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LET OUR PROFESSIONAL WEB SERVICES • Be on t op of c om pet i t i ve s

SHOW YOU WHAT WE CA N DO FOR YOUR • L ow c ost a dver t i si n g

BUSINESS TODAY.. • Mor e pr oduct ’ s i n for m a i t on

Advertising at
• In t era ct i ve Ma r ket i n g
gives businesses of any size access • Cr ea t i vi t y Medi a Ads
to the mass market at an • Mea sur em en t ea s y
affordable price and, unlike TV or
• E xt en d tran sa ct i on s
Print advertising, it allows truly
personalized marketing. • Br oa d & T a r get Cli en t s
• 24/ 7 Ava i l a bl e
We offer best services helpdesk and free training information
for advertiser. Because your business sussces are our success !

“Online advertising modest growth of 21 per cent per year, $42 billion in 2009,
Spending to overtake Newspaper Advertising by 2011. Don’t miss your change !

Our world is changing at a remarkable rate. Things are
moving at light speed when it comes to information and how
consumers and businesses obtain information. The key to
this is the Internet and it is expanding on an exponential
marketing curve. The Internet is a prime target for B2b and
B2c advertisers to understand and place their marketing and
advertising investment dollars in the best place possible. Our Office
And here we are:
Connecting Vietnamese Business with Global Makets 10 Maree Ave
Cabramatta, NSW 2166, Australia

uuu AUS: +61 423 816 996

Please contact for a free advertising solutions
VietNam: +84 916 883 118
The New Web
Always provide
information the latest
About us Rich Content with
hundred subjects:, a news and Currently, XaLuan has
intertainment web site by increasingly developed into a Social
language Vietnam was communication channel
founded in 10/2006 and start effectiveness and economy. World
development from 8 / 2007 Many organizations and
with headquarter located in businesses, individuals, etc. .. Sport
Australia, and expansion in using XaLuan as the way to
Vietnam, U.S.. provide theirs advertising
Web building as a leisure product information,
information exchange enrollment, recruitment,
knowledge with a forum to referral companies, products, Logo của chúng tôi
join up to hundreds of press releases to the market .
thousands of member. Economic
Web with many categories and, objects have
subject from small to large
readers of all ages, with 70% Life
serve all subjects and needs.
of them are young, web-
Main menu of the web include:
content rich, large amount of …
Social, World, Sports, Culture,
information is quickly
Read stories, Movies, Science,
updated continuously during
IT, Life, Shopping, Health,
the day. Web interface
designed for easy access and
search information with is built based on
many categories from Local web 2.0 most advanced, with
news to International as well backend from the most
as entertainment, and a forum powerful on the market system
to share information between servers to services, as well as
readers and members on all T3 connection super-fast and
topics of life . quick process information We are leading:
exchange by readers.
• Top VN.
Information • Top web vietnamese
on Google, Yahoo,
- Url: Google, Dmoz, Live, Smart, - 18% from the United State
( Compete, MSN ... - 12% from Australia
- Number of views a day - In the dictionary - from Rusia, German, Canada • The many readers,
on average: 600,000 / XaLuan .. diversity.
- Alexa rank world today: - In top 10 of the webs - Partber of: • Hight quality web
2860, contents.
- Vietnam alexa rank: 76, .. - Publisher of: Googleadsense, • Partners of large
- Top 10 most visited - Members: 1,718,888. GlobalInteractive, Doubleclick, advertising
Vietnam electronic news - 34% growth month. Adbrites, Clicksor.. company.
papers - 62% coming from
- Page rank Goolge: 5-8 Vietnam
- Trong danh sách Yahoo,
Advertising system
With the goal of effective for customer advertiser by purpose, the banner will be placed
in the best locations, size large, and the rate of the number of banner per page is at least
(not dense web banners as other ) create the number of clicks the highest.
Policies always lead to efficient and low cost to customers placing web ads are always
first promotions for your banner at the price very competitive only 1 / 4 the price of
other sites have traffic levels and performance equivalent.
And if you have registered more than 3 months will have more banners bonnus free.
Not all! to show you a reasonable advertising cost in our web, we are willing to reduce
prices to 20% more if you prove your ad placed at other sites have similar traffic
readers, quality web content the same, but with the cost to us.

Loại hình quảng cáo

- 1000 CPM: for a thousand times depending on the banner size options 120x600 or
160x600 or 468x60 (standard international) easily shown with full effect as well as
images, ideas brand advertisers.
- Header 728x90 banner (364x90 or haft): the first shows the web as soon as the web

“Most effective. open, the entire system web page viewed with the highest and most effective, including 3
Lowest cost. positions banner change-over implementation.
To sell more goods.
Most powerful brand.” - Left Banner (Home) 300x250px: Banner show only at homepage, (half banner
130x250px or 160x250). Banner is set to change in position between the three message
box and forums as well as news video to create hot most effective, causing attention to the
reader when browsing items.
- Right Banner (Home): Banner at home page only with the size 160x100, 160x160,
160x300, 160x600 to the right. Banner position is useful to emphasize the brand,
continuous long-term.
- Left and Right banner in news detail pages: about the same as the homepage setup
but only showed in the detail of news pages or articles.
- Midle article: (the article 468x60) Banners will appear immediately under the posts
and the associated link postings, size 500x80 (468x60 standard) is the highest click rate as
well as absolute best performance.
- Article Footer (468x60 foot message): Banner link below links the articles under the
old message. Effective in the brand or product stand out. position is always show to the
reader when finish reading complete article.

General provisions:

General provisions:
- Price not include the cost of design. Advertisers may provide, or web banner to link to ads
that do not need to pay the costs.

Technical Requirements:
- Designed graphics JPG or GIF format.
- Ad Banner size <30KB, Logo size <7KB.
- Ads special size <60KB.
- Video advertising is not over 40s (seconds)
- The ads must comply with provisions of international copyright laws, and individuals
subject to the laws of the country in ad placement.

Preferential policies:
- Report Number trigger ads on demand during the ad
- The contract value > 3000USD (or over 3 months) will get a free design logo and 1 ad
page content.
- Where customers ads will be short as follows:
o 01 to 10 days = 40% off
o 11 to 20 days = 70% off
o 21 to 30 days = 100% off
- Customers should order your ad position before 15 days to booking
- Please see table illustrates the position of your ad in later.

- We accept payment via wire transfer, Credicard, Visacard, Cash, services through
international money transfer, Paypal online payment, ..
- Ads will immediately be designed and on the web as soon as payment is complete.

Partner programs:
- Collaboration and Affli Agent:
o Collaborators get ad receive 10% life time value of advertising.
o Dealers will be of particular benefit rates and special incentives. (Must be
conditions and have brought many of the web)

Offfer Cost:
- Please contact for price details and the Specials promotion time.

300x250 (standart) 364x90

130x100px 160x600

468x60 (chuẩn )


130x250 160x150 160x300


728x90px (standart) Banners Size for advertising at measument by pix ( resolution ) at monitor screen
Cost effective TV vs Print news vs Online Advertising
This is a short comparison and cost effectiveness between of advertising on TV,
newspapers in paper and online TiVi New paper
Lowcost No Yes Yes
24/7 avaiable no no Yes
Customizable No No Yes
Technology ahead
Stat, and Counter No Yes Yes
Interactive No No Yes
Sell product on time No No Yes
Market Nation Local World
Company size Big company Big to Small Small to
Ads to right Clients No Maybe Always
Effect of Ads rate 100/10.000 150/10.000 800/10,000
Force to see ads No Maybe Require
Type of Ads Media (oneway) Text, images Interactive Media