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CISUG (Chemical Industry SAP User Group) Industry Day May 13, 1:00-5:00pm Hilton Orlando


1:00p.m. - 1:45p.m. 1:45p.m. - 2:30p.m. 2:30p.m. - 2:45p.m. 2:45p.m. - 3:45p.m.

SAP Chemical Industry Template for Rapid ERP Implementations SAP Solution Preassembly The Fastest Way to Consume IT Innovation Break Customer Experience - Rapid Deployments in the Chemical Industry

3:45p.m. - 4:15p.m. 4:15p.m. - 5:00p.m. 5:00p.m. - 6:00p.m.

Rapid Deployments in the Cloud The Chemical Industry Goes Cloud - Accelerate Time to Value Networking Reception Hilton Orlando, Davids Club

SAP Chemical Industry Template for Rapid ERP Implementations

Frank Kochendoerfer, SAP IBU Chemicals Hanuma Rupakula, SAP Solution Assembly and Knowledge Packaging



SAP Best Practices for Chemicals / EHSM
Preconfigured Industry Templates

Partner Packaged Services
Implementation Services

Available from SAP and qualified partners


User groups

Chemical clients

Industry Surveys

SAP Best Practices for Chemicals/EHSM

Preconfigured Industry Templates

Industry Analysts

SAP Industry Expertise

Partner Expertise


SAP Best Practices for Chemicals SAP Best Practices for Chemicals is based on SAP ERP 6.0, Enhancement Package 5

Support of 95 (83 Chemicals, 12 EHSM) industry-specific scenarios

Delivered as technical objects - eCATTs and BC sets

Includes installation tools, such as

Solution Builder Chart of Accounts conversion tool Data migration tools and templates

SAP Best Practices for Chemicals supports the Value Chain
1.Market-oriented planning
Sales planning Capacity planning Planned independent requirements MRP

2.Product development
Recipe management Customer collaboration Quality management Regulatory Compliance

3. Procurement
Procurement of stock materials Procurement via import Quality certificates check at goods receipt

6. Financials and Controlling

Financial accounting Management accounting Corporate governance Financial analytics

5. Sales and distribution

Sales order processing Returns processing Third-party order processing Tank trailer processing Consignment processing Integration of Environment, Health & Safety

4. Manufacturing
Continuous production Batch production Batch number assignment Batch determination XML-based PI sheet


RFQ/quotation Purchase requisitions Purchase order Goods receipt (with QM) Invoice verification Procurement of stock materials Procurement of external services

Manufacturing Planning
Flexible planning Planned independent requirements Supply and demand planning Capacity planning MRP run


Warehouse Management
Full WM Production supply areas Vendor managed inventory (VMI)

Batch Management
Classification Automatic batch number generation FEFO batch determination Batch derivation (from bulk to finished)

Work-in-process (WIP) batch Process order with Co-product and QM Continuous production for bulk (rate routing) Discontinuous production for filling Process order creation Process order confirmation Special batch number assignment Paperless production (PI sheet) Internal and external subcontracting SAP ODA (alerts and events) Subcontracting (internal and external)


Product Development

Business Network Transformation


Internal Order R&D Planning (177) Internal Order R&D - Actual (185)

Supply Chain Product Development Manufacturing Procurement Human Resources Sales


Finance Information Technology

Quotation for Procurement (128) Consumable Purchasing (129) Procurement without QM (130) Procurement Contract (133) Return to Vendor (136) Procurement and Consumption of Consigned Inventory (139) Procurement of Batch-Managed Stock Materials (901) Procurement of Warehouse-Managed Stock Materials (902) Procurement of Pipeline Materials (903) Procurement of External Services (904) Quality Management in Procurement (905)

Supply Chain

Lean Warehouse Management (124) Stock Transfer with Delivery (134) Stock Transfer without Delivery (135) Physical Inventory / Inventory Count and Adjustment (137) SAP ERP Reports for Logistics (222) Supply and Demand Planning (900) Tank Trailer Filling (919) Outbound Logistics (923) Totes Handling (927) Vendor Managed Inventory (928)

Stock Handling: Scrap and Blocked Stock (131) Time Recording (211) Overhaul Management (886) Refurbishment Management (887) Work Clearance Management (888) Bulk Manufacturing (without PI Sheet) (907) Bulk Manufacturing (with PI Sheet and SAP ODA Integration) (908) Make-to-Stock (Process Industry) with Warehouse Management (909) Make to Order (Process Industry) (910) Multiple Product Campaign Run including MQC (911) Active Ingredient Processing (912) Blending (913) Repackaging (914) Relabeling (915) Storage Tank Management (916) Subcontracting (External) (918) Operational Maintenance (929) Preventive Maintenance (930) Investment Management in Plant Maintenance (932) Engineering Change Management (934) Subcontracting (Internal) (973) Repetitive Manufacturing with QM (992) Process Order with Co-Product and QM (993) Work-in-Process (WIP) Batch (996)

Traditional Project
Project Prep Blueprint

Traditional Project Realization

Final Prep

Go Live & Support

Implementation with Best Practices

Implementation Project Prep Gap Analysis

with SAP Best Practices Realization Final Prep

Go Live & Support

Avg. 32% Savings*

30% savings 50% savings

40% savings
20% savings Project timeline 20% savings

* Note: average savings compared to classic from scratch implementations, based on a 2007 survey of SAP partners and customers


Technical Design of SAP Best Practices


BC set

Baseline Scenario BB
Core, BP-CH, etc.


eCATTs, BC sets, programs, etc.


Building Blocks
(one or more processes)


Identification of processes

To run these processes, certain objects are needed

These objects are components of building blocks

Processes (components) can be grouped into building blocks

Building blocks can be grouped into core and industry building blocks

A solution is an assembly of building blocks

Layer Concept
Partner expertise

Partner added value


SAP Best Practices for Chemicals


Industry Industry content layer

Building blocks: encapsulated business processes or functionality

Encapsulated country core layer (can be activated independently)

Country localization







. . .

. . .

Preconfigured content for integrated scenarios - International core layer

Baseline package

Organizational structure Financial accounting

Cost and profit center accounting Human resources

Production planning and control Project system

Sales and distribution Materials management

Quality management
Customer service and plant maintenance





Whats coming in Best practices for Baseline V1.607 Controlling Finance Sales and Distribution Materials Management

CO: Information on planned improvement

Master Data Maintenance

Time Dependent cost center Hierarchies Visualization of data slices on cost center Text maintenance in multiple languages

Cost Center and Project Planning

With this business function, SAP delivers a number of new queries and Web Dynpro application configurations that you can use to plan costs and activity inputs. Directly Integrated in ERP: It offer tight ERP integration reading master data and customizing settings from ERP and writing back to ERP tables Data Integration (no replication) BW planning engine is used to aggregate and disaggregate data and to support Baseline transaction which will be replace with new BW planning are KP06 (cost element planning on cost centers) and KP26 (activity price planning on cost centers). Covers Overall Planning (formerly transaction CJ40) and cost element planning (transaction CJR2, layout 1-701). Activity input planning (transaction CJR2, layout 1-702) and secondary order cost Planning (transaction CJR2, layout 1-704) and Easy Cost Planning

CO: Information on planned improvement

Simplified Reporting
Real time operational reporting to analyze financial data in SAP ERP. After this business function is implemented, customers can access and analyze their ERP data without a separate Business Warehouse (BW) system All new Planning and reporting is based on predefined content bundle delivered

FI: Information on planned improvement

FI-BL, Import and Post Processing of Electronic Bank Statement

You can automatically import and forward electronic bank statements to the SAP system, and quickly and comprehensively post process bank statement items that have not been posted direct in the system FI-BL, Importing and Post processing of the Electronic Bank Statement with new transaction FEB_BSPROC - New and improved look-and-feel from FEB_BSPROC compared to FEBA_BANK_STATEMENT - Mass upload of bank statements from more then one source - After upload bank statements can be dispatched to other systems - More user friendly and easier tools to do research and add payee notes

Add SEPA functionality to SAP Best Practices

Mandatory starting Feb 2014 for Germany, this mandatory as per regulation for payment procedure

Cash journal
(FBCJ transaction) is easy and handy tool for cash on hand management. Will depend on each country if they want to have this scenario

PP: Information on planned improvement

SAP Shopfloor Dispatching and Monitoring Tool in SAP ERP

The Shopfloor Dispatcher is a new detailed scheduling tool for the short-term horizon (sub-daily to two weeks Overview of planned manufacturing tasks per work center Easy and intuitive assignment of manufacturing tasks to machines via visualization of alternative machines, order and operation dates Visualization of production program for individual / all machines Monitoring functions such as confirmation progress, status of predecessor tasks, display of important due dates/times, machine breakdowns, overload situations, visualization of high-priority orders, alert monitor

Other topics:
Calculating the Best-Before-Date in Process Order Clear Remaining Batch Quantities Batch Selection and Follow-Up Actions in the Batch Information Cockpit (BIC)

Remove Configuration BB 223 (Configuration and Setup of Easy DMS) and relevant process steps in 210 from new Baseline

SD & MM: Information on planned improvement

SALES and DISTRIBUTION (SD): Add freight cost in the step of post goods issue instead of sales order creation/change Add Advanced Customer Returns to Baseline
There is a request to add the DM scenario #250 to the Baseline Master and by any chance replace the standard returns scenario #111

Materials Management (MM):

Raw Material Procurement Cockpit It supports a simplified procurement process that includes price negotiations and total required quantity distribution across various vendors. Sales Third-Party Process with Subcontracting Third-Party Sales Order process with Subcontracting, with direct shipment from the Subcontractor to the Customer. Current DM Scenario 252 demos similar process


Please remember to complete and return your evaluation form following this session. For ongoing education on this area of focus, visit SESSION CODE: 4601