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Dear Friends, You are welcome to the world of Growel Agrovet Private Limited, let us allow to brief you all about Growel Agrovet Private Limited. Introduction of Growel The head office as well as manufacturing unit of Growel Agrovet is in Banglore. Growel Agovet is a Private Limited company registered as per the company's act. All Growel products are certified with GMP and ISO 9001-2008 which itself is a stamp of quality. Growel has more than 100 formulations. Mission of Growel The prime purpose of Growel Agovet Private Limited is to benefit poultry and cattle farmers, make them prosper, and impart right information about poultry and cattle farming. Due to the quality of Growel medicine, the output increases immediately, the birds and animals get healthy, better F.C.R. is achieved, and there is no doubt about infection and diseases by the use of the highest quality medicine of Growel. All the medicines of Growel are multi purpose. That means only one medicine can be used for various diseases and for the need of various nutritious ingredients. All theses result in good saving on the expense of medicines by farmers, they get better effect of medicines, and their income grows up by the use of the highest quality medicine of Growel. Comparison of Growel Growel medicines are of the highest quality in India. If you compare the effect of the medicines and compositions of Growel with any other medicines, you will find that the compositions of Growel medicines are at least one and half times or two times higher than those of other medicines in terms of quality & quantity. The Quality of Growel The effect of the unique medicines of Growel Agrovet Pvt. Ltd. is visible in only five to six days. On feeding the unique mixture of multi vitamin and calcium to cows and buffalos increases the milk quantity at least by half liter to one liter in the morning and half liter to one liter in the evening in just four to five days. The Amino Power of Growel acts as a safety to prevent diseases and compliments the deficiency of any nutritious ingredients. Amino Power is a unique feed supplement of altogether forty six ingredients of multi vitamins, amino acids and minerals. Amino Power increases weight, decreases the gravity of infections of diseases, increases the strength of anti bodies, Growel' effective composition of B-Complex, Multi Vitamins, Liver Tonic, and Calcium is most effective in India. Growel' one medicine composition is equivalent to others' composition of three or four medicines. The Commitment of Growel Whatever product we sell is very trustworthy and is of highest quality. To start with, you try with a small pack to see its effect of medicine, if you get the desired effect then only you buy in big quantity. You think yourself who talks about the highest quality, the result, and emphasis to use it second time only when you get the desired result. At the end, we commit that we, at Growel, will act according to your belief. Kindly try our medicines once and let us know your experience. To know more about profitable cattle & poultry farming please do visit our We b s i t e w w w. g r o w e l a g r o v e t . c o m a n d Fa c e b o o k Pa g e regularly . Thanking You!

Growel Agrovet Private Limited

Golden Rules of Poultry Farming From Growel.

1. Always buy well examined chicks of high quality of one brand. Always feed high quality medicines of a branded company. Always feed medicine which gives result. Remember that all medicines, all feeds and all chicks are not alike. A good quality of medicines, feeds and chicks can give you profit in lacs and a bad quality of the same can incur loss as well. Insist on high quality of medicines, feeds and chicks in stead of price. There is only 10% to 15 % difference in price between a high quality and low quality medicines, feeds and chicks. But the difference in profit ranges from 50% to 100% on use of high quality medicines, feeds and chicks. Kindly give due attention on cleanliness of Poultry Farm, Water and Feeder Drinker as dirtiness invites diseases. Bring new chicks only after cleaning and spraying disinfectant inside and outside of the farm. The arrangement of washing feet is necessary at the place of entry in the farm. Occasional spray of disinfectant inside as well as outside of the farm is essential which saves the farm from diseased bacteria and insects and kills them as well and prevents them from spreading. Destroy the dead chicks and empty bottle of vaccine. Dont go straight to the farm after returning from chicken market. Keep the vehicle of chicken market away from your farm. Always go to your farm and dont visit anothers farm. Dont invite guests, outside animals and birds to your Farm. Water is Life for chickens. Always mix / pour Aquacure into drinking water which prevents diseased bacteria, virus, microplasma, kawak and protogoa and keeps the water pure. Keep proper number of Feeder Drinker according to the age and numbers of chicken. Diverse breed of chicks of different age group at one place invite diseases. Follow the Rules of All In All - Out. Properly follow the prescribed vaccination. Always keep the vaccine in a cool place. Before vaccination, keep the vaccine tools in boiling water for some time. Dont vaccinate the sick chicks. Always vaccinate at a cool time in a day. Follow the instructions given on the label of the bottle while vaccination and give full dose of vaccine. Give medicine in right method and on right time, if you do not follow this, the effect of the medicine goes down. The medicine which is given at a particular age, give it at that particular age only. Follow the instructions written on the label of the bottle or booklet. Keep the quantity of water in medicine that much only which can be fully drunk by the chickens. Whichever brand of medicine you give, judge the effect of that medicine whether it is effective or not. Be alert when you observe decrease in energy and food intake in chicken and call our representative immediately.







Amino Power
A Combination of Powerful Amino Acids, Vitamins, Trace Minerals with Peptides & Nucleotides.
Composition : Each 100 ml contains
Peptides Nucleotides VITAMINS Vitamin A Vitamin D3 Vitamin E Vitamin K3 Vitamin B6 Vitamin B2 Vitamin B1 Pantothenic Acid Vitamin B12 Choline Biotin Folic Acid Niacin Amide Vitamin C Inositol AMINO ACIDS Methionine Lysine Histidine Arginine Aspartic Acid Threonine : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : 200 200 280000 58000 427.5 28.7 212 417.5 375.5 1530 1.5 49.8 0.2 0.2 1066.7 627.5 0.2 785.5 399.6 105 156.6 805.5 304.3 mg mg IU IU mg mg mg mg mg mg mg mg mg mg mg mg mg mg mg mg mg mg mg Serine Glutamic Acid Proline Glycine Alanine Cystine Valine Leucine Isoleucine Tyrosine Phenylalanine Tryptophan Lactic acid bacillus Yeast Extract TRACE MINERALS Sodium Chloride Manganese Sulphate Magnesium Sulphate Sodium Bicarbonate Calcium Hyphophasphate Copper Sulphate Potassium Chlorid Selenium Sodium Citrate : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : 317.5 478 96.1 712.5 235.2 99.5 215.9 355.6 225.5 295.3 211.3 54.8 5526555 600 153.8 124.9 65.7 124.5 40.9 150 101.5 50.2 161 mg mg mg mg mg mg mg mg mg mg mg mg cfu mg mg mg mg mg mg mg mg mg mg


l l l l l l l l l l l l l

A super & powerful tonic for faster & healthy growth ,diseases resistance, immunity building in poultry & cattle . A complete tonic with Vitamins, Amino Acids & Minerals. For correction of Vitamin ,Protein & Minerals nutritional disorders . Prevents early chicks mortality & infections . For peak production, for egg mass, body weight and fertility. It Improves egg production and overcome stress & mineral deficiency. As an Instant energy booster after any stress & diseases. It improves FCR & lowered feed cost. For making DNA & RNA. and to maintain metabolism & health of the body cells. It is very useful for better intestinal microflora management. For the faster & healthy growth of Poultry,Calf, Goat & Dog. Increases milk production & quality of milk. Highly recommended tonic by veterinarian for poultry & cattle.

Broilers : 10-15 ml per 100 birds. Layers : 15-20 ml per 100 birds. Breeders : 15-20 ml per 100 birds. Cow, Buffalo & Calf : 50 ml daily in the morning & evening. Goat & Dog: 20 ml daily in the morning & evening. Should be given daily for 10 days. every month or as recommended by veterinarian. PACKING : 500 m.l., 1 ltr.

Growvit Power
Powerful Vitamin Supplements
COMPOSITION : Each 5 ml contains:
Vitamin A Vitamin D3 Vitamin E Vitamin C Vitamin B12 Selenium Biotin Lysine Choline Chloride Methionine : : : : : : : : : : 250000 IU 30000 IU 150000 IU 500 mg 100 mcg 50 ppm 25 mcg 7.5 mg 50 mcg 50 mg


l l l l

For weight gain and faster growth of poultry & cattle. It is beneficial in crazy chick's disease . Helpful for hatchability, fertility & egg production in poultry . Maintains overall health, help in healthy pregnancy improve fertility & milk production of cattle. Should be given for immunity building & fighting for disease in poultry & cattle. It should be given during any kind of stress in livestock.

Chicks : 5 ml per 100 birds. Broilers & Growers : 7 ml per 100 birds Layers : 10 ml per 100 birds. Cows & Buffalos: 10 ml daily. Small Animals : 5 ml daily. Dogs & Cats : 2-3 ml daily. Should be given daily for 7 to 10 days, every month or as recommended by veterinarian. PACKING : 100 m.l., 500 m.l., 1 ltr.

Grow B-Plex
Water Soluble B-Complex with Vitamin E
Composition : Each 5 ml contains
Vitamin B1 Vitamin B2 Vitamin B6 Vitamin B12 Vitamin C Vitamin E Methionine Lysine Niacinamide Calcium Pantothenate : : : : : : : : : : 10 3 2 200 200 100 20 30 80 3 mg mg mg mcg mg mg mg mg mg mg Biotin Choline Chloride Iron Copper Cobalt Manganese Iodine Magnesium Zinc Molybdenum Selenium : : : : : : : : : : : 30 20 400 3 5 200 10 60 70 4 1000 mcg mg ppm ppm ppm ppm ppm ppm ppm ppm ppm


l l l l l l l l l l

Stimulates natural immunity & protects liver & kidney. Prevent leg weakness, fatty lever syndrome & emaciation (loss of fat tissue) in poultry. It improves growth and production & brings vitality back in animals and birds. Improve poor feathering and nervous disorders. Improve egg production, egg weight & egg quality. Improve hatchability & reduce mortality. Prevent embryonal malformations & death of embryos in the shell. Improves fertility, hatchability in female breeder. Improves semen quality in male breeder Improves carcass quality.

For 100 Birds : Chicks : 5-6 ml. daily. Growers and Broilers : 8-10 ml. daily. Layers and Breeders : 10-15 ml. daily. Cow, Buffalo and Horse : 30-40 ml. daily. Goat, Dog and Calf : 10 ml, per day. Should be given daily for 7 to 10 days, every month or as recommended by veterinarian. PACKING : 1 ltr. 5 ltr.

asu TO (suU OlM)
Double Power Liver Tonic
Composition : Each 10 ml contains
Tricholine Citrate : 1500 mg Protein Hydrolysate : 100 mg Vitamin B12 : 4 mcg Inositol : 10 mg Methyl Donors : 66 mg Selenium : 7 mcg Vitamin E : 20 mg Biotin : 6 mcg Base enriched with liver stimulants- q.s.


l l l l l l l l l l

A powerful liver tonic for quick recovery of hepatic disorders & diseases for livestock. Stimulates the function of kidneys in maintaining water salt equilibrium. Reduce incidence of Gout, Leechi and Ascites. To improve egg production, hatchability and weight gain. It is working as a supportive therapy in hepatic dysfunction due to hepatic disease i.e. Aflatoxins, Mycotoxins, Lipidosis , Fatty Liver Syndrome. etc. For the treatment of liver dysfunction due to parasitic diseases. For the treatment of Diarrhea or Constipation . To improve cattle feed intake ,milk production and milk fat percentage. To improve growth and livability in livestock and poultry. It improve feed conversion ratio (FCR).

Broilers : 8-10 ml for 100 birds Layers: 10-15 ml for 100 birds. Breeders : 25-30 ml for 100 birds. Cow, Buffalo & Horse : 30-50 ml each animal per day. Calves : 20-30 ml each animal per day. Sheep, Goat & Dog : 10-15 ml each animal per day Should be given daily for 7 to 10 days, every month or as recommended by veterinarian. PACKING : 500 m.l., 1 ltr.

a-Ms Q 3
Calcium with Zinc & Magnesium
Composition : Each 100 ml contains
Organic Calcium Vitamin D3 Vitamin B12 Carbohydrate Phosphorus Zinc Magnesium : : : : : : : 1650 8000 100 40000 850 90 300 mg I.U. mcg mg mg mg mg


l l l l l l l l

Increases milk production & optimizes fat level in milk. Improves skeletal and muscular strength. Prevents milk fever and rickets. Increases disease resistance & heals any cuts & wounds quickly. Improves overall growth & hatchability in broilers, breeders & layers. Improves egg production and egg shell strength. Prevent leg weakness in broilers, breeders & layers. Making stronger bones & prevent bones related disease.

Cow, Buffalo and Horse : 50 - 75 ml daily. Calf, Foal and Pig : 20 - 25 ml daily. Sheep, Goat and Dog : 5-10 ml daily . For 100 Birds : Growers and Broilers : 20 ml. daily. Layers and Breeders : 30 to 40 ml. daily. Should be given daily for 7 to 10 days, every month or as recommended by veterinarian. PACKING : 1 ltr. 5 ltr.

GROWlive care
(liver tonic)
(suU OlM)
Vitamins, Amino Acids, Probiotics, Liver Stimulants.
Composition : Each 100 ml contains
Vitamin B1 : 4 Vitamin B12 : 3.5 Liver Extract : 175 Choline Chloride : 3000 Niacin : 30 D-Panthenol : 3 Inositol : 30 Ascorbic Acid : 10 SaccharomycesCerevisiae SC47 : 2,5000 Alfa Amylase : 1500 Papain : 1500 Protein Hydrolysate : 50 Biotin : 2.5 mg mcg mg mg mg mg mg mg million cfu mcg mcg mg mcg



l l l l l l l Provide additional nutrients in the form of Alfa Amylase, Papain, Protein Hydrolysate & Biotin. Helps in liver regeneration. Appetizer to stimulate feed intake in animals. Protects liver from effect of toxins. Supportive medication in toxic condition, fatty liver condition and other hepatic disorders. As general liver tonic to use regularly to enhance liver & kidney functioning. Improves FCR and weight gain.

Poultry - 20-25 ml for 100 birds. Cow, Buffalo and Horse : 50 ml each animal day. Calves : 30 ml each animal day. Sheep or Goat : 20 ml each animal day or as recommended by the veterinarian. PACKING : 1 ltr. 5 ltr.

Growvit - a
auO - L
Vitamin A Liquid Supplement.
Composition : Each 1 ml contains
Vitamin A : 100,000 I.U.



Prevent from skeletal malformations; retarded growth, reproductive failure. It is essential to ensure good growth, disease resistance & to improve fertility. In poultry Vitamin A deficiency causes them to be depressed and lethargic, the feathers will be ragged and of poor quality and eye infections are common. Prevent Vitamin A deficiency diseases i.e. wheezing, sneezing, nostrils blocked with crusts, swollen eyes (sometimes with discharge),loss of appetite, diarrhea, weight loss, slimy mouth, tail bobbing, dullness of feather color, listlessness, depression. Treat disorders related with reproductive, digestive or respiratory system. Vitamin A prevents cows abort, drop dead or weak calves .

For 100 Birds : Chicks : 5 ml. daily. Growers and Broilers : 8-10 ml. daily. Layers and Breeders : 5-10 ml. daily. Cow and Buffalo : 10 ml. daily Should be given daily for 7 to 10 days, every month or as recommended by veterinarian PACKING : 100 m.l., 500 m.l., 1 ltr.

A Powerful & Highly Effective Water Sanitizer

Composition :
BKC Solution (Benzalkonium Chloride I.P) 18% V/V Citric Acid I.P 24% W/V Inert Ingredients qs


Eliminate the disease causing pathogens viz., bacteria, virus, mycoplasma, fungi and protozoa. l Sanitize drinking water. l Keeping farm and hatchery hygienic. l Works as a broad spectrum of activity as disinfectant. l Works as a broad spectrum of activity as a water sanitizer. l Ensures safety - Non corrosive. l Ensures safety even in presence of birds. l Best acidifier,can be used even in presence of birds. l Removes scales, mineral deposits, junk & slime from water pipes, descale water lines. l Removes all dirt deposits & keeps water clean & neat.

For Water Sanitation & Acidifier: 1-2 ml in 20 liter of water. For Disinfection & Descaling : 10-20 ml. per liter of water Should be used regularly. PACKING : 1 ltr.

Double Action Anti Bacterial & Infection Treatment
Composition : Each 10 gram contains
Neomycin Sulphate IP Oxytetracycline HCL IP Vitamin A Vitamin B12 Vitamin B5 Vitamin E Vitamin B2 Vitamin B1 Vitamin D3 550.6 550.7 11000 44 0.0359 3.3 0.0176 88.1 2.200 mg mg IU mcg gm IU gm mg IU

INDICATION & BENEFITS : For Poultry : To prevent and treat Coryza, C.R.D., E.Coli, Fowl Cholera, B.W.D. l l To prevent Early Chick Mortality (ECM) &| other bacterial diseases. l To prevent mixed infections. l To treat non-specific diarrhea. For Cattles: l Broad spectrum high potency antibiotic for RI, GI, UTI of gram positive and gram negative origin including certain fungi and protozoa infections.

DOSAGE : For 100 Birds l For the prevention of Early Chick Mortality : 1 gm in 2 liter of water, l For treatment of ECM, Salmonellosis, Fowl Typhoid & NE : 1 gm in 1 liter of water. l For acute infection, dose should be doubled. For Cattles : l 10-15 Mg. Per Kg. of body weight. PACKING : 50 gm, 100 gm

LsYOs Lle
For Instant Energy & Remedy for Heat Stress
Composition : Each 100 grams contains:
Sodium Chloride Potassium Chloride Glycine Manganese Sulphate Magnesium Sulphate Calcium Lactate Sodium Bicarbonate Sodium Citrate Vitamin C Calcium Hypophosphate Lactobacillus Acidophilus In Instant Energy Base : : : : : : : : : : : : 1.5 gm 5.0 gm 3.5 gm 6.5 gm 1.7 gm 1.5 gm 1.0 gm 2.5 gm 1.2 gm 0.8 3500x108 q.s.


Allows to combat any stress. Prevents dehydration. Provides ready source of energy. Improves immunity. Enhances intestinal microflora depleted due to heat stress Maintains calcium-magnesium level, essential for egg shell formation Prevents mortality due to heat stress. Maintains performance and production. Must be given in diarrhea to prevent dehydration.

For Poultry: For 100 birds : 1 gm in 2 to 4 liter of water or 250 gm per ton feed For Cattle: 10 - 20 gm per animal per day. Dosages should be doubled in the condition of severe diarrhea & dehydration.

PACKING : 250 gm, 500 gm

GROW E-sel
Vitamin E Feed Supplement Fortified with Selenium.
Composition : Each 200 gram contains:
Vitamin E Selenium Inert Carrier : : 20 gm 200 mg q.s.


l l l l l l l l l l l l

It treat Crazy Chick Disease, Exudative Diathesis & Muscular Dystrophy. To reduce incidence of ascites and sudden death syndrome in broilers. To reduce leg weakness syndrome in broiler. For immunity building & protecting against various viral disease & Coccidiosis . To improve fertility and hatchability and to overcome the stress of deworming, vaccination and debeaking. Increase egg production, highly recommended for layers & breeders. It is vital for immunity & reproduction. Improve weight gain & FCR. Improve milk quality and prevent white muscle disease. Supportive therapy in milk fever and prolapse. For faster growth and proper bone formation. To prevent night blindness, xerophthalmia, keratomalacia, dermatological diseases, rickets, osteomalacia, stunted growth and muscular dystrophy. Prevent stiffness in lambs and calves.

Broilers/Breeders/Layers : 10 gm. for 100 birds through water or 100-150 gm. per ton of feed. Should be given daily for 7 to 10 days, every month or as recommended by veterinarian. Cattles:10 to 25 gm. per head.

Ultimate Remedy of Gout
Composition : Anti gout compounds with urine acidifiers INDICATION & BENEFITS :
l l l l l l

aEO xU

Prevent visceral and articular gout. Prevent mortality of chicks due to gout. Helps in the excretion of uric acid. Prevents accumulation of uric acid in the body. Removes excess fluids from the body. Prevents formation of stones.

DOSAGE : For 100 Birds:

1st Week 1 gm. in 2-3 ltr of water . 2nd week 1.5 gm. in 7-8 ltr of water . 3rd week 2 gm. in 12-14 ltr of water . 4th week 2-3 gm in 18-22 ltr of water . or 2-3 mg per kg. bird's body weight till the time the bird is recovered from gout. or as recommended by veterinarian.

PACKING : 100 gm

Economical Benefits of Using Growel Products on 1000 Birds. 1. In general condition, you are getting extra weight gain of 150 gm to 200 gm per bird if you are using Growel medicine. So, if you are getting extra weight gain of 200 gm on one bird then at 1000 birds you will get extra weight gain of 1000 Birds x 200 gm = Total weight gain of 200000 gm. The weight gain in kg is 200000/1000=200 Kg. So your extra profit from weight gain is 200 Kg x Rs. 75.00 = Rs.15,000.00 ( Fifteen Thousand ). Growel medicine is strengthening immunity in birds and animals, due to this, birds and animals are not suffering from any diseases and infections and they become healthy. If birds and animals are healthy, then there is no need to give them any antibiotics and you save their expenses on antibiotic medicines on per bird at the rate of Rs. 2.00.So your profit from saving on antibiotics is Rs. 2.00 per bird x 1000 birds= Rs.2,000.00 (Two Thousand) In poultry farming, 60 % of amount is spent on feed. After using Growel medicine, you get better FCR (Feed Conversion Ratio) and save 25 % on feed. You save Rs. 15.00 per bird on feed and your saving on 1000 birds is Rs.15.00 x 1000 birds=Total saving on consumption feed is Rs. 15000.00 (Fifteen Thousand ). In general condition, 10% to 20 % chicks die. But, on using Growel, the chicks do not get affected by any diseases and they do not die. Your expense on chicks do not go waste. You spend money on buying chicks, then you spend on feeding, medicine and their upkeep etc. Finally, minimum per chick costs you Rs.30 .00 but once you use Growel medicine, chicks mortality rate is 0 (Zero) because they dont suffer from any kind of stress, infection and disease and finally you save per bird Rs. 30.00 x 100 birds = Rs. 3,000.00 . So you save Rs. 3,000.00 (Three Thousand) due to reduced morality rate on birds.



Please believe us and only once you use our medicines and see the result, your profits would be in lacs of your poultry farming business.

Growel's Guaranteed Milk Boosting Formula

Growel's unique milk boosting formula increases milk output of cows, buffaloes & goats by a minimum of 0.5 Litre to 1 Litre in the morning & evening sessions. Moreover, there are many additional benefits to all the livestock including cows/buffaloes/goats, which are mentioned below: Maintains overall health of animals. Improves skeletal and muscular strength. Helps in healthy pregnancy and improved fertility. Prevents milk fever, rickets and optimizes fat level in milk. Increases disease resistance and heals any wounds or cuts faster. Formula dosage : Make a mixture of 1 Ltr. Grow Cal D-3 & 100 ml Growvit Power and Feed 100 ml mixture to Cows, Buffaloes & Goats every morning for the next eleven days. You will see the difference from the 4th day onwards. Yes, we are giving guarantee of increased milk production and added benefits. To trust our time tested claims, please try our formula once and you will be testimonial to the quality of our medicines. This product is in market since twelve years and has recorded the fastest growth in this category and is endorsed nationally and internationally by the caring milk producers and livestock owners.

Growcal D 1 ltr

Growvit Power 100 ml

= Growel's Guranteed Milk Boosting Formula

Due to Growel' products my profitability multiply and from one cow, I have herd of cow.

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