabhupada Uvacha... 1 Upcoming events-Mayapur Yatra 4
VOICE/YOGA Summer Camps 1 Hare Krsna to you-Birthday Celebrations 4
Special Visits 2 “Arpan for NVCC” 4

Srila Prabhupada Uvacha

The members of the Krishna consciousness movement are not at all interested in so-called meditation in the
Himalayas or the forest, where one will not only make a show of meditation, nor are they interested in opening
many schools for yoga and meditation in the cities. Rather, every member of the Krishna consciousness
movement is interested in going door to door to try to convince people about the teachings of Bhagavad-gita As
It Is. That is the purpose of the Hare Krishna movement. The members of the Krishna consciousness movement
must be fully convinced that without Krishna one cannot be happy. Thus the Krishna conscious person avoids
all kinds of pseudo spiritualists, transcendentalists, mediators, monists, philosophers and philanthropists.
SB 7.9.45
VOICE Summer Camps UTKARSH 07’….
A group of 124 students headed by HG Mayapur and many other temple management
Radheshyam Pr from VOICE, Pune conducted a devotees who helped us in various ways to make
four days Utkarsh Camp at ISKCON, Sri Mayapur. this camp as a successful camp.
This camp is aimed at increasing the understanding
and faith of student devotees in Prabhupada and his
mission. The participants were students from
different Engineering Colleges of Pune, IIT
Kharagpur and other parts of India. As a part of the
camp, special classes were given by HH Subhog
Swami Maharaj, HG Jananivas Pr and HG
Pankajhangri Pr. Students performed the drama
"Jagai Madhai's deliverance" at the end of the
camp. HG Pankajanghri Pr graced the occasion.
Student devotes who attended the camp expressed
that their hearts were filled with bliss and joy as
they attended mangla arthi, chanted japa and had
wonderful classes in a totally spiritual setting at Sri
Mayapur dham. They were enthused to visit We'll be eternally grateful to all devotees who
Gurukul, when they saw young enthusiastic and helped us and guided us time to time.
pure hearted devotee boys practicing Krishna
- HG BalGovind Pr VOICE Pune
Consciousness. A student devotee commented that
we can understand here how vedic education is so Preachers and Managers Forum
sublime in developing character of a person
On 5th Aug HG Radheshyam Pr spoke how a leader
unlikemodern education. Our thanks to HG
is also a teacher and he is chosen & the power is
Sankarshan Nitai Pr,General Manager of ISKCON,
given to him by the people and how he should give
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare | 1
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare ||
Vedic Oasis for Inspiration Culture and Education
that power back by empowering his followers. He analogy of water is everywhere as there is degree of
also spoke that a leader should create an atmosphere humidity everywhere, but it cannot quench thirst,
where people want to do what the leader wants to we need liquid form to quench thirst. He also gave
do. the analogy of Mobile Phone- Electromagnetic
waves are everywhere in air but we need mobile
device to communicate.
He told that Prabhupada used to say if God is
everywhere then is He not in temple? And if he is
everywhere then why don’t you pay obeisances
everywhere? The desire of Prabhupada was to make
every home into temple.
HG Radheshyam Pr mentioned the purpose of
opening new ISKCON temple is, to give chance to
people for hearing about Krishna so that this dirty
heart may be cleansed. Atmosphere in temple is
perfect for doing Bhakti, stress free, free Prasadam
and glorify Lord by chanting the holy names.
- Bh Ravi (Girigovardhan VOICE)
Bharati Engg.College invitesVOICE
“A relief for satisfaction seeking youth from “the
material pool of dissatisfaction”-
He discussed the characteristics of a good leader, “I searched for love in the world of Dockers & I
which are searched for peace in the world of hawkers; until
1) Strict Sadhana came that consciousness when I was in my teachers
2) Integrity – Hypocritical behavior can destroy the shed that I should find this transcendental bliss in
faith of others. A leader should have strong mission going back to godhead.” – This was the response of
and he should identify with it. Nishith kumar a 3rd year student from Bharati
3) Humble and respectful – A leader is non- engineering college. On 1st Aug Vice chancellor
judgmental & takes the people as they are and Shivajirao Kadam invited the director of VOICE
engages them accordingly. HG Radheshyam Pr to enlighten the students on
Characteristics of a bad leader are how to overcome stress in every sphere of student
1) Neglects sadhana. life. The seminar hall was filled with 200 students,
2) Harsh and angry – He takes things personally Vice Principal and many senior staffs were present.
and is very impatient. Vice Principal felicitated HG Radheshyam Pr and
3) Scheming and manipulating – Using people for suggested the students to take maximum benefits of
achieving a goal without considering their needs. such seminars by VOICE. The speaker presented
4) Disregarding his own leader – Speculation and many powerful slides covering present situation of
independence. A leader should have moral and stressed youth, causes of stress and definite
academic integrity. solutions to eradicate stress. Mr Vipul Gupta a 4th
Bh Vipul Agarwal (Murlidhar VOICE) year student says this is my life’s most helpful
Saturday VOICE meeting on “If God is seminar. The beauty of the seminar was at the end
everywhere then what is the need of 60 boys enrolled for attending DYS-a six session
temple” by HG Kaunteya Pr & HG certificate course.
Radheshyam Pr - Bh Munish Manas (Mayapur VOICE)
HG Kaunteya pr from Italy was introduced to Special Lecture on “Mercy” by HG
ISKCON in 1980 and initiated in 1981; he is a PhD Krishna Smaran Pr (28th July ‘07)
in Indovedic psychology. HG Krishna Smaran Pr (Dr P V Krishnan, PhD
He began the presentation with the existence of God Applied Mechanics, Prof, IIT Delhi) expressed that
everywhere but most persons in the world can’t we are completely made of mercy. When we
perceive. Therefore the Lord appears in temple in consider our qualification, we quickly realize that
Archa-Vigra so that we can serve him. He gave the not only we are insignificant but we are poverty

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare | 2

Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare ||
Vedic Oasis for Inspiration Culture and Education
stricken of internal Vaisnava qualities. A servant
should know the feelings of the master and the
mission very nicely. If one is in contact with the
descending mercy of parampara then only he will
understand that he is suffering and he will be
He pointed out the duty of a KC person is to give
Holy Name. Lord Chaitannya taught vairagya
vidya. Haridas Thakur changed the consciousness
of prostitute. He took the risk. We are not like him.
So devotee has to do the things of yukta vairagya
very carefully; seeing the things in connection to
the process of KC. So one should consult his
seniors to what extent he can practice this principle. Book distribution at IIT Kharagpur
We should be very grateful for the risks which have Arjun, a 5th year devotee says that this year’s book
been taken for our KC. If we don’t represent distribution is ecstatic, books were going like water.
properly, we can become yoga nastah. Mani Kumar, a second year devotee confident of
Bh Mayank Bhasin (Bhisma YOGA) Gaur Nitai’s mercy has got the 1st book distribution
Qualities of a Krishna Conscious Leader- experience. Siddhartha is excited about discovering
HG Krishna Smaran Pr (28th July ‘07) “The Damodar Acharya” style. According to this,
he would enter a student room and welcomes the
A KC leader inspires fearlessness and compassion
junior to IIT and enquires about his well-being.
in the hearts of all living entities. We need to
Then he interviews the person about the
become malleable to the desires of Krishna and
inauguration lecture given by the Director Prof.
devotees. If we recognize our spiritual poverty then
Damodar Acharya. When the person next quotes the
Krishna’s mercy flows. Prabhji was mentioning that
director saying how it is very important for each of
we may be planning big, big things, but if suddenly
us to develop an all-round personality, then
needs to change, we should be ready to change.
Siddhartha adds how he is a part of a youth group
He was explaining in his own life, he is always
with the same ambition and that we scientifically
working with his heart and not satisfied with
study Vedic truths to apply it practically on our
external things. As per SB 1.8.41, – the leader
daily lives to make technocrats, leaders like you and
needs to be very broad minded. A good leader is
me to make a notable impact on the society. Having
always able to find right engagements for followers
said this he wouldn’t find any difficulty in
to contemplate. Unless mind is engaged, one will be
a circumstantial devotee, not a substantial devotee. distributing at least one book to that person. He and
He tells to his students - when you go home from also Chirag have created the record of distributing
college, you can see whether you are a 12 books in a single room. ShivShankar, was
circumstantial or substantial devotee. provoked by an atheist but he intelligently answered
Answering a question of student he mentioned GROUP DYS SM SS YSJ Total
unless one is in touch with Guru and Krishna, he Satyadarshi 25 9 11 1 46
won’t be able to do the right thing at right moment. Ashish G 51 27 16 0 94
We need to be accountable at a very deep level. Sandesh 30 19 15 0 64
That accountability will come, only when we Arjun R 48 23 30 39 139
receive heartily the love that they are offering to us. Pavan VSK 38 24 24 4 90
Also opening our heart to Holy Name is very Ashish Agrawal Sr 55 24 18 0 97
TOTAL 247 126 114 43 530
important. That’s very integrally related to how we
are related to those who are giving to Holy Name. all the questions. Vivek has initially accompanied
He concluded with saying if you face setbacks in Satyadarshi to witness how Satyadarshi has
trusting, do not withdraw the trust but put it at a distributed books to 4 students all in a room just by
more suitable level. Also understand that Krishna is his sweet disposition. What awaits us is the
training us for future bigger problem. historical event of conducting sessions.
Bh Ankur Gupta (Murlidhar VOICE) - Bh Siddharth (IIT Kharagpur VOICE)

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare | 3

Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare ||
Vedic Oasis for Inspiration Culture and Education

Upcoming events-Mayapur Yatra Special

Yatra Dates: Monday 5th Nov ‘07 to Friday 16th Nov ‘07
Last date for registration: 1st Sept ‘07

Yatra Charges: 4000/- (Includes Registration, Traveling, Prasadam & Accommodation)

For more details contact Overall Co-ordinator of your VOICE/YOGA.

Those who are not connected to any YOGA/VOICE can kindly contact HG Gopalchampu Das on (Mobile-09325070111)
Sr.No Name Of Event Date Time
1 Preachers and Mangers Forum Meeting 12 Aug 7:30 am to 9:00 am
2 5th Saturday Youth Meeting By HG Syamrupa Das 11 Aug 7 :00pm to 9:00pm
on “Overcoming Inferiority Complex”

Hare Krishna to you…Birthday Celebrations

Sr. No Name Of Devotee Birth date VOICE / YOGA

1 Dikshit 6th Aug Krishnagatipur
2 Aditya Kurve 9th Aug Atmanivedana
3 Harish Batana 10 Aug Krishnagatipur
4 Praveen S 13 Aug Krishnagatipur
5 Chiranjeev 17 Aug Krishnagatipur
6 Mohan S Arora 19 Aug Bhishma
7 Anuj Srivastava 20 Aug Krishnagatipur

“Arpan” for NVCC……

Sr. No No of Sq feet VOICE/YOGA
1 202 Atmanivedan
2 128 Mithila
3 111 Vrindavan
4 62 Murlidhar
5 34 Karunasindhu
6 10 Hrishikesh
7 06 Chennai
8 01 Bhisma

-Compiled by Bh Rajshekhar (Murlidhar VOICE)

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Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare | 4

Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare ||