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A Concise CouRSE BARRY SPAIN Tensor Calculus Recs oa 0 0 Dover 0-486-47831-1 = DOVER BOOKS ON MATHEMATICS HaNnaook oF MaTHewancal Fuscnons, Milton Abramowitz and Irene A. Stegun. (612724) Texsor ANaLysis ox MaNiFoLbs, Richard L. Bishop and Samuel I. Goldberg. (64039-6) ‘TABLES oF INDEFINITE INTEGRALS, G, Petit Bois. (6025-7) VECTOR AND TENSOR ANALYSIS WiTH Arfuicatioss, A. 1. Borisenko and 1. E. ‘Tarapov. (63833-2) Tue History oF THE Catcuttis ano Its Coxcertual Deverorment, Carl B. Boyer. (60509-4) Tue Quatitanive. THeorY OF ORDINARY DIFFERENTIAL Equarioss: AN IntopceTion, Fred Brauer and John A. Noel. (65846-5) ALorruss For Mesisizanion Wrriour Derivatives, Richard P. Brent. (419983) PriNcipLes OF Stanistics, M. G. Bulmer. (63760-3) ‘Tue: THeory OF Srixors, Elle Cartan. (64070-1) Apvancep Numner Turory, Harvey Cohn. (64023-X) Starisrics Manual, Edwin L. Crow, Francis Davis, and Margaret Maxfield. (60599-X) FourtER Series AND Orrilogonat, Functions, Harry F. Davis. (65973-9) Computasitity ap U: vapiury, Martin Davis. (61 9) Asysptotic Merions in Analysts, N, G, de Bruijn. (64221-6) Proptess is Group Turory, John D, Dixon, (61574-X), ‘Tur, Maruestanics oF Gases or Srratrcy, Melvin Dresher, (64216-X) APPLIED PARTIAL DIFFERENTIAL Equations, Paul DuChateau and David Zachman, (41976-2) Asyaptotic Expansions, A. Erdélyi. (60318-0) ‘Comptex Varianies: HarMonic AND ANALYTIC Fuxctioss, Francis J. Flanigan. (61388-7) ‘ON FORMALLY UnbECIDABLE ProrosiTions OF Principts Marit Systems, Kurt Géclel, (66980-7) A History or Greek Mariemarics, Sir Thomas Heath. (24073-8, 24074-6) Two-volume set Pronawiury: ELements of Tue Maruesarical Turory, C. R. Heathcote. 1149-4), ATICA AND RELATED IntropucTion To Numericat ANALYSIS, Francis B. Hildebrand. (6 Metiops oF Aprugb Matiemanics, Fi B. Hildebrand, (67002-3) Tovrorosy, John G, Hocking and Gall S. Young. (65676-4) ‘Marnesiarics ax Logic, Mark Kac and Stanislaw M. Ulam. (67085-6) “MATHEMATICAL FOUNDATIONS OF INFORMATION Tukory, A. 1. Khinchin. (60434-9) Anrrumetic Rerresti€r, A. Albert Klaf. (21241-6) Catcutus Rerresner, A. Albert Klaf. (20370-0) (continued on back flap) Tensor Calculus A Concise Course BARRY SPAIN “This book will prove to be a good introduction, both for the physicist who wishes to make applications and for the mathematician who prefers to have a short survey before taking up one of the more voluminous textbooks on differential geometry."—MathSciNet (Mathematical Reviews on the Web), American Mathematical Society A compact exposition of the fundamental results in the theory of tensors, this text also illustrates the power of the tensor technique by its applications to differential geometry, elasticity, and relativity. The first five chapters—Tensor Algebra, The Line Element, Covariant ifferentiation, Geodesics and Parallelism, and Curvature ‘Tensor— develop their subjects without undue rigor. The remaining three chapters, which can be read independently of each other, are Euclidean Three-Dimensional_Difierential Geometry, Cartesian Tensors and Elasticity, and the Theory of Relativity. Both special and general theories of relativity are reviewed, with introductory material for readers unfamiliar with the concepts. Dover (2003) unabridged republication of Teasor Calculus, published by Interscience Publishers, New York, 1960. Bibliography. Index. i+ 125 pp. 5°/ x 8/2, Paperbound, ALSO AVAILABLE ‘Texsok CALCULUS, J. L. Synge and A. Schild. 324pp. 5%) x 84 63612-7 ‘THE AbsoLUTE DIFFERENTIAL CaucuLus (CALCULUS oF TENSORS), Tullio Levi-Civita. 452pp. 5's x 8, 63401-9 “TENSORS, DIFFERENTIAL FORMS, AND VARIATIONAL PRINCIPLES, David Lovelock and Hanno Rund, 384pp. 5% x 8%. 65840-6 For current price information write to Dover Publications, or log on to—and see every Dover book in print. Free Dover Mathematics and nce Catalog (59065-8) ISBN O-48b-42631-1 available upon request. 90000 8 $ 8.95 IN USA $14.95 IN CANADA oli7g0usels 283 14 sabuaw -y yer fiq ubjsap san03